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Tuesday, September 05, 2023


video upload by murratti 127

bass drum • mosaic alan , pique, morcom, enigma • after later audio
roucha legio, yester versio • noise engineering
switch 4 • joranalogue
Boundary • schlappi engineering
kermit mk3 • industrial music
mimeophone, maths • make noise
night rider, M185, vector wave • ryk
passive LPG • intellijel
motion MTR • molten modular
Hope you like this video! Comments welcome!

Saturday, May 06, 2023

Molten Motion Meter 1U Overview

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"The Molten Motion Meter has gone horizontal to give you four channels of modulation visualisation, mixing and attenuation. It's a visualiser of voltage and a seer of signals. It's a VU meter and CV attenuator; it can mix and offset and looks lovely in a rack.

It should be available in June 2023 direct from Befaco and their dealers."

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

New Motion MTR Eurorack Module From Befaco & Molten Modular

Molten Motion Meter Overview video upload by Molten Music Technology

"A quick overview of the Molten Motion Meter designed by myself and Befaco Modular. It's a visualiser of voltage and a seer of signals. It's a VU meter and CV attenuator, it can mix and offset and looks lovely in a rack."

Molten Modular - My first Eurorack module launch show!

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"Join me to explore my first Eurorack module - it's a beautiful and exciting thing! Designed in collaboration with Befaco, and Manu will be joining me to talk about the process and how it all works. It's not complicated; it's a simple and useful module that I hope will bring joy to every modular user.

The module will become available to buy during the live stream in assembled and kit form. An overview video and DIY build video will appear after the live stream.

Divkid also has a video:"

Audio & CV VISUALISED I love a Eurorack utility! // Motion Meter (MTR) from Molten Modular & Befaco
video upload by DivKid

"Here we have the new Motion MTR Eurorack module from Molten Modular (Molten Music Technology, Robin Vincent) and Befaco. The Motion MTR is your classic modular synth utility provided attenuation, inversion, offset voltages and mixing with the addition of lots of blinking lights!

More than a pretty light show the LED rings work as a VU meter (audio mode) or CV monitor and show your input voltages so you can better trace a patch, track down that feedback getting out of hand, or simply stared at blinky lights because secretly we all want out modulars to look like Christmas tree. They look great and perform well as you’ll see in the video.

Motion MTR MMT site //
Motion MTR Befaco site //

To gain access to the exclusive full patch breakdown for the audio visualiser patch as well as accessing more exclusive videos, PDF patchbooks, joining the DivKid community adn more. Consider supporting on Patreon //"



Motion MTR allow you to mix, attenuate and invert signals while having clear visual feedback of their levels. Each channel can function as:
Audio level control with VU meter
CV attenuator with voltage meter
CV inverter with voltage meter
Each input is normalled to 10v, so you can
use each of them to generate fixed voltages.
Also, the outputs of channels 1 and 2 are summed into Out 3 to be used as a mixer.
Patch it wildly to make it work as an attenuverter with offset, as a mixer, a VU meter or a combination of them all!

This module is our first collaboration with Robin Vincent from Molten modular.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Molten Drum Machine 1.03 Adds MIDI, Audio Copy, and More

"new features:
Support for Sonoma Wire Works AudioCopy & Paste
- Full MIDI spec for all knobs to send & receive MIDI CC's
- Improvements to the sample selection menu making it easier to audition samples
- MIDI Sync
- User samples are now listed first
- Option to delete user samples
- 44.1Khz 16-bit audio export
- Show status of available MIDI devices
- Multitasking
- Stability improvements"

Molten Drum Machine - One Red Dog Media
iPads on eBay
iPads on Amazon
Update: The grid sends MIDI out!!! Via the developer: "Yes the grid sends note on with velocity and offs. It uses the GM drum layout with the kick on 36/C1. The trigger pads send note on as well. It will respond to incoming note on too, allowing you to sequence the drums from an external source. This also applies to the CC's. To make external sequencing more convenient there's also a local control on/off. Molten will also send MIDI Beat Clock and let you sync the sequencer to incoming clock as well. It's pretty tight over USB and worked very well over wi-fi too."

Friday, February 06, 2009

Molten MIDI and None More Black by Molten Voltage

YouTube via MoltenVoltage. via David via HC.
"Molten MIDI by Molten Voltage is the World's Smallest Professional MIDI Footswitch. It comes pre-programmed for use with the Digitech Whammy 4 (WH-4). Custom chips are available for any MIDI controlled device such as the Flextone III by Line 6. None More Black is the simplest MIDI controller in the world. It does one thing - that "one thing" is chosen by you. A battery-operated, custom programmed MIDI controller for a very low price. Visit for more information or to order."

Patch n Tweak
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