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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Render of Twisted Electrons Upcoming crazy8eats Sequencer

crazy8eats or crazyBeats

via Liquid Sky Berlin

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Roland CMU-800R w/ Radio Junkbox MIDI-IF Box & CV Out x 8

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.
Published on Nov 28, 2017 Owen D RhythmDial

"Radio Junkbox midi box makes the CMU easily run by MIDI as shown here run by my Zaquencer. Drums from CMU run thru Vestafire distortions, synth parts just EQd and swept in Allen&Heath mixer, SpartaDelay and ZOOM reverb used in spots too."

The CMU-800R normally requires software and a vintage Apple II to work. The Junkbox MIDI-IF Box replaces that.

via this auction

"Nice condition vintage Roland CMU-800R and a MIDI-IF box from Radio Junkbox out of Japan that plugs into the weird super wide SCSI style original CMU cable and gives this unit great functionality by MIDI.

Individual audio outputs and main mix output.
Faders for audio levels work well for main mix adjustments.
Synth parts controls work well (decay, sustain)
8 channels of CV/Gate output based on MIDI channel inputs.
Power is 117v US power.
MIDI-IF box is awesome, includes its own 5V mini wall wart power supply, also sends out DINsync from incoming MIDI clock. Manual included for MIDI-IF box.

Sounds great too! Drums are very TR-606 like in circuitry and sound. The bass part is nice and full, deep and solid. The melody and chord part are similar sounding but chord part can play 4-note polyphony on its own. The synth parts are weak in their adjustment vs synths like the classic juno-106 but I’ve found adding fx like ring mod or resonant filters to them in eurorack or various rack units livens these parts up very well."

Thursday, November 23, 2017

DSP Synthesizers Black Friday Deal - New uMIDI2CVplus - Only 10 Available

via DSP Synthesizers:

"The uMIDI2CVplus adds a simple USB MIDI to CV to your eurorack or analog synth.

» One Pitch CV output 1volt/octave, 5 octaves (C2-C7)
» One Gate output key on/off
» 2x Auxilary CV outputs 0-5volt.
» Quad Drum triggers.
» USB-HID compliant, no driver required
» 1 Micro-USB input for MIDI and power

This works the same as the USB-MIDI2CV/plus but does not support Hz/Volt and S-trig.

The uMIDI2CVplus is available during Black Friday and is $39 including shipping.

Starts tonight at 24:00

Only 10 available."

Monday, November 20, 2017

72 knobs, 12 buttons, 30 setups and snapshots: Faderfox's innovative PC12 MIDI controller

Published on Nov 20, 2017 loopop

"Faderfox have released their "New Module" series, with the PC12, a smart, programmable MIDI controller with plenty of power and control.

Faderfox can be found here:

Also shown in this clip are the Novation Circuit, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, and stands by Cremacaffe Design."

"PC12 as successor of the PC44 is a universal controller for all kinds of Midi controllable hard- and software.

You can combine two or more NEW MODULE devices to create a large system. The connections are on the right side to allow a back to back placing of two or more devices. Connect two NEW MODULES by a special extension port.

Furthermore there are 4 Midi-ports and one USB-port with various routing possibilities.

It is packed in a alu case with the same dimensions like the famous ELEKTRON devices so it’s a great extension for these devices. But you can use the pot controller also with your DAW like a classical 12-track-mixer.

The device has 72 standard pots and 12 buttons in a 12-track-layout, Various kinds of midi commands like control change, note on/off, pitchbend, aftertouch and program change are possible. You can program every Midi command for every separate control on the device very fast and easily.

Of course you can assign the pots and keys to any of these commands by learning incoming Midi commands, which is the same procedure you know from your software / DAW. The pots work with standard resolution of 7 bit to have full compatibility to any software and hardware instrument, effect and DAW. Use the internal 30 setups to save your individual settings. Backup and restore of all settings by sysex dumps is possible too.

The factory settings are perfect to control music and video software products out of the box if they are freely assignable. So any additional device programming isn’t necessary for many applications.

Some special setups are preconfigured for use with ELEKTRON RYTM and ABLETON LIVE.

Check out this amazing power box and you will get a reliable mate..."


475 Euro (incl. VAT)
399 Euro (excl. VAT)

Feature list below.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

DSP Synthesizers uMIDI2CVlite for USB Cable

You might remember the eurorack uMIDI2CVlite. DSP Synthesizers now has a USB cable version.

"How cheap can you build a MIDI to CV converter?

This is the cable version of the 2HP uMIDI2CVlite module.
Same cheap price, different format.

It adds a simple USB-MIDI2CV to your eurorack or analog synth.


