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Thursday, December 28, 2023

SP-404mkII + GAIA 2 "A bit of you" a song by gattobus

video upload by gattobus

"SP-404mkII is a new entry in my setup. It's my first sampler since I sold my Octatrack 4 years ago.
I started sampling some phrases, playing some of my favorite presets on GAIA 2 and then I rearranged everything, chopping, slicing and rearranging everything using the internal SP-404 mkII sequencer.

Everything was very easy and intuitive, and this song came out by itself!
It was a very fun and creative process!"

Friday, December 22, 2023

Roland GAIA 2 + TR-8S "Earth's Calling" - synth jam by gattobus

video upload by gattobus

"A quick jam with GAIA 2 and TR-8S.
I'm using a tone I have just created, called 'PolyPrisma' and a Drumkit composed mainly of CR-78 ACB models that were added in the latest TR-8S 3.0 update.

Just a synth and a drum machine, no other gear involved and no external effects added.
Everything's been recorded straight to my audio interface.

I hope you like it!


Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Roland Announces FANTOM EX Upgrade

video uploads by RolandChannel

"Major Upgrade Package for the Flagship FANTOM Synthesizers Adds ACB Modeling, New V-Piano and ZEN-Core Model Expansions, and More"
Full press release further below.

Roland FANTOM EX Upgrade Josh Blair Interview
Roland FANTOM EX Upgrade Sound Demos
Roland FANTOM EX Upgrade Install Guide

User demo video from Gattobus:

FANTOM EX - ACB JUPITER-8 Tone Programming Experience

video upload by gattobus

"In this video I wanted to make you feel the Analog Circuit Behavior of the JP-8 on the new FANTOM-EX update. A hands on programming experience starting from scratch!

Mind your volume levels, there are some serious filter sweeping frequencies that may caught you unprepared!!! :D


Press release follows:

"Major Upgrade Package for the Flagship FANTOM Synthesizers Adds ACB Modeling, New V-Piano and ZEN-Core Model Expansions, and More

Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 7, 2023 — Roland announces the FANTOM EX Upgrade, a powerful new system expansion for the company’s FANTOM 6, 7, and 8 synthesizer models. Bounding with exciting new features and workflow enhancements, the user-installable FANTOM EX Upgrade supercharges Roland’s premier synthesizer series with even more creative firepower. The most significant update in FANTOM’s history expands and enriches the core platform with powerful Analog Circuit Behavior technology, two new grand pianos, JD-800 and n/zyme Model Expansions, studio-grade reverb effects, and more. Available for purchase on Roland Cloud, this value-packed upgrade is a must-have for current and future FANTOM owners.

Introduced in 2019, FANTOM was designed as an evolving creative hub that continually grows through sound expansion, software integration, and user-requested features. The FANTOM EX Upgrade integrates a host of sound engine and system enhancements, launching the FANTOM platform far beyond the impressive capabilities of previous versions. In development for many months, this important upgrade embodies Roland’s ongoing dedication to its flagship synth and the worldwide FANTOM community.

JUPITER-8 and SH-101 ACB Expansions
Roland’s acclaimed Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) is the core technology behind AIRA products such as the TR-8S and SYSTEM-8, as well as the extensive Legendary series of software instruments on Roland Cloud. ACB brings an authentic analog sound experience to life in the digital realm, faithfully recreating analog circuitry and all their interactive behaviors at a deep component level.

Realized through new engineering breakthroughs, the processor-intensive ACB architecture is now available to FANTOM owners with the JUPITER-8 ACB and SH-101 ACB Expansions in the FANTOM EX Upgrade. These circuit-level recreations of influential Roland synths offer all the latest ACB advancements, including Circuit Mod and Condition functions for dialing in varying degrees of vintage character.

Two Concert-Class Acoustic Pianos
The FANTOM EX Upgrade features two deeply expressive grands primed to elevate stage and studio endeavors with Roland’s renowned piano performance. Additionally, FANTOM’s V-Piano interface has been refreshed with an attractive new graphical design.

Originally developed for the flagship RD-2000 stage piano, the German Concert V-Piano Expansion 01 is a versatile and inspiring instrument with a rich, powerful, and detailed voice. The SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano 3 Expansion offers 15 distinctive sounds, from bright, dynamic tones for stage playing to dark, moody variations for ambient explorations.

JD-800 and n/zyme Model Expansions
The FANTOM EX Upgrade also includes two of Roland’s most recent Model Expansion titles, driven by the ZEN-Core engine for advanced sonic range and performance versatility.
Combining the original JD-800 waveforms with advanced modeling techniques, the JD-800 Model Expansion puts the gleaming tone and monster sound-shaping potential of this vintage digital icon inside FANTOM.

The n/zyme Model Expansion is a thoroughly modern instrument with an all-new synth engine developed for the FANTOM environment. Combining wavetable oscillator layers, phase and shape modulation, resonant filters, and two powerful Step LFOs, n/zyme is a highly interactive music tool that sparks endless creative explorations.

Effect and Workflow Enhancements
The FANTOM EX Upgrade further enhances the synthesizer’s smooth workflow and deep feature set. New Shimmer Reverb and Modulation Reverb algorithms instantly infuse any sound with spaciousness and intense harmonic color. FANTOM’s DAW control has been expanded with profiles for Steinberg Cubase and PreSonus Studio One. Additionally, the Master FX processor includes new preset templates for faster workflow and refreshed graphical interfaces for the Mastering Comp and Mastering EQ sections.

Availability & Pricing
The Roland FANTOM series, including the FANTOM 6, FANTOM 7, and FANTOM 8, are available in the U.S. for: $3,499, $3,899, and $4,199, respectively. The Roland FANTOM EX Upgrade is now available for $199."

