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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Expressive E Announces Lié & UVI Partnership

Uploaded on Jan 7, 2017 Expressive E

You might remember Expressive E's innovative Touché controller introduced last year at NAMM. The last post I had on them was actually back on January 25 of 2016. You might have wondered why they went dark for a bit. Well it appears they were busy making improvements as well as working with UVI.

"At the last NAMM Expressive E announced Touché, a unique instrument with a sensitive and tactile approach of synthesizers. Expressive E took time to refine their offer, and they have several things to announce:

- Lié, a powerful software
- An exiting partnership with UVI
- A brand new website
- Engaging video content

Touché gives you a unique tactile approach of both software and hardware synthesizers, shaping and controlling their sound with a simple pressure of your hands. It feels natural and gives you a powerful connection with music.
Touché controls your synthesizers with four independant shi ings : Two vertical and two lateral shi ings. The four shi ings are extremely precise, reactive and sensitive. This opens up a wide variety of genuine instrumental gestures : progressive slides, subtle vibratos, percussive taps, hand-made LFOs... Each of the four shi ings can be independently mapped to one or several parameters of your synthesisers. To help you with this, Touché ships with Lié, its companion software.

Lié is a powerful software with a simple design. You can launch it inside DAWs supporting VST or AU plug-in formats. When you launch Lié, you can immediately start playing with the factory presets, or build your own sound from scratch.

The Browser shows you the list of the factory presets, as well as those you’ve saved yourself.

The Slot Center is an easy to use slot- based interface, with 8 assignable slots.

Each of the 8 slots allows you to map a parameter from your synthesizer to one of the four shi ings of Touché.

You can then adjust your sensitivity with min/max values and sensitivity curves.

The scope displays the pressure you’re applying on Touché.

You will find these three parts in either software or hardware connection scenarios, with slight

differences :

Playing with software

To control software synthesisers, Lié works as a host of virtual instruments with VST or AU format. Once hosted, you can access the virtual instrument’s interface directly from Lié, and quickly map parameters with Lié’s Speed Mapping features.

You can then save your configuration in a software preset that will appear in the browser.

Playing with hardware
Hardware synthesisers are controlled with Touché’s built-in CV and MIDI ports. Lié lets you configure what Touché sends through its CV and MIDI ports.

When working with MIDI, you can select the CC numbers of your synthesisers that you want to control, and assign them to one of the four shi ings of Touché. To make this workflow even easier, Lié ships with INIT presets for a selection of hardware synthesizers, replacing the CC numbers with the actual names of the parameters instead.
When working with CV, Lié lets you choose the voltages that Touché sends for each CV port individually, on a -10/+10 Volts range.

Hardware configurations can then be saved in a hardware preset that will appear in the browser. You can even flash these presets into Touché’s internal memory, and play with your hardware synth without any computer.

To fully exploit the instrumental potential of Touché, Expressive E made a partnership with UVI.

UVI was awarded multiple times for their industry-leading instruments, effects and sound libraries. Their flagship instrument, Falcon, is highly respected by some of the world's leading composers, sound designers, musicians and producers.

Expressive E used the powerful sound engine from Falcon to design over 100 exceptional presets. They offer a wide array of sounds, from agressive leads to soft pads, and a rich variety of playstyles.

These sounds will ship standard with every Touché, ready to be used within UVI’s player UVI Workstation.

Here’s a video showing Touché in action with some of the presets they have made:

Uploaded on Jan 18, 2017 Expressive E

Pre-sales for Touché will open the 01/19/2017 at 10:00 am (PST) on Expressive E’s upcoming new website at a price of $399 US."

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