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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Background Modulars No.5 - Buchla 200 & DK Synergy

video upload by Memetune Studio

"Don’t have a Buchla 200 and Digital Keyboards Synergy to hand? No worries! Just put this video on in the background (in full-screen mode), and have the next best thing 😁

Here is 10 minutes of self-playing modular synthesiser randomness. Why not put it on loop - then you can have it bubbling away in the background while you do other things. Or maybe check out the playlist I have made with all the Background Modular Series videos: [playlist below]

A note on the patch: The Buchla (cloned) MARF is sending note and velocity (ie CV) data to the Synergy via a Kenton CV to MIDI converter - a very handy unit if you have a lot of analogue sequencers!

The Synergy is extremely flexible and you can set virtually any parameter to respond to velocity - and using the Kenton you can send any CV to modify the velocity over MIDI - something I am exploring at the moment

The Buchla 200 chimes really well with the Synergy. Don spent most of the late 70s and 80s exploring digital synthesis - starting out with hybrid systems (the 500 and 300 Series) and later fully digital systems (the Touche, 400 and 700 Series). The Synergy was developed at exactly the same time taking fully digital ideas to their logical extreme. It is a very capable system and the pairing with the 200 Series is sublime"

Saturday, April 10, 2021

ID700 - Software Synth Based on the Buchla 700


Available on the App Store here.

"In 1987 Don Buchla released the Buchla 700 synthesizer. It was the next logical step from Don's previous digital synths (the Buchla 400, Touche, Buchla 500) but was also influenced by the synth trends of the 1980's, specifically FM synthesis and the all-in-one workstation concept. As usual, Don was ahead of the curve and the 700 never took off. Very few were sold and even fewer functioning units exist today. I always loved the sound of Don's digital oscillators, and combined with the scarcity of the instrument it seemed like a fun project to recreate it in software and reintroduce its concepts to the world.

ID700 is a software synthesizer based on the voice architecture of the Buchla 700. Like many of Don's other designs, sound generation is achieved primarily via FM synthesis and waveshaping. Each voice is made up of sixteen individual modules:

four Oscillators
six Indexes
two Waves
one Morph
one Filter
one Amplifier
one Location

The Oscillators, Indexes, and Waves are configured in one of twelve preset Algorithms, all of which feed into the fixed signal paths of the Morph, Filter, Amplifier, and Location modules.

Each of the Oscillator, Index, Morph, Filter, Amplifier, and Location modules have their own dedicated complex Envelope for modulation.

The Wave modules provide wavetable synthesis using Chebyshev polynomials and include additional waveshaping functionality.

Arbitrary tunings are supported via the Scala Tuning File format.

MIDI and MPE are supported (note: not all hosts support MPE).

The iOS version supports AUv3 and IAA."

Update: demos posted here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Complete Guide to Synthesizer by Devarahi Including the Con Brio ADS 200, Buchla Touche, Emu Audity, Aries and SMS Modular Systems & More

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via this auction

"The Complete Guide to Synthesizers by Devarahi. Covers many legendary, vintage, analog and digital synthesizers. Arp 2600 sections. Many pics and diagrams."

Some synths featured inside:

Aries Keyboard System III
SMS Modular Synthesizer
Moog System 55
Fairlight C.M.I.
Con Brio ADS 200 Digital Command Console
Crumar / DKI GD ?
Emu Audity
Buchla Touche

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Instrument Designer: Rare Buchla 700 Synth Coming to Software on Mac, Windows & iOS

via modosc designs

"a modern interpretation of the buchla 700, coming soon for mac, windows, and ios."

If you are not familiar with the Buchla 700, check out Chimeror by Benge on Vintage Buchla 700. According to that post, only about 12 of these machines were ever produced, and there are possibly only 4 working examples left in existence.

Update: Some additional info via modosc designs:

On the developer: "Jonathan Schatz has spent his life pursuing dual passions of music and computing, occasionally simultaneously. One of these convergences led to working with Don Buchla on the 200e system for several years. The latest such convergence is Modosc Designs."


"What is Instrument Designer?
Instrument Designer is a software synthesizer inspired by the Buchla 700.

Ok, what is the Buchla 700?
The Buchla 700 is a 12 voice 4 operator FM synth released in 1987 and designed by Don Buchla. There are several main ways the 700 differentiates itself from the other FM synths common in the industry at that time:

Each algorithm outputs through two independant waveshapers. This allows a single instrument defintion to output two different audio signals without requiring a separate stacked voice. This also increases the sonic palette by allowing a user to easily create non-sinusoid waveforms.

The waveshapers are cousins to the ones use in the Buchla Touche, Buchla 400 and the Buchla 259e. They are quite unique and use some interesting waveshaping techniques.