One Pitch CV output 1volt/octave, 5 octaves (C2-C7)
One Gate output key on/off
2x Drum trigger outputs
USB-HID compliant, no driver required
1 Micro-USB input for MIDI and power
Available now for $19 including shipping."

Monday, November 13, 2017

Valpower Arp-Sync

Published on Nov 13, 2017 snolan1990

"A quick demonstration of the features and functionality of the Valpower Arp-Sync."

via Valpower on Tindie:

"module to perform the oldschool Rimshot trigger trick on Analog Synth

What is it?

This module its based in the old trick of hooking the Roland TR-808/909 rimshot to sync the ARP.

This time , you need no expensive material , only your DAW and usb connector.

It allows synchronize the ROLAND Juno 60 Arpegiator with Ableton (or any other DAW) via USB/midi.

Is fully assembled and ready to use, just plug to your synth and ready to go.

Tested under windows 7 64 bits and Mac and Roland juno 60 , needs no driver.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Mystic Circuits EYEtenuator Infomercial

Published on Nov 12, 2017 Mystic Circuits

via Mystic Circuits

"Control your synth with the power of light! Two signals coming through this 0HP module are attenuated based on the amount of light hitting their respective photo detector. Normalized jacks allow one input to be sent to each attenuator or for both attenuators to be summed together at one output."

Saturday, November 11, 2017

mindburner midi products range

Published on Nov 11, 2017 Mindburner

"small showcase video, featuring 10,7, 5 and 3 way MIDI thru devices
plus the 3 into 1 MIDI autoswitch"

Friday, November 03, 2017

New Twisted Electrons Crazy8Beats In the Works

via liquid sky berlin

"the perfect compagnion for tthe twisted electrons crazy8 sequencer - same size as c8 and acid8

the crazy8beats is a crrrrazy programming tool for advanced tricky rhythms with some massive cool mindbending features:

- 21 port connectivity
- 8 triggers
- 8 cv outputs
- cv modulation per step
- Midi CC per step
- Velocity
- Swing per Track
- probability and beat auto-remixing
- real time beat recording
- drill fx
- different clockrate per track (clockdivider / clockmultiplier per track)
- 16 patterns per track (can be changed per track or all at once)

this is actually a "killer" feature. you find a good groove for bassdrum / snaredrum and the club is rocking : cool! now you can leave the beat as it is and start to change only hihats / toms / percussions / ...

- pattern chaining
- 87 leds - crrrrrrazy #gearporn lightshow! :)
- 4 play modes per track
- Midi clock in/out
- trigger sync in/out

presale starts before xmas - shipping will be before superbooth2018.
price will be like crazy8."

Thursday, November 02, 2017

How to Connect MIDI Devices Over 1km Apart

via EurekaSound:

"EurekaSound releases MIDIMizer-Long Range

MIDI communications over a kilometer away!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 2nd, 2017 - EurekaSound LLC is proud to announce MIDIMizer-Long Range, that allows musicians to cable together MIDI gear at distances of over one kilometer away.

The MIDIMizer-Long Range system consists of two boxes with the following features:
two MIDI In ports
two MIDI Out ports
one RJ45 port for the long distance Cat5 cable
one micro-B USB port for power
The wiring diagram below shows how to connect the system:

"MIDIMizer-Long Range solves the problem of connecting MIDI gear from stage to mixing board at the back of the hall, or even between buildings" said Dave Graham, co-founder of EurekaSound.

About EurekaSound
Incorporated in 2009, EurekaSound LLC creates unique and custom gear for musicians. For more information, please visit"

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Beat707 Announces Two New MIDI Projects

via Beat707 where you'll find pre-order links:

"Presenting two great projects that I'm currently working on. I don't have pictures or videos yet as I'm still doing the prototypes. But please, read the complete description and PreOrder when possible to help me out getting the PCBs done as soon as possible. All projects will be Open-Source and Arduino Compatible.


