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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Something New Coming from Tabor

"Tabor, bringing everyone to music with wearables..."

Two hints I can share:

MIDI and Bluetooth.

This should be interesting, and something many have been waiting for.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Introducing the Misa Digital NSC-32 Note Sequence Controller

Published on Dec 20, 2015 misadigital

"Mixing with note patterns. Note Sequence Controller."

You might remember Misa from their Kitara.

"The Misa Digital NSC-32 (NSC) is a Note Sequence Controller - a new type of electronic musical instrument that allows the user to manipulate and cue electronic music sequences live. It is an alternative take on a "step sequencer".

It is a MIDI controller and makes no sound of its own - it connects to a synthesizer/sampler/DAW via MIDI or USB.

The NSC-32 can play up to six sequences (patterns) simultaneously. Typically each pattern will be responsible for a different section of the music. For example: one pattern for drums, one pattern for bass and one pattern for chords.

Note sequences are visually displayed on the note grid and can be modified by pressing the cells on the note grid. The individual notes are represented as blue illuminated cells. Notes can be selected, copied, moved and pasted using the control functions.

A vertical green step cursor will move across the note grid at a speed determined by the BPM set. When the step cursor lands on a note, it will play that note. Similarly, when the cursor moves off a note, it will stop playing that note.

Sequences can be played (cued) and stopped in sync with the master clock.

Sequences can be stored in permanent storage for later use. The NSC-32 can store up to 768 sequences. Each cell on the note grid behaves as a save location. This means you can visually group different sets of presets on the grid based on category.

More info coming soon."

Friday, December 18, 2015

ROLI Introduces NOISE 5D: Free Rise Inspired 3D Touch Keyboard Controller for iOS

Published on Dec 18, 2015 ROLI

NOISE: 3D Touch on the iPhone like you’ve never heard it before (3 Videos)
The Force Touch Awakens

iTunes: NOISE 5D


NOISE is a powerful instrument that unlocks the extraordinary expressive potential of your mobile phone. Its unique playing surface takes full advantage of the iPhone 6S’s 3D Touch capability.
Enjoy powerful, multidimensional sounds on-screen or use it as the ultimate portable sound engine for your favorite MIDI controller.

Play a subtle flute melody, a rich textured pad or a killer synth lead. For players of any ability or style, NOISE makes a big impact.

Its unique playing surface is laid out like a piano keyboard from the future. Where you used to have keys, you now have a continuous set of “keywaves.” You can strike, press into, glide left and right, slide up and down, and lift off the keywaves to create unique sonic effects. NOISE is the most expressive mobile sound engine ever created.

NOISE comes with the Fundamentals NOISE Pack bundled, which offers 25 diverse, powerful sounds to get you started.

Breath Flute, for example, allows you to faithfully recreate breath control through pressure, while the sound of Polyrhythmic Loops morphs as you play up and down the keywaves. Try Smoky Rhodes for a cool, modern reinterpretation of the Fender Rhodes.

Expand your collection with unique NOISE Packs - Hybrid Acoustic comes with over 500MB of unique samples, Expressive Electronic includes both vintage synths and contemporary pads, and Synthetic Leads is for when you really just need to shred!

NOISE’s deeply expressive Equator sound engine is a great fit for a wide range of MIDI controllers. It has in-built MIDI over Bluetooth, which makes it the perfect choice for wireless music-making on the go.
It is also one of the first apps with built-in, customizable MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) Mode, so it also works plug-and-play with any MPE-compatible controller.

To really get the most out of NOISE and to take your musical expression to the next level, try it with our own Seaboard RISE, the award-winning MIDI controller hailed as “the future of the keyboard” (MusicRadar).

NOISE is the result of years of innovative research and product development that enabled us to create the Seaboard RISE, a uniquely expressive, award-winning MIDI controller that enables 5 dimensions of touch; and Equator, its powerful native sound engine. With NOISE, we have shaped the surface of the Seaboard to maximize playability on an iPhone and remapped the new dimensions of sonic control offered by Equator. NOISE is built with JUCE, the leading cross-platform framework for audio apps.

