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Thursday, November 04, 2021

Demedash Effects T-60 Analog Modulator [Synth Demo]

video upload by Sound Isles

"A musical modulation machine. A non-talking synth demo exploring the features, controls and sounds of the T-60 Analog Modulator.

Using the Prophet 6, Arturia Microfreak and Roland Alpha Juno II to explore an innovative and fresh take on a classic analog BBD device with a pure analog signal path, and digital LFO."

Now available on Demedash Effects Reverb Shop

"Instantly overlay a worn-out layer of stretched tape to your playing. Let it wander. Let the years in the attic speak for themselves. Transcend time, playing directly through that decades-old tape. Get lost in the lush nostalgia. Crinkles, wear and instability add character.

The T-60 combines the gorgeous sound of a classic analog BBD device with the as-of-yet unseen possibilities granted by generating modulating waveforms via digital means.

A fully analog signal path means that your signal is never digitized - all effects are applied via analog means. Companding & careful filtering ensure that the noise floor is kept low without making the effect sound overly dark or muffled. Of course, Chorus, Vibrato & Flange are all available, but those are just the start of it.

The digital brain buried deep inside of the T-60 lets you do some truly wonderful things. 2 LFOs always run simultaneously - a standard one and a random one.

Random lets you blend the two together in any way you'd like. Fully random modulation is where you'll find that perfect tape warble.

Lag lets you control the delay time - the offset between dry and wet. Longer lag = wider modulation, shorter lag = more comb filtering.

Regen allows you to feed the wet signal back on itself, boosting resonant frequencies and giving rise to some great flanging at low lag times.

EQ rolls off bass when turned up, and rolls of treble when turned down. Hold down the 'Eng/Alt' footswitch and tap the 'Tap/Ramp' one to toggle the EQ. You can have it set to only apply to the wet signal, or to apply to wet and dry for much more dramatic effect.

Mix goes from fully dry to fully wet, for truly instant lofi.

Chop presents a whole new palette of options, allowing you to reduce the sampling rate of the standard lfo, or decrease the smoothness of the random lfo. There are a whole host of fun possibilities and rhythmic sounds in this one knob alone. See final 2 photos for more details.

You can of course tap in a tempo, and select between 4 different tap divisions.

Hold down the tap footswitch and you can ramp either Rate or Chop. You can control the ramp rate, and select between two ramping mode.

There is a lot packed in to this little box, and as much of it as possible is labelled on the pedal itself - so you won't need to try to remember secondary or tertiary functions."

Priced at $295 + $25 Shipping.


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