Each voice has 13 complex envelopes which control almost every aspect of the sound algorithm. The envelopes have a unique exponential display, are programmable with an arbitrary number of breakpoints, and include programmable features such as looping.

Programming was simplified with the help of a graphical user interface and an external monitor.

What does it sound like?

There weren't a lot of these produced so there's not that much out there, but what is out there is quite interesting:

Charles Cohen — Generator
Benge — Chimeror
Ode To Gravity — this is from the release party for the 700 and includes interviews with Don
So what happened to it?
The instrument never became very popular and today is one of the rarer of Don Buchla's instruments (which says a lot). The software itself was never finished, and the video card which connected up the external display was unreliable and eventually end-of-lifed by Intel. Probably 15-20 of these were made - I personally know of 3, of which only 1 currently works.

Why hasn't anyone made a reissue?
Good question. The design is quite complicated and includes 4 separate computers as well as a large membrane input surface. It would certainly be possible to build but it wouldn't be a cheap endevor, and unlike other recent reissues it probably wouldn't be a big seller - it's likely the most difficult instrument of Don's to use.

So why are you bothering?
I love the sound of Don's wavetable synths (specifically the 259e) and I've spent a lot of time implementing and reimplenting various related algorithms. I had the opportunity to play around with a 700 a few years back and the idea was hatched there.

Are you using the original source code?
No. This entire project was implemented using a scan of the original 700 manual as the spec (which was the usual Don way of doing things). You can view the original source code here, which is interesting because it seemingly contains code used for a NASA project as well:

Set ON_B700 non-zero to get a Buchla 700 PROM, or zero to get a NASA 3D Helmet Display PROM.

That source dump from Lynx Crowe is unfortunately incomplete but there is a project that's managed to get it to boot. Unfortunately the source code only includes some of the controller code and none of the DSP code so currently there's no sound generation.

Where can I learn more about the Buchla 700?
The Buchla 700 Preservation Page
Notes on the Buchla 700 audio synthesizer
Buchla 700 archeology
Buchla 700
Chimeror by Benge
The Buchla 700 Emulation Project
Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails playing a Buchla 700 in Twin Peaks — I don't know if the sound is actually 700 or not but who cares?"

Thursday, June 28, 2018

FaktizitÀt by Shasta Cults Featuring the Buchla Touché

"use headphones"

Previous posts featuring the Buchla Touche

Thursday, January 19, 2012

NAMM: Buchla Acquired by Former Industry Veterans?

via DedMousie aka Les Mizzell on Muffs:

"... some industry veterans (including Michael Marans, former Keyboard tech editor) have acquired Buchla & Associates, with Don Buchla now acting as Chief Technology Officer for a new company, Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments. They have some really exciting plans for new products that Don's wanted to do for a long time, and now has the resources to do so."

I checked with a source and this one just might be true. No formal announcement on the Buchla site. Note this is speculation until confirmation.

This one in via Soviet Space Child.

Update 1/20/12: and we have confirmation from Synthopia (note the new keyboard controller):

"At the 2012 NAMM Show, several interesting announcements were made about electronic music legend Don Buchla, above, and the future of his electronic music instruments:

His company, Buchla & Associates, has been acquired by a group of investors, who are creating a new company Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments. Buchla wil be the Chief Technology Officer of the new company. The organizational change will bring design, manufacturing, sales and marketing resources to Buchla. The intent is that, by freeing Buchla from some of these areas, he’ll be able to spend more time to ‘introduce more innovations in music technology’, expand the Buchla product line into new areas and make his instruments available to a wider range of musicians.

Buchla also introduced a new modular synthesizer, the Buchla Skylab. The Buchla Skylab is a compact and slightly more affordable configuration of the Buchla 200e modular line.

Finally, Buchla announced that, after 50 years of not making a keyboard for his synthesizer [Buchlas aren't known for piano style keyboards, but he did have polyphonic keyboards with velocity and aftertouch in 1971 - 237/238 in 1971, touche in 1979 and the 406 in 1983 - see the Buchla 406 here.], that there will finally be a Buchla Keyboard controller. The Buchla Keyboard is currently in early stages, but don’t plan on it being a standard control keyboard. Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments expects to release a keyboard design that is as different from other keyboard controllers as its modular synthesizer is from other modulars."

Update 1/26/2012 via Ross Healy of Vicmod:

"The 3 owners are Aussies all working in the music equipment business and huge synth lovers. Lewis Chiodo, John Fuller, Danny Olesh are the new owners of Buchhla Electronic Instruments. Michael Marans is CEO in the US. Their intention with Buchla Electronic Instruments is to keep the brand as cool as it has been in the past allowing Don to do what he excels at ( creating/ designing). I have no doubt this will be a brilliant future for our beloved Buchla and Don/ Ezra etc. I have known Lewis for 12 years and believe me this guys LOVES synths/ playing synths since he was age 5."

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