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Friday, December 04, 2015


Published on Dec 18, 2012 distanceresearch

"Pretty rare instrument. From what I gather Raj Musicals is kind of the Yamaha/Casio of Indian instruments in modern times. In the 60's maybe 70's they produced the Saraang Deluxe analog tanpura. It runs on C batteries or power cord, has a built in speaker and 1/8" output. Produces some pretty pleasing drone sounds from its 6 note sequence. Pretty fun little analog machine, capable of pleasing detuning and tone manipulating."

Update via Loscha in the comments: "These are actually from the 90s, although they surely do look 60s.

I contacted Radel Saraang for information about these devices,and they no longer had the schematic, but, confirmed manufacturing time frame."

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Haruo Yamashita's Vintage DIY Modular Featured at the 2015 Japanese Analog Synth Builders' Summit

This year's ASBS15 event was held on Saturday, November 28.  You'll find pics of the event here and here.  Of particular interest was a vintage DIY Modular by Haruo Yamashita.  This is actually the first post on MATRIXSYNTH to feature the system. The links below will take you to more info.

via Sam Hoshuyama who attended the event:

"The greatest thing this year was a booth displaying the original modular synth of the legendary SDIY papers published in 1977 by Haruo Yamashita.  They were issued as a series of magazine articles, and have been a legend for 30 years. They were recently published in November as a book with a new description and new schematics using modern components. The booth was invited after the publication.  You can find Yamashita's site here." [Googlish translation here]

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Vintage Rare Carlo Robelli JEN J300B Keyboard

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via this auction

I don't believe I've ever seen one of these before. Piano, Honky Tonk, and Harpsichord with Bass & General volume sliders from JEN, the maker of synths like the SX 1000, SX 2000, String Machine, and Syntar.

Carlo Robelli via Wikipedia:

"Carlo Robelli is an Italian maker of guitar and other musical instruments. In the 1960s, Carlo Robelli was a maker of inexpensive electric guitars, such as a model based upon the Gibson Les Paul. The company now focuses on acoustic stringed instruments, such as guitars and violins. Most Carlo Robelli modern products are made in China."

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Harmonic Tone Generator Exhibit Pics

Click here for some pics, in via Skot Wiedmann, of the debut of the Harmonic Tone Generator exhibit, at the Sousa Museum in Urbana-Champaign

Left: The original Harmonic Tone Generator.

via "The Sousa Archives acquired one of the earliest instruments that composed synthetic music, created by Professor Emeritus James Beauchamp in 1964.

Beauchamp's machine will be exhibited and preserved at the archives, accompanied by a recreated digital version created by ECE electronics services technician Mark Smart.

The instrument was used to compose some of the earliest compositions in electronic music, such as "Underworld" by Salvatore Martirano [embed below]. This type of music would evolve over the years into today's DJ scene."

You'll find articles about the exhibit at the following links:

Below: "Scott Schwartz, Mark Smart, and Jim Beauchamp with the original Harmonic Tone Generator at the Sousa Archives - University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign."

The Sal-Mar is pictured further below. You'll find previous posts including some video of it here.

"The SalMar Construction is displayed next to the Harmonic Tone Generator at the Sousa Archives - University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. What an exciting time in electronic music, with such cross disciplinary collaboration on these instruments and music."

Published on Nov 5, 2014 #SalvatoreMartirano

Holland Synthesizer SM2014 Triple VCO Intro

Published on Nov 11, 2015 shirtgeek

"This is a quick intro to the Holland Synthesizer Model SM2014 Triple Voltage Controlled Oscillator."

This appears to be the first Holland Synthesizer post on the site. brings up an "Under Construction" site. I reached out to them and will report back with any info they'd like to share.  If you know anything about Holland Synthesizer, feel free to leave a comment or send it in. [Update2 2/4/16: The site is now live]

Update: some info in via Walter Holland aka shirtgeek: "The Holland Synth page is indeed under construction. Hopefully up in the next few months. Since all of our synths have been custom in the past, there was no need for a page. There is minimum info at engineer page."

