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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Korg modwave – Modscapes soundset

video upload by Soundsauca

"Welcome to Soundsauca's Korg modwave demonstration. 64 synth performances, showcasing some of modwave's eclectic capabilities.

The soundset includes 64 performances (from this demo), along with another 85 extra. Many are dual layer/split. 104 programs (used in the performances) are also available for use separately.

The demo was created with the modwave native plugin version. Sounds were played, sequenced, arranged & recorded in Logic Pro X @ 44.1 kHz. A limiter was used on the master, no external effects.

Some sounds are overdubbed to allow for the demo to flow. Some fades/cuts are used for the same reason. Many modulation assignments are used, along with the Kaoss pad. Aftertouch is used rarely as the synth doesn't feature it. Hope that’s cool:)

Find out more here:"

Friday, May 20, 2022

Micromonsta 2 demonstration - Mojo presets

video upload by Soundsauca

"Mojo is a brand new sound bank for the awesome pint size synth that is Micromonsta 2. Whilst the rest of the synth world rejoices in micro gadgets from “Brand-X”, this little Monsta delivers a fully loaded response. It’s lean, mean and crucially possesses a cutting edge sound engine to back it up with. In fact, I love it!

Find out more here:
– @audiothingies

The video shows off 50 sounds in the bank but there's an extra 50 included."

Monday, July 05, 2021

Novation Peak demo - Himalaya Soundset Part 2

video upload by Soundsauca

Part 1 here

"And so to Part 2 of the Himalaya project by Michael/Soundsauca. This half features more EPs, basses and leads, but also follows on with some more signature Soundsauca pads and atmospheres. 128 patches officially, and another 28 outtakes and revisions. (156)

The sounds are always made first with a great deal of care, everything else is secondary. More info is available on my website:

Sorry it's so long but I did it for a few reasons:
– I like to tell a story through sounds that touch me visually. I considered timestamps but I wasn't sure it would work with that intention.
– There's no ambiguity about what they all sound like.

I offer the sounds at a reasonable price IMHO as this takes serious time. But more than that, it's my own sensory documentation of my time with a particular synth. My playing skills aren't the best (nor are my hotchpotch videos) – there's fantastic videos elsewhere from virtuoso performers and great influencers. Shamefully I'm not up to speed with every genre under the sun (I stopped being cool when my kids were born!) I know what I like though, if others do, that's a bonus. Taken as a whole I hope it all stacks up.

Recorded at 48khz, -6dB (Peak Setting) into Logic Pro-X via an RME UFX. Peak volume knob at 12 O'clock. Fades are used to transition between sounds, but the sounds are pure Peak. No compressors, limiters, EQ or other secret sauce were harmed in the making of this demo;)

I assume that these will also be compatible with a Novation Summit, but I have no access to one so I cannot confirm."

Friday, June 25, 2021

Novation Peak demo - Himalaya Soundset

video upload by Soundsauca

"Ascending to new heights with the Novation Peak, Himalaya is the result of an intensive sound programming project undertaken by Soundsauca.

Having spent what feels like an eternity in the clouds discovering new sonic landscapes, I set about making sense of the sounds I’d made. From this you'll find beautiful analog renditions, choral pads, retro strings, ambient washes, plucks, arps and classic leads.

The sound bank will be out soon - more details to follow...

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like and if you do, I'd really appreciate a sub here or a thumbs up there!

Recorded at 48khz, -6dB (Peak Setting) into Logic Pro-X via an RME UFX. Peak volume knob at 12 O'clock. Fades are used to transition between sounds, but the sounds are pure Peak. No compressors, limiters or EQ were harmed in the making of this demo;) 2 sounds feature my Roland TR-8s underneath for a bit of fun.

I assume that these will also be compatible with a Novation Summit, but I have no access to one so I cannot confirm."

Monday, March 15, 2021

Soundsauca Modal Argon8 & Cobalt8 Soundsets

Modal Argon8 Presets - Daydrifta sound set demonstration by Soundsauca
video by Soundsauca

"Riding the wave of excitement surrounding the recent Modal Electronics Cobalt8 announcement. Soundsauca did what any dedicated but uninformed synth nut would do, create a bank for last year's hot potato! - and a fine one at that. Unfashionably late but dedicated to the synth party! Daydrifta is a 64 preset collection for the Modal Electronics Argon8.

The bank is available here:​

Daydrifta is my offering to the gaseous synth god of Argon. An intricate and beautiful sounding synth, the Argon8 delivers shimmering sonics and glassy undulations in abundance.

Whilst the Argon8 is known as a majestic synth for ambient based genres, I also probed it's other side to see where it leads. And I found plenty! Crunchy crashes, kicks, analog renditions, tortured leads and arps and some wubs to keep those Cobalt cravings at bay!

But it's clear what the Argon does best and hopefully this sound set won't disappoint.

As a bonus to all you Argon owners there will be an extra 36 sounds in the bank, rounding things out to 100."

