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Friday, April 16, 2021

UVI Focus | Thorus - Polyphase Modulator

video by UVI

"Delivering exceptionally deep modulation and an amazingly clear and detailed sound, Thorus is a versatile, easy-to-use effect with modern controls and a fast and intuitive interface.

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Video and music credits: Théo G."

Thorus evolved in our pursuit of the perfect chorus algorithm. Building on a state-of-the-art chorus model combined with advancements made in the development of Sparkverb and Falcon, Thorus can create exceptionally deep modulation with an amazingly clear and detailed sound. Combine that with an attractive and easy-to-use interface and you’ve got a very compelling candidate for your next high-quality, go-to modulator.

More Voices, More Choices
As opposed to a typical 2 or 4-voice chorus implementations Thorus is designed around a variable 8-voice architecture, allowing both subtle and extreme modulation with exceptional transparency throughout the entire parameter range. Use 2 voices for more pronounced modulation or crank it up to 8 to blur the lines for a thick and immersive effect.

Reflexive Refinement
In addition to providing dynamic voice control Thorus includes a number of filtering tools that can be used to further refine your sound. A simple click-drag in the visualizer allows you to tame or boost highs, filter lows to keep the bass tight or add a harmonic edge to your sonic profile to help it stand out in the mix.

Thorus provides two operational modes; ‘Standard’ provides a typical sound stage reflective of the input material, where ‘Wide’ results in an expanded stereo image that can be utilized to tremendous effect. Create immersive, mind-bending sounds and freely move through them with the Speed and Depth controls.

Creature Comforts
Thorus included presets provide starting points suitable for a wide range of material from synths and drums to acoustic instruments, guitar or vocals. An A/B preset comparison switch and effect mix control allow for no-risk experimenting and easily dialing in the perfect amount of sonic mojo on your tracks.

Evolution of a classic
A classic effect with a long history, chorus modulation isn’t often regarded as being particularly innovative however, with Thorus we’ve attempted to push that needle. The result is a versatile, easy-to-use and stunningly lush effect that offers a clarity and depth unlike any other.

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