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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

1930s Electronic Music With Animation 4K Restoration "Paper Sound" Nikolai Voinov

Adam Maciaszek

"This was made back in 1930s Soviet Russia using an optical synthesizer called that variophone [Variophon] which takes a picture of a drawn waveform on replicates it. Sounds are drawn and paper and then dragged across the aperture to play a song. It amazes me that electronic music goes back this far and I think sounds so futuristic so I took the time to restore this little known piece"

Also see 1930s Russian Drawn Sound for additional videos.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Synthesiser von Gestern Volumes 1 - 3

Synthesiser von Gestern Volume 1
Published on Feb 22, 2015 baward

"From the 1990 CD, ‘Synthesiser von Gestern' ('Synthesisers of Yesterday’) or 'Vintage Synths Volume 1’"

SVG1 1/22 Arp Odyssey
SVG1 2/22 Yamaha CS-60 part 1
SVG1 3/22 Oberheim SEM
SVG1 4/22 Korg Mono/Poly
SVG1 5/22 Minimoog
SVG1 6/22 Memorymoog
SVG1 7/22 Roland Jupiter 8
SVG1 8/22 Yamaha CS-60 part 2
SVG1 09/22 Sequential Circuits Pro One
SVG1 10/22 Korg PS-3100
SVG1 11/22 Roland SH-5
SVG1 12/22 Rhodes Chroma part 1
SVG1 13/22 Korg Poly 800
SVG1 14/22 Roland System 100
SVG1 15/22 Roland Juno 60
SVG1 16/22 Mellotron
SVG1 17/22 EMS Synthi A
SVG1 18/22 Rhodes Chroma part 2
SVG1 19/22 PPG Wave 2 2
SVG1 20/22 Yamaha CS 15
SVG1 21/22 Korg MS-20
SVG1 22/22 Moog System 55

Thursday, April 11, 2013

1930s Russian Drawn Sound

1. 1930s Russian Drawn Sound: La Suite Caburateur
"Drawn sound composition by Georgy Rimsky-Korsakov, realised by Evgeny Sholpo on his 'Variophone' (1932)."

2. 1930s Russian Drawn Sound: Evgeny Sholpo's 'Variophone' (1932)

3. 1930s Russian Drawn Sound: Nikolai Voinov's 'Paper Sound'
"Nikolai Voinov (1900-1958) demonstrates the techniques of Paper Sound and the creation of music for animation. The demonstration includes two short animations:
'Rachmaninov Prelude', 1932 (1:07)
'The Dance of the Crow', 1933 (2:11)"

4. 1940s Russian Drawn Sound: Les Vautours
"Drawn sound composition by Igor Boldirev, realised by Evgeny Sholpo on a later version of his 'Variophone'."

5. 1930s Russian Drawn Sound: Arseny Avraamov's 'Ornamental Sound Animation'

Similar to the Optigan which has optical disks with the actual waveforms drawn on them. See the Variphon label below for more.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Realton Variophon Gig wind synth

via this auction

"Made in West Germany early eighties, 1980/1982. Comes with the Martinetta wind blower and 6 voice cards: sax, tuba, oboe, panflote, trompet, horn."

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Music for the Realton Variophon: " Eat the Beat "

YouTube via taskent99 — May 25, 2010 — "In this song I play three Variophon´s "instruments" trumpet,sax&clarinet.
Additional instrumens are Korg SP-250 organ and Ecco shoebox.
( more coming from my Atari music archives! )"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Realton Variophon

via this VEMIA auction
click the image for the full size shot
"I'm a dedicated Variophonist and have therefor collected quite a few over the last years. Since I have other priorities in life than repairing gear I've decided to clear out my stash of non-working units. Before you look at the picture I want to point out that all of the now auctioned units come with a full set of voice cards of your choice out of my supply of tested and working voice cards (circa 20 units) but does not include windcontroller. This unit is a Variophon Gig, and I've done some testing and came to the conclusion that everything seems to work except that it only plays sound cards inserted in slot 6 (out of 6). Otherwise it's as great as can be expected. A fair guess is a faulty IC but I cannot verify this without further testing. The case and panel are in great cosmetical condition with only minor scratch marks around edges and on the top of the unit. And, _if the final price exceeds 1000 GBP_ I'll include: A Variophon keyboard controller with mouth piece to go with it. The keyboard is in great shape and is fully working. The mouth piece looks great but has a history of somewhat erratic behaviour (i e sometimes it works flawlessly, sometimes it stops working in the middle of a song and after a short power off/on it's back online again). It is common with Variophons that the wind-to-voltage functions needs both adjustment and some tender love and care. But, as you know if you read this (or have checked out Peter's praise in 'A-Z'), the Variophon is a great instrument when working. Trust me - I have two work horses in the studio. :)"

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Rhapsody for the Variophon

YouTube via taskent99
"Realton Variophon:
Very rare german windsynthesizer. I have own this wonderful instrument nearly 30 years.
Haven´t played Variphon for a long time...I had forgotten how lovely&expressive it`s sound is...
Other instrument´s on this little sketch are Cigar Box Synth, Digitech Vocalist VHM-5 & AdrenaLinn."

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