Beat707 MKeyS
MIDI Key Switching

A Small unit that allows you to select a Key and only when that key is pressed all other keys will be sent to that unit. So you can have multiple units, each to a MIDI Destination Device, and from your Master MIDI Keyboard, use the bottom octave keys to select the target destination.
To select the options you have a simple system on the board. A button and a LED allows you to set the key-range for the keys selection. And the Unit's key number.
Hardware: a very small board with MIDI Input (female) and Output (male) small cables, powered from MIDI (no external power required, but a header for that is added in case you have problems with that). We use the ATtiny85 IC (8 pins DIP) since it is low power. The MIDI cables are soldered directly to the board. Making this a pass cable that you just put between your units.
Usage: to setup the unit you just press the button and wait for the LED to flash. Now you can select which octave you will use. Quick press selects, long press goes to the next option. Now you set how many keys you want to use. The next option is the current Unit key number. Next the LED flashes again and the information is saved. Holding the button just shows the information in the same order, with flashes between each option.
What it can do: let's say you have 4 MIDI Sound Modules. For each you add this in the MIDI cable that goes from the Master Keyboard to each unit. Usually you have a cable from the Master Keyboard to the 1s Sound Module, and from that, using the MIDI Thru, you conect to the second module and so on. Now, on all units set octave to 3 and number of keys to 4. And on unit 1 you set key to 0, and unit 2 to 1, and so on. Now on your master keyboard you can press those keys on the bottom octave and them MIDI data will only be sent to the key selected unit, and output to the Sound Module connected there.
Some ideas took from the module below: key press or while key holding (possibly more options).


Beat707 MPBox
MIDI Processing Box

A small module that allows you to process MIDI data in several ways. A couple of buttons and LEDs allows you to select the mode and options. The software, them, does the rest.
The hardware is simple but effective: MIDI Input and Output Connectors (female), ATmega328, USB 5V+ Power Input, 2 buttons and 2 LEDs.

Possible Modes:
1) Key to Channel Switching. Just like the above unit, but here we just change the MIDI Channel number for a key press. This is great for keyboards that has weird ways of changing the channel number. Resuming: you press the lowest key on the bottom octave of your Master Keyboard and that selects MIDI Channel 1. The next key would be Channel 2, and so on. With options as on press or while holding (possibly more options).
2) ARP, with several pre-programed options.
3) Chords. The hability to create instant chords from single key presses.
4) Mellody. You hold several keys at the bottom octave, and the upper zone white-keys will follow those keys.
5) Key Latch. Does just that. With the option of a bottom key to release it all, or low-velocity press.
6) Key Transpose and Octave Transpose using the bottom octave keys. But fixed values can be setup too.
Just give me some more ideas and I will do the code. ;-)

The software can hold multiple modes, as there's no lag on adding that. And the board can be very small to really set a mode once and forget about it. We will supply detailed information on how to set modes and options. The interface is simple so this is not an unit that you will be messing around live.
BUT, here's an idea for LIVE usage. Setup different modes to different MIDI Channels. EG: CH 1 uses the ARP, CH 2 uses Chords, CH 3 uses Key Transpose."

Thursday, October 19, 2017

DSP Synthesizers Introduces The USB-MIDI2CVplus

The USB-MIDI2CV now has a big brother.

via DSP Synthesizers

"The USB-MIDI2CVplus adds MIDI to your analog synth or eurorack from a USB-MIDI interface. Works from any computer/phone/tablet.


USB-HID compliant, no drivers required
Volt/octave 5 octaves output for notes with pitchbend
Hz/volt 4 octaves output with pitchbend
5 volt gate/S-trig output for key on/off
2x AUX 0-5 volt CV outputs
Quad drumtrigger output
3.5mm jacks for CV/Gate
Micro-USB jack for computer/phone/tablet
Order the USB-MIDI2CVplus $69 including shipping"

Friday, October 13, 2017

DSP Synthesizers USB-MIDI2CV - "The most simple MIDI to CV interface"

via DSP Synthesizers

"Add MIDI to Note-CV/Gate to any synth/rack from any computer/phone/tablet.

The USB-MIDI2CV adds MIDI to your analog synth or eurorack from a USB-MIDI interface.


USB-HID compliant, no drivers required
1 volt/octave 5 octaves 11-bit DAC output for notes & pitchbend
5 volt gate output for key on/off
3.5mm jacks for CV/Gate
Micro-USB jack for computer/phone/tablet
Includes 0,5m USB-A to Micro-USB cable."

Thursday, October 12, 2017

KOMA Elektronik FIELD KIT FX - Kickstarter Launch!

Published on Oct 12, 2017 KOMA Elektronik

"We're back at it! We are very happy to announce the release of our latest Kickstarter campaign for the FIELD KIT FX!



MRSP: 249,- EUR

We worked on this unit for months and can't be happier to share it with you. Join us today (12 oct 2017) at Control in NYC or Common Ground to try it out for yourself!"

"This new device is a powerful new cv controlled effects unit for your electronic music setup and pairs extremely well with the KOMA Field Kit.


Frequency Shifter

Sample Rate Reducer / Bitcrusher

Digital Delay

Analog Spring Reverb

4 Channel VCA Mixer

4 Step Mini Sequencer

Envelope Generator

All of this, combined with the new 4 Channel CV Interface which allows you to route four cv signals throughout the device, means an incredible control over sound and timbre and a great addition to your mobile performance rig.

