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Sunday, January 14, 2024

VINTAGE DIGISOUND TED 1008 synth/metal w/ Original Box

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via this auction

This appears to be the first one featured on the site.

Saturday, January 13, 2024

VINTAGE DIGISOUND TED 1009 synth/1 w/ Original Box & Instructions

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via this auction

Sunday, December 03, 2023



"The First Synthesizer Sundays with @LOOKMUMNOCOMPUTER
museum upen on December 22nd 5pm-8pm the organ will be playing crimbo tunes. ALSO OPEN 1-4 DECEMBER 29th And 30th. See more stuff and Support the museum here :-"

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Rare Titan Synthesizer by Tim Orr of Powertran, Transcendent 2000, & Maplin ETI 4600

A Funky Uses For A Tape Machine and a massive Tape - MAGICALL E2 video upload by @THISMUSEUMISNOTOBSOLETE

Formant & Digisound get a mention as well. See this post for another video of the Titan and an article.

"Plans are a foot. if you want to get on the list use contact form below. if you'd like to Support the museum here :-
if you'd like to visit
information / contact:-

Thursday, October 13, 2022

SynthFest UK 2022 - New Product Launches

video uploads by

Use the player controls to skip around. See the SynthFest UK label below for additional posts.

SynthFest 2022 - Steve Levine
SynthFest UK 2022 - Yamaha MODX+ Range
SynthFest UK 2022 - Bjooks Roland & Korg Book Titles
SynthFest UK 2022 - Korg Drumlogue
SynthFest UK 2022 - Digisound Full Modular Range
SynthFest 2022 - Imaginando Visual Synthesizer
SynthFest UK 2022 - AJH Synth Minimod System
SynthFest UK 2022 - Studio Fabrications Prototype Instrument
SynthFest UK 2022 - IK Multimedia iLoud Precision Range
SynthFest UK 2022 - Enjoy Electronics The Godfather
SynthFest UK 2022 - Soundtronics Full Synth & Module Range
SynthFest UK 2022 - Tileyard North

Friday, April 22, 2022

The Digisound 80 With Clementine Blue


"​@Clementine Blue Came to the museum the other week for a couple of days to try a few machines out.
WE ARE OPEN THIS WEEKEND information / contact:-

Sunday, February 20, 2022

The 80's DIY Synthesizer You Built From A Magazine - The Digisound 80

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"The Digisound 80 vintage #diy #synthesizer Beginning in february 1980 you could build this DIY analog modular synthesizer month by month with Electronics Today International, it is based on Curtis and SSM chips much like many commercial synthesizers of the time! in this video i go through the digi sound series, repair one, and show you what it sounds like!
Download the wav of the jam and samples to use and much much more :-
it also makes @THIS MUSEUM IS (NOT) OBSOLETE get bigger and better."

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Vintage Digisound Series 80 Analog Modular Synthesiser System

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via this auction

"Digisound Series 80 Analog Modular Synthesiser System Vintage Audio Synth Spares
It is in used but good condition as pictured. All the modules included have been pictured above, It is untested and is up as spares, all modules look to be in great condition with the rear circuit boards intact, but the unit will definitely need some restoration work.
Each wooden unit measures 96cm x 27cm x 17.5cm.
From a house clearance, offered with a fair starting price, thanks for looking......"

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

New ALFA AS3350 - CEM3350 Filter Chips Going Into Production

"#AS3350 - (dual voltage controlled state variable filter) started evaluation.
Datasheet will be provided later."

Synths that use the CEM3350 include the Rhodes Chroma, Crumar Spirit, Synton Syrinx, Digisound 80-16 Dual Resonant Filter, and Solton Programmer 24. Someone fitted this original Rev1 Prophet-10 with them as well.

