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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

"Pollinator" by Disciples of Earth

video upload by Imaginary Lens

Music video for the song "Pollinator" by Disciples of Earth


Jamie McMenamy: Soma Terra

Steve Sciulli: Soma Terra

The song is now available on all streaming platforms. Please click the link in the video to support us by downloading the song.

Here’s what to expect:

Our first song Pollinator is a dark ambient exploration utilizing experimental bio-connection technology. We interact with two Soma Terra instruments to create a textual sonic exploration of inner and outer space.

Jamie McMenamy and Steve Sciulli started playing together in the mid-1990s. It was during a event to mark the 50th anniversary of the Roswell crash that we first performed together. Shortly afterwards, we developed the electronic music duo called the Missing Time Experience. The Disciples of Earth is our first intuitive collaboratory piece since the Missing Time Experience days.

We hope you enjoy.

A little about the soma terra:

TERRA is a highly conceptual device. The core idea is unity of nature and technology, and a perfect balance between simplicity and versatility.

TERRA is a sanctuary for a natural soul right in the middle of the rumbling plastic world, a ground where you can breathe in and out slowly, and hold on to your roots. TERRA is our dream about a bright future where we will be both technologically advanced and more connected to nature, where machines and technology are not a prison for our feelings and spirit but their extension."

Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Fragmented (DiN83) by Parallel Worlds Listening Party February 9th @ 8:00 PM GMT

You might recall Parallel Worlds latest release Fragmented (DiN83) posted here. For those interested, a listening party for his latest release will be held on February 9th on Bandcamp.

Details follow:

February 9th @ 8:00 PM GMT - chat starts @ 7:30PM

A gentle reminder of this listening party on Friday. Join Greek synthesist Bakis Sirros and DiN label boss Ian Boddy to listen and chat about the new Parallel Worlds album "Fragmented" (DiN83).

This fourth solo sonic journey from Sirros on the DiN imprint sees him focusing in on his modular synthesiser systems. It has certainly be noted before, but is worth reiterating, that there is a certain John Carpenter like soundtrack quality to the music of Parallel Worlds. Seemingly simplistic they shroud a wealth of detail and beauty that is revealed over repeated listening.

Looking forward to seeing some of you there.

Friday, February 02, 2024

Parallel Worlds - Fragmented (DiN83) Released on Digipak CD & Download

This is a follow-up to this post.

"The first DiN album of 2024 is now live on the DiN Bandcamp store. "Fragmented" (DiN83) by Parallel Worlds, on limited edition Digipak CD & download. This fourth solo sonic journey from Parallel Worlds sees him focusing in on his modular synthesiser systems."

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Fragmented by Parallel Worlds (DiN83) Demo Mix

A new release by Parallel Worlds is coming February 16th. Details follow.

Parallel Worlds Fragmented DiN83 Release date 16th February 2024 Limited to 200 copies Digipak CD Bar Code CD 5028423240839

Greek synthesist Bakis Sirros who records under the name of Parallel Worlds has become a familiar name to followers of the DiN label. His debut release was “Obsessive Surrealism” (DiN26) back in 2007 and since then he has released two further solo albums, “Shade” (DiN32) and “Plector” (DiN76), as well as several collaborative albums with different artists including DiN label boss Ian Boddy & Node guru Dave Bessell.

This fourth sonic journey from Sirros on the DiN imprint sees him focusing in on his modular synthesiser systems, especially the Eurorack format with some able support from Buchla. These massive constructed patches live and breath like a crepuscular organism waking from its slumber. Indeed “Fragmented” is bookended by two wonderfully deep, textural tracks appropriately titled “Dawning” and “Sunset”. With the exception of the organ-like drone soundscape of “Time Flow” the remaining seven tracks encapsulate everything we have come to expect from this unique artist, namely dark, menacing bass lines overlaid with glitchy percussive patterns and beguiling, floating melody lines. It has certainly be noted before, but is worth reiterating, that there is a certain John Carpenter like soundtrack quality to the music of Sirros. Seemingly simplistic they shroud a wealth of detail and beauty that is revealed over repeated listening.

