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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Valhala Orchestral for K1/K1r, Rare Card

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via this listing

Valhala with two "ls" vs Valhalla with three.

"This listing is for one Valhalla K1/K1r (probably works with the K1m too) Orchestral Card. This card is very rare and works well. Listing includes just the card itself."

Saturday, June 10, 2023

ASM Hydrasynth - Dreamy Sounds [SOUNDSET]

video upload by Mr. Card

"My private collection of dreamy sounds dedicated to ASM Hydrasynth. I've always loved the sound of swinging long pads and warm arps. ASM Hydrasynth is a wonderful instrument for creating such sounds. I decided to create the most beautiful dreamy sounds using its huge possibilities. I really like ASM Hydrasynth for its functionality and sound. With this soundset, you can take your instrument to the next level. The soundset complements my few presets for the free genius Valhalla Supermassive reverb. Check out my soundset:"

Monday, October 19, 2020

Korg Minilogue - "AMBIKA" 85 Atmospheric & Lush Presets


"#korg #minilogue #patches
Ambika is a combination or collaboration between hardware & software tech.


Lushest sounds for Minilogue combined with deepest fx of Supermassive wonderfull free of charge effect by Valhalla DSP.

We love Korg with all our heart aswell as Valhalla DSP Virtual Fx.

We used a lot Valhalla effects in our past presentatinos & answered countless messages - what kind of vst fx you are using to process hardware?

We are thinking that Supermassive is the best one for any hardware synth & its totally free one, thanks to Valhalla.

Minilogue really lucks lushness in tone - a good chorus effect & deep reverb for cosmic pads & soundscapes.

Inside of Supermassive you will find silk choruses, ensembles & deepest reverbs (period)

And this duo work really great together - giving you incredible lush & deep sounds for your Original Minilogue Synthesizer

We made 18 Presets for you with our own settings of Supermassive Fx
And combined them with our best presets for Minilogue via DAW -
Cubase,Logic,Ableton or any other one which supports VSTi format.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Down to the Sky


"Moog Subharmonicon, Meris Hedra, Strymon Blue Sky, Tip Top Z-DSP with Valhalla Shimmer and the large format modular 5U. All levels were automated by the Q119 and two Q960 step sequencers from An additional pair of oscillators (Dove Audio WTF and Mutable Instruments Braids) are following the timing of Seq1 and Seq2 clocks of the Subharmonicon and indexing the STG Voltage Mini Stores for pitch data. Finally a rumbling and squelchy effects patch is from a frequency shifter, random voltage sources and an Arp 4072 filter."

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Volca FM Ambient Live Recording

Published on Oct 29, 2019 RemixSample

"Hi! Here is a very simple Ambient Improvisation Jam with KORG Volca FM. I setup FL Studio in Loop recording mode. Recorded two audio tracks using two different patches (OB Genivivy & LFO Sweep) I then play over it using the -Wobble1- patch. All of these patches are included in the Default set of Dexed (

So this is not a fantastic song or anything. I made this video to show how easy it is to get something going using the Volca FM and a good sounding reverb. This audio is something I could use as a backing track for a song in the future or resample and make beats out of.

Effect used: EQ and Valhalla Shimmer"

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Joe Kowalski - "EarthShine"

Published on Jul 27, 2019 Joe Kowalski

"In studio single-take ambient piece. Performed on the Yamaha DX7 and recorded to Ableton Live. The DX7 is compressed a little bit and slathered in some delay and the heavenly Valhalla Verb.

Video captured on GoPro Hero 4 Session and screen capture, part of which included a webcam which was feeding a Max For Live device to be processed.

Edited in DaVinci Resolve."

Friday, February 01, 2019

Tiptop Audio ZDSP with Halls of Valhalla, Dragonfly MKII & Shimmer

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via this auction

"Tiptop Audio’s Z-DSP is a cartridge-based open source digital sound processing and effects generating platform for your modular synthesizer. Lush audio processing, greater stereo depth and a unique set of digital synthesis is what the Z-DSP is all about."

