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Thursday, March 03, 2022

Buchla 303?

video upload by Omri Cohen

"Here is the Buchla 303 selection -
You can load it into your patches via the File menu
You can find the outro patch and walkthrough video of it on my Patreon page -

00:00 - Introduction
00:10 - The patch
09:32 - Jam"

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Monday, November 15, 2021

3 Levels of Sequencing with Squonk

video upload by Omri Cohen

"There's a full tutorial video about Skuonk on my Patreon page together with a document full of patching techniques and ideas -

Here are the patches from the video -
The nysthi collection -

00:00 - Introduction
00:22 - CV per step
07:44 - Modes and rotation
14:39 - Bridge"

Monday, October 25, 2021

cicadidae | ambient/drone music with modular synthesizer

video upload by M Hob

"Cicadas are coming back this year and their song blends more and more each day with the landscape. I wanted to compose something which evoked my feeling when I listen to these wonderful insects buzzing away late on the afternoon. Most of my music is completely improvised (often building from how a certain patch performs or over randomized sequences) but for this track I wanted to try something different: composing a more rigid structure around which I could play.

Before I started this channel most of my music playing was strictly interpretational (playing from sheet music). I feel confident enough now that having something to guide me will do just that: guide, not impose strict guidelines.

The track was performed on the Monsterdrone using VCV Rack as a tuning guide (while playing with the pitch knobs) as a mixer through NYSTHI's Vector Mixer. I programmed the Crow to create a Lorenz attractor which controlled the position on the Vector Mixer, creating the orbiting feeling of the 4 voices on Monsterdrone. This enabled me to react and interact with the evolution of the song by choosing at what moments the song would intentionally evolve. The Minibrute added a deeper droning voice, controlled by the 3 position parameter on the Lorenz attractor. This voiced was shaped by a long looping envelope which hopefully adds a subtle rhythmic wave to the track."

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

MusicalBox Samplers from NYSTHI - Overview and Tutorial

video upload by Omri Cohen

00:00 - Introduction
00:17 - MusicalBox Patch 1
09:01 - MusicalBox Patch 2
12:46 - MusicalBox 2
17:24 - MusicalBox, MB2, Sussudio, Simpliciter

Omri's Links:
"If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Simpliciter from NYSTHI - Overview and Tutorial

Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources from Omri Cohen at

00:00 - Introduction
04:11 - Recording part 1
10:23 - Recording part 2
14:10 - Slices
19:00 - Engine Mod and CV outputs
23:59 - Expander and Yummer
28:02 - Things to try

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

5 ideas to try with SUSSUDIO from nysthi in VCV Rack

Omri Cohen

Here is the sample pack from Empty Vessel -
Here is more about Empty Vessel's work -

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining me on Patreon -"

Update: note it's SUSSUDIO not Sussaudio.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

An overview of new modules and collections in VCV Rack - June 2020

Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining me on Patreon -

I also created a document full of patching techniques and ideas that I will continue updating -

Here are the patches -

00:00 - Sckitam Waveguide Delay
01:46 - Admiral Divisions
03:59 - nysthi TZOP, TZEN, Ambuance
06:24 - Mindmeld Bass Master
09:36 - Ahornberg Metronome
11:15 - Studio 6+1 TE, LALA, EVA, Zazel
14:43 - Modular Fungi Lights Off
16:34 - SV Modular Personal Modules
17:14 - Non Linear Instruments
18:51 - Voxglitch Grain Engine MK2 Expander
20:33 - Nano Ona Oscillator
22:09 - Frequency Domain Grains of Wrath
23:05 - Oxidlab Entferner collection
24:56 - KautenjaDSP RackNES"

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Meshulash - Morphagene, Mimeophon, Neutron, O Coast, VCV Rack, MB2S, Minilar, Disting mk4

Published on Dec 15, 2019 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

You can get the WAV file and individual stems on my Patreon page -
and also the VCV patch file -

