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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

NSFW: A New Device From with the Oddest Product Name Ever?

Metasonix gets a run for it's money in the offensive product name category. This one in via @midi_error, via

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

River Creative Technology Crux and Nucleus Eurorack Modules

Two new eurorack modules from new eurorack maker River Creative Technology.

Crux Dual voltage controlled amplifier with discrete OTA core:

"dual VCA around discrete transistor OTA core

switchable linear or exponential VCA response

switchable between Audio (AC) and CV (DC) use

starts to pleasantly saturate beyond levels of 10Vpp (clips at 20Vpp)

envelope (unipolar) and modulation (bipolar) CV inputs

smart normalization of unused envelope inputs to allow for full-range bipolar modulation

Design overview

After overlooking VCAs for many years, I began to appreciate the huge range of functions they can serve up. They’re really everywhere, in simple loudness contouring circuits, tremolo effects, tone controls, filters, overdrives, mixers, amplitude modulators, panners, cross-faders, and CV performance controllers. I also learned that VCAs put their subtle signature on the overall sound of an instrument.

The VCAs in the Crux are built around newly designed operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) circuits, built from discrete transistors. If you need a super-accurate VCA, this is not for you. However, if you appreciate the warm and lively nature of discrete electronics, the Crux will serve you well.

A phrase often used among modular musicians is “you can never have enough VCAs”. Probably followed by “I need more rack space”. That’s why the Crux is a compact module, simple and straight, a short signal path, and no frills. As there are no frills, there’s little fancy text here. It can do what a VCA does. It can do it twice. It can do it linearly or exponentially, and does it on audio or CV. And that’s it!"

Nucleus Voltage controlled filter with discrete OTA core:

"designed around discrete transistor OTA cores

switchable resonance character with optional ‘Solid bass’ behaviour.

switchable filter slope: 12 or 24dB/Oct

pleasantly saturating input stage and resonance with higher levels

linear and exponential FM options

envelope and modulation inputs with independent attenuvertors

soft-touch knobs and quality hardware (mostly Alps)

Design overview

After discovering analog synths, modulars and the beautiful original and cloned analog filters of Moog, Korg, Roland, Sequential, and the likes I felt I wanted to try something a little different and see if I could come up with something that sounds unique and musical in its own right, rather than being a retake on proven circuits from the past. Furthermore, I was hoping to overcome dependency on (nearly) obsolete components, and benefit from the quality of modern components.

The core of the Nucleus contains a newly designed operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) circuit, built from discrete transistors. While there are technically superior alternatives, a discrete circuit excels in providing a warmer and more lively sound.

My wish was to make the sound of the Nucleus as versatile as possible. After studying many different filters to identify the key to their unique sound, I decided to include a filter slope switch (12 or 24 dB/oct), and a resonance character switch with three distinct modes (see box).

In each of these modes, the low-frequency resonance behaviour can be further tailored with the ‘Solid bass’ feature, cleaning and firming up the low-end, or leaving it to boldly resonate.

Resonance character:

Neutral – Classic resonance, reminiscent of vintage 4-pole designs. Inherently with a loss of low-end at high resonance.

Q-comp – Similar to neutral, but compensated for loss of low-end. Providing a firm and stable resonant sound, with slightly different saturation character.

K-style – The beefiest of all modes, with a thick mid range and fat low-end, and an aggressive resonant sound.

Concluding the design, I added a variety of modulation options for linear and exponential frequency modulation (FM), envelope modulation, and keyboard tracking (1V/Oct)."

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

TWISTED Head Eurorack Modular Synth Case

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

"Modular Eurorack case built from various available materials. Pictured is the available from stock in moisture resistant MDF. So when you spill your coffee over the rack at least the case will survive. Built to accommodate Doepfers A100 DIY 84hp kit which fits perfectly. Modules or DIY kit not included. Flat packed and shipped from the UK worldwide. Will need to be constructed and glued. All holes drilled. Other sizes available to order."

Thursday, December 10, 2015

New UK based Eurorack Case supplier, SynthRacks

"UK based StudioRacks launches subsidiary, SynthRacks, a manufacturer of Eurorack Cases for the DIY Modular Synthesis community.