At ROLI, we build game-changing tools for modern music creation. The award-winning Seaboard RISE and Seaboard GRAND instruments are part of our family of intuitively designed products - learn more at

- Tweak your sounds with onscreen macro controls and XY Touchpad
- Vary the size of the onscreen keywave surface to suit your screen and preferences
- Octave shift buttons and an onscreen sustain pedal add depth to real-time performance
- Control five dimensions of touch - Strike, Press, Glide, Slide and Lift
- Purchase additional NOISE Packs in-app and build your collection of sounds
- Recreate the Seaboard RISE experience on the iPhone 6S and make the most of its new 3D Touch feature
- Audio Units are coming soon. You'll be able to use NOISE as a synth in your favourite iOS DAW - stay tuned...

- NOISE for iPhone is designed for iPhone 5C and above.
- Please note that while NOISE works well as a sound engine on all iPhones, you will only be able to take full advantage of its keywave surface with an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus."

Friday, December 04, 2015

New Synthi iVCS3 Controller Pics - New iOS Synth Support Coming

Len Burge sent in a couple of pics of his custom iVCS3 hardware controller. You'll find the second pic in the original post here. If haven't seen it be sure to check out the video!

Also, Len is working on creating layover prints for other iOS synths: "Right now it's controlling the iVCS3 iOS app and I'm currently working in PS creating layover prints for Animoog, Magellan, iSem, iMS-20, ipoly, imini etc."

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sevilla Soft MBC1 MIDI Breath Controller

Review del controlador de viento MBC1 de Sevilla Soft

Published on Nov 3, 2015 Hispasonic

MIDI breath controller by Sevilla Soft based in Spain. You'll find a write-up in Spanish on Hispasonic here (Googlish here).

The following is some info via Sevilla Soft translated into Googlish:

"MBC1 is a device designed for musicians who know the possibilities offered by today's technology, synths, DAWs, MIDI interface ... without sacrificing human contact with the instrument, a real expression, which ultimately gives meaning to the music . All those who play a wind instrument know we're talking about. Clearly, the best way to imitate the expression of a wind instrument in a virtual instrument is blowing, as if the real instrument in question.

MBC1 comes with all the necessary elements for integrated programming and operation, you will not need any additional software to configure your computer, or any driver for its operation, is recognized by any operating system.

Is made up of:
- 3-digit LED display.
- Indicator 10 LEDs 8 to monitor the air flow and the value of MIDI output. 2 Indicators: MIDI IN, MIDI OUT.
- Rotary knob with push light where everything on the menu is set.
- DIN MIDI input.
- DIN MIDI output.
- Port USB MIDI Class compliant.
- Sensor input. Here the tube supplying the air flow is connected."

Saturday, November 07, 2015


via Sputnik Modular

"The Sputnik Modular Multi-Touch Keyboard Controller includes 29 keys, up to 4 voices and the following features:

'Pressure' CV (measured surface amount)
Gate CV

Internal and External sync switch
Up, Down, and Random modes
CV Trigger input
Manual Time control control knob

Polyphony Mono/Arp or Poly (2,3,4 voices)
Octave switch for +1, +2
In Mono/Arp mode, CV2 sends CV1+2 semitones, CV3 sends CV1+4 semitones, CV4 sends + 7 semitones
In Mono/Arp mode Gate 1 sends every gate, Gate 2 every 2nd gate, Gate 3 every 3rd gate and Gate 4 every 4th gate and can work like a clock divider

Touch sensitive location strip with both CV and Gate outputs

CV 1 out
Gate 1 out
Pressure CV out

2,3,4 voice switch
CV 2-4 outs
Gate 2-4 outs
All Pulses out

Also includes a 5v or 10v switch on the PCB for Pressure and Location
84hp +12V/-12V/+5
MAP: $499"

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Korg New microKEY AND microKEY AIR

Published on Nov 4, 2015 Korg

You might remember the microKEY Air in this earlier post for KORG's Module.

"Korg brings you even more compact controller options with the new microKEY and microKEY AIR Series:

microKEY can be completely powered by an iPad or iPhone and now offers a pedal input for sustain (micoKEY25 offers a sustain button). There’s also a new 49-key version for the two-handed player that still wants compact.

microKEY AIR – To accommodate simpler and quicker setups, or to simply unwire and unclutter your rig, the microKEY Air series features Apple’s Wireless Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) standard, which provides long battery life and extremely low latency! They also have standard USB connections.

Both come with a comprehensive software bundle to advance your plug in library, or serve as your starting point to making music using your computer or iOS device!"

Friday, October 23, 2015

Introducing TZM Creative Lab's Motus – Creative Motion Enhancer

Motus – Creative Motion Enhancer from TZM Creative Lab on Vimeo.