Friday, October 23, 2015

邦楽 Conductor - 影の伝説 (TAITO)

Published on Oct 23, 2015 Masami Hashimoto

"Use, Hougaku Conductor, BOSS DM-2, YAMAHA QY10.
雅な電子楽器 邦楽コンダクターの音階が合ったのでタイトーのビデオゲーム「影の伝説」を試みる。
オケにYAMAHA QY10を使用しました。"

This is the first post to feature Hougaku.

Monday, October 19, 2015

RD-10: the Mysterious drum machine

Published on Oct 19, 2015 organfairy

"Can anybody tell me what this is?

I bought it some years ago in a second hand shop - one of those that has the entire repertoire from valuable antiques to worthless junk. They thought this drum machine belonged in the latter category. So I got it for next to nothing.

There was nothing defective in it. But I did modify it a little because it had a weird power plug that was impossible to find and the AC power was connected through an internal transformer. I don't know why but it could be something with ground loops if other things are connected to the same power supply. Who knows.

I don't know who made it. There is no brand tag on it or anything written on the circuit diagram. The only thing written is the model number which is RD-10.

The mysterious drum machine makes the rhythms in this video. The other noises comes from the Elka organ X-1000."

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Published on Sep 24, 2015 Redmartian

"Tom was introduced to the PDP-12 while Stephen Jones was working through the restoration effort in the summer of 2013. Stephen sent videos to Tom and it made an appearance in the interactive fiction game [H.H.] Here Tom is experiencing the PDP-12 for the first time running a program called Kaleidoscope in which the user manipulates two dials (X and Y) which are then sampled and used in producing the image on the screen. The -12 has a speaker and every time accumulator 0 is used a flip flop generates a pulse or square wave. Based on how quickly this occurs you will usually hear this square wave in the audio range. The speaker has been amplified for this video."

I asked Red Martian when the PDP-12 came out and how it produced audio:

"1971, though it goes back to the LINC and LINC-8 computers starting in 1960. It has an analog to digital converter which can sample from 8 multi-turn pots and 8 1/4" jacks as well as a bank of 6 relays for switching things. The tone you hear is a flip flop producing a square wave at a frequencing in the audio range everytime accumlator 0 is used. So depending on how busy the system is doing the calculations for plotting points on the X/Y display in kaleidoscope you get a different frequency, sometimes FMish sounding.

I bypassed the speaker and wired in an amplifier for the sake of Severed Head's visit."

PDP stands for Programmed Data Processor. Wikipedia has page on it that goes through the history of the PDP line. On the PDP-12: "Descendant of the LINC-8; with slight redesign, and different livery, officially followed by, and marketed as, the 'Lab-8'."

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lupine Systems First Vintage DIY Analog Synthesizer For Sale

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via this auction

Here's an interesting bit of DIY synthesizer history. The only other post to mention Lupine Systems went up last October here. Below are the details from the auction including a link to an audio demo. Note there is a Lupine Systems website still online.

Details via the auction:

Hello DIY synthesizer fans! Way back in the 1970's I designed a number of synthesizer systems. Many of them were basic but for the time they were quite impressive.

I used to build small devices while in school to impress my friends. I often gave away copies of the diagrams, many of which I have seen online in one form or another -- many are very simple in nature and have survived the many years. This design is a hybrid -- the keyboard is digitally scanned but the audio is generated by analog circuits. This combo allows for the use of a matrixed keyboard. The heart of the system is the M50240 Top Octave Generator chip for which the output is divided down to lower frequencies and blended to form the sound to be processed by the filters.

Up for auction is a copy of one of my original synthesizers. The original was built using pad-per-hole and point-to-point wiring. I decided a while back to draft a set of printed circuits for this design "just for the heck of it". Up for auction are the results.

The PC board had a few drafting errors which have been professionally corrected with jumpers (a corrected version is now available but not yet up for auction).

All controls are fully functional and since the photos were taken I have added knobs to all of the rotating controls. I have also added a 1/4" phone jack for the audio output mounted on the rear (not shown).