Lovers of Electronica, Dark Techno, Downtempo & IDM will find much to admire in “Fragmented” and this new album once again showcases the unique talent of this highly individual musician.

Friday, January 19, 2024

Gates by Ranzee

video upload by ranzee

"A quick look over the latest album Gates. There's an excerpt from each of the 16 tracks. You can buy a copy via BandCamp here:

Or alternatively add it to your favourites on your streaming provider."

"An album with a theme about gates - a double meaning. For those who are knowledgeable in synthesisers, especially the modular type, will be aware of gates. Gates are a control voltage (a pulse of electricity) which is used in synthesiser things - like: clocks, envelopes, sequencers etc. Gates are voltage high or low (a square wave) – hence having an open or closed state. Working with this each track has a themed gate, such as a farm gate or a boom gate. Some gates exist in our daily lives, others are a fantasy. The noon of a gate either stops things from getting in/out or protects the things within. It has a stop/go feature."

Friday, January 12, 2024

FEEDBACK by Ultraviolet Light

This one is in via Todd Barton who co-curated the release.

"Cassette label Ultraviolet Light is ecstatic to announce Feedback, a compilation of new works from Todd Barton, Dan Deacon, Dani Dobkin, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Doug Lynner, Toshimaru Nakamura, Sarah Belle Reid, Ryan Gaston, Jimmy Joe Roche, and Keith Fullerton Whitman. Each track utilizes some form of acoustic feedback, no-input mixing or recursive patching techniques as the central compositional principle.

Closed circuit and acoustic feedback have been prominent features within experimental electronic compositions for well over 50 years. In 1968 Steve Reich made extensive use of audio Feedback in his work “Pendulum Music”. David Tudor and Alvin Lucier incorporated feedback systems in many iconic compositions. Much of John Cage's interest and questions of noise and its relation to music could be seen as an extension of concepts explored when artists introduce feedback into their performances and recording. Arguably the most prolific and influential artist who integrated feedback into her compositions is the French composer Éliane Radigue.

Feedback is released as a 300-copy limited edition cassette with 4-color risograph printed artwork by Never Brush my Teeth. A digital download card is included with each cassette. 60% of the digital sales of the album will be donated to Earth Justice annually.

Curated by Todd Barton and Jimmy Joe Roche.

Available here on Bandcamp:"

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Various – Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center - Vinyl

video upload by ZacJust3Letters

"Various – Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center

Label: Columbia Masterworks – MS 6566
Format: Vinyl, LP, Stereo
Country: US
Released: Apr 1964
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Electroacoustic

A1 Bülent Arel– Stereo Electronic Music No. 1
Composed By – Bülent Arel
A2 Halim El-Dabh– Leiyla And The Poet
Composed By – Halim El-Dabh
A3 Vladimir Ussachevsky– Creation - Prologue
Chorus – The Little Chorus Of Macalester College
Chorus Master – Ian Morton
Composed By – Vladimir Ussachevsky
B1 Milton Babbitt– Composition For Synthesizer
Composed By, Synthesizer – Milton Babbitt
B2 Mario Davidovsky– Electronic Study No. 1
Composed By – Mario Davidovsky
B3 Otto Luening– Gargoyles
Composed By – Otto Luening
Violin [Solo] – Max Pollikoff

Copyright © – Columbia Records
Published By – Associated Music Publishers Inc.
Mastered At – Customatrix
Pressed By – Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Pitman"

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Jean-Jacques Perrey & Harry Breuer – The Happy Moog! - Vinyl

video upload by ZacJust3Letters

"Jean-Jacques Perrey & Harry Breuer – The Happy Moog!

Label: Pickwick/33 Records – SPC 3160
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 1969
Genre: Electronic
Style: Synth-pop

A1 Space Express
A2 Short Circuit
A3 Paris 2079
A4 In A Latin Moog
A5 Moog Foo Young
B1 Re-Entry To The Moon
B2 Saturn Ski Jump
B3 In A Happy Moog
B4 Blast-Off Country Style
B5 March Of The Martians"

BTW, if you like Jean-Jacques Perrey, check out Jean acques Perrey et son Ondioline, put together by Gotye. You can find addtiional posts featuring Jean-Jacques Perrey here.