Friday, October 20, 2023

Roland GAIA 2 / SH-101 Model - APHEX TWIN style sequence from scratch!

video upload by gattobus

"The SH-101 is my absolute favorite synthesizer for bass lines.
Thanks to GAIA 2 full size keys, knobs and faders, you get the same feel as the original with all the controls where you expect to find them...
...and it sounds amazing thanks to the new integrated SHIMMER REVERB.

No external FX added. Recorded straight from USB-C to computer.
Enjoy! :D"

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Roland Announces GAIA 2 Synthesizer

video upload by RolandChannel

Roland GAIA 2 Synthesizer Overview

User videos:


1. Roland GAIA2 Demo & Review - musictrackjp
2. New Roland GAIA 2 - "Skywards" - demo by gattobus
3. ROLAND GAIA 2 Review, tutorial, and all 250+ presets - loopop
4. Roland GAIA2 - 1st LOOK Sonic Lab Presentation - sonicstate
5. Roland GAIA 2 Sound Demo (no talking) - Bonedo Synthesizers
6. Roland GAIA 2 Sound Demo (no talking) - Limbic Bits

Press release follows.

Advanced Synthesizer with Wavetable and Virtual Analog Engines, an Intuitive Sound Design Workflow, Expressive Hands-On Controls, Model Expansion Support, and More

Los Angeles, CA, Sept. 28, 2023 — Roland announces GAIA 2, an advanced synthesizer with a newly developed hybrid sound engine and a friendly panel layout that makes learning synthesis and exploring sound design easy and fun. Equipped with wavetable and virtual analog oscillators, interactive controls, 37 full-size keys, Model Expansion support, and other powerful features, GAIA 2 opens the door to an infinite universe of inspired creation.

GAIA 2’s diverse synthesis tools allow users to build familiar sounds and craft new voices never heard before. Reaching beyond previous designs, the wavetable oscillator can morph between multiple waveforms for everything from dramatic shifts to slowly evolving textures. Unique phase and shape modulation options are also available to distort waveforms and unleash cutting-edge textures with complex overtones. Complementing the wavetable oscillator are twin virtual analog oscillators, ready to reimagine past classics or sculpt the sounds of the future. From smooth tones reminiscent of vintage synths to edgy, biting leads to sci-fi soundscapes, GAIA 2 can do it.

GAIA 2 also supports Roland Model Expansions, which faithfully recreate iconic synthesizers from the company’s long history. With a dedicated button, users can instantly swap between the built-in sound engine and classics like the JUPITER-8 or JUNO-106. The SH-101 Model Expansion comes pre-installed, and many additional titles and accompanying Sound Packs are available on Roland Cloud.

GAIA 2’s logically organized panel encourages hands-on exploration and sonic discovery. The one-control-per-function layout and informative display enable instant programming without having to resort to creativity-killing menu diving. And with the streamlined knobs and white anodized aluminum panel, even the look is inspiring.

GAIA 2 features a touch-controlled Motional Pad that brings static sounds to life. Users can assign nearly any synth or effect parameter to each of the X/Y points and then morph between them by moving a finger on the pad. It’s also possible to record movements to create complex, modulated transformations.

The free-flowing sequencer in GAIA 2 lets users instantly capture their inspiration and realize their wildest visions. There’s also a cool Random Pattern feature to spark new ideas with spontaneous pattern creation.

GAIA 2 comes loaded with classic Roland effects to take sonic creations to the next level. Over 50 unique MFX types are available, plus a dedicated Chorus section for adding width and dimension. A powerful Reverb/Delay section features a new studio-grade Shimmer Reverb and many other high-quality effect types.

Via USB-C, GAIA 2 functions as an audio/MIDI interface for music production apps on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The class-compliant connection is plug-and-play, with no driver installation needed. A USB Type-A port is also available for connecting a USB flash drive for data backup or a standard USB MIDI controller for extended operation.

GAIA 2 supports Roland Cloud Connect, an optional wireless adapter for browsing and downloading Roland Cloud content using a mobile device. A Roland Cloud Connect purchase also includes a year of Roland Cloud Pro membership with unlimited use of thousands of sounds, Model Expansions, and much more.

The optional CB-B37 Keyboard Bag for GAIA 2 provides durable, high-quality protection for the synthesizer while traveling and making music around town. This versatile bag also works with the JUPITER-Xm, legacy GAIA SH-01, and other 37-note keyboards.

Availability & Pricing

The Roland GAIA 2 is now available in the U.S. for $899.99.

Click the pics for the full size shots.

Friday, December 09, 2022

n/zyme Walkthrough Part 4(of 5): SCENE CREATION

video upload by gattobus

Additional n/zyme Walkthrough posts

"n/zyme is a Model Expansion available for Fantom flagship synth only.
Here's the fourth tutorial.

Fantom is so powerful that you can use multiple instances of n/zyme simultaneously!
In this video I'm showing how to create a scene with 4 parts and I'll be using the motional pad to morph 4 tones in real time!

More info on n/zyme here:"

Friday, December 02, 2022

n/zyme Walkthrough Part 3(of 5): STEP LFO

video upload by gattobus

n/zyme Walkthrough posts

"n/zyme is a Model Expansion available for Fantom flagship synth only.
Here's my third tutorial.
In this video I'm showing the Step LFO section, a multiple step modulator to create complex modulation sequences and to shape your sound in real time."