"Motus allows users to literally play music in the air. No keys, buttons or knobs. While holding Motus in hand, you can play the note and at the same time change its timbre by using different motion gestures."

See for additional details including their crowdfunding campaign for the Motus.

The following is pulled from their press release where you'll find additional pics:

"Bow without strings, play synths without pressing the keys. An exciting and simple, yet intelligent wireless musical instrument converts motion gestures to sounds

TZM Creative Lab introduces their first product, Motus – Creative Motion Enhancer. A wireless device converting motion to sound, a creative tool for professional musicians, dancers and artists, an intelligent toy for kids and grown-ups. Available on crowdfunding campaign now, for less than $100.

Motus is a mobile wireless device that turns motion to sound. In human’s language, it allows users to literally play music in the air. No keys, buttons or knobs. While holding Motus in hand, user can play the note and at the same time change it’s timbre by using different motion gestures. Instead of defining single way to play Motus, we simply offer different interaction rules. While loading a different Motus instrument, you’re redefining what it will be – shaker, air drums, violin or something else. Use each instrument just as you would in reality. Motus technology tracks user’s free movements, extracts the most important motion features (e.g. velocity, dynamics, displacement) and maps them to different sounds. It can be a real-time generated sounds, prerecorded material or even sound and light effects. The size of Motus is optimal for easy handling and excellent control.

Motus technology tracks user’s free movements, extracts the most important motion features and maps them to different sounds.

New possibilities in music

“By developing Motus we are keen to engage more people to explore new possibilities of being creative. It started as a tool that expands musical performance, however later we saw it has very broad use cases, e.g. dance, performing arts, or just having fun for people that have no connection with music at all. Anyone who is willing to experiment with digital sound is hindered by the process. Therefore, we did reverse the whole thing and made it approachable in a simple and exciting way, by using motion as a natural input into digital sound synthesis. The space around you becomes a touchless surface, a canvas you can interact with and explore. Motion with Motus turns the air into a keyboard, fret board, djembe skin, drum pads, violin bow, etc. The movement is a key to play and experiment with sound in real-time whether during casual time outdoors or on stage.” – said Mindaugas Badokas founder of TZM Creative Lab. “Motus is also, in part, about community. We seek to empower motion to open up more possibilities of creativity in sound exploration and gather the whole community which keeps that alive. Where anyone can take part from professional musicians to dancers, from grown-ups to kids (even 30 years-old kids).”

Motion with Motus turns the air into a keyboard, fret board, djembe skin, drum pads, violin bow, etc. The movement is a key to play and experiment with sound in real-time.

Three different Motus versions

Motus Classic is out-of-the-box device and can be explored instantly by anyone. It provides full Motus experience, however it should not be used for professional applications.

Motus Pro is made for professional performers, it comes with an external Bridg receiver and precision sensors, its connectivity rage is up to 30 meters and possibility to connect up to 12 devices simultaneously. It is a perfect fit for using on stage and demanding tasks of any performance.

Motus Hacker is offered for the adventurous DIY enthusiasts seeking to make their own customized device, it comes without usual body and each part has to be soldered together by the user. Depending on added elements it may be used on stage, however this is highly variable, therefore it is not recommended for professional application but more for the experimentalists.

Motus comes together with its software, where users are able to select Motus instruments and play them instantly. It as well can be used as a controller with any DAW of choice—it is compatible with MIDI, OSC and ReWire. Ableton Live users will be provided with M4L device to make the set-up easier. Max users will be offered a pack of externals and abstractions.

In contemporary dance scene for 2 years
Usually dancer follows the music and technicians follows the dancer to implement the image and audible atmosphere of the show. Motus enables dancers to directly control and improvise with sound, live visuals or lighting. Dance troupe Aura has been using Motus prototype for the past three seasons in the play “Make a Switch from me”, which was premiered in Italy, Lithuania and Poland. Composer found Motus being a versatile tool. “Motus helps to communicate message faster and gives an opportunity to expand your fantasy but still keep the audience in it.”, explained Antanas Jasenka, Composer.

Motus not only provided an immersive experience for the audience but as well for the dancers. Francesco Dalmasso, dancer at Aura Dance Theatre said “You have really close connection that you’re actually creating the choreography yourself and at the same time creating the music, sounds, so you’re both – choreographer and composer and a dancer. It’s very rich.”