Sunday, December 31, 2023

2012 by ThorF

A new release from supporting member, ThorF.

"Te album was written, recorded and mixed in the years 2010-2013 ish.

It's all soft synths inside Reason.

I retouched the mixing in 2023.

Mastered by Árni in 2023."

2012 is also available on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

大雨-Ooame: Cattywampus

video upload by Giorgio Sancristoforo

2024 Album Teaser

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Luminous Trilogy & A CATALOGUE OF FM MATERIALS by Element433 ( a.k.a. Pere Villez)

via Element433 (Pere Villez)

"When I made the popular YouTube series 'FM Catalogue of Materials', many viewers commented that they would love to see some more of the 'music tech as cinema' style created in the videos.

My new project 'Luminous Trilogy' release, does exactly that. In part 1 'WTD', synths and synth technical diagrams, together with Pure Data/Max patches, become casual parts of the film's environment, which is set in an alt near future. Part 1 was realised with analogue modular, whereas Part 2 "Breath" was scored using binaural audio, VCV rack and live Indian tablas. Part 3 'Contrails' uses physical models, Samplicity's Berlin Studios and vintage FM hardware."

Update: Element433 has made the VCV patch and assets used in the film "Breath" below a free download. You can find instructions on downloading the patch and setting it up here:

Luminous Trilogy

video uploads by Element433 ( a.k.a. Pere Villez)

"Three music shorts around the theme of light, from incandescent urban folklore set in the near future, electric neon glowing medussae to impossible skies, all to the sound of dark ambient and techno-world music"


Walking The Dulzaina - Luminous Trilogy - Part 1
Walking The Dulzaina is an edited one-shot music film which details the manic walkthrough time-lapse of an imaginary synthesised dulzaina (Spanish folkloric instrument) being taken for a walk through the "Las Vegas" like dressed streets of a small village festive celebration set somewhere in the near future.

The visuals are nods to the Bladerunner, Lynch, Weirdcore and Kubrick where the glow of transparent neon CRTs, display technical diagrams with a music technology theme. Some suddenly slide up from the ground, while others cross from one side of the street to another.

The music is inspired by minimalism, industrial techno synth-folk where Steve Reich and Techno meet Raymond Scott and 1960's BBC radiophonic.

Musical Equipment Detail:

Intro: Moog Subharmonicon through Fairfield Randy's Revenge ring modular - into two crunchy Elby Systems stereo valve preamps and out into a stereo pair of Doepfer A-199 spring tanks).

Dulzainas: Buchla Easel Command sometimes untreated and sometimes solo through a J.H. 'Son of a Storm Tide' stereo analogue studio flanger (built by Van Daal Electronics (second dulzainas and very low transition whoooses). Buchla and Subharmonicon sync locked and clock divided by Ornaments and Crime clock divider.

Final wormhole sequence: Subharmonicon through stereo A-199 Doepfer spring reverbs and Paulstretched.

This work is not sponsored by any the manufacturers mentioned. They are personally purchased pieces of equipment.


Monday, November 20, 2023

T.I.M. - Look Mum No Computer -

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Sam Battle, AKA LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER, returns with his latest and most personal single, T.I.M. The emotional track was inspired by Battle’s own experience with loss and grieving experiences that don’t work out as expected:

“Tim is a song about things not always going to plan, and not knowing how to express your feelings. It’s a song about an experience my wife and I had earlier in the year when her pregnancy didn’t go completely to plan.”

The track’s melody was initially devised at a show in Copenhagen, where Sam was improvising.

“The song was recorded on my analog synth, the melody I had for a while from the chorus. I kept playing it in livestreams and people picked it out as a melody they liked, I liked it too! It was all recorded live from the modular synth then I wrote the song over.”

LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER will headline London’s Oslo on the 22nd of November, and has recently announced an EU tour for 2024."

