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Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Soundmanufacture Modular Sequencer - overview / how to start


"This Video shows the basics how modular sequencer works.

0:11 the eight sequencers
0:25 the (internal) Outputs
0:44 patching
2:15 using different channels
2:50 Scales & Scale Correction
3:06 using the modifiers
5:05 random actions and switching things

Thank you!

download at"

Modular Sequencer is a Max for Live Step Sequencer for Ableton Live 10.
The Modular Sequencer is a very flexible Sequencer, where you can patch every module with any other.

You can create Sequences from concrete & repetitive to totally endless & random.
The eight Sequencers can run in Sync or every single Sequencer can with it's own speed. Four of the eight sequencers are Trigger Sequencers to Trigger or to switch actions. The other four Sequencers can send out Values and Triggers (thru the Threshold)

The Value Sequencers can be assigned free to control the:
• Notes
• Velocity
• Ocatve
• Lenght.
of every of the four Outputs.

On every Output you'll find a Scale Correction, where you are able to create Sequences that always fit into the selected Scale or you can also learn Scales from the MIDI Input.

It also works Hand in Hand with the Chord-O-Mat 3.1 Device (the Update will be available soon) That means the Sequencer can be set up that it will have always the same Scale like Chord-O-Mat. If you change the Scale in Chord-O-Mat the Sequencer will select the same scale & vice versa.

It's also possible, that an Output of the Sequencer can follow the Chordprogression of Chord-O-Mat.

features of modular sequencer

• All Trigger Signals can be routed free from every Output to every Input thru the Patch-chords.
• create Polyphonic Sequences
• 4 internal Outputs where you can assign the Sequencers to the Note, Velocity, Octave & Length
• Scale Correction in every of the four Outputs
• Scaleable GUI from 80% to 140%
• Modulation Section, where you have up to 8 Modulators to invert a signal, probability & filter Triggersteps,
• 4 locical operators, where you can combine the Value of two sequences."

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