Sunday, March 05, 2017

Custom ARP & Roland Based 5U Suitcase Modular System

This one in via SoundRay. This system is not for sale. It is only one of two systems built by Paul-S-Tone.

"Custom made modular system in suitcase featuring:

Double VCO Arp Odyssey MK1 with waveshaper (triangle/sine) and switch to send the 4 waveforms to a clipper circuit to control the WAVE offset

Sub oscillator Roland SH-101 with independent audio output;

Arp Odyssey ring modulator

DC mixer

ARP 4023 VCF with 3 audio inputs

ROLAND SYSTEM 100M ADSR with clipper option

2 syncable LFO

Sample and Hold


Stroh Modular dual VCA with the outs normalized to the reverb input fx by Ken Stone


All components are the same ones used in the original machines mentioned

Design and assembly by Paolo Sassi aka Paul-S-Stone

Owner Gianpiero De Filippo [aka SoundRay]"

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