Modal Cobalt8 Presets - Baltica sound set demonstration by Soundsauca
video by Soundsauca

"Baltica for the Modal Electronics Cobalt8 serves up an extended concoction of analog entwined pads, retro leads, old school stabs and ethereal effects. 100 patches are included (65 in the video and 35 more).

The bank is available for free either from:​"

Soundsauca Roland System-1 Soundsets


1. Roland System-1 - Cosmic Arps Patches
A Roland System-1 sound bank designed for unearthly audio contortions that only the little green machine can provide. Let loose your arp and get ready for slice & dice!

Available here:
Also as a bundle:​

64 Patches included • 8 x Sequence arps • 54 x Arpeggio sounds • 2 x Rhythmic patches
Tested on the Roland System 1 Plugout/Hardware

Scattered sonics are combined with classic melodic arpeggios and effects. Whilst the System-1 has been superseded by its big brother, the System-8. The System-8 dropped the scatter function to probably appear a more “serious” synthesizer. I find the scatter to be more interesting than at first glance because it affects synth parameters, as opposed to DSP scatter effects on the TR-8 and TB-3. I took advantage of this feature and added randomisation to many of the sounds in the sound bank.

There is something for everyone here, with some beautiful bells and softer sounds, to some more random and aggressive patches.

I created these sounds with the Roland Cloud plugin version and have tested them with my hardware System 1. As I don’t have access to a System 1m rack version, I would presume there would be some differences due to the fact the System 1m doesn’t have an arpeggiator or the scatter function.
2. Roland System-1 - Seismic Bass Patches
Seismic Bass for the Roland System-1 features 64 concrete crumbling basses, rubbery mono-synths, digital DX’s, crushed up dirt, filthy acid, dubby wubs and earth shattering subs.

Available here:​
Also as a bundle:​

Basses that blow the doors down. The Roland System-1 is an extremely powerful bass synthesizer. I bought my Roland System-1 along with an Arturia Microbrute – A fine mono-synth in it’s own right. However the Microbrute went back and the System 1 stayed! As a tribute, the first sound in this pack was named Brutus for its fuzziness.

In this sound bank, there’s a range of sounds paying homage to some of my favourite Yamaha DX sounds (minus the noise floor). One of my favourite waveforms on the System 1 is the logical operation waveform. It sounds similar to the Alpha Juno PWM saw wave at lower levels, but when raised it gets gnarly. Adding in the cross modulation on top and things get out of control fast.

Woofer punishment guaranteed!
3. Roland System-1 - Atomic Atmospheres Patches
Atomic atmospheres features 64 stratospheric pads, angelic strings, dark ambiences and sound FX for the Roland System-1.

Available here:​
Also as a bundle:​

The System-1 doesn’t appear the sort of synth to create big washes of sound. With it’s focus more aligned with classic analog synthesis a limited FX section I was surprised to discover that it can go far deeper than it’s neon 'me-too' mono-synth styling suggest. The 4 voice limitation seemed a road block to producing large audio atmospheres, but the 12 waveforms, there’s a wide range of sculpting possibilities to be x-modded, ring-modded and synced. In particular, the vowel waveform can be bent and twisted together with the 'super-waves' (Supersaw, Supersquare and Supertriangle). The System-1 has deeper qualities.

From the wails of a dystopian technological future with 'Sirens' to the euphoric dreams of 'Stratosphere', there’s an array of useful presets here to immerse yourself into.

Roland System-8 - Mysticism Soundset

video by Soundsauca

"Welcome to Mysticism!

A new and abstract sound bank for the Roland System-8, proudly designed by Soundsauca. Diverging from the well trodden path of analog emulations and 80’s retro remakes, Mysticism takes your System-8 on a left field journey deep into Roland’s ACB synth engine. Utilising its refined oscillator algorithms, iridescent filters and effects, and immersing them into a mystical world of swirling sonic adventure!

The System-8 is already packed full of vintage Jupiter Juno & JX tones, and that’s where this sound bank’s possibilities only begin!

Individual demos are available here:​

A rundown of the Roland System-8 and some of it's features:​

No external effects used. Limiter on the output due to resonant peaks etc - hope that's ok!


- Sideband Sensation
Without a doubt the sideband filter types are my favourite System-8 feature. With it, colourful glassy fragments smear downwards in sounds like 'Forest Glade', whilst the distant undulation of the title preset – 'Mysticism' softly absorbs your sonic senses. 'Lost Sailors' conjures aquatic memories of times gone by, whereas 'Space Tapestry' sews together newer sci-fi arpeggios.

- Formant Fondant
Another sweet feature with the System-8 is the formant filters, which enable vowel like textures to be imparted on the synths oscillators. I’m palpably (sad I know!) proud of the preset 'Sith Lord' with it’s deep and sinister whispers that Emperor Palpatine might hold a light sabre to, and 'Formant Fairies' which might fit nicely into some EDM genre or other. Whilst another highlight is 'Ahh 1080', but steady on man… leave that JV alone!

- Frequenting FM
FM on the System-8 is FM for the rest of us. It’s refreshing to be able to get many of the best FM timbres and process them through the S-8’s filters and FX. Beautiful EPs like 'Much is Clear' and 'Ellie Scolding' hold up next to deep ambiences such as 'Ionospheres' and 'Stella Sails'."