The recent popularity of Modular Synths and especially the Eurorack format has seen many StudioRacks customers inquire about supplying high-quality Eurorack Cases. The expert knowledge from the team at StudioRacks and demand from their loyal customers has led to the launch of SynthRacks. SynthRacks will focus on supplying quality wooden Eurorack Cases in a variety of sizes and styles to the UK and European market through their website

John Lancaster SynthRacks Owner - “I have been building recording studio furniture for over ten years and for the first time there has been a real buzz about us building something quite different. It’s an exciting prospect to be working with the DIY Modular Synthesis community as they are so enthusiastic.”

The cases will provide the UK and Europe a hand made readily available option, with dispatch and delivery in 3 working days from placing the order.

If you want to see the initial product line visit and if you want to keep up to date with the latest products follow their Twitter account @synthracks."

Monday, December 07, 2015

Blowstudio Hornet and Hornet Pro - Introduction

Published on Nov 11, 2015 blowstudiouk

Blowstudio Hornet Walkthrough

"Get yours and please support the crowdfunder!
The Hornet and Hornet Pro are intuitive and playable digital theremins perfect for noise artists, improvising musicians and anyone interested in sound or performance."

Some additional info from the crowdfunder page:

"The Hornet is a synthesizer with gestural control. Every Hornet has a voice switch and a mode switch, as well as speed and decay controls, to give you loads of sounds to explore.

Its a kind of theremin - a musical instrument that you play by moving your hand above it in space. The Hornet uses the same method of gestural control as the original Theremin, an instrument designed by Russian inventor Lev Termen in the early 1900s. However the Hornet is digital and updates the idea with many more sound options and possibilities.

Hornet also comes in a Pro version, which adds CV/Gate inputs so you can control it from your analog sequencer and sync it to your computer as seen in the main video. You can control pitch, note length and speed, and temporarily override your sequence at any time by turning the speed dial or putting your hand in the sensor beam."

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Smiley SM-01 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

Published on Dec 4, 2015 Found Sound

No word if this is a one of synth. The details follow. It built by a Jim Smiley. This is the first post to feature him on MATRIXSYNTH, so not only do we have a new synth, but we also have a new maker on the site.

"Fully discrete 6 voice fully polyphonic analog polysynth.

12 oscillators, 6 filter envelopes, 6 VCA envelopes, based on a vintage monosynth, but updated with precision components.

LFO mod individually assignable to voices and filter.

Each oscillator individually detunable for huge vintage polysynyth sound.

Entirely handbuilt in recycled redgum by Jim Smiley.

Visit Found Sound & the SM-01 virtually via"

Sunday, November 29, 2015

New FATCORE Semi-Modular Synth & CY-CLONE Sequencer by EnsureSound

Semi modular synth FATCORE sequencer CY-CLONE by Ensure Sound

Published on Oct 14, 2015 Ensure Sound


Details captured for the archives.


Nowadays many studios use computers with special software for generate melodies, sequences and patterns. But only analog synthesizer will help to create really intricate repetitive, pulsating, and truly unique melodic patterns. And we offer a unique solutions - FACTOR and CY-CLONE, which are produced by famous techniques of the analogue synthesizers and sequencers (MOOG, ROLAND, KORG, ARP etc.) and used as a single system. They have got similar capabilities in creating of sounds and music sequences, and excellent analog sounding and has low cost. They are collected in standard RACK 19” case for installation in a studio rack."

Monday, November 23, 2015

DIY Synthesizers by VladimirRadiomay

Tonoizer Y F S+ ( homemade synthesizer)

Published on Nov 22, 2015 VladimirRadiomay

"homemade synthesizer P-PP"

Вечерний Подшипник (Homemade synthesizer)

Published on Oct 27, 2015

"самодельный синтезатор с управлением звуком от фотоэлементов."

"homemade synthesizer sound control by photocells."

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Collidoscope Prototype Double Granular Synthesiser

Crazy Synthesizer Demo Published on Nov 19, 2015 Doctor Mix

"Meet The Collidoscope, a prototype double granular synthesiser by researchers Fiore Martin & Ben Bengler. More instruments and gear on

This hybrid keyboard is a combination between a sampler and a supercollider synth engine, designed to be played by two performers at the same time."

Update: some additional info & pics via Doctor Mix follow. Note it is currently a prototype and not for sale. If it does end up being produced for purchase they do not have an estimate of how much it might cost.

Update2: You'll find the website for Collidoscope at Note the Collidoscope is not by DoctorMix. They only featured it and of course made the video above. The Collidoscope is an independent project.

"The Collidoscope is a prototype synthesiser designed by researchers Ben Bengler & Fiore Martin.

