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Saturday, February 01, 2020

HATAKEN - "Modular Synthesizer live" workshop & live

Published on Feb 1, 2020 Modular of The World

"HATAKEN - "Modular Synthesizer live" workshop & live at Patchwerks , Seattle, US, 2018"


HATAKEN was one of the first people to visit MATRIXSYNTH and be featured on the site. You can find additional posts featuring him here. You can find an interview with HATAKAN from back in 2007 here. Just two years after this format of the site began.

MFOS SoundLab Mini-synth MKII

Published on Feb 1, 2020 Todd Murray

"Here is an MFOS mini-synth MKII demonstration video. The audio is recorded directly to the mixer as raw audio, with no effects or processing. The video is intended to give anyone who is considering building one of these, a sample of the sound pallet. This synth is 100% analog across all audio and control portions of the design. This particular build repurposes an old knife box as a housing. The unit is powered by a 13.5VAC wall wart for the +/-12VDC power supply the synth runs on.

This synth design allows a lot of different modulation sources an destinations for an old school mono synth. I personal believe this is one of the better designs for synths in the small, analog mono-synth category, and provides tons of fun and a useable pallet for adding to any composition.

More details on the design is here:

You can buy a bare printed circuit board from here:

See my other builds, etc here:"

Rack O' Moog

via this auction

Korg Poly-61 M Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 002821

via this auction

"received as an inheritance.
Unit powers up and lights come on,
but I have no idea how to use or test it"

Someone save this synth.

Access Virus TI2 Polar

via this auction

Octave Plateau THE CAT Synthesizer

via this auction

Black Corporation Xerxes 8 voice analog synth SN 1725

via this auction

Ieaskul F Mobenthey Wood Mocante

via this auction

"Battery powered touch surface in it's own wooden case. There's a connection for optional external power. Mint condition with no functional issues. Be aware that this is not your normal 12-tone controller. If you have other Mobenthey modules you probably already know what to expect. This will make a wonderful addition for introducing even more weirdness. However, If you're not already familiar with this controller, I recommend watching the linked video which provides lots of detail." You can find the video here.

Ensoniq Mirage DMS-8 w/Expansion SN SMS-14480-R

via this auction

256kb RAM memory card for E-MU ULTRAPROTEUS

via this auction

Note this is a supporting member listing. Supporting members are free to send in their synth related listings for posts.

“Four cards available at the start of the listing. You will also get six soundbanks in sysex format for your Ultraproteus synth:

9211 expressive orchestral
9212 proteus 1,2,3
9213 real world
9214 dance techno
9215 general midi
9216 trance tracks”

Oakley Sound systems Cota Filter -5U/MU Module 2013

via this auction

"A four pole multimode filter capable of -24dB/octave low pass, -12dB/octave low pass and +/-6dB/octave bandpass outputs simultaneously.

Similar to Roland SH-series in tone.

Here's some filter noodling (with added reverb) I did some years ago"

You can find the demo in the listing and previously posted here.

Something EVERY Synth Owner should know // Mod Matrix Explained

Published on Feb 1, 2020 Ricky Tinez

"An underrated tool most novice synth owners never use is the Modulation Matrix on a Synthesizer! I wanted to explain how to use a mod matrix, and basically try to show you how easy it is to take your sound design to a new level. Along the way you'l hopefully pick up on some sound design tips, as well as synthesis tips!"

App Sound Korg Minilogue XD Spacecraft

Published on Feb 1, 2020 APP SOUND

"Over 70 new Programs for the Korg Minilogue XD: "Spacecraft" gives you bread and butter sounds for spherical electronic and cinematic music. Grab this sound set:
Sound Demo for better audio quality:"

Gotharman's SpazeDrum: FM Drums

Published on Feb 1, 2020 gotharman

The Galaxy Electric - Buchla Cosmic Drone - Session 10 - Modular Drone Music

"Thanks for listening! Come on a musical voyage with us where we'll send you a new song every day, a cosmic story, and a chance to earn space treasure:

Relax and tune into our live weekly improvised Drone Sessions. This 10th session involves a drone featuring two independent Buchla style complex and modulation oscillators starting in tune a couple octaves apart. As the oscillator frequencies drift apart by way of manual control, beating ensues. Listening to droning oscillators can serve as mindfulness sounds as there is no sudden changes in sound. Just smooth drifts in pitch and the resulting beat frequencies. Drones can also serve as an ambient track to have on while doing tasks that require intense focus. Drones are also great for a Sci-fi film soundtrack. The slow yet progressive nature of a drone performance can help one focus on tasks without distraction. The fact that we are manipulating these oscillators live and in collaboration helps the drone meander ever so smoothly in an evolving fashion as we are always reacting to one another's subtle movements. These movements are improvised so there is an unrehearsed and reactive ebb and flow to the tones generated.

