MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Hillwood HR-30 analog rhythm machine 2022/11

video upload by Ohm.Studio

"Quick demo of a recently serviced Hillwood HR30 drum machine. Recorded through a custom built spring reverb. No other treatment or editing.

Fully analog sounds in the like of the Ace Tone FR1 / FR2, Roland TR33 / TR66 and other units of the 70s."

Note this appears to be the first post to feature the Hillwood HR-30.

Teisco Teischord C 60s japanese combo organ

video upload by Ohm.Studio

This appears to be the first demo of one featured on the site. You can find pics of one previously posted here.

"Quick demo of a serviced Teisco (also sold by Wem Watkins) Teischord C transistor organ.
Very nice looking and sounding. Very compact and lightweight.
A different taste than the italian ones (Farfisa Compact, Elka Panther, Gem Jumbo etc) or the Vox Continental. Quite a number of footages and timbres for such a small organ, ranging form 16" to 4". Vibrato with variable speed and 2 depth settings.
There further is a 'fullband' tab which is kind of all footage preset but not exactly and a "higher/forte" switch that lowers the volume of the 2 16" tabs to get more high end presence.

Recorded straight to the soundcard with no fx or treatment. This one is begging for a vintage tube amp in order to shine !"

ELEX K2 / Italian string and piano synthesiser

video upload by Ohm.Studio

This appears to be the first demo of one posted on the site. You can find pics of a silver model previosly posted here.

"Here is a quick demo of a quite rare Elex K2 string machine I serviced. It was also branded as the Hohner String Orchestra 2.
From what I reckoned it is very similar in sound and design to the Elka Rhapsody 610.
You get splitable left and right part with Piano / Harpsichord / Cello / Violin preset assignable on either part, each wich its dedicated on/off switch and volume fader, individual sustain faders for both Cello and Violin. Sustain on piano and harpsichord is done by a foot pedal.
You further get a bass sound on the left part of the keyboard, and 3 different combination modes:
- full keyboard: right hand presets are use for the whole keyboard
- split keyboard: left and right hand have their own sounds
- ensemble: this one is interesting and I start the video with that one. You get all the 4 octaves of the strings sounds on the left hand, and only piano/harpsichord on the right one. It sounds massive and you can still mix the 4 string footages.
All in all a very nice string machine.

Recorded straight to the soundcard with no fx or treatment."

Happy Birthday Keith Emerson

video upload by noddyspuncture

"I made this video for Keith's 70th.
Today he would have bneen 78.
Thinking of you Kimusabe..."

Metunar Live Set - Fresh Paint - Track 03

video upload by Metunar

"Next track of my Modular Synthesizer Live Set from 2022.

Project = Fresh Paint
Song = Track 03
Stile = Some kind of Electro.
Setup = The Dave Rossum sampler Assimil8or plays 8 loops with different length. In the modular i mix these loops live together and add some effects.
This set can also be used with a quadrophonic PA."

SEQUENTIAL PROPHET-12 - Sounds, Patches & Presets | Synth Demo

video upload by synth4ever

"Sequential Prophet-12 synth demo featuring various sounds, patches & presets. This Prophet 12 demo showcases pads, leads, arpeggiators, bass, plucks, fx and more. The Prophet 12 demo was filmed at Sequential headquarters.

Sequential Prophet-12 is a flagship 12-voice, bi-timbral digital/analog synthesizer released by Sequential in 2012. It has 5 DSP-based oscillators per voice (saw, square, tri, sine + 12 selectable complex shapes), 3 noise types (white, pink, red), analog filter & VCAs, cross mod (FM/AM) and linear FM and hard sync.

The Prophet 12 boasts a unique character section with five digital effects - girth, air, hack, decimate and drive - to shape sounds pre-filter. The Prophet 12 also has a Curtis 2 or 4-pole resonant analog LPF and 2-pole resonant HPF. Distortion, tuned feedback & four multi-delays are on-board as well.

The Sequential Prophet-12 has 4 loopable ADSR envelopes and 4 syncable LFOs, arpeggiator, and extensive 16-slot x2 mod matrix with 26 sources and 100 destinations.
With 50+ knobs & buttons and a 5-octave keyboard w/ velocity and aftertouch, the Sequential Prophet 12 gives you lots of hands-on control. MIDI In/OUT/THRU, USB, sustain/expression and dual audio outputs per layer provide lots of connectivity. Finally, there are 396 factory and 396 user slots for storing your patches.