Here are some patch notes :
- The Keystep is sequencing the Neutron, which is going through the Disting with a clockable delay algo.
- The Keystep is also set to Kbd Play mode so I can play another voice through a different Midi channel in VCV Rack.
- This voice in VCV Rack is going through a looper.
- The O Coast is receiving a sequence from VCV Rack (through Chords)and is going to the Mimeophon.
- In VCV Rack, I have the Ions sequencer from the Geodesics sequencing the FM-OP, and I control some of the steps of the sequencer with the Minilar controller.
- I also control the levels of a few voices and start and stop the recording on the Looper with the Minilar.
- The MiniBrute 2S is in charge of the bass, and I have it going also to VCV Rack through a HP filter and through Chronoblob2.
- I'm recording the Triangle directly to the Morphagene with the Zoom recorder, and I modulate Morphagene with the S&H from the Neutron.
- There's another sample playing from VCV Rack in Simpliciter from nysthi.
- Everyting is synced from a clock in VCV Rack."

Thursday, November 28, 2019

An Overview of new modules and collections in VCV Rack - November 2019

Published on Nov 28, 2019 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

00:00 - RJ Modules -
01:01 - Count Modula -
02:27 - Sonus Modular -
03:31 - Racket Science -
04:38 - Mockba Modular -
05:50 - ComputerScare -
06:15 - BogAudio -
08:16 - NEX -
10:09 - VCV Pulses
11:11 - Tiny Tricks -
13:00 - nysthi -
14:17 - MindMeld -
15:56 - Orange Line -
17:16 - SV Modular -
18:36 - Kocmoc -
19:39 - 23 Volts -
21:47 - MSM -
22:19 - Nozoid -
22:49 - Bidoo -
23:29 - DHE -
24:44 - ZZC -"

Thursday, August 01, 2019

Let's build a Buchla-Style Patch in VCV Rack

Published on Aug 1, 2019 Omri Cohen

"Well, I can only hope to own once a Buchla of some sort, but for now, I'm experimenting in VCV Rack :)
This is my attempt at building a Buchla style patch, using mostly modules from the Nysthi collection that are modeled after and inspired by existing Buchla modules.

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Here is the patch -"

Monday, April 22, 2019

Best 43 Free Modules in VCV Rack less than 7HP

Published on Apr 22, 2019 VCV Rack Ideas

"Here is my review of 43 THIN VCV Rack modules...they have good perfomance\width\functionality ratio and nice to use as the compact workflow on your screen. I also built a patch from scratch using all of these modules (as the template). So I hope it will be interesting for you to explore how good these modules are.

Support me on Patreon and get 19 additional patches with this template and much more -

Also there is one of ZZC modules in this video called SH8 which is not presented in Plugin Manager yet. So you could grab ZZC modules here (btw they are all awesome!):

List of the modules (all FREE)
Vult Basal
Vult Bleak
modular80 Radio Music

Monday, February 04, 2019

VCV Rack - 15 Short Tips [January] on Techno patches

Published on Feb 4, 2019 VCV Rack Ideas

"In this video I share 15 short VCV Rack tips collected for January (#jamuary of course). All tips are based on techno patches and dedicated to different modules. You can download all VCV patches supporting me on Patreon:

0:07 - Bogaudio - SH (Track N Hold mode)
1:06 - Alikins - Shift Pedal
2:08 - Mutable Instruments - Marbles
3:05 - SquinkyLabs - Shaper
4:05 - AP-modules - Voltage and Groove Recorders
5:05 - Bidoo - cANARd
6:05 - Bidoo - ChuTE
7:06 - Bogaudio - Matrix88
8:07 - CF - Steps
9:04 - CF - Buffer
10:05 - CF - Cuts
11:03 - DHE - Booster Stage
12:03 - Autinn - Bass
13:05 - NYSTHI - Bignumber
14:01 - DHE - XYCloid

Check my Instagram page
Support me on Patreon"

Monday, August 13, 2018


Published on Aug 13, 2018 Omri Cohen

"After sharing my video on strumming in VCV Rack [below], I got a few requests to develop the last patch in the video, so here it is. I changed the bass part a bit and added some more melodies using two Palm-Loop oscillators."

Strumming in VCV Rack

Published on Aug 7, 2018 Omri Cohen

"In this video, I show a few ideas of how to achieve a strumming effect in VCV Rack. I start with using the Signal Delay module from AS, then with using Clocked from Impromptu Modular, and then with using Strummer from Nysthi.
Here are all the different patches -"

Patch n Tweak
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