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Korg Poly 800 Mkll Synthesizer SN 008414

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Vintage Casio VL-Tone VL-1 Electronic Keyboard Synthesizer Calculator

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"Vintage Casio VL-Tone VL-1 Electronic Keyboard Synthesizer Calculator - Works
Circa 1979 to 1884
Uses 4 "AA" Batteries (not included)
No Owners Manual Included
Serial Number: 1G106A"

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Polyphonic 48-Key Keyboard / Vintage Synthesizer SN 001040

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Eltra Unitra eltronic 109 synthesizer from Poland

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Максим Котов

You can find an overview video of one here. A small handful of these have come up on the site here.

Some pics of one via this auction

Not this is not the one in the video above. According to the listing: "Turns on, but about half the keys don't work or have a lot of static noise. There is a constant hum from the output. The flute buttons for the Bass Organ Acc. section are sticky, and there is something rattling around inside when moving the keyboard. This is a Polish keyboard and uses a 220 volt power cord/adapter, NOT included. Comes in a hard case. Due to it's age and condition, this is being sold 'as is'."

u-he CVilization Mode IV: Quadraphonic Panner


"Mode IV offers a 4-input to 4-output mixer with dynamic panning i.e. crossfading. Ideal for distributing audio between 4 loudspeakers, Mode IV is also great for other tasks. Signals at the 2 CV inputs can modulate positions with varying amounts and polarities per channel. Mode IV also features 'Auto-Pan' and 'Auto-Hop', so you don’t even need an external modulation source to move signals around. Mode IV can process Audio or CV signals, making it a highly creative and versatile tool for any Eurorack system.

00:00 - Intro
00:07 - Mode IV Key Features
01:05 - Performance Page / Input Channels
01:20 - Adjusting Input Levels & Panorama
01:31 - Quadraphonic Panorama Positioning
01:53 - Focus View
02:04 - Program Pages
02:18 - Stereophonic Patch
02:36 - Setting up Audio Signals
03:04 - Setting up CV-A & CV-B
03:23 - Program Pages
03:39 - Auto-Pan / Setup
04:36 - External Pan Modulation (CV-A)
05:04 - Inverting Modulation
05:14 - External Pan Modulation (CV-B)
05:29 - Audio-Range Pan Modulation
05:56 - Auto-Hop / Percussive Patch
06:42 - Feedback Patch
07:18 - Program Pages
07:51 - CV Patch / Setup
08:22 - Adding Auto-Pan
08:33 - Blending 4 CV Sources into One
09:15 - Closing Remarks"

u-he CVilization Mode posts

Octatrack OS Upgrade: Multiple Trig Parameter Locks


"Octatrack has reached level 1.40. It has learned a new skill: Parameter locking multiple trigs simultaneously. You can now edit multiple Trigs at the same time, letting you do even more with your limited digits with a single push. Elektron superpowers, even quicker and easier."

An analog multi-effect in 2020? | Finegear Dust Collector


'In which I review the Finegear Dust Collector, an almost all-analog multi-effect that is bold and beautiful."

See the Finegear label for more.

Quadrantid Swarm by Eowave

Cinematic Laboratory

'I had my eye on this one since I saw it in Paul Tas' personal Error Instruments case. While my module was on its way 'home', I saw Mylar Melodies' video using it in a techno set. I was already sold, but wow I did not expect the QS to be that cool. Unfortunately mine came without a spring reverb and I am not sure the Eurorack version includes one. Oh well, nothing a Desmodus Versio can't fix."

Motor Synth - dark, ambient woodworking in the night

Floyd Steinberg

"Here's your reminder that the #MotorSynth deserves more attention and fanfare and is very capable of creating great-sounding melodic #electromechanical #ambient music. Motor Synth is an electromechanical synthesizer which generates sound by spinning drone motors. All the sounds in this track were created on this machine and recorded to 4 tracks one after the other (pad, bass, arpeggiator, lead). I used the 'arpeggiator per oscillator' feature on this track for the bass patch and the filtered saw wave thing.
Effects pedals were set up like this: Motor Synth - Strymon Iridium - ZOOM MS100BT - Source Audio Nemesis - Strymon BigSky
Hope you like it, and apologies to @Gamechanger Audio for the practical cinematographic jokes therein. Hope you take it lightly. :-) :-) :-) (In fact, those guys and girls are very cool and sent me hardware revision containing dampers yesterday, so you will see the new and much less noisy version of this machine again in the future)."

Waldorf Q: Cybernaut


"Waldorf Q in Multi mode: 4 keyboard zones: Noise effect, sequence, brass, oboe. The sequence consists of a percussion track and a transposable bass line. The transposed key changes after the current cycle. The song is Cybernaut from the 1971 electronic album 'Zero Time' by Tanto's Expanding Headband. The Q's multitimbrality allows such real time performance. Recorded on IPhone."

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