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Friday, March 22, 2024

Uptempo jam with Midicake ARP, Dreadbox Nymphes, Moog Minitaur, Mother 32, MSW-810, DrumBrute Impact

video upload by Jay Hosking

"A live synthesizer jam performed entirely on hardware.

I've had this chord progression kicking around for a little while, the product of a voice-leading exercise I was doing. I was super happy with it but never able to incorporate it into a larger arrangement. Recently, I realized I could just run the chord progression through the Midicake ARP and get some inspiration on the song arrangement, and sure enough, that was all it took (along with a few amazing synthesizers and effects). Really happy with where this one ended up.

Full disclosure: I cut and paste a previous drum fill to the outro drum fill, because I felt the outro drum fill didn't match the quality of the earlier one. Seemed a more judicious approach than recording the whole thing again.

Thanks for listening.

Dirtywave M8 - chord progression sequence
Midicake ARP - four-part sequencing arranger for the chord progression
Kenton MIDI Thru - MIDI Thru out to five devices
DrumBrute Impact through Empress EchoSystem - Drums
Moog Mother 32 through Kinotone Ribbons - Slower mono synth
Michigan Synth Works MSW-810 through Hologram Chroma Console - Faster mono synth
Moog Minitaur through Boss DM-101 - Bass synth
Dreadbox Nymphes through Empress Reverb - Pad synth

Performed and recorded live (minus that small drum edit) to a multitrack recording, with EQ, compression, and limiting on the master."

Friday, September 29, 2023

Don't Bore Us

video upload by Cylob Sonic Research

"The Michigan Synth Works MSW-810 is a replica of a Roland analog monosynth from 1983, a cousin of the much more famous MC-202. But it has its own distinct sound, somewhat beefy and powerful, reminiscent of even earlier Roland synths from the seventies. What will happen when the MSW-810 meets modern replicas of vintage Boss chorus pedals? Let's find out!

Putting in a cameo appearance is the Michigan Synth Works SY0.5, a eurorack adaptation of the vintage Pearl Syncussion. Everything controlled by two Launchpads together with some custom SuperCollider patches.

00:00 Intro
00:03 Setup
00:46 Noodling
03:56 Chorus
06:41 Dimension
09:58 Multitracking
11:07 Stacking the recordings
11:32 Track one
16:30 Dramatic stabs
16:53 Track two

Thumbnail typeface credit: RoyDioC @ diypedals Subreddit r/ diypedals/ comments/ ni9img/ boss_pedal_otf_font_japan_stompbox/"

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Monday, May 16, 2022

Michigan Synth Works MSW 810 Analog Synthesizer

video upload by Michael Dykehouse

"The MSW-810 is a faithful recreation of the CMU-810 Monosynth which was designed as a synth expander for the 1983 CMU-800 computer music production system. At its core however, is the tone generator of the MC-202. In this clip the MSW 810 is producing all the sounds you hear including the drums. Available currently as a kit and will be available fully assembled in the fall of 2022."

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Michigan Synth Works MSW 810 at Superbooth 2022

video upload by Sound On Sound magazine

"The MSW-810 is a faithful recreation of the CMU-810 Monosynth. At its core is the tone generator of the MC-202."

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Thursday, September 09, 2021

Michigan Synth Works DIY MSW-810 Coming to Knobcon Number Nine

"Introducing the MSW-810 Analog Monophonic Synthesizer. Based on the Roland DG CMU-810, the MSW-810 adds a TB-303 sequencer for additional control. This device will be in DIY KIT ONLY.

See it in action at Knobcon, Sep 10-12

CEM 3340 VCO (Alfa 3340 is fine)
IR3109 VCF (original or clone)
Built in mixer with CV controlled VCA

Kits available fall 2021, Case/sequencer winter 2021

Kit Price: 295$ (includes, PCB, all faders/switches/some less common jacks, BA662 clowns)

Case/Seq price: TBA

Limited number of early bird kits available Friday which will include the 3340 VCO AND ORGINAL Roland IR3109 VCF chips"

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