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Seq 713: Analog Synth Jam and My Red Sea Reefer 170 Reef Tank

Published on Aug 14, 2016 SnotDoc

"My anemone reef tank and studio setup. This is a live jam with a sequence I wrote on Push in Ableton Live fed to a Mutable Instruments Shruthi XT (GREAT synth). Elektron Analog RYTM for Drums. Valhalla Reverb in Post. The tang will go in my 180 when he gets bigger."

Sunday, December 18, 2016

4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator: Music for Electric Car Charging Stations

Published on Dec 18, 2016 Dudadius

"Ambient drone demo of the 4MS SMR. Some harmonic distortion from Sound Toys Devil Loc and reverb from Valhalla Shimmer. Bass pulse is Moog Mother32."

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Everybody Hz - A Mournful modular melody.

Published on May 25, 2016 Barry Smethurst

"Sequenced with beatstep pro and within modular. As ever, No computer used for sequencing, midi etc. Beatstep pro, DSI Mopho, Eurorack, Volca Beats, Yamaha DX7, Hall Of Fame Reverb.

Orchestra / Piano Sample played through Disting Multifunction Eurorack module using WAV playback function."

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ensoniq SQ80 Digital/Analog Hybrid Synthesizer with Valhala Cart

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via this auction

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

ValhallaDSP Shimmer Cartridge for Tiptop Audio's Z-DSP Released

First revealed back in January of 2015, and in the video above in June of 2015, the Valhalla Shimmer Cartridge for the Tiptop Z-DSP is now available. Details follow via ValhallaDSP:

"The Z-DSP Shimmer cartridge has 8 original algorithms, designed to combine lush reverberation with multiple voices of pitch shifting, to create ethereal pads, rich chordal textures, dissonant clouds of sound, and a variety of other sounds that are perfect for electronic music. The algorithms are customized to work with the Tiptop Audio Z-DSP Eurorack module.

There are 6 reverb algorithms in the Z-DSP Shimmer cart, arranged in order of complexity:

Fast Shimmer: A modulated reverb that quickly decays away into an endlessly pitch shifting tail. The shift interval can be set between +/- 12 semitones. Perfect for that classic “octave up” shimmer sound.
Slow Shimmer: Similar to Fast Shimmer, but with a much slower attack.
Dual Shimmer: Two pitch shifted voices, embedded within a larger modulated reverb network, shifting the reverb decay in both positive and negative directions. Try slowly sweeping the Shift control in this mode for ridiculously cinematic sounds.
Triple Shimmer: Two pitch shifted voices embedded within the reverb decay network, plus a third voice external to the network. This allows the user to have a reverb with +12 and -12 semitones of feedback, plus a stable +7 semitones voice without feedback.
Quad Shimmer: Four pitch shifted voices feeding into a lush modulated reverb. This allows for a variety of dissonant and consonant chordal textures, with the max Shift setting corresponding to a rich major chord.
ClusterVerb: Four pitch shifted voices embedded within the feedback network of a modulated reverb. The result quickly becomes dissonant or metallic. Perfect for insta-Ligeti, or Penderecki In A Box™.
In addition, the Z-DSP Shimmer cart features 2 special effects algorithms:

Quad Detune: 4 short pitch shifted delays, feeding back on each other. A variety of chorus, detuned, and dissonant effects can be obtained through this mode. Turn up the Feedback for maximum fun.
PitchEcho: A single pitch shifting voice, combined with a tape echo emulation = sound mangling joy. Turn up the feedback for barberpole self oscillation, and sweep the decay time for all sorts of swoopy glitches.
The Z-DSP Shimmer cart retails for $75, and will be available at your favorite Eurorack store in the next few days."

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

VALHALA ESQ-1 160 Voice ROM 1601

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via this auction


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