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Sunday, November 12, 2023

Creative modular sampling patches | SebSongs Sampler

video upload by Tom Churchill

"This video is about the SebSongs Modular Sampler. It’s a new DIY kit available from Thonk, who kindly sent one over for me to check out. It’s a simple 12-bit mono sampler with about three and a half seconds of memory and a beautifully crunchy, lo-fi sound inspired by vintage machines like the Akai S612.

In this video, I’ve put together a small case with a few of my other favourite modules - the Blukac Endless Processor, the Serge VCFQ and Resonant EQ, the Pladask Dradd effects unit and the Xaoc Devices Sarajewo BBD delay - and I've built a few simple patches that explore some creative uses of sampling."

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Eurorack Melodies & Musical Patterns MADE EASY // Sebsongs Odds & Euclidean

video upload by DivKidVideo

"Here we have 4 new Eurorack modules from Sebsongs. Odds is a pattern generator, Euclidean a rhythm generator, Attenuvert x6 a 6 channel attenuverter and the ST MIXER is a 4 channel mono & stereo mixer.

We’ll be focussing on Odds & Euclidean and looking at how they make Eurorack melodies and patterns both musical and easy to make. Odds is a 4HP generative melodic looping sequencer. It has controls for probability, scale and chord tones, transposition and looping with step length and rhythmic offset controls. Euclidean is a 3 channel, 4 output Euclidean sequencer that’s easy to use for quick beat making or rhythm generating for sequencers and modulation. It makes it easy to create interesting clock divisions, polymetric patterns or odd time signature sequencing.

You can find Sebsongs as DIY kits at Thonk here //

More info is on the Sebsongs website here //

There’s an additional and exclusive patch breakdown for the random ambience patch in this video for Patreon supporters. You can access that here // // where you’ll also gain access to exclusive PDF patchbooks, more videos and the DivKid Discord community. TIMING INDEX // CHAPTERS

00:00 Hello and patch previews
01:14 What are we exploring today?
Odds, Euclidean, Attenuvert x6 & ST Mixer

02:25 Odds feature run down
04:14 Easy melody & riff making // getting started with Odds
05:47 Loop manipulation - steps & offset controls
07:06 Circle of fifths pitch transposition
08:24 Musical random ambience

09:31 Euclidean feature run down
11:01 Quick & fun beat making
12:59 How to create polymetric sequences, and what are they?
15:16 Polymeter Techno!
15:37 Filthy tribute Euclidean rhythms
17:07 Euclidean patterns for modulation
17:39 I can’t stop making music …

18:03 Random gates for Euclidean accents
19:25 Decoupled pitch & gate sequencing with layered rhythmic patterns"

Thursday, May 12, 2022


via Sebsongs Modular

"EUCLIDEAN is a gate sequencer for the Eurorack format based on the euclidean algorithm. It is based on the euclidean DIY module developed by Music Thing Modular’s Tom Whitwell, and he has blessed this module with his approval.

The module consists of three channels of sixteen step sequences, and each channel can be set to any length, density and offset between one an sixteen. You get clear visual feedback due to the 8×8 matrix LED display, and setting each channel is easily done with the three encoders.

EUCLIDEAN is perfect for creating polymetric rhythms, odd time signature sequencing or clock division with a twist.

The module runs an internal clock set to 120 BPM by default, but can be triggered and reset externally. Each sequencer channel has a dedicated trigger output. In addition, the first channel has an inverted output that outputs triggers on every offbeat."


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