MATRIXSYNTH: Roland CMU-800R w/ Radio Junkbox MIDI-IF Box & CV Out x 8

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Roland CMU-800R w/ Radio Junkbox MIDI-IF Box & CV Out x 8

Published on Nov 28, 2017 Owen D RhythmDial

"Radio Junkbox midi box makes the CMU easily run by MIDI as shown here run by my Zaquencer. Drums from CMU run thru Vestafire distortions, synth parts just EQd and swept in Allen&Heath mixer, SpartaDelay and ZOOM reverb used in spots too."

The CMU-800R normally requires software and a vintage Apple II to work. The Junkbox MIDI-IF Box replaces that.

via this auction

"Nice condition vintage Roland CMU-800R and a MIDI-IF box from Radio Junkbox out of Japan that plugs into the weird super wide SCSI style original CMU cable and gives this unit great functionality by MIDI.

Individual audio outputs and main mix output.
Faders for audio levels work well for main mix adjustments.
Synth parts controls work well (decay, sustain)
8 channels of CV/Gate output based on MIDI channel inputs.
Power is 117v US power.
MIDI-IF box is awesome, includes its own 5V mini wall wart power supply, also sends out DINsync from incoming MIDI clock. Manual included for MIDI-IF box.

Sounds great too! Drums are very TR-606 like in circuitry and sound. The bass part is nice and full, deep and solid. The melody and chord part are similar sounding but chord part can play 4-note polyphony on its own. The synth parts are weak in their adjustment vs synths like the classic juno-106 but I’ve found adding fx like ring mod or resonant filters to them in eurorack or various rack units livens these parts up very well."

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