MATRIXSYNTH: Playing live with nuclear instruments and unknown synths

Monday, December 16, 2019

Playing live with nuclear instruments and unknown synths

Published on Dec 16, 2019 HAINBACH

Some new gear in the second half of the video includes the Herbs and Stones Liquid Foam and the Neon Egg Planetarium (demos below).

"In which I play an improvised live show with a setup that is new and barely rehearsed.

Usually when I play live, I like to work with the setup I have had for the past three years. In fact, the reason for this channel was that I needed an audience to get better at improvising on my instruments, the camera became an important tool to get good it. But after five weeks of doing art projects, theatre soundtracks and live performances I was burned out. So I decided to play myself a little bit - I choose a completely new setup. Only the Plumbutter was with me on stage before, the rest, including FX and mixer, are studio pieces. Some, such as the Boxcar I had never used in that function before, and one synth had just arrived that day. I did not even know if I could safely travel with the nuclear instrumentation modular rack, without it breaking. The excitement of trying something new helped break the block I felt and I had a good time at the show.

You can find the full audio here:"

Check out more of HAINBACH's experimental lab and test equipment in previous posts here.

Herbs and Stones Liquid Foam - patch from scratch

Published on Dec 5, 2019 Gianluca Herbertson

"A quick jam with Liquid Foam, showing some of its patching possibilities."

2X Liquid Foam jam

Published on Aug 7, 2019 Gianluca Herbertson

"Quick jam with two Liquid Foam prototypes on a hot and cloudy summer afternoon"

Neon Egg Planetarium - Sidechain Compressor, Reverb, Delay, Chorus

Published on Feb 8, 2019 NEON EGG

"This is the Planetarium from Neon Egg.

It's a stereo reverb and chorus, running into a delay (with stereo modulation) which then runs into a compressor (with external sidechain).

Create beautiful tapey wobbly reverb tails from any instrument, then sidechain it live to a drummer (or anything else) without needing a computer or click track."

Neon Egg Planetarium - In Depth Video

Published on Jun 29, 2019 NEON EGG

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