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Thursday, September 07, 2023

Viper Synths Robotron MIDI Controller

video upload by Viper Synths

"Watch a presentation of the new Robotron MIDI Controller. A powerful new tool for music producers, giving them the feel of vintage analog synthesizers, with the freedom and flexibility of digital technology and software."

Robotron MIDI Controller Teaser
Robotron MIDI Controller Demo
Taho Live using 2 Robotrons!
5 min track challenge with Robotron, Launchpad mini and Touchable Pro


Note the Robotron is available with Moog or Sequential style knobs.

ROBOTRON is a MIDI controller that looks and feel like an analog synthesizer! It is hand made in France, with the highest quality material, it's very robust and durable, like the vintage machines that made history. Robotron has 26 potentiometers and 6 momentary switches. They are all assignable to any CC you desire. By default the layout of ROBOTRON gives you the essential commands of pretty much every synths that exist.

Robotron comes with a Max for Live plugin that allows you to map your virtual synths on the fly and save the mappings once and for all. You can download it here. A VST version of the plugin is coming in 2024.

Robotron has 9 sections. Oscillators, mixer, filter, 2 enveloppes, a volume, LFO, a MIDI channel selector and the free to assign knobs. Every knobs and buttons are assignable.
It works on all DAWs.

With its 16 MIDI channel selection directly available on its panel, you can quickly switch from one instrument to another, without touching your DAW. You can also control all your hardware synths using the MIDI OUT of your computer.
For those who work without no computer, a very small USB to MIDI DIN converter is coming in 2024 and will be included with Robotron at no extra charge. When you order now you'll receive your converter as soon as it's available.

The assign section has 6 aluminium knobs, the same found on Sequential Circuit synthesizers. The other knobs are made of Bakelite, an extremely solid plastic invented by Leo Baekeland in 1907. Bakelite can resist extreme temperatures and chemicals. Those knobs are the same found on Moog synths.
The top panel is made of anodised aluminium with a beautiful brushing effect to it. The wood sides are made of exotic Sapelli, often used on boats for its robustness and beautiful look. It is particularly prized for its lustrous iridescence. It is also used in the manufacture of furniture, luxury flooring, and musical instruments.


26 High Quality Potentiometers.
8 Switches.
100% Assignable.
16 MIDI Channel Selection.
OLED Screen.
USB MIDI Compliant Plug & Play.

Dimensions: 39,5*25*7.5cm (15.5*10*3in).
Weight: 2.5kg.
26 High Quality Potentiometers.
8 Switches.
20 Original Bakelite Moog Knobs.
6 Original Prophet 5 Knobs.
USB C Port.
1 High Quality USB Cable (USB-C to USB-A male).
Anodised Blue Aluminium Top Panel.
Black Powder Coated Steel Case.

Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Alpha 106: Inspired by Roland Juno 106 & 60 synthesizers. Access Virus Ti & Viper Vsti3

video upload by ultimateXsounds

"Welcome to an exciting musical adventure as we delve into the enchanting world of 'Alpha 106.' In this captivating video, I'll be your guide on a mesmerizing journey, exploring the depths of these synthesizers presets. Join us and explore the world of vintage synths using the Access Virus Ti and VIPER 1.1.0 . Whether you're a beginner or a professional producer, we provide the best vintage synth presets for Access Virus Ti and VIPER software 1.2.0 VSTi"

More info at :

" ALPHA 106 " is a Access Virus Ti & VIPER library inspired by the JUNO 106 and JUNO 60 synthesizers.
The library contains 114 presets divided into categories.
For many weeks we refined every detail to make the experience as good as possible
Very warm and analog sound that you will double check if the sound is generated by Virus Ti

How it was made ? The idea ?

First we created a several basic presets close as possible to the original from JUNO 106/60.
But we didn't want to stop there.
We wanted to go a little further, exploiting the capabilities of Virus Ti, but not exceeding a certain limit.
The last stage is polishing every detail of the sound.
In addition, in the package you will find a lot of very interesting and inspiring sounds.
They sound massive, wide and very analog.
Definitely a must-have for all fans of classic sound.

