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Thursday, September 21, 2023

ASM Hydrasynth: 64 Bass Presets. Sound Demo. No Talking

video upload by Anton Anru

"'Bass Pack' is a collection of 64 bass presets for ASM Hydrasynth.
The bank covers a wide range of timbres: digital and analog, clean and noisy, modern and vintage, soft and hard, dark and bright.
They will fit many genres, styles, arrangements, and mixes.
🏮 Get the soundset:

8 Macros let you instantly change the character of the sound: attack, decay, movement, noise, tone, effects. Shape the timbre with the macros according to your track or performance.
ModWheel and/or Aftertouch add expressiveness to the performance.

- Wide range of bass sounds
- Thoroughly set parameters and modulations
- Velocity-sensitive
- Aftertouch is used in every preset
- ModWheel adds expression
- 8 Macros with titles
- Unified system of macros assignments

The soundset is suitable for many genres: ambient, electronica, IDM, trip-hop, lounge, downtempo, chill out, new age, cinematic, trance, deep, progressive, techno, industrial, breakbeat, breaks, jungle, drum and bass, dub and others.

Compatible with all Hydrasynths (Keyboard, Desktop, Deluxe, Explorer).
Make sure you are using the latest firmware.
The bank of the presets is in .hydra format. To upload the presets to the device, use the official ASM Hydrasynth Presets Manager.

Drums from the demo video are not included."

Monday, September 18, 2023

►New sounds by Jexus ►Creative patches of the ultra-versatile Hydrasynth.

video upload by

"Pros & cons: Exactly 3 years ago I released my first HS video, but it only showed around 40 sounds. Here's an update with more patches and a lot of new sounds, free for everyone who got the original preset pack.

No talking demo of ASM Hydrasynth. All sounds custom-made by Jexus. Patches / presets from this soundset work in KB, Desktop, Explorer and Deluxe models. You will receive all the sounds from all my 3 Youtube videos plus extra (256 in total). My patches come under the name "WCOG" in a soundpack / soundbank saved in Hydrasynth Manager format. I did not use any external FX in the demo; all the delays, reverbs, flangers, noises, crackles and other effects are part of the Hydrasynth engine / mod matrix. However, I used some EQ-ing on selected patches."

Friday, September 15, 2023

Hydrasynth really can do Rich and Warm!

video upload by Scott McAuley Sounds & Synthesis

"Patches will be available at or

This Patch will be in the Ultimate Pads Vol.1 Bank Coming Soon. - Patch Name SM Omnistax

Following a viewers comment yesterday regarding the hydrasynth not having any depth or richness, I set out today to see just how much depth and richness it can do.

I must admit I was of the same opinion with the lack of depth and warmth, but as always, diving under the hood and carefully adding motion and movement, the Hydrasynth can sound very very warm and very rich indeed. So I will happily stand corrected on my initial views.

I thought I would share this to let anyone who has or had the same opinion, it may make you think again.

This has no external effects, all 100% Hydrasynth.


Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Hydrasynth Ambient Pad

video upload by Scott McAuley Sounds & Synthesis

"Testing out the new 3 camera set up, and decided to post this up.

The Patch is called BlackForest SUB and is not one of mine but from a fantastic pack called Hydrasphere by Substan well worth checking out if you haven't already."

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

"Droid Mischief" - Akai MPC X + Arturia MiniFreak + ASM Hydrasynth + Novation BassStation II

video upload by Patrick Manderson

"'Droid Mischief' was recorded live late afternoon on Friday August 25, 2023 using a MIDI sequencer and a room full of synthesizers and drum machines. Three analog mixers were used with a rack of ouboard effects mixed in stereo and recorded. Mixing and automation was controlled by the sequencer directly to the synthesizers. The final recording required manual adjustments and muting of the of mixer channels to suppress the noise coming from some of the devices. Video was recorded weeks after afterwards.

'Droid Mischief' was inspired initially from a previous composition utilizing a number of budget analog synths from Behringer. At [3:35] these synth along with the everpresent Novation BassStation II play a series of bleeps and bloops with a backdrop of ominous vocal grunts and breaths by the *Korg MS2000*. Each of the Behringer analog synths were patched for their perspective parts with CV modulating their volumes from the *Akai MPC X*.

Three patches were programmed for the Xenomorph voice on the *Korg MS2000*. Each utilizing the Korg's distortion. Dual patches were used to mix breathing noise and throat noise with velocities. [0:24], [1:53], [3:21]

The second part 'The Feast', is anchored by a groove using syncopated bass notes on the ASM Hydrasynth and percussive embilishments using AFX-MODE on the *Novation BassStation II*. Note: 4-5 stacked BassStations w/AFX-MODE would make an incredible sounding percussion synthesizer.

The Korg Radias is always present with its flexible 16 voice drum kit filled with various bottom frequencies, mid and high filtered noises layered and mixed with various modulations to make all sorts of lovely percussions [3:30]. Vocal 'Ahhs' embelish the suspensful parts [3:46], [4:45].