"Stream/Listen/Buy here :-
INSTRUMENTAL version WAV DOWNLOAD available here :-
My wife's mum made the knitted sam, thought it would make a funny cover! she makes em of anyone btw! she made this one for my wife but i stole it to take the photo for the song cover ha her instagram :-
empty words are not what you deserve
half the man you’ve lost and half you’ve earned
is it a mistake a wretched curse
it crawls inside your skin, turns off your nerves
well how does it feel to be done wrong
how does it feel your underdone
how does it feel to not grow old
how does it feel to not have it all
its a shame you came and gone
didnt even stay a while
too old to be a clot
too young to even be a child
put past this sweet mistake
make tracks for the future
but dont forget about the way
it was so still and so perculiar
well how does it feel to be done wrong
how does it feel your underdone
how does it feel to not grow old
how does it feel to not have it all
cus like you ill be golden
like ill be golden till i die
like you i’ll be frozen
like you i’ll be frozen in my time
like you i’ll be still and laid out on a table
passing by
then like you ill be forgotten
making way for newer times
how does it feel to be let go

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Simesky+Fritch - SKALA.02

video upload by Simesky+Fritch

Supporting member Simesky has a new release out available on multiple platforms on distrokid here.

Format: Streaming / Download / Cassette

"A MAGNIFICENT EXPERIENCE" - Lost in the Manor - Earmilk




‘Such Imperfection’ debuted in summer 2022 as a love letter to 80’s pop vinyl.

A year later, making good on their promise, Simesky+Fritch released their follow up singles
‘ColourRunningAway’and‘BackandDownAgain’toworldwideacclaimand highpraise.

The singles went global. The airwaves lit up. Indie charts and national stations in UE and UK put the
tracks on rotation and Simesky+Fritch gained cult status. The reception was simply astounding.

What comes now is a glorious (mini) album and statement that shines high with a new-neon swagger. All the dark light of new-wave, all the glisten of 80’s pop, all the shimmer of retro and the gloss of lost decades is reshaped into something spectacular.

So welcome to ‘SKALA.02’. Welcome to Simesky+Fritch

Welcome to the future of cool retro indie reimagined by modern pop masters.

Friday, November 03, 2023

Places Above The Air by Jesse Whitney & John C. S. Keston

video upload by Jesse Whitney

"Places Above The Air is Jesse Whitney & John C. S. Keston. The song titles on their self-titled debut album are from a passage from the Egyptian Book Of The Dead, as translated by Normandi Ellis. This is track two.

Support them here:"

See Audio Cookbook for additonal details.

Benge: The View From Vega

video upload by Memetune Studio

"New Benge album 'The View From Vega'
Preorder Friday 3rd November 2023
Release date 17th November 2023
Listening party on Bandcamp, Friday 10th November at 8pm GMT

Available on vinyl, CD and Download:

Also available: Giclée Print on Fine Art Rag Paper of the album cover artwork


Release details:

Benge The View From Vega DiN82

Limited to 300 copies 180g Vinyl / 300 copies Digipak CD

Ben Edwards, better known by his pseudonym Benge, has been exploring the sonic possibilities of electronic instruments since he was a young boy, in the1970s. After graduating from art school in 1990 he set up his own music studio and started recording his unique blend of experimental electronica, culminating in his debut album "Electro-Orgoustic Music" and the formation of Expanding Records in 1995. Since then he has released dozens of albums as Benge, as well as collaborating with various luminaries from the electronic music world on many other album projects. He has formed several notable and ongoing bands such as John Foxx & The Maths, Wrangler (with Stephen Mallinder / Cabaret Voltaire and Phil Winter / Tunng), Fader (with Neil Arthur / Blancmange), and his most recent project Creep Show (Wrangler + John Grant). Benge's creative output now centres around his Memetune Studio Complex, located in one of the UKs remotest moorland locations, writing and producing his various music projects as well as making video art and TV programmes about his activities.