Designed by MR.X
" I spent many hours on every single preset. Believe me !
Anyway, It was worth it !! "

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Essence Vol 1 - Patches 1 to 32 - Sequential Take 5

video upload by GEOSynths

"Out Soon...

I love this little Synth, it has such a great Sound Engine to it. I wasn't going to bother with it as I've done quite a lot of Patches for Sequential Synths, however I decided it would be worth trying at least and the the next thing I knew, I'd made a load of Sounds!

In Essence vol 1 there is 128 Patches covering Pads and Motion Sounds...Of course, that's what I do best! Also cutting Leads and Bass, Poly and traditional Sounds. The combination of VCO/VCF/Mod Matrix is quite spectacular on the Take 5 and I've been creating textures which I've not heard before on Sequential Synths.

Here are the first 32 demonstrated, hope you enjoy them and watch out for the other 3 Videos.

00:00 - 1. Prophet 111 GEO
00:54 - 2. Bladerunner GEO
02:16 - 3. Sabre Pad GEO
03:47 - 4. Rotations GEO
05:01 - 5. Low Down GEO
05:38 - 6. Crystalline GEO
06:35 - 7. FM Nasty GEO
07:05 - 8. Orion Sleeps GEO
08:40 - 9. Rezzed GEO
09:44 - 10. 5 String GEO
10:49 - 11. Strangers GEO
11:12 - 12. Badlands GEO
12:07 - 13. Adagio GEO
13:11 - 14. Viper GEO
13:50 - 15. Fine Line GEO
15:40 - 16. Passed Out GEO
16:44 - 17. Brassed Off GEO
17:15 - 18. Fault Line GEO
18:18 - 19. Metal Head GEO
19:00 - 20. Cinematique GEO
21:12 - 21. Seismic GEO
21:45 - 22. Accents GEO
23:30 - 23. Alderan GEO
24:29 - 24. Arpanetics GEO
25:34 - 25. Air Bass GEO
26:05 - 26. Higgs Field GEO
27:44 - 27. Scream GEO
28:30 - 28. Late Night GEO
29:00 - 29. Green Onions GEO
29:43 - 30. Exodus GEO
30:48 - 31. Warmth GEO
32:23 - 32. Fake Tears GEO"

Friday, December 19, 2014

Rob Papen edges EDM community closer to the cutting edge by releasing RAW soft synth

Published on Dec 19, 2014 Rob Papen

"ECHT, THE NETHERLANDS: virtual instrument and effects plug-in developer Rob Papen Soundware is proud to announce availability of RAW — an easy-to-use, all-new Mac (32- and 64-bit, AAX, AU, and VST for Mac OS X 10.6 or higher) and PC (32- and 64-bit, AAX and VST for Windows Vista, 7, and 8) compatible soft synth specialising in ‘distorted’ sounds specifically suited to electronic dance music production (and beyond) — as of December 19...

When namesake company founder and sought-after sound designer Rob Papen attended the Dutch Dancefair earlier this year on his home turf to demonstrate his sought-after (soft)wares, little did he know that he would come away with an almost fully-formed idea for an all-new soft synth. So how, exactly, did that happen? Haphazardly, as it happened. Here producers Sebastian Hoff and Freek Vergoossen (a.k.a. DJ Promo and DJ Free-K, respectively) made an approach to propose a synthesizer that focused more on ‘distorted’ sounds with an easy-to-use layout. Always open to the idea of delivering fresh, cutting-edge, and — moreover — musical plug-ins for producers, whatever their musical leanings, Rob responded favourably by inviting the two DJs to his well-stocked studio for a brainstorming session. Said session resulted in a list of ‘must-have’ features and tools, sowing the seeds for RAW.

Reason has it that might just as easily not have happened, had Rob Papen not had the foresight and wherewithal to see the curious concept through to its cutting-edge completion. “While I’m always seeking new directions, I noticed that I also have roadblocks to my way of thinking,” he states in a moment of refreshingly raw honesty. “Maybe this is because of my long-lasting association with classic analogue hardware synthesizers like the Minimoog and Roland Jupiter-8 that don’t have onboard effects or EQ. I can clearly remember the first synthesizers that came complete with EQ, which was weird. ‘EQ is for mixing desks,’ I thought! On the other hand, I enjoyed effects like chorus, phaser, delays, and so on when they started showing up on synths. So the moment that DJ Promo and DJ Free-K discussed this idea of synthesizers having more ‘distortion’ and EQ, my immediate thought was, ‘EQ in a synth? Mmm...’ Then I said to myself, ‘Rob, you must get past this roadblock and look into this with an open mind.”

