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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Vintage V.C.E.G synth module Digisound 80

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via this auction

"Vintage V.C.E.G modular synth taken from a working Digisound 80."

Voltage controlled envelop generator.

Vintage Dual E.G Modular Synth Digisound 80

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via this auction

"Vintage Dual E.G module taken from a working Digisound 80 Modular synth."

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rare Digisound Modular Analogue Synthesiser

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via this auction

"Here we have an extremely rare and professionally built modular synth.
Made and developed in the UK near Blackpool 33 years ago.

VCO, VCF, and LFO's all seem to function as they should but not got
enough leads to check any further and the price reflects this.

Pitch tracks perfectly too.  Osc anf filter sound very thick too . All modules look professionally built.
What I can tell you is it is a 6 module self contained system with the following modules,
VCO (CEM 3340), VCF (CEM3320), Dual VCA (CEM3330, Dual EG (envelope 2 x CEM3310),
a Processor (used for glide etc), Quad LFO and a power supply.
There is a great resource of information on the internet here

Described by Paul Nagle (a British composer of synth music and user of the Digisound synth) as
“Great, smashing, super - this is an amazingly versatile, superb-sounding modular - full of character”


Can easily integrate into vintage and modern modular synth setups using the 1V per octave standard.
Can be used via MIDI using a Kenton interface.

It will be well wrapped and i can ship worldwide."

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rare Digisound 80 Modules

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VC Mixer via this auction

Processor via this auction

Noise Sample & Hold via this auction

Dual VCA via this auction

Monday, February 20, 2012

Digisound Model 80 Modular Synth Keyboard Controller

via this auction

"Digisound Model 80 Modular Synth Controller Keyboard. For use with the Alphadac 16. Contains a 80-15D1 card and has LFO rate control. Has built in Hex Pad for controlling the Alphadac and can also be used with the Digisound 80-15D2 digital to analogue controller.

A rare piece that once belonged to Ken Walker who designed the BBC Micro Interface for the Model 80 and other Digisound modules."

Monday, February 06, 2012

Vintage Digisound 80 Synthesizer Module 80.2 Voltage Controlled Oscillator

via this auction

"information can be found here about this unit"

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Synth Rorschach #7

via pichaus

"Natalia Semanova By Arthur Elgort"

What modular does this remind you of? See the Synth Rorschach label below for more.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Digisound Modular synthesizer D-A converter module

via this auction

Thursday, March 03, 2011

MVI 2434

YouTube via Uploaded by krisp14u on Mar 3, 2011
Digisound modular in white. And of course Krisp1 DIY modules. Just a few labels for this post.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Digisound Mini Modular Synth

via this auction

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Digisound 80 Modular Synth Face Plates

via these auctions
"Rare Digisound 80 modular system face plate. NOTE these auctions are the face plates only - there are no circuit boards or components included in the sale. These are the standard original WHITE metal face plates for the Digisound Modular system, and are the standard size (228 high x 76mm wide x 1mm deep approx)"

VCF-L (Voltage Controlled Filter Low filter) or 80-6 series when released.
VCF-H (Voltage Controlled Filter - High filter) or 80-6 series when released.
Dual ADSR (Attack Decay Sustain Release) or 80-8 module plate.
V.C. State Variable Filter.
DUAL VCA in MINT condition - possibly never been used.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Digisound 80 Modular Synth 80-16 Dual Resonant Filter

via this auction
"Digisound 80 Modular dual resonant filter (DRF) module number 80-16 with Curtis CEM 3350 chip... It was built from an original Digisound kit purchased in the early 1980s. The module is fully functional but requires +/- 15V power supply, potentiometers and connectors to complete (all readily available). A copy of the original construction notes will be included and can also be downloaded from where you can find lots more information about this synth."

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Digisound Modular

via this auction
"The modules are (L to R):-
1) Quad LFO - 4 Low Frequency Ocillators with manual pitch adjustment and various waveform settings.
2) Processor - my first module as it can invert, attenuate & produce multiple outputs from 1 input signal, used a lot in its heyday!
3) VC Mixer - a 4/2 mixer (the plan was eventually for it to mix to stereo) which very useful for control voltages & audio. I used it with the LFOs to make weird CVs!
4) VCO - An excellent audio oscillator, lots CVs/knobs! All waveforms outputs can be used at once as well. I sampled the raw waveforms to then have a fiddle with.....

For more info......"