Based on a granular synthesiser engine the instrument can be played by two performers at the same time (as they stand opposite one another on the sides of the unit) using the 2 built-in sets of keyboard, gooseneck microphone, colour display and controllers.

The Collidoscope samples from the microphones (or line inputs) and displays in real time a waveform of the sample and allows it to be played back instantly. The main sliding knob positioned below the waveform allows for the visual selection of a portion of the sample to be played (by moving it horizontally), and for the modification of the size of the portion being looped (through rotating the knob).

Two additional sliders allow for the high passing of the sound and for the extension of the boundaries of the loop being played to its neighbouring audio material, fading in more of the audio sample without changing the rhythm of the loop.

There are also two backlit octave selection buttons and a sturdy metal button next to the microphone base to start sampling.

The Collidoscope is revolutionary for the way in which it changes the relationship between the performer and sampling process, allowing a seemingly infinite way of manipulating the sound without interrupting its flow."

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

O0O Eurorack Modules

BSDM (Bareback kick) & SCAT (0-logical distortion) from 000 on Vimeo.

"BSDM Bareback kick (BasSDruM) and SCAT 0-Logical Distortion
000 Percussion and Distortion Modules"

SNORE FIST DRUM 000 Percussion & Distortion Modules from 000 on Vimeo.

A reinterpretation of a snare drum by 000
000 Percussion & Distortion Modules"

BSDM (Bareback kick) & SCAT (0-logical distortion) from 000 on Vimeo.

"BSDM Bareback kick (BasSDruM) and SCAT 0-Logical Distortion
000 Percussion and Distortion Modules"




Our reinterpretation of the analog bass drum from the 80´s with a full sustain decay on the edge of the potentiometer for deep sound atmospheres and penetrating kick drum sounds.

Frecuency range 32Hz – 192Hz
Potentiometer Control: Pitch/Envelope/Decay/Envelope Decay/ Volume
Buttons: Whip (Trigger), Wave (2nd oscilator on/off)
Inputs: Trigger, Accent
Output : Audio
Voltaje: 5v-24v
Consum: 15mA +12V

2mm black soldermask panel, golden traces (ENIG), robust metal potentiometers, black knobs, custom light push buttons with black laser engraved logos.

All modules have a special opening discount till Friday 29th october (inclusive)."

O0O SN0RE Fist Drum Eurorack Synthesizer Snare Module

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

"This is the snare drum in the 000 set.

An analog design for snare and sci-fi trepanant frequencies with an analog white noise level control.
The Snap potentiometer -Band Pass Filter- allows you to locate the sounds in the edges of reality.
Potentiometer Control: Pitch/Envelope/Decay/Snap/Noise/Volume
Button: Whip (Trigger)
Input: Trigger, Accent
Output: Audio
2mm black soldermask panel, golden traces (ENIG), robust metal potentiometers, black knobs, custom light push buttons with black laser engraved logos.
Designed by 000 on summer 2015."

Note this is the first 000 post. See here for a list of their modules.

Uoki-Toki Eurorack Modules

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via these auctions

All but the first appear to be branded as Uoki-Toki modules. Uoki-Toki is known for circuit bending (Speak & Spell, Roland TR-626). I created a new Uoki-Toki channel label on the site for these moving forward.

TEMNEPATYPA 4LFO Eurorack Module Details:

"4 independent LFO's in 14hp.
MS-20 LFO clones.
Voltage: +-5 V (in Square mode +-10v)
Controls: Depth, Rate, Shape (Saw/Triangle/Reverse Saw)
Wave switch: Triangle / Square
Speed switch: Normal/ Hi / Low

Double check power connection before powering your system please.

I ship in 5 days after payment received. It requires 14-18 days for delivery as soon as item ships from Russia.

I ship anywhere in the world! Happy bidding!"

Monday, November 16, 2015

Black Cat Goes Modular With Monster K-Fuzz Eurorack Module

Published on Nov 13, 2015 BlackCatPedals

"Black Cat announces debut Eurorack synth product
Black Cat Pedals is pleased to announce its first product for the Eurorack modular synth market - the Monster K-Fuzz module.

The Black Cat Monster K-Fuzz Eurorack module processes audio signals through a modified vintage fuzz circuit to create an array of harmonically complex tones and textures.

The brainchild of vintage synth collector Tom Hughes, the Monster K-Fuzz module has been adapted and optimized specifically for use with modular synthesizers.

