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Sunday, November 29, 2015

New FATCORE Semi-Modular Synth & CY-CLONE Sequencer by EnsureSound

Semi modular synth FATCORE sequencer CY-CLONE by Ensure Sound

Published on Oct 14, 2015 Ensure Sound


Details captured for the archives.


Nowadays many studios use computers with special software for generate melodies, sequences and patterns. But only analog synthesizer will help to create really intricate repetitive, pulsating, and truly unique melodic patterns. And we offer a unique solutions - FACTOR and CY-CLONE, which are produced by famous techniques of the analogue synthesizers and sequencers (MOOG, ROLAND, KORG, ARP etc.) and used as a single system. They have got similar capabilities in creating of sounds and music sequences, and excellent analog sounding and has low cost. They are collected in standard RACK 19” case for installation in a studio rack."

"FATCORE (prototype)
analogue semi modular synthesyzer

- Two voltage-controlled oscillator (saw, pulse, triangle, sine) wave forms, hard and soft synchronization, pulse width modulation, frequency modulation, 7 octave range (15Hz to 8kHz), 1V/octave response.

- Voltage controlled low pass filter, 4 pole 24dB/octave, cutoff and resonance control, 4 CV inputs for realtime filter control, at the maximum resonance works as a sine wave generator!

Ring Modulator
- Ring modulation is a signal-processing effect, an implementation of amplitude modulation or frequency mixing, performed by multiplying two signals, for sine wave or another simple waveform.

Dual lag processor
- Dual lag processor contains two range lag time (long and short), lag time knob’s., linear and RC (logarithmic) outputs.

Dual LFO
- Dual low frequency oscillator, triangle and pulse waveforms, shape control for create ramp and sawtooth wave form in triangle mode, pulse width in pulse width mode. Mid, Hi, Low frequency range.

Noise and random gate generator
- Four noise source (white, roaring, grainy, digital), random gate output.

Sample and Hold
- Random amplitude generator. Rate, amplitude and offset control, external clock input for synchronization with another clock sources.

Envelopes, Mixer, VCA, MIDI-CV controller
- Classic dual envelope generator, attack, decay, sustain, release control. Four channel audio mixer, Classic voltage controlled amplifier with gain and volume control. MIDI to CV/GATE convertor, with dual channel CV outputs for tone and cutoff control (via Cc47) single GATE output."


Are you DJ or just and amateur musician? If you hoppy is to create music, experimenting with sounds - you came to the right address!

We present to your attention a semi-modular analog synthesizer - FATCORE and an analog sequencer CY-CLONE. They will ensure to your compositions unique and versatile sound. A huge number of the inter-module switching will make your sound creating in fun work.

We don’t offer the radically new musical instruments, don’t “reinvent the wheel”. Actually we have revived and given life to a more advanced form of analog synthesizer of the 80-s years last century, on which were created hundreds hits of that time. It gathered in a single device the most important components for the subtractive synthesis sound. This complex is a perfect pair (synthesizer - sequencer) for the home or protectional mini studio."

"CY-CLONE (prototype)
analogue dual channel 16-step sequencer

- Two voltage control channels. 2-16 knob’s for voltage setting.
- Two portamento controls. 4 CV outputs.
- 16 two directions switches (on-off-on) for gate control.
- RUN/STOP, FORWARD, BACK, RESET control buttons.
- Four sequencer modes (Reverse, Reset, Stop, 16 Step), random 16 step mode.
- 5 - 16 step reset selector.
- Speed control. Synchronization selector (External, Internal, MIDI).
- Clock, External start inputs. Divider. Clock outputs
- Two gate and two trig outputs.
- MIDI clock divider (1/1, 1/2,1/4, 1/6, 1/8).
- MIDI IN, MIDI THRU and SYNC24 PPQN output."

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