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Monday, March 30, 2020

The Buchla “System 3”

via Shasta Cults

"Shortly after selling his company to CBS in the late 60s, Buchla was tasked with designing a less expensive system to market to schools and universities. EMS had just released the VCS3 and it had started to overtake that market due to low cost and high functional density. Don seemed more interested in researching computer control and had started devising his 500 series system which CBS was not willing to fund. In early 1970 to meet contract requirements 6 prototypes of the 'System 3' were delivered to CBS before Buchla and CBS parted ways."

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Vintage Simmons Drums ADT

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via this auction

"Vintage Simmons Drums ADT Acoustic Drum to MIDI Module. Not working. For parts."

First one to be featured on the site. This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

Hohner Symphonic 65 Rare 60s Vintage Organ

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Update: video posted here and updated auction link:

via this auction

"Super rare, beautiful portable combo Hohner Symphonic 65 organ - with repeater!

Sounds lush, warm, heavy, vintage, lots of character, big bass, also great subb bass!

Vibrato not working so it needs service on this. Everything else is working and in good condition all keys and knobs and faders work! Upper hardcase is missing."

First one to be featured on the site!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

オリジナル曲「LONELY RIDER」 Fujitsu FM77AV Version

Published on Mar 25, 2020 NozMusic

"2014年10月に発表したオリジナル曲「LONELY RIDER」を、2020年3月にFujitsuパソコンFM77AVでリメイクしました。


"The original song 'LONELY RIDER' announced in October 2014 was remade in March 2020 with the Fujitsu PC FM77AV.
For music production, the standard F-BASIC has been extended to OH! FM's extended PLAY statement 'EDPLAY'.
This made it possible to freely switch between self-made sounds, and effectively used three precious FM sound sources.

The PSG sound source also has a soft envelope added, so we play while switching the envelope.
In addition, part detune can be used, so you can create a chorus-like sound by layering two PSG sound sources.
I wrote MML with FM77AV for the first time in 32 years, but I can still do it ♪"

via Wikipedia:

"The FM-7 ('Fujitsu Micro 7') is a home computer created by Fujitsu. It was first released in 1982 and was sold in Japan and Spain. It is a stripped-down version of Fujitsu's earlier FM-8 computer, and during development it was referred to as the 'FM-8 Jr.'.

Although it was designed to be a cut-down version of the FM-8, most notably removing the (expensive) bubble memory technology, the FM-7 was given a more advanced AY-3-8910 sound chip capable of three voice sound synthesis, leading to a strong uptake among the hobbyist computer market in Japan and making it a more popular system than the FM-8."

And via Wikipedia here:

"The AY-3-8910 is a 3-voice programmable sound generator (PSG) designed by General Instrument in 1978, initially for use with their 16-bit CP1610 or one of the PIC1650 series of 8-bit microcomputers. The AY-3-8910 and its variants were used in many arcade games—Konami's Gyruss contains five[1]—and pinball machines as well as being the sound chip in the Intellivision and Vectrex video game consoles, and the Amstrad CPC, Oric-1, Colour Genie, Elektor TV Games Computer, MSX, and later ZX Spectrum home computers. It was also used in the Mockingboard and Cricket sound cards for the Apple II and the Speech/Sound Cartridge[2] for the TRS-80 Color Computer."

Roland's Forgotten Space Echo

Published on Mar 25, 2020 Alex Ball

"In 1974 Roland released the RE-201 Space Echo. It went on to become the industry standard appearing in studios and live rigs the world over.

They released numerous other successful models (before and after) but the rarest of them all is the RE-5 Digital Space that had a very short run in Japan in 1988.

Its intended application is also quite surprising and in this video we take a look at what it does and contrast it with its famous older brother."

Additional posts featuring Alex Ball

You can find additional documentary type posts via the documentaries label at the bottom of this post.

Monday, March 16, 2020

White HOHNER KS 610TR / CASIO HT 6000

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me. This appears to be the first one featured on the site.

via this auction

"HOHNER KS 610TR that was a CASIO HT 6000 rebadged for german market [Casio SD page]
i 'm not a musician and not aware, briefly tested about it powers on and play some music

the HT 6000 manual is downloadable"

Sunday, March 01, 2020

Giaccaglia Electronic Organ 60s Rare SN 030440.2

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Published on Mar 1, 2020

"Check this shop here:"

Built-in rhythm machine section. Note this is the first post to feature Giaccaglia.

via this auction

"All switches and buttons work. Rhythm machine presets work and tempo change. Some keys are bit bent pressed on first octave, also some same keys wont respond so its possibly top octave MK 50240 chip issue that needs replacement."

