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Friday, November 10, 2023

Perfect Circuit Artist Picks: Best Music Gear of 2023 Part 1

video upload by Perfect Circuit

Part 2 here

"2023 is soon drawing to a close—so, we're taking a look back at the year, and taking account of all of the weird and wonderful instruments that gave us some inspiration this year. Synthesizers, drum machines, and Eurorack modules to samplers and effects, this year had no shortage of inspiring instruments.

So, we reached out to some of our friends and content creators to fill us in on their year, asking one simple question: what was the coolest piece of gear you got this year? For some, that meant brand new releases, but for others, it meant sitting down and digging into classic instruments.

In this video, we hear from:
0:00 Mylarmelodies on the Nord Micro Modular
4:14 Sarah Belle Reid on the Fairfield Circuitry Roger That
8:07 Molten Music Tech on the Blukać Endless Processor
14:04 Liam Killen on the OXI One
17:24 Oora on the Meris MercuryX

Read more about all of this gear on our blog, Signal:"

Friday, October 13, 2023

Blukac Endless Processor Review

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"Endless is infinite sustain pulled from the sound sources of your rack, filled with the same tonal quality and stretched for an eternity. It's my latest favourite thing. You might not grasp it immediately; it might take some time, but gee whizz, it's a beauty."

Intro - 0:00
The Basics - 6:23
Dual Channelling - 16:03
Chords - 22:06
Here's a scenario - 23:30
How about a microphone? - 30:39
Another scenario - 37:08
Conclusions - 41:36

Friday, August 18, 2023

Endless Processor | by Blukač, Kyiv, Ukraine

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"The Endless Processor is best described as a module with five freeze buffers per channel, where the word 'freeze' should translate to a spectrum atmosphere because more memory can be used. It outputs many layers of tones derived from your incoming source, while retaining your source character. For your reference, it compares a bit to an Indian Tanpura where four strings create infinite drones. Sure, it's an exotic module, but I am convinced it will find a way to ambient drone dream composers."

Sunday, August 06, 2023

Blukač Instruments - Endless Processor - Sound Examples Ep. 4

video upload by Blukač Instruments

"Here we demonstrate new performance possibilities added in the new firmware (version 1.2).
By activating separate layer mode, you can move between sustained layers instead of stacking them.

Here electro-piano chords are sustained having a chord in each layer (in both channels). When moving in the separate layer mode both channels will switch to the layer, which creates a pseudo-stereo effect. Additionally, both channels are processed by a stereo delay with a touch of reverb to mix everything nicely.

Also as shown, when inserting a CV to the Layer input and setting fade in/out times to the minimum, you can achieve near audio-rate modulation or granular-like processing effects."

Thursday, June 08, 2023

Endless Processor Dronebox - live

video upload by UncertainMusicCorps

"I thought it would help to document the process of building a complex, evolving drone from scratch on the Endless Processor.

I'm using the wave player algorithm in Disting Mk4 which is loaded with a mixture of spoken word files and various melodic/instrumental samples as the source material for the EP which here is using the alternative firmware that crossfades between layers.

The input from Disting is normalled to both EP inputs so both channels are receiving the same input.

The yellow button samples the input into the current layer of the EP. The Memory pot sets the duration of the sample period. The Layer pot and the Channel switch determine which layer is active. When the layer changes you can see the flash from the small yellow led above the pot.

For much of the time I'm not monitoring the inputs, I'm just catching audio at random. If what I grab doesn't feel right for what I'm doing at that point, I just keep on grabbing until I find something that works. If I want a layer to fade out gracefully to silence I can use the clear button (eg at the end of this recording).

The ENOsc adds some drone reinforcement along the way and the final FX are from the FX Aid.

So, in just 48hp, I think this is a rather formidable, self-contained dronebox that is ideal for spontaneous, live exploration."

You can find additional posts featuring the Blukač Endless Processor here.

Thursday, June 01, 2023

Endless Processor - first run

video upload by UncertainMusicCorps

"A quick run-through for the Endless Processor from Blukač using the updated firmware.

The beta firmware allows you to chose between stacking or crossfading between sampled layers. Here I'm crossfading between layers sampled from the ENOsc on channel 2 and Strega on channel 1. Using CV from a fader from 16n to select the layers because its a little more comfortable than the pot on the module.

I think this crossfading option suits me better than the standard, stacked approach. I like how the layers interact when I scan through them. It also allows me to leave blank layers to add breathing spaces within a drone."

Sunday, May 28, 2023

How to make dub techno chords with the Blukač Endless Processor

video upload by Tom Churchill

"I bought the Blukač Instruments Endless Processor this week, and after spending a couple of hours playing around with it I came up with this deep, dubby techno patch, which I’ve broken down in this video.

The basic idea is to create an infinite chord by capturing and layering some simple individual notes from a VCO - in this case the New Systems Instruments Harmonic Shift Oscillator - then sculpting the sound further and adding rhythmic movement by modulating an LPG.

Channel 1, the higher-pitched chord, runs through the Serge Resonant EQ and then Make Noise Optomix, which I’m ‘striking’ with a trigger from the Beatstep Pro. Channel 2, the lower-pitched chord, runs through the Serge VCFQ and into the other channel of Optimix, controlled by an envelope from Joranalogue Contour 1. Both channels get a bit of tape delay from the Zoom MS70CDR pedal. The only other ingredients are some 808 drum sounds and a sine sub-bass, plus a splash of reverb in Ableton.

Please note: this isn’t a sponsored video - I bought the EP myself and have no connection or affiliation with Blukač Instruments; I’m just a fan :)"

Blukač Instruments - Endless Processor - Sound Examples

video uploads by Blukač Instruments

via Blukač Instruments

ENDLESS PROCESSOR is a dual-channel infinite sound sustainer machine. Put your favorite instruments, unique timbres, or field recordings — virtually any sound — and make it last forever.

It is not a looper in the usual sense - Endless Processor resynthesizes your sounds to create a perfect clickless stream while preserving the timbral and tonal character of the original.

Endless Processor always listens to audio input and keeps a most recent history.

Experiment with sustaining little bits of a sample or make a massive wall of sound with the ability to select how much memorized audio to process.

Stack your sounds to create harmonies, textures, or drones with 5 layers per channel. Each layer can be re-processed or cleared while keeping other ones in place. Set fade-in and fade-out time to quickly or gradually introduce a new layer or remove the existing one. Additional controls will help you to adjust or shape a channel volume (think built-in VCA).

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