PLEASE NOTE: THE AUCTION IS FOR THE SYNTHESIZER PC BOARD SET, NOT THE KEYBOARD SHOWN. The keyboard IS HOWEVER INCLUDED. The keyboard is CHEAP and is not of high quality so it is being TOSSED IN WITH THE AUCTION to get you started. Note in the photos that one key has been replaced and does not truly match the rest but plays OK. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED YOU REPLACE THE KEYBOARD WITH A DECENT ONE rather than rely on this toss-in.

Schematics are included with this auction.

If you would like to hear some of the sounds this keyboard makes you can Click Here for a wav file of the sounds."

Sunday, September 13, 2015


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via this auction

Here's an interesting bit of synth history.  Atari ST programming software for the Roland D-50 by Steinberg. I believe this is the first time it has ever been featured on the site.  Steinberg was founded in 1984, the Atari ST came out in 1985, and the D-50 was available from 1987 - 1989. This software isn't listed on Steinberg's list of released software on wikipedia.




Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Rare One-Off Vintage EML Synth with Two Octave Keyboard

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via this auction

"100% unique hand built EML synth based on the 100 & 101 series. I believe this was built by an employee around the time the company stopped building synthesisers in the mid 1970's. It is semi modular in design and includes a spring reverb."

If anyone has any additional info on this one, let us know.

I love it when things like this come up. This belongs in the rarest of the rare synth category. Like something you'd see in a synth dream.

Update: I did a quick search for EML Prototype and found this previous post from back in 2007.  You'll find some additional info there.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Vintage Sound-City Piano

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via this auction

Here's another one I've never seen before. You'll find a close-up of the control section below. The Sound City Piano features Bass, Piano, and Harpsichord with a Tune slider and Vibrato sliders for Intensity and Speed. Is anyone familiar with the brand?

via the listing: “Keys marked with blue tape in pics need repair- most just need springs but play notes. F# does does play.”

Sunday, August 16, 2015


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via this auction

Here's something you don't see everyday. I don't believe I've ever seen or posted one here on MATRIXSYNTH before.

via the listing which appears to be a product description from Akai: "If you want to make beats, there's a whole world of options out there, from groove boxes to step sequencers to drum machines to computer-based programs. The choices can seem overwhelming: do you want a unit that's easy to learn, a unit that has the most features, or the unit that's the best for live performance? zZounds knows you just want to start making music, so let's keep things simple: you need an Akai MPC1000. The MPC is the one machine that has been there from the beginning of Hip-Hop and other sample-based music, and continues to be the go-to tool for today's hottest producers. The MPC, or Music Production Center, brilliantly combines real-time audio sampling, the ease of drum machine programming, and the sophistication of a multitrack studio in a one-stop groove shop. And it may just be the perfect introduction to MPC culture.

All MPCs are designed to get your basic ideas down fast, and to help you grow those ideas quickly. It's all about preserving your inspiration, and that's why the Akai MPC has remained standard-issue gear for Hip-Hop and Electronic Music producers for decades. To that legacy, the MPC1000 adds portability--with a footprint no bigger than most laptops, it still packs an impressive array of pro features. The compact size, real-time controls, and amazing sound make it the best gigging MPC ever, but it's still got the features to make it a powerful studio sampler / sequencer. Best of all, it's easy to learn, and still has enough features to make it the center of your productions for years to come.

Designed To Inspire

Friday, August 14, 2015

Rare Vintage Analog Synthesizer Keyboard of Unknown Origin

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via this auction

If anyone knows more about this one feel free to comment (no need to login!). The look kind of reminds me of a Vermona '14 meets Baldwin Explorer.

Update: someone in the comments said it looks like a Minisonic 2. I think that might be it (see this post). The knob layout starting with the two large knobs on right match.

The following is the description from the auction. This is not a modular so obviously ignore that bit.