Pic of the inside below.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

GEM Instapiano 73 Demo Italian

Published on Feb 29, 2020 jerry dibella

"A Little demo of the huge Gem Instapiano 73 of the italian manufacturer Gem, It Is a Electronic piano keyboard fron 1983, It gas Just tour piano sounds plus harpsicord, It gas Dynamic keys and a modulari in section with a phaser and a voltage controller filter. It Is absolutelt big, It gas its own stand, handle and cover, bit the weight It Is so much (I think It Is about 50 kg )

In Italy It Is a forgotten instrument at the Moment, because there are so many keyboard instrument with Better portability and sounds!"

This appears to be the first one featured on the site. You can find a different model posted here. See the "New Old" labels below for first time appearances of older gear here on the site.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Clarity Retro Polyphonic Midi C/V Convertor w/ Original Box

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via this auction

"Clarity Retro polyphonic Midi C/V convertor from the mid 1990's. Brand New in box. Unit is untested and sold as is, but has never been used. If you are here.... then you know what this is!"

No I don't! :) Never seen one before. This is the first Clarity Retro post on the site.

Friday, February 14, 2020

E-MU Systems Proformance 1 MIDI Piano Module - Model 9101 - 1/2 Rack

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via this auction

"Here's a cool older piano and keyboard module - the Emu Proformance 1. Works fine and sounds great. Easy to use and select various sounds from the front panel or via MIDI. Flexible 1/2 rack size.

Normal cosmetic wear as shown in the pics. I do not have the adapter, but it uses the regular 9 volt type."

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Farfisa FX1000 - Vintage Instruments Expander controlled by PolyPhase Generative Random Music

Published on Feb 13, 2020 VSMI

"Farfisa FX-1000 - Micro Vintage Instrument Expander controlled by PolyPhase Generative Random Music Ios app on Ipad. Farfisa Vintage software for Windows virtualized on VirtualBox for MacOS. 4 virtual instruments, GM Expander (piano), Farfisa Compact Combo Organ, Farfisa Drawbars and Rotator, Farfisa Synth Sound Maker."

Another new old synth to the site. I believe this is the first post to feature one.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Cadans S12 (TOM-1503)

Published on Feb 12, 2020

"Несколько пресетных звуков с редкого советского пролифонического аналогового синтезатора "Каданс" разработчика ТОМ-1501 Геннадия Терехова"


"Several preset sounds from the rare Soviet proliferation analog synthesizer" Kadans "developed by TOM-1501 Gennady Terekhov"


First one featured on the site! See the New Old Label at the bottom of this post for more.

Monday, February 10, 2020

The Logan Vocalsynth

Logan Vocalsynth Test after restoration Published on Oct 18, 2018 Badilevintage

"Hello everybody , my Hobby it's restore the old Combo organ and Synth.
In this video i show you the test after restored of ultra rare Logan Vocalsynth ."

This is the first post to feature the Logan Vocalsynth.

Update: make that the first demo of one. One came up for sale in 2008 here. I searched on Logan Vocalsynth instead of Logan Vocal Synth so it didn't pop up. Thanks to @kaden_harris for spotting it!

Saturday, February 08, 2020

2002 E-Mu Halo 64-Voice Expandable Keyboard SN 3725

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via this auction

Based on my search results, this is the first one to be posted on the site. I love it when "common" synths come up that have never been featured before. I know there were different versions of these from E-Mu. If you know them, feel free to comment below.

"Here are some specifications;

Polyphony - 64 voices
Oscillators - 32 MB "ZR/Perfect Piano" Sound Set ROM (expandable to 128 MB), four 24-bit DACs
LFO - 2 per voice
Filter - 50 types of 6th- and 12th-order Z-plane filters
Effects - 24-bit dual stereo-effects processor with 29 reverbs types, 15 delay types, 8 chorus types, 7 flange types, 5 distortion types
Keyboard - 61 keys (velocity and aftertouch)
Memory - 1,152 Presets (640 ROM, 512 RAM)
Control - MIDI
Date Produced - 2002"


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