Thursday, December 01, 2022

TR-8S - Free FM Kit! - "FM Rainbow" song by gattobus

video upload by gattobus

"With the latest TR-8S firmware update, Roland added new FM models [additional posts here] that can also be used for creating synth sounds! For this occasion I created a custom FM Kit that you can download and use it for free!

Here's the link to DOWNLOAD the FM Kit:

I hope you like it and that you can use it to add some gattobus magic to your creations! :P "

Friday, November 25, 2022

n/zyme Walkthrough Part 2(of 5): WAVE DRAWING

video upload by gattobus

"n/zyme is a Model Expansion available for Fantom flagship synth only.
Here's my second tutorial. This time I'm showing the incredible features of the drawing oscillator, an incredible tool to shape the sound with the touch of a single finger!"

Additonal n/zyme Walkthrough videos

Friday, November 18, 2022

n/zyme Walkthrough Part 1 (of 5): WAVETABLE

video upload by gattobus

"n/zyme is a Model Expansion available for Fantom flagship synth only.
Here's my first tutorial on this amazing synth engine that turns Fantom in one of the most creative and powerful sound design tool ever!
In this first tutorial I'm focusing on the Wavetable oscillator section and its shaping tools."

Additional posts on n/zyme

Friday, November 11, 2022

The Cheat Boxes - Roland J-6, Boss Dm-2w, Korg NTS-1, norns shield - Ambient demo by gattobus

video upload by gattobus

"Creating new tunes with the new Aira Compact J-6 almost feels like cheating.
It contains a lot of arpeggio styles and all the chord progressions and harmonies for past, present and future music: it's up to you how to put them together and create new cool songs.
Korg NTS-1 and norns shield are the perfect couple to create cool digital soundscapes and FX: I love them.
Boss Dm-2w is one if the best analog delay stompbox I've ever had: it sounds huge and creamy and it adds that warm analog texture to anything you put through it.
This song was born while I was just playing around with these little boxes, I hope you like it!"

Monday, September 12, 2022

Roland JD-XA | Demo / Ambient / Cinematic / Downtempo - Jam-Session | Part #1 fav. Sequences

video upload by Kosmokatze

"A little Jam with some of my favorite Patches from the great 'Gattobus Signature Sound Collection'"

Thursday, September 08, 2022

"Lighthouse song" by gattobus - Roland J-6 / T-8 / T.E. OP-1field

video upload by gattobus

"I recorded this song during my summer vacation in Vieste (Puglia, Italy).
I used Roland Aira Compact J-6, T-8 and Teenage Engineering OP-1.
They are without doubt the ultimate (and most fun) portable instruments for playing outdoors!
Everything's been played in real time and recorded with my old trusty Roland R-05 pocket recorder.
I hope you like it!

This track can be downloaded (name your price) here:"

Monday, June 06, 2022

OP 1 field song: "Mother"

video upload by gattobus

"This is my first track with the new OP-1 field.
The first track I uploaded with my old OP-1, 11 years ago, was for my wife.
This is dedicated to my mother.

You can download it here for free (or leave a donation):"

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Introducing Roland AIRA Compact | T-8 Beat Machine, J-6 Chord Synthesizer, E-4 Voice Tweaker

video upload by

$199.99 each. Additional videos below. Press release and pics below them.

"AIRA Compact puts Roland’s legendary creative magic in the palm of your hand. Easily play and perform with these highly jammable instruments—anywhere, anytime. Chain them together to catalyze your creativity or connect with MIDI gear, computers, and music apps to expand your setup. Just power on and go with the flow.

About the T-8 Beat Machine

The T-8 Beat Machine is a mini rhythm factory with six tracks of pristine TR drums plus a TB-303 bass track. Embodying decades of modern musical sound, the T-8 gives you the power to create infectious tracks in seconds flat. Craft on-the-fly acid jams or trap bangers with the intuitive 16-step sequencer, shape sounds with onboard controls, and flip and dice beats with simple, yet powerful tools.

About the J-6 Chord Synthesizer

The J-6 is a portable synth toolbox with all the building blocks you'll need to bring harmonic substance to your jams. Pairing a powerfully unique chord sequencer with lavish JUNO-60 synth tones, J-6 packs a versatile feature set into a highly jammable format. Generate soul-stirring song ideas with the turn of a knob and explore 100 chord sets over a variety of genres. Experiment with styles and variations to coax dancing lines and rhythmic patterns from your chords. Add lush chorus, reverb, or delay to frost your sound.

About the E-4 Voice Tweaker

Harmonize, auto-pitch, vocode, loop, and glitch your voice all from the portable E-4 Voice Tweaker. Want hands-on control? Connect a mic or input a feed and easily explore effects using the sliders, function buttons, and scatter knob. From looping live jams to livestreaming or tightening up and expanding performances, the E-4 will transform your voice into your new favorite instrument.

Chapter Breakdown
0:00 – Series Introduction
1:50 – T-8 Beat Machine
2:22 – T-8 Patterns, Sounds, and Tracks
3:22 – T-8 Hands-On Controls and Performance Tools
4:19 – T-8 Create a Drumbeat
4:41 – T-8 Create a Bassline
5:40 – T-8 Advance Programming and Effects
6:25 – J-6 Chord Synth
6:52 – J-6 Playback and Genres (Chord Sets)
7:13 – J-6 Sound
7:52 – J-6 Style and Variation
8:22 – J-6 Chord Sequencer
9:14 – J-6 Connect to DAW
9:39 – E-4 Voice Tweaker
10:14 – E-4 Hands-On Controls
10:29 – E-4 Auto Pitch, Harmony, Vocoder
11:09 – E-4 Looper
11:26 – E-4 Scatter
11:50 – Connectivity"

Roland AIRA Compact J-6 / T-8 / E-4 - DEMO by gattobus

video upload by gattobus

"Roland's birthday party it's not over!
A few days ago they sent me these little magic boxes to try them out and in less than an hour of tweaking, I came out with this song!!!
The song title "A Big Tiny World" is because they are BIG sounding TINY boxes indeed! :D
They are:

- J-6 Chord Synthesizer
- T-8 Beat Machine
- E-4 Voice Tweaker

Their sound quality is astonishing! It's amazing to have the power of ACB technology in such a small form factor...
Everything you hear in this video was played and recorded in real time, no post processing or FX was added.
I had so much fun, I hope you like it!"

