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Error Instruments Brinta - playing with my voice

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"Spent some time feeding my voice into the Brinta from Error Instruments and This is Not Rocket Science. It's a wonderfully weird and sometimes comical module that won't fit in your patch but will spill out awesomeness all day long."

Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer: Tremolo Piano - in and out of sync

video upload by artoftravelogue

"This is a patch I created on the Vectra Synthesizer. In this patch, each of the four voices have its own LFO for amplitude control. They synchronize to the press of a key. If you don't press all notes at the same time when the XY joystick is in the down position, then they will synchronize, but be out of phase with each other. I use the XY joystick to change the speed of each LFO, which in turn creates a sound of free running LFOs that are not in sync with each other."

The Novation Circuit is PERFECT for this

video upload by Gabe Miller Music

"We have shirts now! https://coastlandcreativestore.teemil...
I show the making of a short live set with the Novation Circuit Tracks and Roland MC-101, and do a live jam."

00:00 Circuit Walkthrough
09:10 Live Set

Unlocking '90s Magic: Grooving with the Roland MC-303!

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"The MC-303 came out in 1996 and the Factory Patterns are are exploding with 90's flavor!

I wanted to make sure everything still works ok before putting it up for sale, and while doing so, I got inspired by the factory patterns to pair it up with my 'Dub Techno Deep Dive' sound bank for the 1010 Music Blackbox Sampler/Groovebox and make some housey nineties inspired beats.

You can check out the Dub Techno Deep Dive sound bank here:"

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Quasimidi Sirius Synthesizer w/ Custom Copper/Gold/Bronze Knobs

via this auction

"Quasimidi Sirius, Synthesizer, Groove-Box and Vocoder in excellent condition including microphone.

The Sirius is a keyboard groove-synth and vocoder, featuring a subtractive hybrid-tone-generation synthesizer referred to as DTE ('Difficult To Explain') synthesis introduced in 1997 by Quasimidi. It features a both real-time and step sequencer with pattern and song modes, capable of acting basic drum machine, groove-box, or sound-module. It is 7x multitimbral and has 28-voice polyphony across it's 7 tracks, with track selecting a (track-specific) sound within 96 sounds (per bank) of preset- or user-writeable sounds."

Access Virus Rack Synthesizer SN H10000127

via this auction

Note the display isn't backlit in the images below. Anyone know if these have the ability to switch it on and off?

Studio Electronics C.o.d.e. 8 w/ CS-80 filters and fuzz

via this auction

"Among the worlds most powerful analog poly synth flagships

This unit boasts six different filter types (see pics) including the CS-80 filters on each of the eight voices. There are eight fuzz distortion boards, one on each of the eight voices, globally turned on and off on the front panel switch. This thing is pretty dang fully expanded.

Analog sound designers dream, add an eventide and you're on the moon."

Oberheim Xpander 6-Voice Desktop Synthesizer

via this auction

"Mint Oberheim Xpander purchased from the producer TJR, who originally got it from ToneTweakers a few years ago. They future proofed it"

Seuential Circuits TOM with Tauntek TOM16 extansion

video upload by ohm_studi_ohm

"The Sequential TOM was already a great drum machine at the time it was released, with a lot of nice features, especially regarding MIDI implementation. You could play, record, synchronise the machine over MIDI and adjust sample direction, volume, pitch and pan of every sample either on the device or over MIDI, in real time and for every step ! That gives you lots of possible variations. Not many drum machines could could achive that at the time.

And now thanx to another amazing engineering by Tauntek you can have 16 kits in the instrument at all time, without the need to switch cartridges. And even more important: you can swap the internal kit samples as well as the cartridge ones, enabling for any combination of 2 kits you wish. This is impossible with cartridges or other upgrade available, and only possible thanx to Tauntek firmware. And that makes a huge difference. Note that you can only have 15 sounds at hand not 16. The 8th pad from the cartridge layer is always a trigger out message and won't trigger a sound, even if the loade kit has 8 sounds.

You can even make your own kits if you have access to an Eprom programmer.
Check Tauntek dedicated page for more info (
This unit also had its RAM maxed out, expanding the internal 8k to 32k and thus bringing the stock 2,300 notes capacity to a whopping 10,400. And believe me you run very quickly out of memory if you make some complex patterns with different variations.

So here is the demo, i didn't make patterns demos for each of the 16 kits but you'll get the idea, and I didn't go too deep into external MIDI playing/programming but bare in mind you can record instrument tuning pitch, volume, pan and sample direction (reverse) for every instrument on every step.

Here is the timeline:
00:00 stock kit patterns
02:28 TR808 kit patterns
03:56 TR909 kit patterns
05:08 TR606 kit patterns
06:25 CR78 kit patterns
07:17 sound preview of all the kits included in the box
11:18 quick realtime patterns programming using external pads

list of the kits included in the TOM16:
SCI Internal
SCI Basic Percussion
SCI Contemporary
SCI Latin Percussion
SCI Special Effects
Drumware Rock Drums
Drumware Techno Drums
Drumware Orchestral
Drumware Percussion 3
Drumware Hippefex
Drumware Analog Drums
Roland TR808
Roland TR909
Roland CR78A
Roland CR78B
Roland TR606"

METACONFORMER Combiner Tutorial (SOMA labs)

video upload by Vlad Kreimer

"The manual:"

See the announcement post here for an additional demo, pics and details.

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