Sunday, May 21, 2017

AJH Synth & DPW Design Coming to Cymru Beats 17 Event June 17

via @cymru_beats

"Allan from @AJHSynth will showing his range of #eurorack #modularsynth at #cymrubeats17 😁🐑"

"Swedish #eurorack designer Dan Wahlbeck is flying over to show his new Wavefolder at #cymrubeats17 👌🏽🐑"

You can find details on Cymru Beats 17 posted here.

Note, this is the first post to feature DPW Design on the site. We have a new maker! You can see his Wavefolder further below.

"First little Wavefolder demo. Sine wave in. No filters or effects. Just the wavefolder modulated by two LFO. The two PWM outputs can be patched out in stereo for huge sounds. Keeping the folded signal in the middle will give a MS sound. Sorry for the bad audio quality, recorded with my cellphone. #eurorack #modularsynth #mög #mögmodular #analouge #dpwdesign"

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