Roland Aira Compact : T-8 / J-6 / E-4 : Portable Drum Machine, Polyphonic Synth, & Vocal Effects

video upload by Perfect Circuit

T-8 Drum Machine & Acid Style Bass Synth : J-6 Polyphonic Synth : E-4 Vocal Transformer :

"Join our pal Dustin for the debut of the AIRA COMPACT line of synthesizers ! These three desktop style devices combine some of Roland's most recognizable and powerful sound palettes into a portable, affordable, and outrageously fun package!

Check out our in-depth Signal article for more details -

0:00 - Intro jam
1:07 - Overview of Aira Compact Line
2:54 - T-8 Drum Machine & Bass Synthesizer
5:50 - J-6 Four Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer
9:50 - E-4 Vocal Processor, Looper, & Effects
11:57 - Robot Acid BOPS !"

AIRA Compact- First Look at the new Range

video upload by

Roland T-8 J-6 E-4 Compacts Review: Here's what makes them special // Full Tutorial

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:05 Overview
2:05 Connectivity
8:30 Drum sounds
11:55 Bass synth
14:00 Sequencing
19:20 Effects
20:15 Drive
22:05 Sidechain
24:55 Performance
26:20 T-8 Pros, cons
28:10 J-6 OVERVIEW
29:20 Synth
31:15 Effects
32:55 Keys, chords
33:50 Phrases/arp
36:10 Sequencer
39:50 Step length
40:20 Menu misc
41:40 J-6 Pros & cons
45:10 E-4 OVERVIEW
46:00 Eight things it does
50:00 Interface
50:50 MIDI control
51:20 Vocoder
52:00 Looper
53:20 Scatter
56:25 E-4 Pros & cons
58:25 T-8 Patterns
1:07:10 J-6 Patterns

How fun is the Aira Compact series?

video upload by True Cuckoo

And the press release:

Fun, Pocket-Size Instruments with Innovative Creative Features, Authentic Roland Sounds, and Class-Leading Connectivity

Los Angeles, CA, May 10, 2022 — Roland announces AIRA Compact, an all-new series of ultra-portable instruments with free-flowing features for creative exploration and authentic Roland sounds. Fun, affordable, and easy to learn, the T-8 Beat Machine, J-6 Chord Synthesizer, and E-4 Voice Tweaker bring serious musical power to everyone from hobbyists and gadget collectors to tech-savvy pros.

AIRA Compact instruments let anyone jam, perform, and develop ideas on the go with friendly controls, inspiring sounds, and loads of intuitive music tools. Users can realize complete compositions with a single unit or expand their possibilities by connecting and synchronizing with other AIRA Compact models. From one master unit, multiple AIRA Compacts can be mixed and monitored with headphones or an external speaker system. It’s also possible to interface with computer DAWS, mobile music apps, and hardware instruments via USB-C or MIDI.

Driven by Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) and other advanced technologies found in top-line Roland instruments, AIRA Compact delivers the real-deal sounds behind decades of hit music. Users can create with the genuine voices of Roland icons, including TR rhythms, TB basses, JUNO synths, VT effects, and more.

Driven by Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) and other advanced technologies found in top-line Roland instruments, AIRA Compact delivers the real-deal sounds behind decades of hit music. Users can create with the genuine voices of Roland icons, including TR rhythms, TB basses, JUNO synths, VT effects, and more.

AIRA Compact strikes the perfect balance between portability and power. Each model is small enough to slip into a pocket and features an inviting panel to jump-start the creative flow for immediate results. Onboard lithium-ion batteries provide hours of continuous use per charge, while Roland’s famous build quality will support musical adventures for years to come.

T-8 Beat Machine
The T-8 Beat Machine combines iconic Roland drum and bass sounds in a go-everywhere rhythm factory. Beatmakers can build tracks with legendary sounds from the TR-808, TR-909, and TR-606 drum machines, paired with the shapeshifting low end of the dynamic TB-303 Bass Line. The six-track drum sequencer features the famous TR-REC workflow, enhanced with deep tools like step loop, pattern shift, probability, and others to generate dynamic performances with constantly evolving grooves. The T-8 also provides an authentic TB-303 bass experience, including the tactile power to squeeze, squelch, and mangle sounds in the moment.

J-6 Chord Synthesizer
The J-6 Chord Synthesizer is an endless well of musical inspiration, pairing a powerful chord sequencer with the lavish tones of the renowned JUNO-60 synth. Creators don’t need to know chords or theory to make music—they can simply call up one of 100 chords sets and build compelling chord progressions with one-touch presses on the built-in keyboard. Styles and variations are also available to coax dancing lines and rhythmic patterns from chords. Users can quickly string progressions together via step input, tweak the sound with dedicated filter and envelope controls, and add polish with customizable delay and reverb effects.