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet REV2 filled in a number of spaces, most notably the drama strings at [4:36] with the Roland JP-8080.

Eight patches were staged for use in the first half on the *Roland System-1M*. Its fidelity cuts through very nicely. I was suprised by the sound coming out of it despite the generic sounding filter. The oscillators and overall fidelity is excellent.

The Korg Minilogue and Minilogue XD take turns playing bass as well as other parts throughout. Always useful and never disappointing. The Minilogue is permanently coupled with the Drawmer DL241's gate to manage its noise.

Engine drones were provided by the Sequential Prophet 6*. It also provided additional syncopated notes with the *Hydrasynth in the last 3rd.

The delicious sounds coming from the Arturia MiniFreak was on stage throughout. Liberal use of its two macro modulations over MIDI CC-117, CC-118.

00:00 somwhere on deck D of the Nostromos
00:39 introduction
01:06 MS2000 and System-1 layered voices
01:27 buildup using BS AFX sounds layered with Rytm and Radias
01:49 Minilogue XD playing the bass
02:15 all instruments playing here
02:51 transitions with synthesized percussions
03:28 the chase
04:36 string transition with Prophet REV2*
05:00 Hydrasynth syncopation at 'The Feast'
05:49 resolved tension
06:16 finishing up with 'the groove'
07:25 synth credits"

Wednesday, September 06, 2023

ASM Hydrasynth - "Blockbuster" (40 Exclusive Presets)

video upload by LFOstore

"A powerful sound that permeates the whole body and causes shivers - this is how you can characterize the new powerful soundset from LFO Store! This is a real blockbuster, in which each character plays his role in a way that surprises listeners to the core. The well-known sound designer Otto K. Schwarz prepared something completely new, revealing Hydrasynth to its maximum potential!

Each preset here has a modwheel assigned, as well as up to 8 modulation knobs, which will allow you to modify and transform sounds beyond recognition, getting a complex design. At the same time, many sounds have a multi-categorical nature, that is, they can be used as leads, or as plucks, and even as drones. In this pack you will find many effects and soundscapes, as well as cosmic leads, soft exhilarating pads, intriguing plucks, humming basses and much more!

These presets are especially good for soundtracks, however, suitable for various styles of music - for ambient, electronic dance music, futuristic experiments or even creating a retro flavour. Get ready to take your compositions to the next level!"

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

ASM Hydrasynth - Experimental Generative Plucks

video upload by Scott McAuley Sounds & Synthesis

"Diving into the generative side of the Hydrasynth and loving it, this patch utilises the arp in a very slow tempo, then LFO 5 as step sequencer, generating random pitch changes to Osc 4, LFO 5 also triggers Envelope 5, which triggers the filter cutoff.

Various other LFO's and Looped Envelopes to add changes to the filter envelope decay and release times, also to randomly change the time signature of the arp (hence the deliberate drifting out of sync then drifting back in again) it's an addictive type of synthesis and one that really brings some happy/lucky finds.

Pad is OB6 through some bigsky, Piano Is Keyscape, drums are various samples put together for quick video.

I will do some tutorials on this once I have become more adapt at it :)


ASM Hydrasynth - Rythmic LFO, Generative Arps

video upload by Scott McAuley Sounds & Synthesis

"Patches will be available at or

Just getting to know this beauty at the moment, but wow, the programming possibilities with this beast are huge!

This patch is utilising LFO's to trigger Envelopes, triggered by note values, and triggered by arp, comes to a life of its own when sustain pedal is held down.

Amazing machine! I'm gonna have fun with this one! :)

thanks for viewing!


Wednesday, August 23, 2023

ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe - All Playing, No Talking

video upload by Kraft Music

"Find exclusive ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Adam Berzowski from Kraft Music shares a synths of summer exploration of the ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe. Contact Adam directly at 414-858-4008 or if you have any questions or would like to place an order.

The ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe polyphonic digital synthesizer from Ashun Sound Machines combines a dual sound engine setup with an expansive Polytouch keybed. Offering wide-ranging tone generating capabilities, each of the two sound engines features three oscillators, dual Wave Mutators, and two filters that can be configured in series or parallel, with separate balanced analog audio outputs for each engine. The 73-note keybed offers polyphonic aftertouch over each note, giving you the type of expressive control found only in certain vintage synths, while the carefully-designed user interface, four-octave ribbon controller, and ergonomically designed pitch and mod wheels provide remarkable expression and control.

Get more for your money with an exclusive ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe polyphonic wavemorphing synthesizer bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new digital poly synth, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our knowledgeable sales advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Remaking 'Metro'by Kevin de Vries and Mau P With the #Novation Peak and #Roland TR8-s

video upload by Koji Kobura

Culture Beat - Mr. Vain (#Novation Peak, #Roland TR-8S, #Arturia MiniFreak, Hydrasynth Explorer)

video upload by Koji Kobura

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Ashun Sound Machines ASM Hydrasynth Desktop Synthesizer

via this auction

Kind of interesting ASM added the logo on the power supply. Extra bit of detail and an extra cost for an already relatively affordable synthesizer. Curious how many other synths have logo'd power supplies.