Related posts:

CEM Data Sheets

CEM3350 and the Rhodes Chroma

Update: ALFA's website:

Sunday, April 07, 2019

Digisound 80-11A Ring Modulator (MC1496) plus Mixer and LFO

Published on Apr 7, 2019 Sbranvlztronics

"Digisound 80-11A Ring Modulator (MC1496) plus Mixer and LFO"

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


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via this auction

"On Auction;
×1 DIGISOUND PSU - which consists of ×2 12V Dc Output Mini Jack Sockets / ×4 9V Dc Output mini jacks sockets / LED output socket / digisound out put socket with cable / IEC MAINS PLUG - (TED - PRO CONSTRUCTED)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Synth Rorschach #48: MULTICS is ALIVE - booting MR12.6e 6180 emulation

Published on Feb 19, 2017 Redmartian

"This panel came from the University of Michigan and likely hasn't been driven this way in well over 20 years. Here we see the 6180 Multics emulator reading the switches set on the panel to 024000717200 and the initialize button been pressed to boot the virtual machine. The 6180 Maintenance Panel is being driven by a Xilinx BASYS3 which in run drives two logic boards that are cabled into the 6180 panel wiring harness. All switches and lamps are available to the emulator and you can dial through the scroll to check the various states of the machine. Once Multics has booted you'll see the famous Idle Pattern (or snake). Multics lives once again!"

Reminds me of Digisound meets EMS, meets something else I forget at the moment.

See the Synth Rorschach label below for more.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

RyuX CEM3320 Filter VC

Published on Aug 2, 2016 RyuX

"This is my eurorack filter with a Curtis CEM3320.
2/4 pole switchable, normal / hard saturation, 2 channel mixer, resonance and frequency cv.
Playing around a little bit"

"Based on Digisound 80-6A."

Update: I asked RyuX if this was a one off or if they would be made available in any form. He said, "I have made a couple of PCBs for the prototype, of course i had to do some modifications to have it fully working. It would be possible to give away some PCBs along with Instructions. I don't plan on giving away completed modules as the CEM3320 Chips are very rare."

There were rumors of the CEM3320 being re-issued when the new CEM3340 was announced, so there might be some hope.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Basics of Modular Synthesis - Digisound 80 Modular Synthesizer with Ian Taylor at Synthesized

Published on Jul 30, 2016 Synthesized

Synthesized - An event celebrating Synthesizers and Electronic Music Equipment

Published on Jul 30, 2016 Synthesized

"Synthesized is a 2 day annual event held at the Centre for Computing History that celebrates electronic music hardware both retro and contemporary."

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Vintage Digisound 24 Module Synthesizer

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via this auction

"Vintage digisound 24 Module Synthesizer
British company Digisound modules are affordable, innovative, well designed, and sound great. Digisound's own printed circuit boards are in this wooden box enclosures. Some are cream-coloured metal front plate individually cut and hand-labelled and some are white.

The Tolex covered case was built by the late Kevin Louis Lightner of the website Most of the modules are built off the Curtis chip architecture from Curtis Electromusic Specialties.

The solid state reverb unit (Module 80-17 Reverberation) works off a 3328-stage bucket brigade set of chips to produce a useful reverberation time of about 3 seconds.

The VCF module labeled MOOG is built off the MOOG ladder filter.

The two 80-5 Processor modules are not multi patch panels but are quazy quad panners.

The VCDO is a fixed wave table with voltage control.

There are 11 manuals that explain some of the modules. In the manuals are schematic diagrams to help understand the components used in the build design and component part lists.

List of the manuals:
80-2 Voltage Controlled Oscillator Module
80-3 V.C. Low Frequency Oscillator Module
80-4 Voltage Controlled Mixer Module
80-5 Processor Module
80-7A V.C. State Variable (multimode) Filter Module
the 80-7A State-Variable Filter, featured optional 12 or 24dB operation for low-, high- or band-pass filtering, plus a notch (band-reject) filter. This is a very versatile module, its band-pass mode being my personal favorite.
80-9 Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier Module
80-11A Dual Ring Modulator Module
80-13 External Input Module
80-16 Dual Resonant Filters Module
80-17 Reverberation Module
80-23 Quad Low Frequency Oscillator Module

List of modules stating from the top and going from right to left:
80-13 External Input Module
(3) 80-2 VCOs
80-21 Voltage Controlled Digital Oscillator
80-11A Dual Ring Modulator
80-5 Processor
80-7A State-Variable (multimode) Filter
Voltage Control Filter L
80-16 Dual Resonant Filters
80-9A Dual VCA
80-4A Voltage Controlled Mixer