E-4 Voice Tweaker
The E-4 Voice Tweaker combines advanced voice transformer tools and standard vocal effects with a hands-on interface that’s meant to be played. Performers can go from traditional vocal enhancements to punchy beatboxed grooves to striking alien soundscapes—all in a single tune. Pitch and formant sliders are available to instantly change the vocal gender, create robot voices, and more. Auto Pitch, automatic harmony, and vocoder processors are included, along with reverb, delay, and other effects. There’s also a built-in 24-second looper for capturing performances on the fly, plus a unique Scatter function for slicing and dicing the sound via a dedicated panel knob.

Availability & Pricing

The Roland AIRA Compact series is now available in the U.S. for $199.99 each."

Check with dealers on the right for availability.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Meet the New Roland Juno-X 61-key Synthesizer

Introducing the Roland JUNO-X Synthesizer | Three JUNOs in One (JUNO-60, JUNO-106, and JUNO-X)
video upload by RolandChannel

"Watch David Ahlund introduce the JUNO-X synthesizer’s wide range of sounds and features. This three-in-one synth contains the vintage JUNO-60 and JUNO-106 engines from the legendary JUNO lineup plus the modern JUNO-X sound engine. Combine and layer up to four parts and bring the warm vintage sounds of the ‘80s into the future.

Enhance your performance with three additional Roland classics—XV-5080, RD-Piano, and Vocoder. From the built-in chorus to the forward-thinking I-Arpeggio, JUNO-X combines classic effects with modern musical muscle for an unmatched JUNO experience.

Not only is JUNO-X packed with unrivaled sounds, but it also features a familiar panel with responsive controls and a full-sized keyboard for immersive performance. Plus, you can tweak tones, build scenes, and swap parameters easily using the free JUNO-X Editor for Windows and Mac OS available on Roland Cloud.

0:00 Introduction
1:11 JUNO-X Engine
3:08 JUNO-60 Model
4:14 JUNO-106 Model
5:49 XV-5080 Model
6:21 RD-Piano Model
6:40 ZEN-Core Sounds
7:32 Designing Sounds—Synth Bass
8:39 Designing Sounds—Pad
9:33 Designing Sounds—Organ
10:18 Designing Sounds—Lead
11:14 Vocoder
12:10 Scenes
14:25 I-Arpeggio
15:49 Drum Step Sequencing
17:32 Roland Cloud Connect
18:13 Performance"

Roland Juno-X Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer - First Look with Scott Berry

video upload by Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Roland Fantom-0 Bundles at Kraft Music:"

New Roland JUNO-X: First Impressions, Patch Building, Features & Review

video upload by MR TUNA Music

"My friends--- I can finally say it: The Juno-X is HERE.
What an honour to be a part of the launch campaign with my friends at Roland. I am a huge advocate for the original Jupiter-X and all of its amazing capabilities, and the new Juno-X does EVERYTHING the Jupiter does in a more accessible and more inexpensive package--- it even has stereo speakers under the hood!

Here is my day 1 review of this awesome synthesizer.

0:00 - The NEW Juno-X
1:17 - Creating sounds from scratch with the Juno-X model
6:26 - Detuning oscillators
7:32 - Juno Chorus I, II, & III
10:29 - Filter modes: Roland, Moog, Sequential
12:12 - Changing parts, adding in part 2: Juno-106 model
16:10 - Stacking sounds
16:53 - Adding in part 3: RD Piano model
17:49 - 3 layer super stack!!!
19:30 - Adding in a rhythm/arpeggio
21:11 - Exploring some scenes
27:07 - Feature rundown
29:09 - Comparison with Jupiter-X
30:26 - Closing Thoughts

Roland JUNO-X - DEMO by gattobus: "Distant Memories"

video upload by gattobus

"Here is the new Roland JUNO-X!!!
Every sound you hear in this video comes from this instrument, no overdubs, everything's been played in real time using the 5 internal parts, iArpeggio and the step sequencer.
Inside of each unit that you will find in the stores, there's also a piece of me as I had the privilege to create a lot of factory tones, scenes and the new iArpeggio 2.0 patterns!
I put a lot of love into it and I'm so happy with the final result. I have never felt so good with a synth since System-8, my first real job for Roland. It's a great honour for me to collaborate with them.
This simple song that I played, is not just a demo, it's a declaration of love towards life, for the fact that it led me to do (at least for me) the most beautiful job in the world.
I would like to thank president Jun-Ichi Miki, Hisakazu Yamasato, Akihiro Nagata, Yoshinori Iwamoto, Gota Miyabashira and all the amazing people in Roland I've been in contact with during the last 5 years. You are like superheroes to me, you're really making my dreams come true.
I hope this is only the beginning.
Happy 50th Anniversary Roland!!! 🧡"

And the press release (click the pics to zoom in):

The Legendary JUNO Experience Reimagined with the Power of Roland’s ZEN-Core Synthesis System

Los Angeles, CA, April 26, 2022 — Roland announces JUNO-X, a new polyphonic synthesizer driven by the next-generation ZEN-Core Synthesis System. JUNO-X brings the best of the past together with Roland’s latest technologies, reimagining the vintage JUNO experience with vastly expanded sound possibilities and free-flowing tools tuned for today’s music. It delivers the full capabilities of the native ZEN-Core engine, along with genuine recreations of the JUNO-60 and JUNO-106 synths plus other legacy Roland instruments.

Standing among the greatest analog synthesizers ever created, Roland’s iconic JUNO lineup has had a massive impact on music for over four decades. The warm, organic sounds of the JUNO-60 and JUNO-106 defined countless ’80s pop hits and played a huge role in the emergence of techno, house, synthwave, and other electronic styles. JUNO-X delivers the vintage JUNO spirit that continues to inspire leading music makers, coupled with the power and versatility needed for modern workflows.

