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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Zoxnoxious Z5524 Dual VCO Voice Card Demo

video upload by Ultratroninator 3000

"Demo of the Zoxnoxious dual VCO voice card with its VCV Rack interface. This card incorporates a lot of features! And being under full control from VCV Rack opens up a lot of interesting options. This demo is intended to give a _very quick_ overview of the functions.

00:00 - Intro
00:33 - VCO Basics
01:20 - Pulse Width Modulation VCO1/VCO2
02:07 - Filter Modulation
03:18 - VCO Sync
04:21 - Waveselect Modulation
06:30 - Frequency Modulation (analog source)
09:25 - Frequency Modulation (digital source)
10:30 - Wrap up"

See the Zoxnoxious label below for more.

Monday, October 30, 2023

Krelloween Reimagined

video upload by Ultratroninator 3000

"Another take on the spooky krelloween patch from last week. Also some intros to the various Zoxnoxious modules in VCV Rack. And a lot of screen drops from my computer trying to do too many things at once."

Friday, October 13, 2023

Imagine Krelloween

video upload by Ultratroninator 3000

"Just imagine what krelloween might sound like.
Apologies in advance."

We are getting close to Halloween post time.

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Imagine VCV Rack module driving Zoxnoxious synth

video upload by Ultratroninator 3000

"The Zoxnoxious synth is driven by the VCV Rack Imagine module using pics of the analog ICs and the circuit board that power it."

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Ultratroninator 3000 Zoxnoxious Analog Synthesizer

video upload by Ultratroninator 3000

"Demo of the 'beyond obnoxious' Zoxnoxious analog synthesizer with 6 voice cards installed. The installed cards:
* Dual VCO synth voice
* VCO x4
* Analog signal processor (VCF/VCA)

After some software updates I'm able to install up to 6 voice cards. Taking advantage of it here. This is more a proof of concept demo than anything else: certainly someone with some musical talent could do something much better than this.

Video shows each card being added to the Audio Out backplane, system turning on (look! LEDs!), then a close-up of each module in VCV Rack.

In development / coming soon:
* Z5524 dual VCO synth voice (SSI2130 VCO + AS3394 synth-on-a-chip) demo
* CPU auto-tune functionality"

Demo: AS3394 Waveselect Modulation

"AS3394: synth-on-a-chip. This is Alfa Rpar's clone of the CEM3394, the same chip used in the Sequential Six Trak and other 80s synths. What's new here? The '3394 has a input pin to select the VCO waveform. How about modulating that input at audio rate? Switch between tri, saw, tri+saw? Here is a demo of audio rate modulation.

Video shows some ways that could be used for modulation. Either by varying the modulation amount (LFO, envelope), or by varying the modulator (sync, pitch) a variety of effects are possible.

The completed board will use an SSI2130 as a second VCO as a modulator. This demo is bit of a hack in using an external VCO for the same purpose.

Interesting effect? Usable? Noise? Drop a comment on your thoughts!"

AS3394 - Audio Rate Waveselect Modulation

"Demo of the working part of this synth voice card: the AS3394 synth-on-a-chip. Beginning of the video I jumper a '3340 VCO to where the eventual SSI2130 will be on the board. This VCO is used for modulation of the AS3394, in this demo the waveselect modulation.

The "Half-Working" is a bit of a self-jab. The card is missing an SSI2130 which needs to be soldered on. The card as used is functional, less a second on-board VCO."

Ultratroninator 3000
"Developing projects around Raspberry Pi, synthesizers, retro devices. Demo videos of the Zoxnoxious analog synthesizer."

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