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Saturday, June 08, 2024

Poly6 Teensy 3.6 based Polysynth with patch memory

video upload by Craig Barnes


This is a polyphonic synth forked from albnys/TeensyPoly6 converted into a 2U 19" rack.

The analogue interface now uses 6 MUX chips to read the pots and switches so there is no need to connect top the top or underneath of the Teensy 3.6 for the extra analogue inputs required. It runs smoother now as well.

The schematics are upto date now with the latest mux changes.

The synth is built using a teensy 3.6 overclocked to 192Mhz and is programmed in Arduino IDE using the teensy audio library.

Easily upgrade to a T4.1 or even a T4.0 as very few connections are required now. Increase of polyphony is probably available with a T4.x.

How it sounds in the original keyboard form, this sound engine is unchanged.

• Homemade Polyphonic Synthesizer! [posted here]

Triple VCOs with octave +/- shift.

Osc A with SAW, PULSE (PWM) and TRIANGLE waves, plus SUB and Crossmod

Osc B with SAW, PULSE (PWM) and TRIANGLE waves, plus tuning, oct +/-

Osc C with 28 waves, plus tuning, oct +/-

LP/BP filter with resonance and env +/- for A/D/R


Modulation destinations for FM. TM and AM

LFO attack, decay and sustain with depth control

PWM LFO with rate and depth

Digital reverb with size and mix amount

Digital delay with time and mix amount

Programmable ranges for Pitch, Modulation and Aftertouch

Mono, Poly and Unison (two voices) modes, Unison detune ranges

Note priorities for Mono and Unison modes, Top, Bottom, Last.

MIDI modulation, aftertouch, CC messages for controls, channel change, pitchbend.

999 memories with storage of all front panel controls except volume.

MIDI In, Out, Thru"

Monday, February 13, 2023

Albert Nyström Made a Drum Machine for $70

video upload by Albert Nyström

"Here's a Drum machine I designed and built over the last 3 months using a Teensy 4.1 as the main brain.
The total build cost was about $70, 30 of which was the Teensy itself.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and I´m considering making a 2.0 version in the future that will be for sale!

Here's a link to the Code, Schematics and more information about the project:

0:00 - Intro
1:00 - Funky Jam
1:30 - Hat n Snare Jam
2:00 - Ambient Industrial Jam
2:30 - Fast DnB Jam
3:25 - Walkthrough
4:25 - Kicks
4:40 - Snares
5:20 - Hihats
6:25 - Other Functions
8:10 - FX
9:00 - Outro"

Monday, July 18, 2022

Spaces - a DIY-Synth live session!

video upload by Albert Nyström

"This is a live recording using only my homemade synths. all sounds you hear comes directly from my own synths, except some reverb and delay. The only equipment used that I didn´t build myself is the Digitakt that acts as a sequencer as well as an audio interface.

The modular system plays the arpeggios & all percussion.
The analog Monosynth plays all bass stuff.
The Guitar-synth plays all lead sounds.

Hope you enjoy!"

See the Nyström label below for more.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Teensy-Poly6 Homemade Polyphonic Synthesizer!

video upload by Albert Nyström

"This is a 6-voice polyphonic synthesizer i programmed and built from scratch using a teensy 3.5.

The total build cost was around $120.

Here's a link to the code and a rough schematic:
(warning, it´s very messy and ugly heh)

0:00 - Intro
0:50 - Distorted Fm
1:30 - Pulsating Pad
2:10 - Saw Lead
2:30 - Spooky Fm
3:15 - Funky Chords
3:45 - Funky Bass
4:20 - Bright bells
5:00 - Walkthrough
10:45 - Outro"

Looks like a four octave KORG Prologue. See the Nyström label below for more.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Homemade analog synth built from scratch & a Homemade analog Synth-Guitar by Albert Nyström

video upload by Albert Nyström

"Everything is analog (except the FX) and built by me from scratch.

0:00 - Intro
0:10 - Sync Lead
0:47 - Ambient Pad
1:22 - Bass
1:48 - FM Bells & Noises
2:35 - SuperSaw
3:14 - LFO-Octave Bass
3:42 - Triangle Lead
4:18 - Lasers, Kicks, Snares
4:55 - Weird noises
5:42 - Walktrough of features
9:45 - Pictures"

Some additional details from the comments:

On parts: "My best estimate is around $180 USD, ~70 of which was the Keystep that I used for the keyboard."

On design: "I built everything myself, but took inspiration from exsisting schematics. The filter is based on Mortiz Kleins vactrol VCF, the envelopes are based on Thomas Henrys 555 envelope and the VCOs are built around the AS3340 chip! The effects are the only part I didn't build myself, Search for 'dsp 100 reverb' on aliexpress!"

Homemade analog Synth-Guitar!

0:00 Bass sound
0:50 Saw Lead
2:18 Ambient Lead
3:07 "Guitar" Lead
4:04 Walkthrough

"Fully analog, fully homemade guitar-synth
Built from scratch, based on a few different schematics aswell as a few own designs for some of the functions.
The pitch is controlled by two soft-pots tuned a 4th apart, just like a guitar.

The body is mostly made of stained plywood and the knobs are made of dowels that i cut and sanded to size!

The synth is accompanied by a couple of beats I made on my digitakt!

Hope you enjoy!"

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