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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Modular Synthesizer Q105 Slew Limiter

video upload by George Benton

"The Q105 Slew Limiter aka Portamento : Glide.
An overview of its features and some ways top use it."

Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Something Wicked...

video upload by davidryle

"A new vco from Synthetic Sound Labs is coming soon. Something wicked and new."

Monday, October 02, 2023

Meet Anthony Marinelli's 1969 Moog IIIc Modular Synthesizer. It’s what started it all.@RosenSound !

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

Sunday, October 01, 2023

1969: Introducing the MOOG SYNTHESISER | Tomorrow's World | Retro Tech | BBC Archive

video upload by BBC Archive

"Derek Cooper introduces the Moog synthesiser, an instrument that can produce a variety of noises and arrangements, both mimicking real instruments and creating new sounds - all electronically.

This clip is from Tomorrow's World, originally broadcast 30 September 1969."

Also see 1970: WENDY CARLOS and her MOOG SYNTHESISER | Music Now | Retro Tech | BBC Archive

Moog Model 10 Modular Synthesizer Reissue

via this auction

"Brand new Moog model 10,light use. This is a 2022 model with the upgraded tuning stability. Still can be registered and warrantied. Epic synthesizer."

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Frequency Central - System X and Keystep Pro

video upload by NOISEBUG

"The #frequencycentral #systemX is a complete and portable 5U analog #modularsynth - and it sounds amazing! With a midi controller or sequencer, System X
Is capable of a vast array of sound design techniques; from deep bass lines, duophonic harmonies and dreamy detuned pads.

The system includes five great modules:

2 full range VCOs, (each with dedicated LFOs for seamless frequency modulation and pulse width modulation.)

1 Dual-VCA

1 Dual channel Enevelope Generator

1 Low Pass filter

Learn more at

#5u #modularsynth #synth #synthesizer #systemx #frequencycentral"

Thursday, September 28, 2023

How the TRON Music was made

video upload by Alex Ball

"Back by popular demand, another filmscore breakown. This time we look at Wendy Carlos' 1982 score to Tron.

0:00 Intro
0:49 Wendy Carlos
2:04 Tron - The Instruments
4:44 The Recording Rig
6:39 Cue Breakdown - Tron Theme
9:10 Cue Breakdown - Tron Scherzo
10:22 Cue Breakdown - We've Got Company
11:40 Use of Choir
12:49 Other Music
13:46 Summary & Thanks

Wendy Carlos official page:

D.A Wilson:

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Beatles - Because & Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Isolated Moog Synthesizer)

video upload by Daniel Celano

"Courtesy of The Beatles' 1969 album: Abbey Road.
Ripped from The Beatles Rock Band multitracks."

The Beatles - Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Isolated Moog Synthesizer)

video upload by

"Courtesy of The Beatles' 1969 album: Abbey Road.
Ripped from The Beatles Rock Band multitracks by using Adobe Audition."

Monday, September 25, 2023

7/7/23 ElectroComp EML 200 (x2) + + STG MooSonics + CGS LWSS + SSL

video upload by Cfpp0

Pi chuài pà"

Thursday, September 21, 2023

MuSONICS VANILLA Vintage-Inspired Modular Synthesizer Demo 🌌 #KNOBCON 2023 🌆

video upload by Vulture Culture

"Matt was kind enough to show me Vanilla, the brand-new Modular Synthesizer which pays tribute to some of the greatest vintage synthesizers of all time. Of all of the synths I heard at Knobcon this one was the juiciest with the smoothest resonance."

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

The Room Outside Of Time 2

video upload by John L Rice

"A quick one I should have spent more time on, and also should NOT have spent ANY time on, but I wanted to record a bit of it for the memories! 😅

Unlike a lot of my recent complex sequencer experiments this one only uses 5 steps of a single row of one Moon 569 sequencer! The CV out is patched into a Synth Tech E102 Quad Temporal Shifter (shift register) and the 4 outputs go to 4 voices, each consisting of a MOTM-300 VCO, saw out to a Happy Nerding FM AID, to a Moon 517 VCF and finally to a Oakley Dual VCA. VCF and VCA modulation was from a Club Of The Knobs C911P poly EG and the FM AIDs and VCFs got additional modulation from a Krisp1 OCTO LFO. Effects are from the usual Strymon BigSky and Timeline pedals and Lexicon MX400 rack. I used the Roland A-88 keyboard to transpose the sequence via a MOTM-650 module and the bassy-lead was played on an Expressive E Osmose keyboard."

