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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Plasma Voice | By GameChanger Audio

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"When I saw this module for the first time a few months ago, I knew I wanted one yesterday. Then GameChanger audio reached out to me if I would be interested in doing a 'second opinion'. A different angle, away from the trash and farts, and more into the cinematic realm. Sure! It's absolutely stunning for many, many genres, also including ambient.

Compared to the old Plasma Drive, the Voice is a joy to work with. The Drive is an all or nothing distortion with no mercy. The Voice is a sound design dream with 49 'engines' which can deliver tons of sounds. It can scream and buzz like a fan in a bathtub, but when you turn default trigger mode OFF the oscillator will be free and ready for your own sculpting. It's no secret I prefer using a LPG instead of the internal VCA (or any) to take off the rough edges and add a bit of organic life to it. I don't think I can warmly recommend a module I got free of charge, but I am doing it anyway.

00:00 Introduction
02:51 First Patch
03:36 Commercial break with DataBender
04:15 First Patch continued
06:09 Grime (an obscure genre)
09:27 Noise Studies
11:22 Ambient Lightning"

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Gamechanger Audio Plasma Voice - First Play (Holy Crap!)

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"Wow, this thing is epic. It arrived this morning, and this is the first time I've plugged it in. After a few minutes I turned on my cameras and here we are. I haven't looked in the manual or anything but I believe I went through the first bank of preset bass sounds. The video also features the BlaknBlu Foxtrot filter, XO drums, Panda Particles and Chroma Console for some delay."

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Creating a soundscape from pure resonance

video upload by Richard DeHove

"Who needs oscillators when you have self-oscillating resonance? Here the Erica Synths Acidbox III with high resonance is fed into a Fairfield Circuitry Roger That, then to a Gamechanger Audio Light reverb pedal and finally to the Erica Synths Zen Delay.

The Acidbox is configured so the right output feeds into the control CV input, but the box itself is getting no external audio, just it's own resonance.

The Roger That pedal provides a little extra texture and noise but is not an essential component. I tried all sorts of different pedals in this position including distortions, drives and bitcrushers but almost all of them had very little effect. I think there simply wasn't enough for those pedals to chew on.

The Light pedal is mainly on the 'harmonic' setting and I sometimes switch it to feedback. The Zen delay is on the tape ping-pong setting. Filter is on highpass in case things get out of hand and the drive knob adds some good grit.

The input gain on the Acidbox and Zen were fundamental to the sound. Both were usually quite low but if you want something with more noise and distortion it's there if you just pump those up.

A few years back I had a Lyra-8 which I always say is a great personal meditation machine. Yet imo it doesn't compare to this setup in terms of flexibility and expression. Here you can go high and delicate or low and cone-shaking, peaceful or disturbed all in a few knob turns. And what big glorious knobs they are.

I do believe this type of playing is personally very therapeutic. If I was an indulged academic I think it'd make an interesting research project to look at the brainwave state of someone engaged in prolonged resonant drone knob twiddlings. Might there be a connection between the played harmonics and brainwave frequencies and that in certain moods you'd gravitate to harmonics of that emotional state? Or would your playing perhaps reduce agitated brain frequencies toward a more dreamlike state? Who knows.

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon.

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Thursday, May 02, 2024

Gamechanger Audio Plasma Coil Sound Demo (no talking) with Synths and Drums - Sonicware Lofi12-XT

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Motor Synth - A Quick Look | Making Music with MOTORS

video upload by Jacob Durbin

00:00 Intro
01:05 Induction Wave
02:40 Drift/Detune
04:48 Keypads
06:10 Cross Mod
06:38 From/Accel
07:25 The Other Waveforms
08:50 Downfalls
09:37 Outro

Get the Motor Synth sample pack here:

Tuesday, April 02, 2024

PLASMA VOICE Eurorack Module by Game Changer Audio

video upload by MATTHS

"Let's get dirty. The PLASMA VOICE Eurorack Module by Game Changer Audio is brutal. A mono voice complete with VCA and VCF, this thing is on fire."


Monday, April 01, 2024

A Motor Synth MKII vs. MKI comparison video

video upload by

"I have the Motor Synth MKII here as well as the older MK1. Here are some comparisons. Table of contents:

00:00 short impression
00:22 hello
00:38 unboxing / a short story
02:19 notable new features and UI comparison
06:02 mechanical noise level comparison
07:28 comparing similar patches (1)
08:54 comparing similar patches (2)
10:00 preset demo 1
11:38 preset demo 2
13:38 preset demo 3
14:43 preset demo 4
15:10 preset demo 5
16:32 preset demo 6
17:29 preset demo 7
18:41 preset demo 8
19:37 a short keyboard improvisation
21:55 bye bye"


Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth MKII Sound Demo (no talking)

video upload by Bonedo Synthesize

Monday, March 25, 2024

The Dream of Allan Gray

video upload by Richard DeHove

"This is a single DB-01 drone track recorded exactly as you see it with no editing. Nor have any effects, compression, EQ or limiting etc been added in the DAW (other than the sci-fi movie talk samples). The DB-01 is running into the Light pedal on feedback mode. (Thanks to @aopaul for suggesting turning down the dry level which has entirely solved the noise issue into the Rat). From there it goes into the Rat, and then into the Shift Line Astronaut for some modulated stereo reverb.