JUNO-X includes JUNO-60 and JUNO-106 Models, plus an all-new JUNO-X engine with a Super Saw waveform, velocity sensitivity, pitch envelope control, and other evolved features. The two beloved chorus modes from the originals are also available, plus a third mode with even more fatness and swirl. Users can combine them to create seven different chorus effects for use with any JUNO-X tone.

JUNO-X features additional Models from the historic Roland canon, including the PCM-based XV-5080, acoustic pianos from the RD series, and an expressive Vocoder. Model Expansions from Roland Cloud are supported as well, giving players the ability to load optional titles such as the JUPITER-8, JD-800, SH-101, Vocal Designer, and others.

Roland Cloud is also home to a growing range of Wave Expansions, Sound Packs, Sample Packs, and other creative tools, and ten free Sound Packs are available with a JUNO-X purchase. Additionally, JUNO-X provides integrated support for Roland Cloud Connect, a powerful option that includes the WC-1 wireless adapter and one year of Roland Cloud Pro membership. This allows users to browse, audition, and load Model Expansion titles and other Pro membership content directly to the keyboard via Wi-Fi.

A key element of the JUNO’s appeal was a straightforward interface that made it easy to craft inspiring sounds and evolving textures in the heat of the moment. With a familiar hands-on panel inspired by the original 1980s synths, JUNO-X invites players to fully immerse in the music and create without limits. Up to four tones can be layered together, and a wide selection of modern effects are available for enhancing sounds. First introduced with JUPITER-X, the powerful I-Arpeggio function offers both traditional arpeggio sounds and organic, inspiring movement driven by intelligent algorithms.

JUNO-X comes equipped with an expressive 61-note keyboard with aftertouch and loads of connectivity for every musical workflow, including balanced and unbalanced audio outputs, a stereo audio input, and MIDI I/O. There’s also a mic input for vocal performing or feeding the onboard Vocoder. USB is available for data backup, audio/MIDI communication with DAWS, and remote editing with the free JUNO-X Editor for macOS and Windows. A high-quality stereo speaker system provides built-in sound monitoring, and Bluetooth® is available for streaming music from a mobile device.

Availability & Pricing

The Roland JUNO-X Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer will be available in the U.S. in May for $1999.99."

--- Original post prior to the above follows (pics replaced with hi res versions - click them for the full size shots) ---

This is just breaking - no press release or info on Roland's site yet. Until then, some pics and features. As you can see this one is based on the Juno-106 design. The UI is as important as the engine and it looks like Roland may have nailed this one. The one problem with the original Juno-106 are those BA662A voice chips that fail over time. I've had a couple go and they are not simple to replace. You have to unsolder multiple pins on them to remove them.

What's interesting is it appears Roland is releasing classic physical designs with overlapping synth engines. The JUPITER-X has the JUPITER-8, JX-8P, JUNO-106, SH-101, XV-5080, RD, Vocoder, and ZEN-Core engines. The Juno-X has JUNO-106, Juno-60, XV-5080, RD, Vocoder, and ZEN-Core. So the X adds the Juno-60 but is missing the Jupiter-8, JX-8P, and SH-101? The Juno-X adds built-in speakers like the Jupiter-Xm. Interesting they note the speakers were inspired by the Juno-60 below. The Juno-60 did not have built-in speakers. The Juno-106S and SynthPlus 60 did.


Over 4,000 presets from historic Roland products including the JUNO-106, Juno-60, XV-5080, RD series of pianos, and classic vocoder model

Model Expansions incorporate even more Roland history and sound-design technology to offer nearly endless options for sonic exploration

Newly engineered Super Saw oscillator, Chorus III effect, and more use ZEN-core Synthesis to deliver a worthy holder of the Juno gauntlet

Layer up to 4 different sounds for unparalleled tone design opportunities

Intuitive interface enables straightforward sound design and modification

Ergonomic arrangements encourage breezy workflow, setup recall, and preset management with Scenes (up to 256 global setup presets)

Free Juno-X Editor software is included to give you even deeper access to making your sounds your own

Classic design and robust hardware seamlessly blend satisfying tactility with precision control

Aftertouch and assignable sliders and switches provide great range of expressivity

Retro arpeggiator and I-Arpeggiator can be freely toggled to allow for greater rhythmic flourish
USB audio/MIDI interface and USB memory port for data backup, computer connection, and more

Onboard stereo speakers (inspired by the Juno-60) and Bluetooth compatibility make it easy to jam along to any accompanying track

Dedicated microphone input includes its own effects to model inputs and vocoded sounds

Multi-effects suite includes multiple forms of reverb, delay, chorus, EQ, compression, and overdrive

Output jacks for hold and control pedals allow for expansion of expressive control

3.5mm and 1/4-inch headphone outputs, L/Mono and R 1/4-inch main outs, and L/R XLR outs

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

JUPITER-X/Xm O.S. 3.0 with NEW Sound Engine!!!

video upload by gattobus

"Quick demo of the new native sound engine that is available exclusively for Jupiter-X/Xm in O.S. 3.0 update. In this video I'm playing some of the factory scenes that I created exclusively for this amazing instrument.

Built on the classic JUPITER heritage, vintage analog sound has been modernized with new capabilities and creative options.

4 Oscillators with new waveforms, 2 LFOs, 5 Envelopes, Double XMod and Sync options, etc... A new iArpeggio is introduced, with new patterns and PROBABILITY styles.

O.S. 3.0 also doubles internal memory for user scenes and tones!

Download it for free, following the links below:



Update notes:

[ Ver.3.00 ] APR 2022

Please refer to the "JUPITER-X Owner's Manual Ver. 3.0 and later" and "JUPITER-X Reference Manual Ver. 3.0 and later" for detailed information in the [ Owner's Manuals ].