The electronic music instruments used in this performance of modular drone music are the Buchla Music Easel, and a small system involving a Buchla clone model 259 Programmable Complex Waveform Generator, Buchla 292h Dual Lowpass Gate, and 281h Dual Function Generator in the Buchla LEM Powered 3 Boat.

The Galaxy Electric -"

Novation Bass Station

via this auction


via this auction

Roland Juno-106 with Gig Bag & Docs

via this auction

"It also comes with an original Roland softcase and all the documentation.

The synthesizer itself has been cherished and came to our workshop without any significant problem but we gave him a full service and factory calibration to have it working perfectly again.

- All the faders have been cleaned and lubricated.
- All the tactile switches have been replaced by new one, it’s a pleasure to push those, no hard time choosing the presets or the parameters.
- The six voices have been chemically cleaned.
- Some logic ICs that are tending to fail after 35 years old have been replaced to upgrade the reliability in the futur.
- The output board has been thoroughly checked.
- the output/input jacks have been cleaned.
- the keyboard contacts have been overworked.

This Juno is now ready to take its place to your studio and being played for long !"

What is MIDI guides
Preset list
User Manual
Roland Sound Gear 1 Juno 106 Pamphlet

Crumar Performer - Rare Analog Synthesizer from the 1970s Duran Duran Boards of Canada

Published on Jan 31, 2020 Awesome Reverb Shop

"This is a functional and cosmetic overview of my Crumar Performer synthesizer that is currently for sale on Reverb."

via this auction

Ampethron Portable Synthesizer - Examples & EFXPLODE - Expansion

Ampethron portable synthesizer - Example in real use / studio test - Darkpsy music, Live-act synth

Published on Feb 1, 2020 Ampethron

"Ampethron portable synthesizer - Example in real use / studio demo & test - Darkpsy music, Live-act synth

- Designed for creative Live-Acts / DJ sets:
Just connect Ampethron to DJ mixer with a Phone (audio jack) to RCA (cinch) cable and play! Create LIVE “remixes” of your songs. Hundreds of new FX sounds can significantly enrich your Live-Acts and DJ sets.
FXs, Risers, Down filters, Explosions, Speaking voices, Soundscapes, Pads… everything is possible with Ampethron! Simply use gestures to communicate with your crowd, show them when a big drop is coming, for example with an FX Riser effect. You know exactly when the riser is starting and finishing because it is you who controls the buttons and knobs."

AMPETHRON Portable FX Synth - Factory presets, sounds overview / Examples (live-act, dj, studio)

Published on Feb 1, 2020 Ampethron

"AMPETHRON Portable FX Synth - Factory presets, sounds overview / Examples (live-act, dj, studio) DEMO OF SELECTED SOUNDS / PRESETS / BANKS" w/ X-Box Gamepad controller.

Ampethron EFXPLODE - Expansion instrument for Explosions, Bombs, Nukes & Special effects, synth

Published on Feb 1, 2020 Ampethron

"Ampethron EFXPLODE - Expansion instrument for Explosions, Bombs, Nukes & Special effects, synth

Expansion synth for your Ampethron portable device

The main feature of any Ampethron portable device is its expandability. You can simply purchase, download and install many more synths into one device. EFXplode Expansion is the first one, many more will come..."


AVP Synth ADS-7 mk2 Analog Drum Synthesizer (Sequencer workflow)

Published on Feb 1, 2020 AVP Synth

"Explaining main sequencer features and functions of ADS-7 mk2."

ADS-7 mk2 posts

Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 synthesizer effects with Volca Keys, jamming and experimenting

Published on Feb 1, 2020 Expanding Sound

Nu:Tekt NTS-1 on eBay | on Reverb | on Amazon

"I decided to try something a little different this time. I pulled an excerpt from the full video and put it at the beginning as I thought it sounded pretty. I think it showcases how much atmosphere this little NTS-1 can add to a very simple sounding synth or instrument, like a very straightforward setting on my Volca Keys. After the little 2 minute ambient excerpt the full exploration of the effect section of the NTS-1 begins. I created a quick little sequence and started manipulating the effects, just trying things out. Ive only owned the NTS-1 for a couple days, and even if it didn't come with the digital mono synth I think it would be worth the money. the effects are beautiful and I'm going to have a lot of fun running all kinds of different sources through it."

KAWAI K4 Synthesizer- ROM Card E4-01- BANK C - Sounds demo (1989)

Published on Feb 1, 2020 AX84

"Bank C from the Kawai's card E4-01. Enjoy!"

KAWAI K4 Synthesizer- ROM Card posts

Buchla Music Easel + Moog Matriarch & Grandmother

Published on Feb 1, 2020 Genshi Media Group

Patch n Tweak

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