We are in the final stages of development of the Field Kit FX and are prepping the production and we need your support to make it happen!"

You can find full details at the Kickstarter campaign here.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

LPZW.modules PO-adapter - Eurorack Adapter for the Teenage Engineering PO Series

Published on Oct 5, 2017 k101011 k

"Teenage Engineering PO-32 in my Eurorack synth case."

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Spain based Sevilla Soft also made the MBC1 MIDI Breath Controller.

The following are details on the UHMR via Compas Flamenco, via Sevilla Soft.

"UHMR is an interface that allows us to interconnect MIDI USB class compliant and MIDI DIN devices without the need to use a computer as a bridge between them. It consists of a USB type B connection for powering or programming the device, eight LED indicators for USB connections, two LEDs for MIDI input and output, two pushbuttons for various functions, a switch for programming, a USB HOST input and a MIDI DIN input and output.

The USB HOST input supports a USB HUB (or two cascade) where you can connect up to eight USB class compliant devices (controllers, keyboards, sound modules, MIDI interfaces, etc ...) and communicate them with each other or with the input and output. In case of need, if we do not have a computer at any given time, the system can be configured with the two pushbuttons and LED indicators following the instructions in the manual. Although it is much easy and more intuitive to program it with the application UHMRconfig for Windows and Mac Os X that you can download from the web Our interface has a switch that in normal operating state is in the RUN position, if we move it to the PROG position the USB connector type B becomes a USB HID device where it will communicate with the UHMRconfig application. UHMRconfig presents an array with the devices that we have been connecting to the UHMR, each input can be routed to each of the outputs including the input and output MIDI DIN. UHMRconfig will also allow us to update the firmware of the device."

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Reon Driftboxes SE, J, and W

REON drift boxパフォーマンス Published on Mar 9, 2016

Note the video above is from March in 2016, so these are not technically new. Reon gear tends to be promoted via Japanese channels. As you can see their website is primarily in Japanese only.  They also do a bit of one off and customized gear. Check out the pink one!

Previously featured Reon driftboxes included the driftbox S, S ver II, R, Q, V, E, C, T, and G announced here, back in 2013. There were also modular versions and a Roland branded DriftBox R model announced in 2015. You can find demos and pics via the Reon label here.

BTW, the different spellings and capitalizations I'm using for Driftbox is on purpose. Roland branded it DriftBox with a capital D and B, and Reon interchanges between driftbox, all lowercase, and Driftbox with the capital D. I have also seen it as Drift Box.

That said, not featured here on MATRIXSYNTH before now, are the driftbox SE, J, and W. The following are some details Google translated from Reon.

driftbox SE 4 Voice-8 Paraphonic Synthesizer

Thursday, September 21, 2017

XS2 - ADVANCED SEQUENCER BY XIRID to Premiere at Soundmit

via Soundmit

"Xirid is a new brand devised by a group of friends who share a passion for and have worked in the field of music and electronics and the making of stringed instruments. Our ultimate goal is to offer electronic musical instruments of a high standard of quality and durability.

Everything from design to manufacture aims to assure musicians a rewarding experience in terms of sound, visual impact and tactile gratification. We want our instruments to inspire and bridge the gap between a musical concept and its creation."

Note this is the first XIRID post on the site. We have a new maker in town.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ableton LFMW with Mo.s Model OSC03 M.A.S.F.

Published on Sep 20, 2017 Akihiko Matsumoto

"Low Frequency Multi Waveform generator for ableton M4L Max for Live.
LFMW - RME Fireface UC (ADAT out) - Expert Sleepers ES3 (ADAT/CV Converter) - Mo.s Model OSC03 M.A.S.F. - RME Fireface UC (Audio In) - Ableton Live - RME Fireface UC (Audio Out) - Sony a7

Other Plugins."

Møffenzeef Mødular REVPØL DEMØ

Published on Sep 20, 2017 Møffenzeef Mødular

via Møffenzeef Mødular


This cheap and simple little chicklet gøes between yøur mødule and yøur busbøard. In the event øf accidental backwards pøwer, the cømpønents øn this bøard bløw beføre yøur expensive mødule døes! Think øf it like a fusebøx før yøur mødules.

Are yøu using a mødule that døesn't have reverse pølarity prøtectiøn? Maybe the -12v rail isn't labeled? Are yøu wørried abøut a shady pøwer cable that's missing the infamøus red stripe? Unshrøuded header? Maybe yøu're lusting after a DIY prøject but are hesitant tø rack it because it's missing pølarity prøtectiøn...fear nø møre! REVPØL has yøur back!"


Patch n Tweak
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