Saturday, July 22, 2023


video upload by Alba Ecstasy

"Probably the most beloved series of the live studio sessions I ever done is returning today after 7 years!
I didn't even anticipate this comeback, but today - after last night' ferocious storm - was a really Quiet Saturday and I was in that "quiet Saturday mood" again.

👉Sequential PRO 3 patches:

Synths I used: Jupiter Xm - 3 parts, ASM Hydrasynth Explorer and Sequential PRO 3.
Additional FX: Zenology FX, Waves H-Delay, Eventide Blackhole.

Hope you'll enjoy!
❤️ ae"

Friday, July 21, 2023

Why to love the Hydrasynth's macros!

video upload by Crybo Synth Sounds

"This video shows the power of macros in further shaping your sound. Change a lead into a drone with a few twist of the macros.

Soundpacks available for the Novation Peak, Korg Minilogue XD, Waldorf Iridium & UDO Super 6"

Saturday, July 15, 2023

ASM Hydrasynth "Best Sounds Bundle" 104 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"Introducing: 'Best Sounds Bundle' preset pack for one of the most powerful wavetable synthesizers, ASM Hydrasynth.


By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of 'Organica' for Waldorf Blofeld & 'WS Universe' for Korg Wavestation devoted to organic & motion sounds ready to go in your action track.

104 presets ready to breathe new colours into your music and inspire creativity
Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Inside the pack:

Classic Synths Re-Creations
Warm Analog-Like Tones
Monstrous Basses
Exspressive Solo's
Plucks & Polys
Organic Arps
Big Strings

These sounds are suitable for various styles of music - for cinematics, ambient, electronic dance music, futuristic experiments or creating a retro flavour.

Nick Klimenko prepared for us a stunning soundbank for one of the most authentic synths of our time – HydraSynth Explorer!

Enjoy & may inspiration be with you!"

Sunday, July 02, 2023

Dreamy jam session with ASM Hydrasynth

video upload by Mr. Card

My private collections of presets and samples."

Saturday, July 01, 2023

Solar Flares - Hydrasynth Explorer & Microcosm

video upload by Alba Ecstasy Alba Ecstasy

"Hydrasynth patches 👉
An ambient improvisation with multiple patches from Hydrasynth Explorer and Microcosm.

❤️, ae"

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Krell, Drones & Alien Voices on the Hydrasynth

video upload by Crybo Synth Sounds

"Using LFOS, Envelope loopers and a lot of mod matrix to create Krell patches and drones.

Soundpacks available for the Novation Peak, Korg Minilogue XD, Waldorf Iridium & UDO Super 6"

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

ASM Hydrasynth - "Dance Evolution" (50 presets)

video upload by LFOstore

"LFO Store's first-ever exclusive dance soundbank for ASM Hydrasynth is right in front of you!

If you were searching for the presets to create top-rated pop, hip-hop or electronic dance music (house, trance, drum and bass, techno, etc.), we confirm - now it is truly possible! We took the most creative approaches while creating these presets and squeezed out of the synthesizer its maximum capabilities.

This soundbank contains 50 extraordinary presets, including inspiring and stimulating leads, wall-piercing basses, out-of-the-box arps & sequences, melodic pads and exhilarating plucks. All you need to implement your ideas and start your way to the top of the charts!

The soundset is created with love and passion by a well-known sound designer Otto K. Schwarz, famous for his cooperation with the leading synthesizer producers (Access (Virus synthesizers), Native Instruments, Modal Electronics, etc.).

Get ready to take your compositions to the next level!

The soundbank is here -"

Monday, June 19, 2023

ASM Hydrasynth - Sound Bank '79 - Vintage Patches

video upload by Polydata

"A bank of 50 patches for the ASM Hydrasynth drawing inspiration from synthesizer sounds found in documentaries and library music from the late 70’s and early 80’s. The goal was to squeeze as much analog juice out of this synth as possible, primarily working within the constraints of synthesizers of that era. Making these patches took quite some work, but I didn't want to stop until the sounds really embodied the tone and feel of vintage synths.

These patches are made for instant inspiration. I spent a lot of time creating these so you can just turn on the synth and get to work. They sound great on their own, or you can use them as a starting point to tweak for any scenario.


Saturday, June 10, 2023

ASM Hydrasynth - Dreamy Sounds [SOUNDSET]

video upload by Mr. Card

"My private collection of dreamy sounds dedicated to ASM Hydrasynth. I've always loved the sound of swinging long pads and warm arps. ASM Hydrasynth is a wonderful instrument for creating such sounds. I decided to create the most beautiful dreamy sounds using its huge possibilities. I really like ASM Hydrasynth for its functionality and sound. With this soundset, you can take your instrument to the next level. The soundset complements my few presets for the free genius Valhalla Supermassive reverb. Check out my soundset:"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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