Monday, September 18, 2023

Test after moving the Noise Engineering BIM VCO into this folding modular case. I like it!

video upload by John L Rice

"The gate out of the SSL The Matrix sequencer is patched to the SSL/YuSynth clock divider with one output going to the Basimilus Iteritas Magnus and the other two outputs triggering State FX Dual Trigger Processor (5U Mutable Instruments Peaks) envelopes that are modulating the audio out of The Matrix via a Happy Nerding Fun VCF and Grove Audio quad VCA. (the audio out of the Matrix also goes to the quad VCA and its level is just manually controlled) All four outputs of the Martin Jan Koehler Tidal Modulator (5U Mutable Instruments Tides) go to a Moon Modular 525 quandary attenuator and then to various inputs of the Noise Engineering BIM to vary the sound. #modularsynth #sequencer #electronicmusic"

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Modular Voltage Controlled filter

video upload by George Benton

"An overview of the Q107a State Variable Filter from
Additional Specs located at Filters are fun!"

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Hordijk Improv for September 2

video upload by Todd Barton

"In Der Bosch, Netherlands on September 2 friends of Rob Hordijk celebrated his life, legacy, genius and lovely humanity. His dear friends Richard Scott, Biyi Ames and Joker Nies performed live and I offered this remote/virtual live performance.
Studio monitors and a sub recommended."

Monday, September 11, 2023

A History of by Creator Roger Arrick Himself

Roger Arrick, the founder of, wrote a history of his business. It's a fascinating look at the inception of one of the first modular makers of the new gaurd. You can find the full the full article on his website here. The following are just a few excerpts. I included an interesting bit on an almost stolen system.

End of chain drum effects

video upload by John Schussler

"I recently got the ADDAC Vintage Clip, and have been playing with it as an end of chain drum mix treatment. I have a few other simple stereo distortions and filters and figured I'd listen to them as a group and see which I liked best in the role of 'final drum effect.'

It's not so much a fair comparison as...just a comparison. There are lots of other modules that could probably serve this purpose just as well, but these are what I have and wanted to listen to. So there you go.


Drums are an SSF Ultra Kick, Prok SN, Prok HH, and WMD Chimera. Sequencer is an Iron Ether Pithoprakta.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Vintage Clip
04:05 Twin Drive
09:24 Stereo Mix
16:34 Roucha Legio
21:34 nw2s D0"

Moog System 55

via this auction

Thursday, September 07, 2023

The Room Outside Of Time

video upload by John L Rice

"Similar to several of the recent sequencer demos I've posted, but different.

The 569 sequencer is again in 2x16 mode and using the same tuning as the last few videos. The difference this time is I patched two gate outputs from the 569EGB rows 1 and 2 into the two 564 sequential switches and then patched all 8 outputs, 4 each, from the 564 switches into rows 1 and 2 of the 569ES. The 564 switches are shifted by the 554 Octal Clock divider, which is normal'd to the Corsynth C102 LFO which is the master clock and also is shifting the 569.

The sequenced voice is a single Martin Jan Koehler VCO, the Tidal Modulator, which is a 5U version of Mutable Instruments Tides module. All four outputs get voiced separately but at the same time with 1/2 of a Moon 517 VCF, 1/2 of an Oakely Dual VCA, and 1/5 of a Club Of The Knobs C911P poly EG. Each voice goes to a separate input of the Allen & Heath MixWizard and panned evenly across the stereo field. A Krisp1 OCTO LFO modulates 4 of the Tidal Modulator's parameters.

The solo voice is a Roland Integra7 played via a Roland A-88 keyboard.

Effects used are the usual Strymon BigSky and Timeline pedals and the Lexicon MX400."

Wednesday, September 06, 2023 Modular Power Supply, Oscillator, MIDI Interface, Envelope Generator

video uploads by George Benton

New modular tutorial videos by George Benton. You can find more here.

Modular Power Supply
Modular Oscillator
Modular MIDI Interface
Modular Envelope Generator

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Modular Synthesizer Voltage Controlled Amplifier

video upload by George Benton

"Continuing the build by adding the Voltage Controlled Amplifier and tying it in with the ADSR and GATE. The Q108 and Q158 are both listed on the website with specs etc."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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