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Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Synthscapes - Vol. 3" by synth4ever - Featuring One Synth Per Track

"Synthscapes - Vol. 3 is the third album from Canadian ambient electronica artist synth4ever.

It features nearly 3.5 HOURS of relaxing ambient soundscapes, space music, soothing drones and melodic chillout sessions for your listening pleasure.

Synthscapes - Vol. 3 is designed to take you on an emotional sonic journey to the edges of the universe and beyond, through the power of electronic and synthesizer-based ambient space music.

All songs were performed, improvised and recorded in real-time using only one hardware synthesizer per track, during 2014-2016.

Headphones are highly recommended for an enhanced listening experience.

released June 21, 2016"

You'll find the list of synths used for each track below. This is a great way to hear what each synth is capable of on its own; think of each as a demo for the given synth.

DSI Poly Evolver (12 Voices)
1. Cosmic Light
4. Steamworks (+ Strymon Big Sky)
6. Nice Day
9. Parallelograms (+ Strymon Big Sky)
10. Primates (+ Strymon Big Sky)
14. Heavenly (+ Strymon Big Sky)
17. Incantation
27. Robotix (+ Strymon Big Sky)

Korg DW-8000
2. Eternal Vision (+ Strymon Big Sky & Eventide Timefactor)
18. The Journey Within (+ Strymon Big Sky & Eventide Timefactor)
24. Don't Leave (+ Eventide Timefactor)
29. Stardust

Roland JD-800
5. From The Heart
16. Oriental Sun
22. Interstellar
25. Footsteps

Akai AX60
3. Solar Flares (+ Eventide SPACE)
7. Runner (+ Strymon Big Sky)
12. Spaceport (+ Eventide SPACE)
13. Divinity (+ Strymon Big Sky & Eventide Timefactor)
20. Sunshine (+ Eventide Timefactor)
21. Hypnotic (+ Strymon Big Sky & Eventide Timefactor)
31. The 12th Dimension (+ Eventide SPACE)
32. Celestial Being (+ Strymon Big Sky & Eventide Timefactor)

Fender/Rhodes Chroma Polaris
8. Worlds Beyond (+ Strymon Big Sky & MXR Stereo Chorus)
11. Stay, My Love (+ Eventide Timefactor & MXR Stereo Chorus)
19. Airwaves (+ Eventide MODFactor & SPACE)
23. A Walk In The Park (+ Strymon Big Sky & MXR Stereo Chorus)
28. Nightfall (+Eventide MODFactor & Eventide SPACE & MXR Stereo Chorus)
30. Memories Of You (+Eventide SPACE & MXR Stereo Chorus)

Novation Supernova II
15. And The Angels Cried (Serenity) (+Strymon Big Sky)

Waldorf MicroWAVE XT
26. Looking Glass

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