The Sequential Prophet 12 remains one of the deepest synthesizers in terms of programming and sound design possibilities. The bi-timbral capabilities + vast mod-matrix provides ample room to create incredible patches with diverse sonic variety. As a hybrid synth it mixes both digital and analog music technologies in a single powerhouse synth and can do everything from traditional bread and butter sounds, to futuristic soundscapes and beyond.

Hope you enjoy this demo of the Sequential Prophet 12, and thanks to Dave Smith Instruments & Sequential for creating it."

🎁 WIN a Full Music Studio From Novation

via @WeAreNovation

🎁 WIN a full music studio

To enter:

1 Upload a photo/video (1min max, reel-style DIMs) jamming with your favourite Novation product(s) to social media with #MadeWithNovation

2 Submit link to the entry (publicly viewable) via the form -…

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New Loops - Afterworld Zebra 2 Presets

video upload by New Loops

New Loops releases Afterworld Zebra 2 Presets with 50% off intro offer

Here's what they say:

"Afterworld – a new inter-dimensional Zebra 2 soundset with one hundred inspiring Zebra presets. You’ll find a wide selection of cinematic, ambient, downtempo, and electronic presets with an otherworldly sound. All meticulously crafted to be expressive and playable. This is undoubtedly our best Zebra sound bank yet. There’s a good range of presets across 6 categories including. Afterword – Zebra 2 presets is especially well suited to cinematic, ambient, downtempo, chillout, electronica, trance, modern film score, and many more."

Intro Price: £12.49 until the end of November 2022 (Reg. £24.99). You can also get an extra 30% off orders over £39 at Free demo presets are available at

Mono and Stereo Tricks with XPO and QPAS

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"The XPO is the Stereo Prismatic Oscillator, but like the QPAS and Mimeophon, it can also shine in a Mono setting. Let's check out all the different patch possibilities!

'Quad Peak Wormhole' and 'XPOrtal' animations by Lewis Dahm"

Siel Cruise Synth Repair

video upload by Retro Electro Tech - Vintage Audio Restoration

"In this video I go into final repair mode on an Italian made Siel Cruise synthesizer from around 1980."

Inside a Siel Cruise.

Roland JV-80/880 - Custom Sounds Big Adventure!

video upload by LFOstore

"Welcome to the 'Legacy Timbres' soundset for Roland JV-80/880 Synthesizer!

By many asks we took our look on JV-1080 Grandfather series:
Roland JV80 JV880 JV90 JV1000 Synthesizers!

JV series is very cinematic, containing 4 layers & lots of synth capabilities.

'Legacy Timbres' soundset contains 64 presets in a very wide range of sounds:

Lush & Massive Strings
Deep Atmospheric Pads
Complex Layers
Deep & Analog-like Basses
Reach Polyphonic Sounds
Re-creation of famous Synth Sounds
Edge Leads
Beautiful Plucks
Drones & FX

Compatible with all series: JV80 JV880 JV90 JV1000
Instructions are included in beautiful PDF Booklet.

From Ambient & Electronica to SynthWave & SynthPop with benefits of JV synthesis.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

Cwejman S1 MK2: (RARE) 2019 final batch, serviced, boxed

via this auction

- Recently serviced at Cwejman (early 2022) to ensure a flawless experience
- 2019 final batch
- boxed

Yamaha DX5

via this auction

"This is an incredible keyboard from the 80's. The YAMAHA DX5, like 2 DX7 in one and little more. Built like a tank."

Rhodes Chroma Expander #16

via this auction

"The Expander is a Rhodes Chroma in module format. Less than 200 Expanders were made.
This is #16.

It has been fully serviced and upgraded by Randel Osborne who has restored many Chromas and also builds the Enabler controller (video below). [posted here - V2.0 demo here]

- installation of the switching power supply (by Luca Sasdelli)
- installation of the CPU Plus (CC+) control board (MIDI upgrade with breakout cable)
- complete synth testing, adjustment, cleaning

Extreme rarity, top-level restoration and essential upgrades make this Expander a very special instrument and high-value investment. It’s the rarest version of ARP’s most powerful synth, in perfect working condition. Amazing by itself or paired with another Chroma."