A very slow LFO on the DB-01 opens the filter enough to better activate the feedback on the Light pedal which gives the periods of relative peace and intensity. The DB-01 is also on random playback with a handful of notes on bar 1 and the other three bars empty. The Astronaut pedal has a very slow modulating octave shift in the reverb and the Light pedal has a very slow shift in which optical sensor pair is active. All these slow modulations deliver the needed variation.

The old video is all from 'Vampyr', a 1932 Danish-German horror movie. That's combined, somewhat oddly perhaps, with audio samples from the 1953 sci-fi classic "It Came From Outer Space". It wasn't hard to find the good bits in that since I first sampled it way back in the day on my old EPS. We even had a song in our live set which used one of the quotes from the movie as it's main hook "Our mission was to another world". Good days. Of course I couldn't re-use that same sample here :D

The title of this video comes from the original full title of the Vampyr movie: 'Vampyr – Der Traum des Allan Gray' or in English, 'The Dream of Allan Gray'.

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

A Rat, a DB-01 and a Light pedal cranked for filth and feedback

video upload by Richard DeHove

"I've always wanted ferocious feedback on a synth, just like them geetar players get. The obvious choices are a FreqOut or even an old Boss FB-2. But how about a Gamechanger Audio Light reverb pedal and a Rat ? One reason I got the Light pedal was its interesting modes, gate and drive. By itself a lot of the options feel very underpowered when fed by the DB-01. But add a Rat after the reverb and everything comes alive.

Here I first try the Light pedal's Reflect mode which is a dirty delay, then the Feedback mode. The Rat is vital to crank the Light pedal's effect although it does add a huge amount of noise. Ideally I'd add a noise gate after the rat and then a delay. Perhaps even a pitch shifting delay to try to get a little more pitch control over the feedback.

With it's little Rat friend the Light pedal now seems a lot more useful.

As usual there's absolutely no other audio processing than what you see.

0:00 Starter sound
1:25 Reflect cranked
2:42 Light pedal options
4:48 Feedback mode
8:28 Sequenced feedback
9:25 Keys feedback

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free My website:"

Saturday, March 16, 2024


video uploads by sonicstate


LondonSXPO-24 Manifold Research Centre : TMINTT
Well this looks pretty interesting - you can patch 'The Map Is Not The Territoire' matrix mixer using magnets
LondonSXPO-24 Knobula: Pianophonic updates
Jason from Knobula had some firmware updates to the rather impressive 'Pianophonic' module, plus a shiny new mirrored faceplate for 'Kickain'
LondonSXPO-24 Enjoy Electronics GODFATHER rides again
Martin from Enjoy Electronics, makers of The GODFATHER demonstrated the latest updates to Nick
LondonSXPO-24 Rides In The Storm: BOC module
Uwe George from Rides In The Storm runs us through the new BOC module
LondonSXPO-24 Gamechanger Plasma Voice Modules
Last time we caught up with Ilya from Gamechanger Audio he was in our studio showing us the MotorSynth - the Plasma Voice Modules were almost ready, but not quite finished.
At the show we were able to see - and hear them for the first time, and get another quick peek at the new pedal too.
LondonSXPO-24 Erica Synths: BullFrog Accessories
It's always a pleasure to see Ģirts at a show, and here he was showing some updates and accessories for the education oriented Bull Frog synth
LondonSXPO-24 PWM: Latest on MANTIS Quad Mode
Always interesing hearing what Paul has been up to with his Malevolent and Mantis models - news is that Mantis is about to ship, and has some interesting new updates to the 'Quad' mode
LondonSXPO-24 Z-RAY: Wireless Lights in a briefcase
This is right up our street - cool portable battery powered wireless stage lights - oh yeah! Dominik had a briefcase full of prototypes for his latest project - to find out more, head to his website at
LondonSXPO-24 Joranalogue Dim 2 is quite bright actually
In a slightly confusing naming incident, Joranalogue decided to call the latest module 'Dim 2'' - and it is definitely not dim at all. Quite the opposite ;-]
LondonSXPO-24 Apollo View: Rabbit Hole +more
Can't recall coming across Apollo View before, but Jon-Mark was showing some lovely looking modules including the Rabbit Hole - we took a look
LondonSXPO-24 Bastl Intruments channel The Matrix with Neo-Trinity?
Okay, tell me someone hasn't been watching re-runs of The Matrix
... Neo...Trinity..
come on, surely? ;-]
LondonSXPO-24 Vertice Analogue Filterbank from Euterpe
Stefano reckons you should spend a month with his rather splendid 'Vertice' filterbank - a beautiful if brutal instrument. And if his smiles are anything to go by, it should be a fun time :-]

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth MKII Sound Demo (no talking)

video upload by Limbic Bits

0:00 Pads
7:01 Bass & Leads
10:26 Arpeggios
14:13 Percussion & EFX
15:39 Outro

Monday, February 26, 2024

Is This The Most Unique Synth EVER???

video upload by Miles Away

"Review, sound demo and tutorial/walkthrough of the Gamechanger Audio Motorsynth Mk2 synthesizer, a revolutionary modern synth that uses motors to create sound. Is it the best synth to add to your studio?"