Monday, December 13, 2010

Digisound Analogue Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Digisound 80 Analogue Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

" * 1 x Keyboard and (80-1) power supply in the original Digisound case - The PSU is the enhanced +/- 15Vcapable of driving 30 modules
* 1 x Digisound case for 12 modules
* 1 x home-made case for 8 modules containing a second PSU.
* 20 x Modules
o 2 x DAC modules (converts the output from keyboard into CV and gate voltages)
o 4 x [80-2] VCO modules
o 2 x [80-3] VC LFO modules
o 1 x [80-4] VC Mixer module
o 1 x [80-5] (lag) Processor module
o 1 x [80-6] VC LPF module
o 1 x [80-7] VC State Variable Filter module
o 1 x [80-8] Dual EG module
o 2 x [80-9] Dual VCA modules
o 1 x [80-11] Dual Ring Modulator module
o 2 x [80-12] Noise / Sample & Hold modules
o 1 x [80-13] External Input module
o 1 x [80-14] Power amplifier module
* 3 x 15 pin - 15 pin cable (connects the keyboard to DAC)
* Additional keyboard, matrix and output board / joystick / 15 pin socket
* 4 Blank plates
* 2 pre-drilled plates - VC Mixer & Dual EG
* 40+ patch leads of various lengths
* 3 x 3m cables 3.5mm plug to 1/4" plug (to connect to a mixer)
* Construction notes and manual"

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wall Of (Digi) Sound

"Building my Digisound 80 Modular Synthesizer"

A new blog from Ianski on the Digisound modular. You'll find more pics and details there.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Digisound Synthesiser Module - 80-2 VCO

via this auction

"Digisound 80-2 VCO board and front panel with components including ICs but NOT CEM3340

In not very good condition, not tested

Front Panel dirty and scuffed in places, no PCB pillars,

Not constructed brilliantly but soldering ok

Been in a cupboard for 20 years!"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Peter Forrest's A-Z of Analogue Synthesisers books

via this auction

"A complete two-volume set of the most comprehensive encyclopaedia of analogue synths and keyboards in the world - direct from the author. Now that all completely mint copies of the A-M part are sold out, I'm selling sets which include an A-M which is not mint...

"The A-M is a printers' run-on copy, so had no serial number, but I have written that in it, and the N-Z is serial number 855. Both books will be signed by the author - if you want a particular dedication, please say when you pay.

The original A-M was produced in 1994, and then re-written and expanded in 1998. There are probably nearly twice as many words crammed in to the second edition as there were in the first. The second edition has 320 pages, 16 of which are full colour, while the original edition only had 240 pages. There's a whole lot of extra information about EMS, Moog, and many other manufacturers; a greatly improved index, and a new index to the musicians mentioned in the book. So if you're into, say, Tangerine Dream, you can find the 25 pages on which they're mentioned; Tim Blake, 8 pages; and even Tim Buckley on two.

The first edition was printed in a run of 2000, and 2000 copies of this revised edition were also printed. This second edition has been officially out of print for well over a year now, so is impossible to buy via any bookseller like Amazon.

The original N-Z was printed in 1996, in a run of 2000, and then the second revised edition (of 3000) was printed in 2003. It has 384 pages, including 16 in full colour. Please check the photos to see the sort of coverage you will get of rare, obscure instruments like the Syntons and Wavemakers or ultra-famous offerings like the Rolands and Yamahas.

The total number of words in these two books is probably over half a million. With hundreds of illustrations, charts, etc., the whole package provides a comprehensive guide to analogue synths, organs, electric pianos, theremins, etc., up to 1998 for ones beginning A-M, and 2003 for the N-Zs. The books have been well-reviewed in magazines all round the world, by people as knowledgeable as Mark Vail and Gino Robair, and enjoyed by some of the best-known names in electronic music, such as Fatboy Slim, Hans Zimmer, Herbie Hancock, Aphex Twin, Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode, and Adrian Utley of Portishead.

Who's selling: my name's Peter Forrest. I've been writing about synths, keyboards, effects and recording gear for over 20 years now, and for 14 years I have been running an internet auction called VEMIA (Vintage Electric Musical Instrument Auctions) which specialises in synths, drum machines, effects, and so on. Please check my eBay feedback to see that you can bid with confidence. Feel free to email me any questions."

I have a copy of these books. They are absolutely amazing. Highly, highly recommended. This is the ultimate analog synth reference book. This is also listed in the Synth Books section.

Pages pictured:

-Roland System 100 and 100m
-Roland Pics
-Exclusively Analogue Aviator, F.A.T. and Farfisa
-Moog The Source
-Cano Electronics, CEI, Cellulophone, CFR Associates, INC, Chadacre, Chamberline
- Buchla, Crumar, Stylophone, Digisound Mod 80, EDP pics
- College, Series3000 - note that is not a x0xb0x
- Wavemaker
- Yamaha
- Moog pics

Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Digisound Modular Pics

flickr by Dr Nerdware
(click for more)

Digisound 80-7 filter below

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Digisound 80 modular synth with Analogue Systems patch leads

flickr by Dr Nerdware
(click for more)

"New patch leads. A VCM is used to boost the gate signal from my Kenton Pro Solo, so it can drive both VCEG modules. I could've just adjusted the gate output on the Kenton, but I wanted to test this trick."

Patch n Tweak
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