“The View From Vega”, his debut solo album on the DiN imprint, is primarily an ambient suite of tracks inspired by the space-music typically produced in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It uses a selection of vintage synthesisers, sequencers and FX units to provide a fertile sonic landscape to explore. The idea was to use simple sequences (using both analogue and digital units), sustained synthesiser pads and electronic piano improvisations, alongside various ancient delay, flange and reverb units. The beautiful, warm quality of the tones that exude from such instruments are very evident on the six tracks that slowly unfold their oscillations in organic, melodic soundscapes.

An unashamedly vintage sounding album in all its analogue glory, “The View From Vega” is released both as a 180g Vinyl edition and a Digipak CD with stunning artwork from Wendy Carroll that matches the music perfectly.

01 The View From Vega (Part I) 06:44
02 The View From Vega (Part II) 05:07
03 The View From Vega (Part III) 06:14
01 The View From Vega (Part IV) 06:54
02 The View From Vega (Part V) 05:21
03 The View From Vega (Part VI) 07:32

Total Running Time : 37:54

Thanks to: Ian Boddy at DiN Recordings
Artwork by Wendy Carroll
Video by Benge / Memetune VideoLab"

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Security Through Obscurity by Exit Only

Available on multiple services here, Security Through Obscurity was released this summer by new supporting member, Exit Only.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Ghost by Jay Wires

New release from supporting member Jay Wires available on multiple platforms via distrokid.

"New York City based synthesist-songwriter Jay Wires dials up catchy electropop infused with human emotion - synthpop art with a human heart. 

Victims of ghosting are often left confused and wondering what went wrong. “Ghost,” by Jay Wires, conveys succinctly that hollow ache in an uncomplicated and beautifully poignant way, with a lush immersive sound that embodies that emptiness which consumes you to your very core. 

With cleanly layered analog synths evoking desolate war-torn landscapes with background shades of Vangelis-meets-Depeche Mode, this despondent lament intensifies with its elements building into an eerie, enveloping wall of sound, expressing an overwhelming distress as the song’s subject flits away, on to their next victim. 

From the initial gasp of breath to the grand finale, this compelling track draws us into a delicious melancholia, perfect for the Halloween season."

Wednesday, October 18, 2023


video upload by Mat Jarvis

"Moody melodic electronics featuring samples of 70s sci-fi and 60s daleks. 30 minutes of music featuring mixes by Atjazz, Dan Snaith (Caribou, Manitoba), Clyde and High Skies.

Shot on a 90s camcorder, the original lost video from 2002.

Thanks to Charles Webster, Martin Iverson (Atjazz), Clive Astin (Clyde), and Dan Snaith (Caribou, Manitoba)

Instruments include Studio Electronics ATC-1, Korg Monopoly, Roland Jupiter 6, Daleks percussion."

You can find the release on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Here are a few free Bandcamp codes that can be redeemed on


Friday, October 06, 2023

The First Ever all ARP 2500 Album Opens for Preorder Today on BandCamp

via the Alan R Pearlman Foundation

It's BandCamp Friday, and we have a treat for you!

The first ever all ARP 2500 album opens for preorder today on BandCamp!

Check out the album Now!

The ARP 2500 by David Baron
Distrubuted by Here & Now Recordings

About the Album:

Although it went largely unnoticed at the time, the 2500 became one of the most famous synthesizers in history when it was featured prominently in the film Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, where it was used to communicate with an alien spaceship.

ARP instruments founder Alan Robert Pearlman was a Nasa scientist. Between 1970 and 1981 only 100 ARP 2500's were ever made, each a custom order, no standard configurations. ARP 2500 one of Jean-Michel Jarre's favourite instruments. All the sounds are completely unique. You pretty much need a degree in physics to operate one!

Pete Townsend "Mine plays six notes at once, can have 20 sets of preset control voltages available, six audio signals mixed and instantly usable at various levels. The most incredibly subtle tone colours can be produced using the multimode resonator in conjunction with a normal filter, and the sequencer will provide exhilarating cascades of arpeggios."

