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Thursday, August 13, 2020

EMR - Electromusic Research MIDI Synth Original Sales Brochure

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via this auction

This appears to be the first post on the site to feature EMR.

"details on home recording products for MIDI instruments. Midi track performer / notator / Editor / Composer etc. Also Midilink and interfaces to Amstrad / Commodore / ZX Spectrum / BBC B computers

Language – English

Number of pages – 4 pages"

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Microlink Systems Micro Musical MIDI Musician interface synthesizer original sales brochure

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via this auction

This appears to be the first Micro Musical / Microlink Systems post on the site. Note the address sticker in the bottom pic is Micro Musical Limited.

From the packaging:

"Boost Your Keyboard Performance to Super Star Level

MIDI Musician run on Spectrum computer will unleash the hidden power built-in to your MIDI keyboard, synth, organ or drum machine etc.

Generate Your Music with Music Typewriter

Superb real music notation graphics and easy music entry/editing facilities.

Perform Your Music with MIDI Musician

Play complete pieces, or add subtle computer assistance to your own live performances in the form of sequences, control of automatic keyboard facilities, arpeggios, lead line riffs, auto transpositions etc.

System Software Included

1. Music Typewriter
2. Midi Musician
3. Microdriver
4. Microconvertor"

Note the left cassette tape reads "Romantic Robot" on the bottom.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Secret music of the Spectrum

Published on Sep 19, 2018 Jason Hotchkiss

"Long before I could afford a sequencer or a DAW I thought this was awesome :) This was recorded on the wonderful Fuse emulator but I do still have a speccy!"

Friday, March 11, 2016

LukHash - Space (Live Jam Session with Gameboy, ZX Spectrum, C64 & Pocket Operator PO-20 & PO-28)

Published on Mar 11, 2016 lukhashdotcom

"Live Jam Session - Instruments used:
- DMG Gameboy (Ikinari-Boper)
- Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator 'Arcade' PO-20
- Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator 'Robot' PO-28
- ZX Spectrum (Currah Speech)
- Commodore 64 (LukHash Essentials Cart)

For more music visit:"

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Electric Avenue (BBC 1988) SpecDrum (Micro Live follow-on) [ZX Spectrum 'SpecDrum']

Uploaded on Apr 25, 2011 atariman1988

"A programme from the 1988 BBC series 'Electric Avenue'. This series was a late-night follow on from Micro Live broadcast in 1988/89 and presented by Fred Harris. This episode documents the two guys behind the old ZX Spectrum 'SpecDrum' add-on and their quest to produce a stand-alone drum machine for the mass music market in co-operation with Cheetah Marketing. Full of nostalgia! This programme is owned by the BBC."

This one in via (@PlaysNicely). There has only been two prior SpecDrum posts on MATRIXSYNTH, a demo video from March of 2013, and post from Music Thing back in 2005 with a link to some samples from Analog Industries.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Season's Greetings from The Glasgow School of Art

Season's Greetings from The Glasgow School of Art from The Glasgow School of Art on Vimeo.

This one in via Alan, spotted on Creative Review.  James Houston who created the video brought us a number of other brilliant pieces using vintage computer gear.  You'll find links to them at the bottom of this post.  Be sure to check them out.   And of course, be sure to see the holiday channel below for more holiday posts!  Some great ones have come in so far.

"Season's Greetings and best wishes from The Glasgow School of Art for 2014.

This year's seasonal e-card comes from alumnus James Houston. James graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2008 with a first class degree in Visual Communication. He works in Glasgow as a moving image maker.

The ensemble: A collection of vintage Mac computers, a Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum + 1 and a SEGA Mega Drive perform a rendition of 'Carol of the Bells' with lyrics re-written by Robert Florence & Philip Larkin in the Mackintosh Library at The Glasgow School of Art. Jacket by (Alan Moore, GSA Textiles alumnus 2008).