Buy my Custom Synth Patches:

0:00 - jam 1: Motorsynth only
0:39 - what makes the Motorsynth so unique?
2:00 - beauty in imperfection
3:23 - jam 2: heavy industrial electro
5:45 - synth tour, the motor oscillators
8:01 - Motorsynth's amazing stereo image
8:59 - how to use the performance interface for drone patches
10:27 - the digital oscillator voice
11:20 - paraphonic features explained, making a keys patch
13:10 - filter types, drive, and unison mode
15:39 - drift, detune and cross mod
17:28 - envelope section, making a complex patch
21:07 - modulation matrix
22:30 - arp, motion recorder and sequencer
24:10 - random generator
25:11 - final verdict with pros and cons
28:00 - jam 3: melodic edm

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth Electro-Mechanical Synthesizer w/ Original Air Freshener

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

Friday, February 02, 2024

MC-202 & Light Pedal

video upload by Stazma

"Support on Patreon to get samples from this session:

Just a repetitive drony ambient jam with my MC-202 and Light Pedal.

Have fun it's #202day !


MC-202 Analogue Solutions Mod

"Today I'll be going more into the depth of how my modded MC-202 work. I was not able to find any real info on this 'Analogue Solutions Mod' I have on my unit, but in case anyone is curious I'll get throught most of the ins and outs and play some music using these. It's going to be fun!"

Saturday, January 27, 2024

#NAMM 2024: Gamechanger Audio Plasma Voice

video upload by CatSynth TV

"We get a demo of the Plasma Voice from Gamechanger Audio. This is an incarnation of their Plasma series of instruments and effects based on a xenon-gas tube. The Plasma Voice is a full synthesizer voice in a Eurorack format. T

'PLASMA Voice is a synthesizer module that produces sounds by controlling high-voltage electrical discharges between two electrodes on a specially designed xenon-filled gas tube. These discharges are converted to analog audio using a specialized rectifier circuit. The result is mesmerizing electric sounds that match the visual intensity of the blue bolt of electricity.

The electric discharges are driven by a proprietary ultrasound pulse-width oscillator. This oscillator is modulated by predefined samples and envelope shapes (or SOUNDS for simplicity’s sake) that you can select, trigger, waveshape, and modulate with sliders and CV inputs. This puts you in control of the electrical discharges and the resulting sounds.'"

Friday, January 26, 2024

NAMM 2024 - Gamechanger Audio - Mod Series Pedals

video upload by sonicstate

"At NAMM 2024, Ilya from Game Changer Audio unveiled their new Mod Series pedals, featuring three classic high-quality stereo time-based effects: reverb, mod delay, and mod chorus. What sets the Mod Series apart is its unique form factor and extended controls, which include dynamics and pitch.. Each pedal contains an adjustable envelope follower and pitch tracker, allowing guitarists to link the pitch information of their performance to any of the four knobs on the top part of the pedal. This enables players to create responsive guitar effects with multiple combinations. The Mod Series pedals are available for pre-order now and will be shipping in March.

Mod Series Pedals Price: 247 Euros

Mod Series Bundle (3 Pedals) Price: 741 Euros"

Thursday, January 25, 2024

GameChanger Audio Create New Oscillator With Plasma Voice Eurorack Module | NAMM 2024

video upload by Reverb

"Fess drops by the GameChanger Audio booth to check out what the brand has been up to. Among other things is this super cool Eurorack oscillator module called the Plasma Voice. See more about NAMM 2024 on Reverb"

More Pedals Should Be Made Like This (Gamechanger Mod Series) | NAMM 2024

video upload by Reverb

"Gamechanger Audio continues to agitate for pedals to be stranger and better. The new Mod Series—launching with Reverb, Delay, and Chorus to start—harnesses your playing dynamics and pitch and uses them to modulate the rest of the sound in an endless variety of ways. See more about NAMM 2024 on Reverb"

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Gamechanger Audio Introduces MOD Series Modular Pedals

video upload by Gamechanger Audio

"Gamechanger Audio is thrilled to unveil the MOD Series, a revolutionary fusion of classic pedal design with the extraordinary, enigmatic world of modular synthesis. This series isn’t just an evolution in audio processing—it’s a complete reimagining of what a pedal can be.

Each pedal is equipped with two modulation sources that you control directly with your performance. The DYNAMICS follows the volume nuances of your playing, capturing the character of your picking style and your instrument’s loudness and decay. The PITCH tracker, on the other hand, detects note choices as well as bends and vibratos. Through the simplicity of the included patch cables, you wield the power to route these modulations to any of the four effect knobs and set the parameters in motion.

Changes in effects are often achieved through presets, expression pedals, and MIDI control. While each of these methods has its own advantages, they can only take you so far. The MOD series offers a different way — orchestrate the effects by focusing on playing your instrument.

For more info, visit:"

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