Additional Functions

The model "JUPITER-X" has been newly provided as a preloaded model.

The model "JUPITER-X" is a new model that takes the model "JUPITER-8" as its motif and is designed with the aim of achieving the ideal analog synthesizer configuration. Through such moves as adoption of four oscillators, seven types of waveform selection, implementation of oscillator pan and oscillator delay, adoption of a variety of velocity sense functions, and more, this provides new vintage synth expressiveness that transcends the boundaries of vintage synths.

The functionality of I-ARPEGGIO has been extended.

I-ARP TYPE setting values have been increased from 55 to 65 (10 more) and I-ARP RHYTHM setting values have been increased from 44 to 65 (21 more).

Mode switching has been added to enable easy switching of simple arpeggios and step sequencers for each individual part.

It is now possible to change styles and variations for each individual part by using I-ARP and the ARP mode.

A Probability function has been added. This makes it possible to assign a probability to the sound production of each note, and also enables changing its extent through interlinking with I-ARPEGGIO.

New preset sound content has been added (scenes and tones).

The number of scenes and the number of user tones have both been increased from 256 to 512.

Functionality Improvement

Various improvements to the user interface have been made.

When setting parameter values, a value list can now be displayed by pressing the [ ENTER ] button.

The structure of the view displayed when the [ MENU ] button is pressed has been reorganized.

The naming screens for scenes, tones, and the like have been improved.

The order of Z-Core Tone parameters has been reorganized.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed.

Minor bugs.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Roland Introduces the FANTOM-0 - New Lineup of Synthesizer Keyboards

video upload by RolandChannel

The Roland FANTOM-0 synthesizer keyboard series will be available in the U.S. in April for the following prices:
● FANTOM-06: $1,499.99
● FANTOM-07: $1,799.99
● FANTOM-08: $1,999.99

"Discover the FANTOM-0 Series synthesizer lineup added to the FANTOM family. The three models offer the sonic power and fluid workflow of the flagship FANTOM series with a lightweight design and more affordable price. Choose from the 61-note FANTOM-06, 76-note FANTOM-07, or 88-note FANTOM-08. You’ll have everything you need to capture your creative vision and perform your pieces in one fluid instrument.

Take advantage of FANTOM-0’s powerful synth engine with instant access to ever-expanding Roland Cloud content, including Model Expansions, Sound Packs, Sample Packs, and more. And with features like hands-on knobs and sliders, color touchscreen, quick sampling features, and a clip-based sequencer, your production and performance processes will be smooth as silk. Plus, FANTOM-0 integrates with production software like Logic Pro, MainStage, and Ableton Live for a seamless setup.

Performers can easily carry FANTOM-0 instruments from the studio to the stage. Weighing significantly less than most other professional keyboards, just slide the synth into its gig bag and go wherever inspiration takes you.

In this video, learn about the impressive range of features and extraordinary sounds that make FANTOM-0 series synthesizers the creative hub of producers and performers alike.

0:00 Intro
1:37 SuperNATURAL Piano
2:39 SuperNATURAL EP
3:30 Virtual ToneWheel Organ
4:12 SuperNATURAL Strings
5:20 ZEN-Core Synthesizers
7:11 High-Resolution Filter
8:03 Step LFO
9:16 DSP Effects
9:38 Drums and Step-Sequencing
10:46 Sounds from Roland Cloud
12:37 Sample Pads
13:32 Multisamples
15:23 Scenes
16:19 Scene Chain
17:11 Pattern Sequencer
19:49 Piano Roll Editor
20:44 Song Arrangement
21:21 DAW Integration
26:14 MainStage Integration
28:01 FANTOM-0 Models"

Roland Fantom-0 Workstation Keyboard - First Look with Scott Berry
video upload by Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Roland Fantom-0 Bundles at Kraft Music:"

New Roland Fantom 08 - Quick demo by gattobus

video upload by gattobus

"Here's a quick demo using multiple parts on the new Fantom 08.
Everything's been played in real time, no overdubs.
In the second part of the video I used the internal pattern sequencer playing along with a lead sound."

And the press release:

Streamlined Instruments with Advanced Sounds and Creative Features Directly Inherited from the Flagship FANTOM Series

Los Angeles, CA, March 15, 2022 — Roland introduces the FANTOM-0 series, a new lineup of synthesizer keyboards for performers, producers, and music creators. The FANTOM-06, FANTOM-07, and FANTOM-08 models combine the sonic power and fluid workflow of the top-of-the-line FANTOM series in light, streamlined instruments that flow smoothly into every musical situation, from studio production to high-level stage performances.

Unveiled in 2019, Roland’s reimagined FANTOM series has received worldwide acclaim for its advanced sound technologies and unique creative workflow that eliminates confusing modes and technical frustration. FANTOM-0 carries on this approach, offering core FANTOM features in highly portable instruments that weigh significantly less than most top-tier professional keyboards. Users can play and produce with thousands of Roland’s best sounds and unleash their musical vision with a color touchscreen, hands-on controls, and deep computer integration derived from the flagship models.

FANTOM-0 offers unlimited sound-making possibilities with Roland’s ZEN-Core, SuperNATURAL, and Virtual ToneWheel Organ technologies, with further expansion available through Roland Cloud. Musicians can create with synthesizers and rhythm sounds that have defined entire genres, build organic compositions with pianos and other acoustic instruments, or shape sounds of the future with next-generation synthesis tools. Built for non-stop creation, FANTOM-0 lets users shape sounds and realize ideas as fast they come. Using custom creative spaces called Scenes, they can store sounds, patterns, performance layouts, song sections, and more and recall them seamlessly with no gaps or glitches. And with the free-flowing panel layout, RGB performance pads, quick sampling features, and clip-based sequencer, sessions with FANTOM-0 are inspiring, productive, and fun.

