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Monday, March 11, 2024

ADD - MaxforLive Sequencer by LDM Design

video upload by Isotonik Studios

Walkthrough - ADD - MaxforLive Sequencer by LDM Design

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"Built on the idea of instability, this MPE compatible sequencer creates constantly changing patterns of notes with modulated note parameters. Each time the sequence reaches the end, the sequence length itself grows or shrinks, within predefined limitations, creating unpredictable rhythmic patterns. The changes in length can also be mapped to velocity level, note length, and MPE slide and pressure parameter values.

The device consists of 8 note sequencers with individual controls for grow mode, step size, minimum and maximum sequence length, growth amount, hold, and probability. It also includes the option to freeze specific sequences to prevent changes. Global controls allow us to set swing amount to loosen up midi timing and note pitches can be set using a scale selection.

ADD Features -

8 length-modulated single note sequencers
Individual control of all parameters for each sequence
4 grow modes, including freeze
Modulation of velocity, note length, slide and pressure per sequence
Control step size, growth rate, length hold and probability
Add global swing and set pitches using scale control
Once again LDM Design has delved into the void and pulled out another unique tool for bringing instability and chaos into the generation of midi notes and parameters.

This device was designed to introduce chaos into what is usually a stable value in a step sequencer – the length of the sequence. In a normal sequencer, we set up the desired length and then we leave it, creating usually predictable patterns of notes. Instead, the ADD device has instability at the core of its functionality, and so with 8 sequences, each changing the length of the sequence on each pass, either growing, shrinking or creating a random length, we can get some barely controlled chaotic and unpredictable midi patterns firing out the other end.

Still, we do have a lot of control over how the changes happen and also what parameters are affected by the constantly changing values. The minimum and maximum length of each pattern is set and depending on the growth mode, the size will grow and shrink between these limits. We have individual control of the step size, grow mode, growth amount, length hold & probability, as well as being able to set specific limitations for parameter changes. We can also hit freeze on any of the sequences to instantly stop the length changes and maintain a constant looping pattern.

We also have an interesting and unique function which controls how the sequence can be mapped onto a new length. When we select the Stretch mode, the selected midi pattern is saved in relation to the size of the sequence at that point. Then, when the size changes, that pattern is mapped proportionally along the new length. If a note is saved at step 3 of a 4 step sequence, then using Stretch mode, this will be mapped to step 5 of an 8 step sequence length. This is similar to using the *2 or /2 buttons in Live’s midi clip editor, and can create even more interesting ways for the pattern to change as the length grows and shrinks.


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