MATRIXSYNTH: New Haken ContinuuMini & Evaton µCVC Unveiled at IRCAM - Coming to SUPERBOOTH18

Sunday, April 29, 2018

New Haken ContinuuMini & Evaton µCVC Unveiled at IRCAM - Coming to SUPERBOOTH18

"Evaton Technologies shows uCVC at unveiling of Haken ContinuuMini at IRCAM

Evaton Technologies’ Russ Hoffman [left] was on hand at ContinuuCon Paris this weekend, at IRCAM, to demonstrate the µCVC Eurorack module in conjunction with the release of the new, more affordable, more portable version of Haken Audio Continuum, called the 'ContinuuMini'.

The ContinuuMini is a smaller, less expensive version of the Haken Continuum, but containing the same powerful EaganMatrix synthesis engine. The ContinuuMini is duotactic (can track two fingers at once), and offers a three-dimensional playing surface with extremely tight coupling between performer and instrument.

The internal EaganMatrix synth engine provides fantastic built-in sounds, but the ContinuuMini is also the perfect companion to Eurorack synthesizers, when coupled with the Evaton Technologies µCVC Eurorack module. One or two µCVC modules can be used in a Eurorack system to provide tracking of one or two fingers on the ContinuuMini surface (of course, also with the full size Continuums).

ContinuuMini’s convenient size makes it easy to combine with even a small Eurorack synth to make a fantastic live gig rig and combine the sounds of EaganMatrix with external modular sounds as well.

See both the ContinuuMini and the µCVC at Superbooth in Berlin!"


The ContinuuMini shares some features with the Continuum Fingerboard but is less expensive:

1. Temporal accuracy - 700 uSec (N.B. the mechanical feel of the Mini is quite different)
2. Pressure Sensitivity — Hall-effect sensors (uses only four; has lesser dynamic range)
3. Onset Fine Structure - Reports attack trajectory, not just a 7-bit “strike” value.
4. Pitch sensitivity - Can roll fingers for super-fine pitch adjustments
5. EaganMatrix Synthesis - Tight timbre feedback loop (ideally, customize presets for ContinuuMini)

The ContinuuMini’s polyphony and computation power is the same as L2x Continuum
The ContinuuMini provides duotactic play, with a pitch reference display for each note.
Narrow body allows multiple units (multiple manuals, as is done on Trautonium)

Standalone preset selection and parameter modification is possible via 4-button menu interface.
Standalone operating instructions are printed on the bottom of each unit.

When connected to a computer, the Continuum Editor and EaganMatrix editing are supported.

To save costs, the ContinuuMini implements MIDI over USB (no 5-pin DIN)
Only one pedal jack is provided (not two). Pedal jack doubles as i2c connection to CVC and µCVC.

The ContinuuMini is USB powered (rated at 500 mA, actual use ~210mA) and weighs 10oz.

A mailing tube holds the ContinuuMini, USB cable, and USB AC power adapter.

The first public viewing of the ContinuuMini prototypes is at ContinuuCon 2018 and Superbooth18. We plan a Kickstarter launch for late summer, with initial price of $549USD; MSRP $899."

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