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Monday, July 06, 2015

Oval Sound meets Modular Eurorack and Ableton Live (With PauK)

Published on Jul 6, 2015 Oval Sound

"We visited PauK in their studio in Girona and let him connect The Oval to their sonic and production system.
In the video PauK plays the Eurorack Modular synthesizer trough Expert Sleepers Silent Way and some Max4Live patches running in Ableton Live.

He has also a DJTechtools Midi Fighter Twister to control parameters in the patches.
To rise the porngear factor even higher there are some monome and Elektron gear on sight.
The Oval is a class compliant USB midi controller. When the campaign reaches 300% The Oval will include also a DIN 5 midi out cable to connect to any midi system, via USB or DIN5.
Oval, the first digital handpan, is a melodic percussion platform which allow you to play music / Learn music / Perform music.

Back The Oval, the only limit is your will.

The Oval"

Monday, June 08, 2015

Introducing the Oval to Hannah Peel

Published on Jun 8, 2015 Oval Sound

"Hannah Mary Peel is an Irish singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger based in London.

Oval is a percussion platform which allow you to play music / Learn music / Perform music."

Thursday, June 04, 2015

The OVAL Digital HandPan Has Been Funded

THANK YOU - The OVAL was funded in 2 days!

Published on Jun 4, 2015 Oval Sound

Follow-up to this post. A quick thank you video from Ravid Goldschmidt.

"We are so excited! Your support made it, we have reached our campaign primary goal. This is a major milestone for you all backers, your Oval is now secured, and for us at the Oval headquarters. But the real adventure begins just now.

Check out our campaign in Kickstarter:"

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Oval - The First Digital HandPan Now on Kickstarter

Published on Jun 1, 2015 Oval Sound

"Oval is a percussion platform which allow you to play music / Learn music / Perform music."

Back in June of last year we saw the first peek of Oval, a new electronic instrument by Ovalsound based on the HandPan. Ovalsound has written in to let us know they are now on Kickstarter. Click through for full details on the campaign. The following are some details on instrument and Ovalsound:

"Inspired by the HandPans family of acoustic instruments, the Oval provides total freedom to create sounds and it's a tool geared towards music learning and performing.

There are more ways of enjoying music besides listening. You are never too old or too young to experience the awesome feeling of playing an instrument and creating music. We believe that learning music should be fun and that you can play an instrument right away. The Oval speeds up your music learning curve, leveraging the power of technology, gaming and sharing with others.

Ovalsound was founded in 2014 by Ravid Goldschmidt and Alex Posada in Barcelona (Spain), to provide everyone with the opportunity to find a way to express themselves musically, pushing the boundaries of traditional music to new ways of interaction.

Most traditional instruments are linear, think of a guitar, a flute or a violin. The handpan is meant to be performed in circles. The interface doesn't have a beginning or an end, so you can join musical notes together in a fluid way. The notes have a radial position and are equidistant from the Ding, the central note that sets the tone of the scale. No matter how you play, you are able to perform beautiful melodies every time.

The Oval takes the design, ergonomics and musical qualities of the handpans as an inspiration to create an electronic instrument that can be as simple for a beginner to start exploring music as a means of expression, and as complex as a professional musician wants to make it, as it allows to change sounds and scales, layer samples, real time looping and go wherever the imagination takes you.

* The Oval is ergonomically designed and can be played in many ways. Highly sensitive, intuitive, easy , durable and (children-proof) resistant!
* The external case is made of Solid Surface composed by natural materials --minerals like bauxite, marble and quartz--, natural resins and acrylic.
* Carefully designed, the Oval is light, portable, durable, minimal, simple and energetically self-sufficient.
* Easy as a backpack, you can get an additional case beautifully made of wood to take it comfortably anywhere you want and never leaving your Oval at home.
* Designed, engineered and made with care in Barcelona.


Monday, June 09, 2014

Oval. First tests with iPad.

Oval. First tests with iPad. from MID New Media Design on Vimeo.

"First test of Oval electronic instrument with Ravid Goldschmidt.

Oval is both an electronic musical instrument and an open-hardware music controller, linked to an app for iOS. It allows you to manipulate the instrument, change its sounds and programs and it's also a tool for music learning, sharing compositions and performing live.

More information:"

Note this is the first Ovalsound post.

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