Dance troupe Aura has been using Motus prototype for the past three seasons in the play “Make a Switch from me”

Coolgarden – the app store for Motus
TZM Creative Lab will be opening a standardized platform, Coolgarden – app store for Motus. Coolgarden is a place where Motus users will be able to find all Motus instruments and creative applications. Therefore, developers are invited to develop Motus instruments and offer them for Motus users through Coolgarden. Developers can offer everything from synths, audio effects, visual generators or interactive games which can be monetized or free for users.

Embedding latest technologies
In the last years scientific approaches to human-computer interfaces and interactions for musical performance gained increasing attention from scholars. Some of the reasons for this are computational speed progress and microcontrollers price drop, which have opened new possibilities in the realm of real-time musical interactions. Motus is an outcome of many experiments and scientific endeavors. We’re bringing cutting edge technologies straight to the user. By doing this we can exit alpha stage faster and implement exciting features found only in scientific papers and research facilities.

Available on crowdfunding
Motus was launched on a self-starter crowdfunding campaign on 21th of October. The company seeks to reach its crowdfunding goal of $28,000 in 30-day period until the 20th of November. During a campaign Motus devices are offered for an introductory price starting from $80. First supporters will be able to purchase a limited number of devices for even more discounted price. The collected funds will be used for securing first batch of production: finalizing the product, setting up manufacturing and future development."

Monday, October 19, 2015

New Akai Pro Advance Keyboards - Overview

Published on Oct 19, 2015 AkaiProVideo

"The Advance Keyboard enables you to unleash the creative potential of your VSTs and open up new sound layering possibilities. In this video, we give you an overview of the workflow enhancing feature set of the board and VIP software."

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Keith McMillen Instruments K-Board Pro 4 Sneak Peek

Published on Oct 15, 2015 Keith McMillen Instruments

"KMI Labs has been hard at work developing innovative music technology. Take a look at one of our projects!"

A standard keyboard style controller using Keith McMillen's touch pad technology. Note the two styles of pressure sensitivity in the video - vibrato with slight horizontal movement and modulation with vertical movement. Curious if there is also standard aftertouch or if that was the vibrato and the horizontal movement was more for effect. Also curious if this will support the equivalent of poly aftertouch for each.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

SoundForce Minimoog-style MIDI Controller - SFC-Mini on Kickstarter

The SoundForce SFC-Mini prototype posted here is now on Kickstarter, available in a variety of cool colors.

"The SoundForce SFC-Mini is a USB controller for your Mini-style synthesizer plugins. USB-powererd, class compliant (plug&play) and compatible with Win/Mac/iPad. Get hands-on control of your software synthesizer and bridge the gap between hardware and software!"

Full details including pricing through the different award levels on Kickstarter here.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The ClaudeatronMk4 MIDI Controller.

Published on Oct 10, 2015 Claude Woodward

"This is my new Claudeatron Mk 1V which will form part of a suite of MIDI controllers I'll be using for my 'Sonic Manipulator Mk11 show.

My ethos is to find ways to ergonomically manipulate synthesisers in complex ways for greater musical expression.

Please let me know what you think.

Cheers, Claude Woodward - The Sonic Manipulator."

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Knobtronix Knobbee 32: High Resolution, Ergonomic USB-MIDI Controller on Kickstarter

Published on Aug 26, 2015 Knobtronix

Knobbee 32
Knobbee 32: The Making Of
Knobbee 32: More information about the knobs
Knobbee 32: more information about the buttons.

Features via Kickstarter

"The KNOBBEE 32 has the following features:

32 soft-touch knobs
8 illuminated switches
1 expression pedal input
ergonomic spacing of the controls
sloped enclosure for comfortable access of the controls
class-compliant USB-MIDI and additional MIDI-out via 3.5 mm socket
7 bit (MIDI standard, 128 unique values) or up to 10 bit resolution mode (~1022 unique values)
compatible with Mac OS X, Windows 7-10
Arduino based (ATmega 32u4), including Open Source firmware and utilities
configurable via MIDI System Exclusive messages
editor configuring the controller (currently Mac OS X only)
utility for receiving MIDI and sending OSC (currently Mac OS X only)
dimensions including enclosure (W/D/H): 260 mm / 165 mm / ~45mm - 52mm
backpack compatible


The KNOBBEE 32 is built with having tinkers and hackers in mind. You can modify our Open Source firmware we wrote for the controller (Atmel ATmega 32u4 / Arduino) or even put your own.