James aimed to create a piece of Christmas music by appropriating past Christmas gifts. "I discovered that a few had the capability for speech synthesis so the obvious next step was to figure out how to assemble a choir." he said. "This is a process which is based on the last piece of work I did as a student at GSA." (See James' Degree Show film - Big Ideas (Don't Get Any).

Lyrics: Carol of the Bells



Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cheetah SpecDrum (ZX Spectrum Peripheral) Demo

Published on Mar 28, 2013 snolan1990·26 videos

"This is a demonstration of the Cheetah SpecDrum, drum machine software & hardware combo for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k. This add on was released in 1986 and achieved moderate success by providing Spectrum owners a fully fledged PCM drum machine for significantly less than the cost of a new stand alone drum machine at the time.

Both Spectrums & SpecDrums can be found at relatively low prices however the need to load the software on each start up and connect the spectrum to a TV to display the interface coupled with the lack of MIDI means that, unless you are truly oldschool, samples might legitimately be the best way to utilise the SpecDrum sounds.

Despite all the downsides of the SpecDrum the sounds are undeniably punchy and the interface, while slightly clunky, does work well."

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The sound in the style of the old ZX Spectrum games on the Virus Ti ;-)

YouTube Published on May 29, 2012 by St0neOfficialChannel

"This sound I made on the Virus Ti Snow."

Sunday, January 22, 2012

C64 Alien - SID Main Theme LIVE [LukHash]

YouTube Uploaded by lukhashdotcom on Jan 22, 2012

"We live as we dream: alone
Released in: 1984 - Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum1985 - Amstrad CPC"

Monday, June 13, 2011

Néboa jamming with the -hard plAYer-

Uploaded by Tolaemon on Jun 12, 2011

"8bit artist Néboa jamming with the - hard plAYer-. He improvises with an analog Korg keyboard and the Commodore 64 over a loop played by the AY-3891x based synth -hard plAYer- . Sorry, the quality of the image and the sound is not perfect, this video was recorded with a standard compact photo camera."

via Tolaemon: "Hard plAYer is a hardware synthesizer based on the AY-3891x chip. This chip was used in the 80s on some popular home computers like Spectrum ZX, Oric, Amstrad CPC, MSX , Vectrex or Atari ST. Despite AY-3891x has not all the features SID has, it also produces a very rich and characteristic 80s "8 bits sound"."

YouTube Uploaded by Tolaemon on Jun 12, 2011

"8bit artist Néboa jamming with the - hard plAYer-. He improvises with his vibraphone and an analog keyboard, over a loop played by the AY-3891x based synth -hard plAYer- . Sorry, the quality of the image and the sound could be better, but this video was recorded with a standard compact photo camera."

The -hard plAYer- finished and working

Uploaded by Tolaemon on Feb 16, 2009

"In this video you can see how the -hard plAYer- looks after having mounted it into it's new case. You can also see most of it's functions working."

Sunday, March 29, 2009

8 Bit Larynx - York 2007-07-23 - MCLD

YouTube via mcldx
""8 bit larynx" performed at the NetVoTech concert (which was all about the musical use of voice+technology). In this track I use my voice directly to control an emulated ZX Spectrum 128 sound chip.

For technical details of the "timbral remapping" process I'm using in this piece, please see my research paper at (there's also a video lecture: ). Hi-qual video at"

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bach Sinfonia 15

YouTube via TatTwamAsi. No actual video in this one.
"Roland Sound Module U-110
ZX Spectrum 128
Recorded 1991"
image via wikipedia where you can find more info. "The ZX Spectrum is an 8-bit personal home computer released in the United Kingdom in 1982 by Sinclair Research Ltd. Originally dubbed the ZX81 Colour and ZX82,[1][2] the machine was later renamed the ZX Spectrum by Sinclair to highlight the machine's colour display, compared with the black-and-white of its predecessor, the Sinclair ZX81.[3] It is affectionately known as the Speccy by its fan following."

Some info and samples of the Roland U-110

Patch n Tweak
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