In this context, the Monster K-Fuzz functions as a cross between a VCF and a wave shaper. The upper octave fuzz circuitry creates distinct overtones that traditional filters are not capable of. And even when fully overdriven, the Monster K-Fuzz sounds organic and warm - just what you'd expect from a great vintage fuzz.

Monster K-Fuzz module features:

* Variable controls for Saturation and Frequency
* 3-position selector switches for Clipping and Voicing
* Two separate Voltage Control Inputs
* Durable metalphoto finish 6HP panel
* Premium quality through-hole components
* Hand-built in the USA

The new Black Cat Monster K-Fuzz Eurorack synth module retails for $150. Check out for further information about the company and their products."

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holland Synthesizer SM2014 Triple VCO Intro

Published on Nov 11, 2015 shirtgeek

"This is a quick intro to the Holland Synthesizer Model SM2014 Triple Voltage Controlled Oscillator."

This appears to be the first Holland Synthesizer post on the site. brings up an "Under Construction" site. I reached out to them and will report back with any info they'd like to share.  If you know anything about Holland Synthesizer, feel free to leave a comment or send it in. [Update2 2/4/16: The site is now live]

Update: some info in via Walter Holland aka shirtgeek: "The Holland Synth page is indeed under construction. Hopefully up in the next few months. Since all of our synths have been custom in the past, there was no need for a page. There is minimum info at engineer page."

Sevilla Soft MBC1 MIDI Breath Controller

Review del controlador de viento MBC1 de Sevilla Soft

Published on Nov 3, 2015 Hispasonic

MIDI breath controller by Sevilla Soft based in Spain. You'll find a write-up in Spanish on Hispasonic here (Googlish here).

The following is some info via Sevilla Soft translated into Googlish:

"MBC1 is a device designed for musicians who know the possibilities offered by today's technology, synths, DAWs, MIDI interface ... without sacrificing human contact with the instrument, a real expression, which ultimately gives meaning to the music . All those who play a wind instrument know we're talking about. Clearly, the best way to imitate the expression of a wind instrument in a virtual instrument is blowing, as if the real instrument in question.

MBC1 comes with all the necessary elements for integrated programming and operation, you will not need any additional software to configure your computer, or any driver for its operation, is recognized by any operating system.

Is made up of:
- 3-digit LED display.
- Indicator 10 LEDs 8 to monitor the air flow and the value of MIDI output. 2 Indicators: MIDI IN, MIDI OUT.
- Rotary knob with push light where everything on the menu is set.
- DIN MIDI input.
- DIN MIDI output.
- Port USB MIDI Class compliant.
- Sensor input. Here the tube supplying the air flow is connected."

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Monotribe = Nanoloop CV Style Sync Cables

Published on May 3, 2015 evadum

"As of version 1.7.2 and 2.7.5, nanoloop supports CV sync with analog gear like Korg's Monotribe and the Volca series through a simple wire connection
Plug the cable between the sync out and the gameboys link port.

You can get a cable here:


Korg Monotribe/ Volca Sync Gameboy DMG01 Cable (For Nanoloop/ LSDJ)

Published on Nov 6, 2015

"Monotribe/ Volca sync = Nanoloop/ LSDJ (Gameboy DMG01) Kabel.
Mit dem Kabel verbindet man den Sync Out Ausgang des Korg Monotribe/ Volca mit dem Gamelinkport des Gameboy Classics um Nanoloop oder LSDJ zu syncen.

With the cable you can connect the Sync Out output of the Korg Monotribe/ Volca with the Gamelink Port of the Gameboy Classic in order to synchronize Nanoloop or LSDJ.

Kompatibel mit nanoloop 1.7.2+ und 2.7.5+ UND LSDJ 1.73

Compatible with Nanoloop 1.7.2+ and 2.7.5+ and LSDJ 1.73"

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Retrokits RK-002 Midiator for KORG Volca Sample

Volca sample with Retrokits RK-002 Midiator

Published on Nov 4, 2015 Retrokits

"Just an example what you can do with the RK-002. The RK-002 splits single MIDI channel notes to the 10 MIDI channels required by the Volca Sample.
More info at"

"The Volca Sample is a neat little portable sampler. You can sync it's sequencer to other Volca's or modular equipment. It also has a MIDI connector which allows you to control the Volca Sample via a DAW.

However, when you connect the Volca Sample to your DAW you'll quickly notice it takes up 10 MIDI channels(!). Since MIDI only supports up to 16 channels this is a very big chunk of MIDI for such a little device...