Korg Monologue - Monospace Soundset

video by Soundsauca

"Armed with some headphones, a fistful of batteries and my Korg Monologue I snuck myself away under lockdown to make Monospace. Taming it's beefy analog tones whilst twisting out motion sequences is a lot of fun. All with trademark Monologue dirt.

50 Patches are demonstrated here, with a big slant on using the motion sequencers. I recorded all the sounds "dry" but I couldn't resist adding some FX! (That Minilogue XD is tempting me). Some sounds were just crying out for some reverb. I kept it down as much as I could but for full disclosure I used Valhalla Shimmer/Delay, some Soundtoys delays. If you want to hear the synth dry, please visit my website page below where all the audio demos are available with no effects added.

This bank is available to download free. Grab them here:​"

Soundsauca Roland JD-990 Demos

"1993 must have been a vintage year. The Roland Super JD-990 is a classic digital synth with character.

Though the light from it's near 30 year old LCD may be fading (Photoshop works wonders!), the JD is still a much loved synthesizer today."


1. JD Worship - Roland JD-990 Demo
Spreading the JD-990 love! A little tune I put together with my Roland JD990. No external FX.

Heaven's Horns - a hi-pass filtered horn patch which fizzes down, gradually breaking across the stereo spectrum.

Dark Energy - a disturbing string patch that undulates with ghostly undertones,

Electric Eel - puts the JD990 chaos lfo to use with very short delay FX adding metallic feedback,

Binary Rain - a beautiful patch that sounds like flickering particles - it sounds different every time I play it,

Flangie Angie - a tightly flanged arpeggio sound with velocity sensitive attack, it can sound soft or hard with the mod wheel, tight and loose with velocity,

Magic Clouds - providing the heft down below with thick analog style sweeps,

JD Worship - The inspiration! A classic lead sound with the mod wheel controlling the dry/wet mix of the JD990 effects,

Lunar Mining - A repeating phased noise effect,

JD-8000 - I always wanted to make a supersaw on the JD-990. I finally found the trick, typically after I had bought a JP-8080 :) It does a pretty good impression,

Hazy Freeze - I love this sound! A melancholic lead that morphs into swirling clouds of audio,

Jungle Drums - Snappy self-oscillated S/H filter sweeps create a percussive sound. The JD has these wonderful sample and hold LFOs that slightly soften (slew) the harsh filter transitions. Later JV/XV series synths don't sound like this. The resonance also doesn't blow a hole in your ear drum when up high (always useful!)
2. Roland JD-990 - Superluminal Patches
A collection of 64 finely crafted Roland JD-990 patches. Take the deep dive into the 990’s synthesis, hearing its classic history along with futuristic sound impressions.

Find out more here:

Superluminal represents a collection of Roland JD-990 patches that showcase my journey programming this awesome synth. From the cosmic interlude of the patch “Superluminal” to some seriously epic pads such as “Vista Grande”, the JD still has what it takes in 2020!

Sometimes I have to remind myself that its existence pre-dates 1993, with the slider infested JD-800 from 1991 and the D-50 from 1987!

I won’t pretend to be the first to praise this synthesizer, as I know I’m walking in the footsteps of great sound designers, but in my own way I hope to contribute to the JD’s legacy. The Roland JD-990 is a timeless classic with hidden depths to it even decades later.

One of the true great digital synthesisers.

Roland SH-32 Shapeshifta Soundset

video by Soundsauca

"Shapeshifta for the Roland SH-32 features 64 luscious synth ambiences and rich analog strings. Trippy leads and sound effects mutate into ear bleeding slabs of weaponised audio.

Open that cupboard and grab that box, blow the dust off and wipe the early naughties from your Roland SH-32’s brain. With Soundsauca’s SH-32 life extension plan you too can inject some new sysex into this unappreciated little fella. Often maligned and misunderstood, the SH-32 is an experimental hybrid of a synthesizer.

Sometimes it feels like a long lost cousin of the JV/XV and JP8k series, other times it spits out D-50 and JD-990 memories. However the SH-32 is it’s own thing and I had a blast getting to know it again. As you might guess, I love the character of the SH-32. It has bags of personality, an enticing blend of lo-fi goodness and tripped out sonic vocabulary.

I hope you enjoy the Shapeshifta, please like and/or subscribe if you do - it sounds cliche, but it really does!​

Patch List:

Monday, December 21, 2020

Novation Mininova/Ultranova Demo - Novatronix Soundset


"Novatronix is a meticulously programmed soundpack that provides you with an eclectic mix of 128 sounds for use with the Novation Mininova & Ultranova.

Novatronix mines the depths and complexity of this unique mini-synth. Experimental sounds are unearthed alongside abstract timbral shapes. Silky classics fuse with lush ambiences and glitchy overtones. The audio landscape that the Mininova provides is wide open for you to explore in your next musical project."

Discovered the above via the following listing:


Patch n Tweak
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