FANTOM-0 slides easily into modern production setups with a built-in 4x32 USB audio interface, and native integration with Logic Pro, MainStage, and Ableton Live provides an interactive experience with touchscreen and hardware control. It’s also possible to combine soft synths with FANTOM-0’s onboard sounds and interface with favorite MIDI hardware via the dedicated MIDI output.

FANTOM-0 instruments are easy to carry from a home studio setup to rehearsal rooms and performance stages, thanks to molded body designs that are sleek, attractive, and ultra-rugged. The 61-note FANTOM-06 and 76-note FANTOM-07 are equipped with newly developed synth-action keyboards, while the FANTOM-08 comes with 88 weighted-action keys. Other than the keyboards and physical specifications, all FANTOM-0 models offer identical features.

With Roland Cloud, players can dive deep into the historic and ever-evolving world of Roland synthesizers. Model Expansions infuse FANTOM-0 with the authentic sounds and unique characteristics of the JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, and other vintage icons. And with the growing selection of Wave Expansions, Sound Packs, Sample Packs, and more, there’s a steady stream of creative fuel for every musical journey.

Availability & Pricing

The Roland FANTOM-0 synthesizer keyboard series will be available in the U.S. in April for the following prices:

● FANTOM-06: $1,499.99
● FANTOM-07: $1,799.99
● FANTOM-08: $1,999.99

To learn more about the FANTOM-0 series, visit"

H-Res Pics (click them to zoom in):

Monday, January 31, 2022

"Mare lunaris" a modular composition by GATTOBUS

video upload by gattobus

"Headphones or a good pair of speakers recommended.
This is a live recording of me playing withy my modular.
I'm playing over two overlapping sequences, each with different measures.
This patch is quite simple, just a DPO drone, Bresnso going into a stereo filter (Popple) with Falistri used as double-envelope. Everything was driven by Fraptools Usta sequencer. Some randomness here and there using Fraptools Sapèl."

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Roland FANTOM 3.0 - n/zyme Model Expansion w/ Wavetable Synthesis

video upload by gattobus

"Roland announces the n/zyme Model Expansion for the FANTOM synthesizer series.
n/zyme is a thoroughly modern instrument with an innovative new synth engine. Featuring wavetable oscillators, wave drawing tools, phase and shape modulation, resonant filters, and two powerful step LFOs, n/zyme is a sound designer's dream, an incredible tool for sound exploration, making FANTOM the most powerful hardware synthesizer on earth. I had the incredible honour to be involved in its development programming some of the factory patches. This video that I created will give you some hints about the huge possibilities that FANTOM can offer, using multiple instances of the n/zyme engine simultaneously. Everything you hear in this video was played in real time, no overdubs! n/zyme is available via a Lifetime Key purchase through Roland Cloud. Support for n/zyme is included with the free Version 3.0 update for the FANTOM 6, FANTOM 7, and FANTOM 8 keyboards."

And the press release:

"Innovative New Synthesizer Engine Brings Fresh Creative Power to FANTOM Keyboards

Los Angeles, CA, January 20, 2022 — Roland announces the n/zyme Model Expansion for the FANTOM synthesizer series, the latest addition to the acclaimed ZEN-Core Model Expansion lineup. Built for hands-on sound design, n/zyme is a thoroughly modern instrument with an innovative new synth engine from Roland. Offering layered wavetable oscillators, phase and shape modulation, resonant filters, and two powerful step LFOs, n/zyme is a highly interactive music tool that brings a new dimension of creative power to all FANTOM owners.

Wavetable-based synths are famous for their distinctive sound, but many can be hard to program. FANTOM’s hi-res touchscreen and physical controls change all that, making n/zyme a fun, tactile instrument that inspires players to take their music into uncharted sonic territory. In contrast with basic synthesizer waveforms, wavetable oscillators employ multiple waveforms, and it’s possible to jump or morph between them for everything from dramatic shifts to slowly evolving soundscapes. With the ability to mix two layers with 63 wavetables each and adjust their positions in real time, n/zyme makes it easy for creators to develop complex textures in the heat of the moment.

Players can physically shape the sound of n/zyme by drawing custom waveforms right on FANTOM’s touchscreen, and then tweak them using a range of powerful modulation tools. It’s also possible to manipulate sounds with an X/Y pad on the touchscreen, complete with automation support and tempo-synced control over speed, intensity, and more.

Two onboard Step LFOs feature 16 tempo-synced steps and 37 different shapes per step. There’s also a Step Kick Switch to add percussive attack for deeply rhythmic sounds and phrases. Going further, users can process n/zyme’s futuristic oscillators with FANTOM’s eight onboard filter types, including detailed models of vintage analog designs.

With FANTOM’s massive DSP power, players can layer multiple n/zymes for ultra-deep tones with sophisticated movement. It’s also possible to mix n/zyme with classic Roland synthesizers, acoustic instruments, and vocoders to craft sounds never heard before.

n/zyme is the latest in a growing lineup of Model Expansions for ZEN-Core instruments and is available via a Lifetime Key purchase through Roland Cloud. Support for n/zyme is included with the free Version 3.0 update for the FANTOM 6, FANTOM 7, and FANTOM 8 keyboards.

Availability & Pricing

The Roland n/zyme Model Expansion for the FANTOM synthesizer series is available now as a Lifetime Key for $149 through Roland Cloud."

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