Undoubtedly this has been done so you can control a bunch of sample parameters per sample channel but if you want to play the Volca Sample not only by the device itself but from a keyboard or sequencer, 10-channel mapping is a really unconventional way of controlling a sampler.

This is why we put together the RK-002 cable. This is no ordinary MIDI cable but has an embedded microcontroller which maps the note-messages from a single incoming MIDI channel to the ten separate Volca Sample channels.

Not only does it remap the channels, per sample channel it also translates:
note velocity to sample level
pitch bend to sample pitch
modulation to sample filter"

Friday, November 06, 2015

New MORDAX Data Four Channel Oscilloscope & More Eurorack Module

via Mordax

"Four channel oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, spectrograph, tuner, dual waveform generator, clock source/div/mult, and more.

Dual waveform generator
Clock source/div/mult
Spectral display
And more
Powder-coated & silk screened aluminum faceplate
Full color, 2.8” (71mm) display, with crystal clear, scratch resistant window
User upgradable firmware via included microSD card
Input / Output:
4 input jacks (+/-10V), AC or DC coupled via on-screen control
4 buffered through jacks, one for each input channel
2 clock/gate outputs (0 to +5V)
2 wave/CV outputs (-5V to +5V)

250 mA +12V
60 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
35 mm Depth
Ø 5.00 (3 Votes) Average Rating"

Note this is the first Mordax post.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Introducing Stardust Covers - Premium Quality Synthesizer Dust Covers

Stardust Covers wrote in to let us know about their premium quality, custom fit dust covers. Check these out - absolutely stunning craftsmanship and design. They are currently made to order. You'll find additional and upcoming covers featured on their site.

via Stardust Covers

"Dust is never gone, we’re all aware of that: dust is everywhere, and, whenever we remove dust, it always comes back. Then, it gets inside your most loved objects and instruments, cover your synth's components with crud which can lead to heat dissipation problems, and it also wrecks slider pots. Now, we also know that everybody wants to protect their synths from this everlasting and corrupting dust, from liquid spills, fading, and every kind of bangs and cracks.

Why? Because we all love our synths with unconditional love.

Our synth dust covers are the best expression of this love.

It took us two years of thorough and passionate research to find and develop the most proper materials for the product we had in mind.
Our covers will look like they were manufactured at the exact same time your synth was, as if they were twin brothers.
The vectorized synth designs are printed using UV Digital methood.
They have flaplike ducts for cables, in order to keep them connected even when your cover is on.
We’ll be working in order to continually develop new models, both for the most recent and the oldest synths.
This is a custom made product, manufactured exclusively in Portugal, a renamed country in textile industry.

We would also like to let you know that our covers have several different designs which you can choose from (there will be some ‘special editions’ in a near future), and are all made of synthetic leather, a 5mm foam to provide protection and form the cover, as well as a delicate soft layer that will be in contact with the instrument."

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Meet The Alright Chronoblob

Note this is the first Alright post on the site. They've only been all good up to this point. Bahah. ;)

via Alright Devices (via Papernoise):

"Chronoblob is a digital delay module!

Unlike other delays, Chronoblob can sync to an external clock. Patch one to the SYNC input and choose a multiplier/divider for rhythmic delays. Or don't do that and just sweep TIME for traditional, continuously variable delay times. Do you!

Chronoblob's OTA-based analog FDBK circuit is CV-controllable and can be pushed up to and beyond unity for near-infinite decay or harsh saturating feedback. The guts of the feedback loop are made available to you, the discerning modular enthusiast, via the SEND and RETURN jacks. Patch in a lowpass filter for smooth, shadowy echoes, or cop two blobs and get yr pingpong on! Use the equal-power crossfading dry/wet control to dial in your mix.

Chronoblob's mode switch selects its response to delay time changes. Throw the switch up to select resampling mode and get sweeping pitch effects reminiscent of a tape loop or BBD. With the switch down, Chronoblob smoothly crossfades between delay taps for quicker, more subtle changes. Patch in a clock and sequence the TIME CV input in this mode for rhythmic ratcheting delays!

Chronoblob also uniquely features a HOLD switch and gate input to freeze the audio buffer. Punch that shit and modulate TIME for mad stutter and glitch!

Audio: 16bit, 48kHz
Delay: 5ms to 500ms in SHORT mode, 50ms to 2.73s in LONG mode
Power: +12V / 90mA, -12V / 30mA
Width: 10HP
Depth: 30mm (including power connector)"

Patch n Tweak
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