Mindful of those ideas, the Rob Papen development team truly thought outside of the box and now — within a matter of months of that fateful first meeting — RAW is here for all to see and hear. How does it differ from other developers’ soft synth offerings — as well as those musical must-haves from Rob Papen, of course — currently out there, then? Its co-creator comes clean about its inherent idiosyncrasies: “RAW has a focus on ‘distorted’ sounds, so this means that it has a different signal setup, synthesizer-wise. We have two oscillators and a FILTER, but what is new when compared to our other synthesizers is that you have an EQ that can be pre- or post-distortion. After that, there is also a WAVESHAPER and dedicated DISTORTION module with several types of distortion, as well as a LOW FI control. This is new to this synthesizer, and it’s part of the concept that the distortions are on the voice level, so it’s not just a case of a total signal going into the distortions, but rather each voice has its own WAVESHAPER, DISTORTION, and LOW FI — plenty of options to shape the sound here!”

However, in typical Rob Papen style, that’s not all. Far from it, in fact. In addition to the flexible X/Y fields found in the feature-packed OSC 1 and OSC 2 sections (which will already be familiar to refined Rob Papen Predator and BLUE-II soft synth users), RAW users can effectively draw their own ‘waveforms’ to be used as LFO waveforms, enabling the creation of unique ‘wobble’ sound movements — perfect for dubstep and other EDM styles. Other effects such as CHORUS, FLANGER, PHASER, and STEREO DELAY — not forgetting Rob Papen’s proprietary high-quality REVERB — all add to the superlative sound sculpting possibilities on offer, as does the super-cool step sequencer/ arpeggiator, and many more fanciful features above and beyond. But mindful of that original easy-to-use layout request, a self- explanatory Easypage makes things even easier to understand and use — grab and go, so-to-speak!

Speaking of which, user presets are arguably always where it’s at when it comes to true originality, of course, but by enlisting the tuned-in talents of world-class DJs and producers — such as Deathmachine, DJ Hidden, DJ Promo, DJ Thera, D-Passion, Ophidian, Mad Dog, Rob Fabrie, N-Vitral, The Playah, The Viper, Warface, and many more besides — to create crowd-pleasing presets galore for RAW alongside the numerous creative contributions from Rob Papen himself instant inspiration is truly guaranteed. Just add tunes, turn up the distortion, and mix to taste... you’ll soon be sounding really RAW! All in the best possible taste, of course.

RAW can be purchased as a boxed version from authorised Rob Papen dealers worldwide or downloaded directly from Rob Papen for an attractive introductory price of €119.00 EUR (including VAT/tax)/$143.00 USD until the end of 2014 — thereafter rising to €149.00 EUR (including VAT/tax)/$179.00 USD — from here:

Note that eXplorer-III, Rob Papen’s all-encompassing software bundle, now includes RAW as standard, bringing its total product count to 13; competitively priced at €585.00 EUR (including VAT/tax)/$699.00 USD, this represents a significant cost saving of around 50% when compared to separately purchasing each and every Rob Papen virtual instrument and effects plug-in included!

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated RAW product webpage here:

Watch Rob Papen’s riveting RAW promo video here:

Several awe-inspiring audio demos showcasing RAW from the likes of Noisia can be heard here:"

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Luftrum 7 - Soundbank for Glass Viper

Youtube Uploaded by Luftrum1 on Oct 27, 2011

"64 handcrafted ambient style presets for Glass Viper. Deep ambient pads, synth classics, keys, drones and organic sound effects. There are 29 pads of the 64 presets so it's pad haven.

Glass Viper is a unique wave shaping synth. Instead of taking a sample or oscillator and applying just filters and FX techniques, Glass Viper bends the actual shape of its waveforms through a series of moving control points. Going beyond analogue simulation, into a truly organic sound, from simple old synths to grungy filthy basses, or delicate pianos to strange unnatural film effects."

Patch n Tweak
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