You can configure the KNOBBEE 32 via MIDI system exclusive messages. This includes aspects such as the resolution, MIDI mapping, behaviour of the switches / LEDs and calibration settings. We have written an editor in Max/MSP which provides easy access to those settings.

You can also buy the KNOBBEE 32 with our enclosure or order our enclosure design files and built your own enclosure. (It is not recommended to use the KNOBBEE 32 without an enclosure.)


We have currently two types of enclosures. One uses a combination of acrylic and wood (seen above).

The other uses only acrylic

If you buy the KNOBBEE 32 without an enclosure you'll get the fully populated PCB, all knobs (not shown) and the top plate so it is easy to integrate it into other enclosures."

Saturday, September 26, 2015

bs-16i with 3D touch - 1st iOS Synth to Implement Physical Aftertouch With New 3D Touch?

Published on Sep 26, 2015 bismark

"Trying to assign 3D touch to MIDI after touch"

Pretty cool when you think about it. Physical aftertouch is now possible on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Question is it on/off only? There's also two levels of 3D Touch, the initial press and the second. Now Apple just needs to implement release velocity. Think of people using that in public.

iTunes: bismark bs-16i - Shun Murabayashi

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Mini Sega Twist (DIY MIDI Controller) Unboxing

Published on Sep 18, 2015 KM Productions

"The official unboxing (and example) of Kyle's hand crafted DIY MIDI Controller 'The Mini Sega Twist'. It consists of 4 potentiometer knobs built inside a Sega Genesis video game cartridge. In this video it is controlling 4 FX knobs in Ableton Live.

*Special Thanks to Toby Hendricks aka Otem Relik ( he helped out a ton with providing base code/sketches for this.

All controllers use a Teensy 2.0 Board:"

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

ROLI Introduces the Seaboard RISE Two Octave MIDI Controller

Published on Sep 9, 2015 ROLI

"Play it at home, play it on stage, and play whatever sound you want. The Seaboard RISE is a revolutionary instrument that lets musicians touch and shape sound, opening new dimensions of musical expression. Building on the technological breakthroughs of the Seaboard GRAND, the Seaboard RISE is is accessible to all music-makers because of its portability, affordability, and intuitively designed interface. Watch our video to see why the Seaboard RISE will be an indispensable tool for contemporary music makers."

Some initial details via ROLI:

Start in Piano mode and then explore new dimensions of touch interaction

Customise sensitivity to match your own playing style

Create new sonic possiblities by mapping sound parameters to unique gestures

The Seaboard RISE’s five dimensions of touch are easily mapped and can be controlled directly from its unique touch faders. Strike, Glide, Slide, Press, Lift.

A custom-built multi-platform software synthesiser designed exclusively for incredible real-time modulation

The Seaboard RISE comes in a beautiful protective case

MIDI over Bluetooth, battery-powered, less than an inch thick.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Introducing the All-New M-Audio Code Series Keyboards

Published on Aug 11, 2015 M-Audio


Three models—25-, 49- and 61-key versions—deliver professional-feel keybeds, full feature sets and surprising pricing

Cumberland, RI (August 13, 2015)— M-Audio (, synonymous with innovative music production technology, today announced that deliveries have begun of its highly-anticipated Code Series keyboards, a family of three full-featured models. Available in 25-, 49- and 61-key versions, the Code Series combines a remarkably smooth-feeling keyboard with a surprisingly complete feature set to create a keyboard line of unusually professional capability and unexpected value.

The Code Series builds upon M-Audio’s legacy of innovative workflow and playability. Their comprehensive controls automatically map to popular DAW’s such as Ableton Live, Apple GarageBand, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, and Cubase, so artists can easily convert their creativity into immediate, tangible results.

The Code Series delivers top-of-the-line performance with their professional-feel keybeds, very complete feature sets and included software, yet they are priced far below what might ordinarily be expected for this level of capability.

All Code Series keyboards feature:
• Smooth-feel, semi-weighted keybed with aftertouch
• 16 velocity-sensitive pads with LED feedback
• Touch pad for X/Y axis control
• USB Bus powered for portability and ease of use
• 5 Pin MIDI Input, and Output jacks allowing you to control your favorite synths
• Assignable pitch & mod wheels, knobs, faders, buttons (with macro ASCII support), and transport control with Mackie Control and HUI modes
• Split keyboard with four assignable zones
• Expression and Sustain pedal inputs
• 6 digit LED display

In addition, a comprehensive software package is included—Ableton Live Lite, AIR Music Technology Loom and Hybrid 3—that ensures the artist has unrestricted access to the best creative tools.