2nd Row:
80-23 Quad LFO
Voltage Control Low Feq Oscillator
80-12 Noise Generator With Sample & Hold
(2) 80-18 Multi-function Envelope Generator
80-17 Reverberation Unit
80-5 Processor
80-7A State-Variable (multimode) Filter
Voltage Control Filter L
Moog VCF
80-9A Dual VCA
80-14 Stereo Power Amplifier"

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

ludoWic "skip a day" (ft. Rias Baarda & Dave van den Dries)

Published on Jan 6, 2015 T ludoWic


ludoWic production - Thijs Lodewijk & Joost lodewijk
Music - Bart Dietvorst, Rias Baarda & Thijs Lodewijk
Movie Editing - Thijs Lodewijk
Camera - Thijs Lodewijk, Joost Lodewijk & Tim Timmermans
Lights - Joost Lodewijk
Audio Mix - Joost van den Broek
Audio Engeneer - Joost van den Broek & Jos Driessen

Studio Sandlane Recording Facilities

Special Thanx to:
Joost van den Broek, Jos Driessen, Maarten de Pijper, Tim Timmermans & Michael Schellekens"

If you are curious what the large instrument to the right is, it's a Trautoniks Trautonium.  The white modular appears to be a Digisound system.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

The London Concert

Uploaded on Jul 8, 2011 Edgar Rothermich

Anyone recognize the modular system? Roland JD-800 in there as well.

Update via lanksi in the comments: "That's a (particularly huge) Digisound 80 Modular :)"

"This is the video from the Live Concert in London, October 1991 that became Christopher Franke's album "The London Concert". The concert was performed by Christopher Franke and Edgar Rothermich (aka Richard E. Roth) and it was the only live show by Christopher Franke after he left Tangerine Dream

Christopher Franke
Edgar Rothermich

Tracks Performed:
Purple Waves
Cloudburst Flight
Mountain Hights

Festival Organizer: Mark Jenkins
Director: Clive Heaven
Producer: Andy Grant
World Leisure Corporation / AMP Records
Aditional Editing & Polishing: Edgar Rothermich

special thanks to : Alessandro Ghera"

via Synthtopia

Friday, April 18, 2014

Digisound TED Snare Drum Module and 'Model 2' Power Supply with Cable & Original Box

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via this auction

"The 80's were an odd time weren't they, and this is a prime example of strangeness from that decade. This is a Digisound TED, or a TED Digisound snare drum module and 'model 2"power supply. i'm not really sure which name is actually the brand name, although apparently TED stands for The Electronic Designers, so who knows.

Basically this is a digital snare drum sample in a box. Thats right, just the one sound, although considering the cost of sample ROM back when this was made, i wouldn't be surprised if it cost several hundred pounds just for this snare! It has a trigger button on the front, plus an external trigger input, and knobs for pitch, trigger and output level. Presumably the trigger knob sets the external trigger sensitivity for using it with drum pads, but i've never tried it with different trigger levels. The module comes with the ridiculously over sized power supply, thats apparently capable of powering two (YES!! TWO!!) of these modules, and the weird three pin DIN cable that connects the power to the module.

Thats about it. You press the trigger button or supply an external trigger and it makes a snare sound, or at least some approximation of what people thought snares sounded like in the 80's.

Both the module and the power supply are boxed and in excellent condition considering their age. Theres a very small dent in the front of the module, but nothing you'd ever really notice."

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Digisound 80 Modular Synthesizer Brochures

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Top via this auction

"4-page mottled/glossy brochure for Digisound 80 modular synth. Not dated but probably 1981/2."

Bottom via this auction

"2-page glossy brochure for Digisound 80 modular synth. Not dated but probably 1983/4."

Friday, January 17, 2014

TED Digisound Synth-Drum Module

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via this auction

"TED digisound synth-drum module from Netherlands
what a cool '80s design!

according to the package,it has a Quiro sound
top panel has pitch,trigger,output knobs and play button
side panel has audio in,trigger in,power in,power out."


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