"Rare VINTAGE Analogue MODULAR SYNTHESIZER similar To ''PAIA 2720 1970s**mid to late 70s presented in teak coloured angular upright case with nicely hinged metal upper, Measures 83 cms LENGTH/ .31 cms DEPTH/WITH AN OVERALL HEIGHT OF 21cms (approx) 29main keys output socet to front /headphone socket to rear comes with mains supply lead which is 3 pin 220/240 volts.OFFERED IN V.GOOD CONDITION THROUGHOUT /Mains tested and ights up correctly when switched on!all components appear original and intact and solder seems sound.
Features 27 Rotational knobs,18 push set buttons 2 large adjustable Frequency buttons, 2 small trig buttons.


OSC MODE{+E-1/-E-1/+E-2}

Friday, August 07, 2015

Extremely Rare Vintage Maxon Mariner MX-2 Keyboard Synthesizer

This one in via electraumatisme.

So how rare? I've never seen or come across one in the ten years of running MATRIXSYNTH. This appears to be the first Maxon Mariner MX-2 post on the site out of 128,070 posts on the site including this one to date. Tracking everything synth seven days a week, it's a super rare treat coming across a vintage synthesizer you've never seen before. If anyone knows more about the Mariner feel free to leave a comment. There are 14 previous Maxon posts mainly for their drum synth and effects.

The Mariner appears to have the following sections:

- Tune
- Tone Source with two oscillators
- Noise Source
- Modulator Section with one LFO and four destinations
- Resonant Filter with ENV modulation and Pitch knob
- ADSR, Transpose, Source Select, Bender Select & Portamento controls to the left of the keyboard

The description from the listing follows in French followed by a Googlish translation to English.


Vous cherchez quelque chose d'unique et qui veulent faire une différence, voici votre chance !!

Ceci est un synthétiseur analogique à partir des années 60, est un synthétiseur fabriqué au Japon par Nisshin onPA !! Maxon, l'homme qui a été le grand célèbre fabricant de pédales analogiques pour Ibanez dans les années 70 et 80! "Ce synthétiseur était une série très limitée qui a fait au Japon et quelques-uns sont sortis de là !!
L'Europe est une rareté ...

Ce synthétiseur sons style très gras et puissant millésime Moog et ARP.
Esthétiquement est une perle magique !! et avec un énorme potentiel.

Pour vraiment intéressé par l'achat de ce synthétiseur rare !!
envoyez-moi un message privé, je vis au Portugal et je peux envoyer par une agence d'expédition tels que: UPS, DHL ou plus au goût de l'acheteur."



Looking for something unique and want to make a difference, here is your chance !!

This is an analog synthesizer from the 60s, is a synthesizer made in Japan by Nisshin onPA !! Maxon, the man who was the great famous manufacturer of analog pedals Ibanez in the 70 and 80! "This synthesizer was very limited series that made in Japan and a few are out of there !!
Europe is a rarity ...

This synthesizer sounds very bold style and powerful vintage Moog and ARP.
Aesthetically is a magical gem !! and with enormous potential.

To really interested in buying this rare synthesizer !!
send me a private message, I live in Portugal and I can send by a shipping agency such as: UPS, DHL or more to taste of the buyer."

Monday, August 03, 2015

Vintage JEN SM2007 String Machine

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via this auction

I don't think I've ever seen one of these before.

Via the seller: "Estate Sale purchase. Rare JEN SM-2007 VINTAGE ANALOG SYNTHESIZER. Unit powers on but otherwise untested. I do not know how to operate the functions on this machine, and can not verify that everything is working. Therefore it is being sold AS IS."

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Vintage King Beat 7 Drum Beat Machine - 7 Different Beats

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via this auction

"Machine was made in Japan and features 7 Different Beats: Slow Rock, Latin, Twist, Fox Trot, Waltz, Mambo and Go-Go. Also features volume and tempo control dials."

I don't believe I've ever seen or posted one of these before. If anyone knows who made it feel free to comment. Giving this one a new King Beat channel label for the time being.

Update: video courtesy of peahix posted here.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Imperial Organs Computer System DM-1 SN 206045

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via this auction

Here's something you don't see every day. This is the first Imperial Organs post on the site.

