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Friday, February 03, 2017

Introducing Melu Instruments Freak (Eurorack Oscillator)

Published on Feb 3, 2017 Melu Instruments

Note this is the first Melu Instruments post. We have a new maker in town.

"Heidi demonstrates some of the things Freak can do. Freak is a phase synchronized dual oscillator module for Eurorack modular synths."

Some extra notes for the 2nd video: "External ADSR and LFO was used to modulate some sounds. Some sounds were tweaked by hand. No filters, distortion, effects, EQ or extra layering was used in these audio examples. Everything was recorded straight from Freak without any processing."

via Melu Instruments

"Phase Synchronized Dual Oscillator

Freak is a dual oscillator for Eurorack modular synthesizers. The two digital oscillators can be phase synchronised with each other and have dedicated audio outputs. This makes it easy to process them separately while resulting in sharp and well defined bass and lead sounds. The integrated audio rate modulator creates complex and interesting timbres in an instant.

Effortless Yet Powerful

Modern music production techniques often rely on layering instruments to build the final bass and lead sounds. Drifting phases between layers make the sound less defined and less sharp. If sharpness and definition is the goal, the challenge usually is keeping the sound layers phase synchronized. This can be cumbersome even on modular systems while modulating two oscillators in audio rates. Keeping the layers in sync could become impossible if different synthesis methods are used for each layer. Freak has been designed to address this issue.

Freak contains two oscillators. Oscillator 1 consists of 8 different waveforms and has a dedicated audio rate modulator. Oscillator 2 consists of 8 more complex sound generation algorithms. Both oscillators can be phase synchronized when needed.

Both oscillators have their own dedicated audio outputs. Mix Out provides an easy way to crossfade between the two oscillators.

Several different synthesis methods are used to create a wide palette of layered sounds: virtual analog, frequency modulation, phase modulation and phase distortion. The UI has been designed to make sound design workflow quick, easy and intuitive."

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