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Mystical Sunset Pads // Roland Jupiter-8 // No Talking

video upload by LESINDES

"Playing and rediscovering this absolutely stunning vintage synth, with all its shorcoming due to aged parts but it the pure magic. his session was directly recorded into the computer via RME Fireface UFX. No effect whatsoever were used and after the recording."


video upload by

"Also the patches from this video are available on my Patreon page -

Here you can find the SickoZell collection -
Please consider supporting the developer -

00:00 - Introduction
00:20 - Modulator 7
05:51 - Mod and Mod7
08:52 - Holder
13:19 - Holder 8"

tape cypher - 磁鬼頻率

video upload by 磁鬼頻率

Supporting member video and track.

"the starting point for this recording was me mucking around with some frequencies from an AM radio signal and modular synthesizer.


Landscape w/ Evicshen Introduces FERROUS - Handheld Spinning Magnetic String Resonator

video upload by Perfect Circuit

Superbooth video from Perfect Circuit

via Landscape

"Spinning Magnetic String Resonator ↈ Collaboration with Evicshen

Made to resonate steel stringed instruments. Ferrous’ spinning disc contains six strong earth magnets. Adjusting the rotational speed of the disc will change which strings are most affected and their harmonic content. If the disc is spinning slowly lower strings resonate; if the disc is spinning quickly higher strings will resonate louder. The results can sound like an unknown instrument in a reverberated physical space, floating sine wave tones, or feedback. Fluctuation of rotation speed by using the thumbwheel, rev button, touch-plate or control voltage input can create a soft strumming effect across multiple strings or shifts in harmonic content. New harmonics and overtones can emerge from both lower and higher strings as the disc spins faster. The distance at which Ferrous is held from strings affects how strongly they will resonate and their harmonics. If Ferrous is placed near guitar pickups you will hear the heavy sounds of the magnets and the motor with the resulting pitch based upon the disc’s RPM."

Belgian Modular Day 2024 Set for Saturday, June 15

via Belgian Modular Day

"Welcome to Belgian Modular Day II in Ghent on Saturday, June 15.

A well-filled day, starting at 1:30 pm and the last powercase will be turned off around 10:00 pm. Be there or be a square wave…

Modular Monster Jam
We start Modular day with the world record attempt for the biggest number of musicians jamming together with modular synths.

Demos & talks
We’ll serve up talks and demos from these Belgian creators: Joranalogue, Klavis, Skull & Circuits, ThreeTom, Voltage Vibes, Morphor and Alfa Delta.

Live acts
We close the day with concerts by Modtech (Frederik Strobbe), Dries Geusens, Halfgeleider (Maarten Voeten), Lieven Stockx, Tectonia (Ricardo Verschut) and ArkOdd (Vincent Vanesse).

Synapse workshop
During the day you’ll get synaptic waves from the Synapse workshop.

Meet & patch
You’ll find plenty of fine places to patch and catch up on bleeps and beeps.

Newbleeps are very welcome, it is the ideal opportunity to meet our warm crackling community."

And via ThreeTom Modular:

"I’m pleased to announce the second edition of Belgian Modular Day, which will take place on the 15th of June in Ghent at the venue of Wisper on the site of Dok Noord.

During BMD I will be giving a talk titled “A wavefolder is not a wave folder”. This talk wil showcase how I use simulations in my design workflow. If there’s things you’d like me to specifically talk about regarding this topic (or another), please feel free to reply to this mail :)

I’m proud to contribute to Belgian Modular Day by sponsoring the performance of Dries Geusens at 20:40. Dries has a preference for self-built, analog modules, and live recordings. He approaches patches as “impressionistic snapshots of the temporary state of the system”.

Dries describes his latest release “Sakura Variations – 4 studies for modular synthesizer” as "4 pieces combined in 1 track serving beautiful sounddesign, fantastic harmonies, emotional-deep-calm layers, inspiring transitions, modular solos, energetic-relaxing-hypnotising rhythms and sequences with sometimes a jazzy flavor." My personal favourite track by Dries is “Variations on Sakura (live)”, a recording from his live performance during the previous edition of Belgian Modular Day.

You may also know Dries from the bands Nordmann, Knelpunt, and Elias, where he plays bass and synthesizer."

Meet The Pros: Erica Synths founder, Girts Ozolins at SAE

video upload by SAE Athens

"O Girts Ozolins, ιδρυτής της εταιρείας ανάπτυξης και δημιουργίας synthesizer Erica Synths, βρέθηκε στην SAE Athens! Mας μίλησε για τα πρώτα του βήματα στον κόσμο των synthesizers, την δημιουργία της εταιρείας Erica Synths, το Bullfrog synthesizer, κάποιες στιγμές στην καριέρα του που ξεχωρίζει και πολλά άλλα!

Δες τη συνέντευξη!

Ποιον επαγγελματία των creative media θα ήθελες να φέρουμε την επόμενη φορά; Τι ερωτήσεις θα ήθελες να κάνουμε στο μέλλον;

0:00 Girts Ozolins at SAE
0:21 Former Career
1:41 First steps in Synthesizers
4:31 Erica Synths now
5:37 The development of Bullfrog Synthesizer
9:06 Advice for young sound & music professionals"

Synth Jam Session | Modular Synthesizer

video upload by synthesizersdotcom

"Join us for an immersive jam session with a brand new modular synthesizer exploring endless sonic possibilities. We will be using a 110-space modular setup, with a unique controller module configuration designed by our client and brough to life by our team. After it's tested, this system is off to Brooklyn!"

Yamaha | SEQTRAK | Artist Profile | Rosbeh

video uploads by

"Unleash your creativity anywhere with SEQTRAK, the ultimate music creation station. Lightning-fast workflow lets you capture ideas quickly and create original music using its two versatile sound engines. When ready, connect with fans using its powerful performance features and streamlined connectivity. SEQTRAK has everything you need. And more."

LD3 Vowel Filter #002

video upload by gotharman

"Again in this video, most of the sounds are shaped, using the forthcoming Vowel filter. Hope that you will enjoy:)"

Backwards scrolling and reverse drum sample on Gotharman's LD3

video upload by Meska

"Here a quick demo of 2 trick for reversed sample on the gotharman's LD3

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly "dark and expérimental" music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)

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