"The Imperial Computer System DM-16 is a very rare Vintage Analog Synth
With a drum machine, chords, bass, Arp with nice solo Flute, Musette, Oboe, and Clarinet.
With Strings, Modulation and Chord Dubbing / Program
Sounds like Stereolab and Spiritualized!!!"

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

National (Panasonic) SY-50 Automatic Rhythm + Fostex 3180 Spring Reverb

Published on Mar 10, 2015 SubTokyoShop

Here's something you do not see everyday. This is the first post on the site to feature the National SY-50 rhythm drum machine. I'm not sure if National is the model name of the SY-50 or a sub-brand name from Matsushita/Panasonic. If you know feel free to comment. Curious if Moby knows about this one. If you spot it in the video there let me know. I created new channel labels for National & Matsuhita. There are only two previous posts that mention Matsushita.

The following is the video description:

"National (Panasonic) SY-50 Automatic Rhythm + Fostex 3180 Spring Reverb

National (Panasonic) SY-50 Automatic Rhythm is very rare rhythm machine produced by Matsushita Electric Co., (Panasonic) in early 1970's. National is a brand name belonging to Matsushita electronics, who are better known outside Japan under another brand name, Panasonic. The "Touch Start" switch is not working (guess no one alive because of the structure), then put the start cable out of the back panel. It start when touching this cable or using foot switch.

Fostex 3180 Spring Reverb is in Excellent Condition."

subtokyoshop on eBay | subtokyoshop on Reverb

Note: eBay and Reverblinks are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

McBass 23 - Analog Synthesizer - One of 5 From the 90s

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This one spotted by swissdoc. It's currently for sale here. This is the first one featured on MATRIXSYNTH. Curious if this was someone's DIY synth or if it was an actual product.

Update: Slightly larger pics added.  Turns out the brand is Tunefisch Clone or Tunefish Clone. Some additional info from swissdoc:

"The synth is labeled Tunefisch Clone (Tunfish Clone). There has been a German electrical engineer living close to Hannover who built a few synths in the 1990s

Tunefish Aliensynth [posted here]
Tunefish TF-303
Tunefish Junglefish
[some info at the following links]"

The following is the description for the item in German followed by a Googlish translation:

"Verkaufe von privat diesen seltenen Synthesizer. Abholung oder Versand möglich. Einer von 5 stk je gebauten Exemplaren soweit ich weiss. Funktionieren tut er natürlich! 3 original Potikappen sind mir abhanden gekommen. Ich liefere 3 Ersatzkappen für die VCO Lautstärke Potis mit.

Der McBass wurde in den 90er Jahren gebaut, hat 2 VCOs + Noise, 2 LFOs welche weit in den Audiobreich reichen ( somit ist auch obertonreiche Filter FM möglich ), Pulseweitemodulation, Filter Accent, Audioeingang, Midi... und so weiter. wirklich ein gutklingedes Gerät was mir sehr lange Freude bereitet hat. Ich würde ihn jetzt vielleicht irgendwo zwischen Pro-One, Minimoog und 303 Nachbau einordnen - aber am besten selbst mal antesten. Verkaufe ihn aus finanziellen Gründen.

bitte sendet mir eine Nachricht, falls Interesse besteht, oder Ihr Fragen habt.
( Der McBass steht so lange bei Ebay KA bis er verkauft wurde. )"


"Sell by owner this rare synthesizer. Pick-up or shipping. One of 5 pcs per units had been built as far as I know. Work he does, of course! 3 original Potikappen have gone astray. I supply with 3 replacement caps for the VCO volume pots.

The McBass was built in the 90s, has 2 VCO + Noise, 2 LFOs that far into the Audiobreich rich (thus also possible overtones Filter FM), pulse width modulation, filter Accent, Audio, Midi ... and so on. gutklingedes really a device which has given me much joy. I would now might place him somewhere between Pro-One, Minimoog and 303 replica - but best antesten even times. Sell it for financial reasons.

please send me a message if you are interested or you have any questions.
(The McBass is so long was sold on Ebay KA to him.)"


Patch n Tweak
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