Korg 800 DV

via this auction

"Korg 800 DV - kit kenton Hz/v / gate / filter- Serviced

220v - power supply preventively recaped

The kit offers 2x mono800dv (duophonic synth) independently with a classic kenton Cv/hz converter"

Roland / Jupiter-6 - six-voice polysynth

via this auction

"The Roland Jupiter-6, although it was initially created as a more affordable alternative to the famous and beloved Jupiter-8, is a great six-voice polysynth in its own right, serving up iconic analog Roland sounds. Introduced in 1983, the 61-key Jupiter-6 added MIDI capabilities and improved upon the oscillator stability of the 8. Despite its heritage as a cheaper take on the 8, the Roland Jupiter-6 has become a classic synth in and of itself. Fully revised. Perfect state."

Roland Juno-60 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

"The only issues in functionality that I can perceive:

• Finicky 'key transpose' button - may need to be cleaned or replace

• 'Frequency' slider sticks toward top of slide. Still functions, but it may also need to be cleaned or replaced.

• It seems the previous owner saved a bunch of bad presets. I am able to edit each patch individually, but I can’t get it to save. According to what I've read online, the battery will most likely need to be replaced, which seems to be very common after 30+ years.

Link to video of actual unit:" [video above]

Arturia Matrixbrute - Amazing Paraphonic Presets

video upload by Friendly Noise

"The Arturia Matrixbrute can be played in paraphonic mode as a three voice synthesizer. The paraphonic mode is nothing short of amazing, as you can see in this video. There is another video with paraphonic mode in the Matrixbrute playlist.

Some reverb was added in the DAW after the recording.

Video sections:
00:16 A03 Nostalgic String
01:25 A07 Paddy
03:10 B03 Slowly
04:37 B07 Three in one
06:36 C03 Poly SynBrass
08:11 C07 Spleen Room
11:05 D07 Slowpoly
13:11 E11 Sensing Numb
14:33 F03 Lightwave Pad
16:58 F11 Cheap Mellotron
19:28 G07 We Change
22:20 G11 Orgasines
24:26 I11 Para Synth
26:19 J15 Sad Distance
28:50 L07 Angel Destiny"

REON Muton チュートリアル スケール演奏編

video upload by REON

"REON Mutonでスケール演奏を始める方に向けたチュートリアル映像です。

0:00 初期設定
0:20 チューニング
1:42 FAM(GATE/LFO)の基本操作
4:30 自由な音作り



"This is a tutorial video for those who start playing scales with REON Muton.
An example of playing the minor scale will be introduced along with explanations of the operation using subtitles.

0:00 Initial setting
0:20 Tuning
1:42 Basic operation of FAM (GATE/LFO)
4:30 Free sound creation

Product description:"

Additional demos.

ARLPG Demo and tutorial

video upload by kNoB Technology

Also see: New kNoB technology ARLPG active resonant LPG Eurorack Module

"This is an active resonant filter 12db\oct based on vactrols.
When creating it, I had a goal to make a compact and powerful tool for filtering signals.
First thing - I tried to keep the bouncy sound of great-grandfather in the face 292, the second thing is to add a completely new resonance circuit, also driven by vactrols, in which the resonance would have a large amplitude at medium and low frequencies and decrease towards high frequencies, in order to avoid the frequent case of uneven auditory perception of a high level of resonance.

The REG (regeneration) knob was also added, which gives additional functions, at the minimum value of this knob, the filter does not color the signal, and works like a VCA, as well as reducing the attenuation of vactrols, at intermediate values it reduces low frequencies in the resonance circuit and allows you to finetune both the character of the resonance and the sound of the filter.

The filter has two operating modes HP and LP. (HP mode 6db/oct)

Time sections:
00:00​ Intro
00:04​ Manual control LP
01:09​ Regeneration function (REG knob)
01:32 VCA
01:52 REG+ Resonance
02:44​ HP Mode
04:11 CV control (Gate signals)
05:43​ CV control (Seq)
07:43 Test of work with different frequencies"

Moog Music Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Patch n Tweak
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