David Baron "The Arp 2500 was the only sound source. I sequenced one or two patches at a time and then built the compositions in layers. A lot of the audio FX were created through the use of pedals. The reverberation came from the Bricasti, EMT 240 Plate, Roland Space Echo 501, and a Vermona Spring Reverb. The Arp 2500 always ran through the Avedis Key Pre. I used very little dynamic compression/limiting. Time delay effects were mostly created ‘in the box’ but also with rack mount outboard including the AMS Tape Phase Simulator, an Eventide Instant Flanger, and a MXR Flanger/Doubler. The instrument stays in tune (for the most part). The filters can distort so some care has to be used when gain staging. The envelopes are very snappy. The sound is beautiful and creamy yet percussive and forward."

About David Baron
Record producer, film composer, musician, arranger, engineer located in the historic Woodstock, New York area. An avid collector of vintage analog synthesizers and recording gear. He owns a private recording studio called Sun Mountain Studios located on top of a mountain overlooking the Ashokan Reservoir.

Some artists he has worked with: Lumineers, Shania Twain, Jade Bird, Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy, Meghan Trainor, Lenny Kravitz, Jeremiah Fraites, Josin, Matt Maeson and Lana Del Rey.

He blends retro and modern, orchestrated and raw. The contrast that brings out the emotion of a scene or in a song.

David releases his own music on UK-based Here and Now Recordings.

Album Credits
Releases November 17, 2023

Written recorded and produced by David Baron

Album cover designed by Dina Pearlman-Ifil derived from an old ARP 2500 brochure originally designed by Margaret Shepherd in 1970 for Tonus, Inc / ARP Instruments.
Photograph courtesy of the Alan R Pearlman Foundation

About the Alan R Pearlman Foundation
The ARP Archives & The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation is a small, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our mission is to celebrate the legacy of inventor, musician, entrepreneur and engineer Alan R. Pearlman, by making his innovative inventions publicly accessible, and by inspiring future generations to imagine and create.


Monday, October 02, 2023

Plantasia - Mort Garson. (Midi Visualizer). The Well Tempered Synth

video upload by The Well-Tempered Synth

"'Plantasia' es un cautivador y único viaje musical al mundo de las plantas. Compuesto por Mort Garson en 1976, este álbum fue diseñado para ser reproducido para el crecimiento de las plantas, y es una encantadora mezcla de sonidos electrónicos y orgánicos. La música es calmante y etérea, creando una atmósfera relajante que se siente como un abrazo musical para tu jardín interior.

Las pistas del álbum, como 'Symphony for a Spider Plant' y 'Ode to an African Violet', reflejan las diversas personalidades de diferentes especies de plantas. El uso de sintetizadores e instrumentos Moog por parte de Garson añade un toque futurista a las composiciones, manteniendo al mismo tiempo una calidad natural y orgánica.

'Plantasia' no se trata solo de música; es un testimonio de la relación armoniosa entre los seres humanos y la naturaleza. Escucharlo puede ser una experiencia meditativa que te anima a conectarte con tus compañeros verdes a un nivel más profundo. Ya seas un entusiasta de las plantas o simplemente estés buscando una experiencia musical tranquila y de otro mundo, 'Plantasia' es una elección encantadora que te transporta a un paraíso botánico tranquilo.

'Plantasia' is a captivating and unique musical journey into the world of plants. Composed by Mort Garson in 1976, this album was designed to be played for growing plants, and it's a delightful blend of electronic and organic sounds. The music is calming and ethereal, creating a soothing atmosphere that feels like a musical embrace for your indoor garden.

The album's tracks, such as 'Symphony for a Spider Plant' and 'Ode to an African Violet,' reflect the diverse personalities of different plant species. Garson's use of synthesizers and Moog instruments adds a futuristic touch to the compositions, while still retaining a natural and organic quality.

'Plantasia' isn't just about music; it's a testament to the harmonious relationship between humans and nature. Listening to it can be a meditative experience, encouraging you to connect with your green companions on a deeper level. Whether you're a plant enthusiast or simply seeking a tranquil and otherworldly musical experience, 'Plantasia' is a delightful choice that transports you to a tranquil botanical paradise."

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