“The new Code Series keyboards offer a professional level of performance and keybed feel, combined with an unusually comprehensive set of features and included software,” said J.C. Sutherland, Product Manager for M-Audio. “All this adds up to one of our most eagerly-awaited new product introductions ever.”

For more information, visit:

Retail pricing for the Code Series is as follows:
Code 25—$299
Code 49—$349
Code 61—$399

The Code Series is available at M-Audio dealers nationwide."

Monday, August 10, 2015

Novation Launchkey Now Available

Novation has officially launched the new Novation Launchkey with RGB velocity-sensitive pads and three sizes: 61, 49, and 25 keys (all three pictured). If you missed it, be sure to see the Novation Launchkey video featuring Gentry here.  The following is the official press release from Novation:

"Introducing the updated Launchkey, now with RGB velocity-sensitive pads.

Novation's Launchkey keyboard controller is the is the quickest and easiest way to produce and perform electronic music in Ableton Live, and it has just been given an exciting upgrade. It now features RGB velocity-sensitive pads that match users' clip colours, making workflow in session view far more intuitive.

Take Control of Ableton Live
With enhanced RGB feedback and immediate, automatic integration with Ableton Live, Launchkey gives you instant hands-on control of your session view, instruments, effects and mixer, to let you concentrate on making music. Full colour RGB LEDs mean the pads match the colour of your clips, while velocity- sensitivity lets you really put some feeling into your beats.

Tweak and Mix Your Tracks
Launchkey is designed to let you shape your sound however you like. The eight rotary knobs are rock solid, to give you confidence when tweaking your instruments and effects. The 49 and 61-note versions give you hands-on control of your mixer too, with nine dedicated faders. Whichever Launchkey you choose, all the controls integrate seamlessly and immediately with Ableton Live, and can be reassigned to anything.

Control All Major Music Software
Although we designed Launchkey for Ableton Live, its pads, buttons, faders and knobs control all other major music software too. We call this InControl technology, because it puts you in control.

Everything You Need
Lauchkey comes with absolutely everything you need to start making music: Ableton Live Lite, Novation Bass Station and V-Station virtual instruments, plus a comprehensive 1GB collection of production-ready samples from world-leading sample store Loopmasters. It's also fully bus-powered via USB and class compliant, so you can get straight into hassle-free music making.

Novation Launchkey at a Glance
1. Integrate immediately and seamlessly with Ableton Live
2. See your session with full colour RGB pads that match the colour of your clips 3. Create expressive beats on the 16 velocity-sensitive pads
4. Shape your sound by using eight rock solid knobs to control instruments and effects
5. Choose between a 25, 49 or 61-note velocity-sensitive keyboard
6. Perfect your mix with hands-on control through nine full-size faders on the 49 and 61-note versions
7. Compact and tough enough to take anywhere
8. Control all major music software using InControl
9. Plug in and play with USB bus-power
10. Comes with all the software and samples you need to start making music"

Saturday, August 08, 2015

SoundForce SFC-Mini - Mini-V/Monark - Minimoog-style MIDI controller

Published on Aug 8, 2015 SoundForce

"Check out the handmade prototype of my new Minimoog MIDI controller. It's compatible with the ARTURIA Mini-V as well as the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Monark synth plugins. Please share this video if you like it and if you want to support my work."

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Arturia announces KeyLab Black Edition

Published on Jul 30, 2015 Arturia Web

"Introducing a limited edition of the award-winning KeyLab:
the KeyLab Black Edition available in 49 and 61-key models.
Already bundled with the Analog Lab software offering 6000 keyboard sounds, the stylish Black KeyLab comes with three additional software instruments: the Solina V string machine, the legendary Prophet V synthesizer and the UVI Grand Piano Model D.

More info:"

"This new bundle is built around a limited edition black version of our renowned Keylab MIDI controller keyboards.
Pair this with a free, top notch software bundle and you have a match made in heaven. Our hybrid approach of blending a professional quality MIDI controller with our Analog Lab software is designed to give the discerning musician a hardware instrument feel but with the power and integration that can only be had via software.

Add to this, three more virtual instruments to widen your sonic arsenal even further. You get the authenticity of the UVI Acoustic Grand Piano, the rich string pads of the Solina V and the unstoppable versatility of the Prophet V included in this exciting new bundle..."

Patch n Tweak
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