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Friday, November 10, 2023

Korg Polysix and Korg KR-55 Arps and Bass

video upload by INHALTVIDEO

"The lovely Korg Polysix and Korg KR-55 make a perfect early 80s combo."

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Korg Polysix INHALT Demo No Talking Analog Synth from 1981

video upload by INHALTVIDEO

"The Korg Polysix was my first analog synthesizer way back when I was 16. While I had a virtual analog at the time, this was the first time I got to experience the magic of analog and this synth left a lasting impression.

I haven’t had the Polysix in many years and this one here I am selling (it has MIDI and has been serviced for the battery issue) but I simply can’t get over how good it sounds. It’s no surprise as in many regards, the Polysix is the “poor man’s Prophet 5 (rev2)”. In both tone and feel, the Polysix is definitely of the Rev 2 P5 variety as its build is with SSM chips that embody that definitive analog goo. While you can’t do the fancy footwork as on a P5, there are plenty of additions that honestly would have made the P5 even more lethal.

Chiefly there is the most excellent arpeggiator. I’ve used many an arp and this one here is exactly what an arp should be. There is also the absolutely gorgeous BBD based analog fx section. The ensemble effect is yet to be put into any kind of pedal form and it’s so rich and deep it truly transforms the sound into a moody and silky bed of warmth.

I particularly love how the top end of the keyboard sounds. The higher octaves have such a definitive tone color that the Polysix’s origin of 1981 is unmistakable.

I never understood why people lined up in droves for the Juno 60 and 106. Yes the bass was nice on the 60 but it’s ultimately a home organ with an arp and a noisy chorus. The Polysix on the other hand, is a true blue proper analog poly. Had Sequential made it as a more affordable Rev 2 Prophet 5, it would not be the 'poor man’s'."

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Future Retro Vectra INHALT Demo No talking

video upload by INHALTVIDEO

"Recently I had the great pleasure of working with the newly restarted Future Retro company on their Vectra hybrid synthesizer. It’s a really lovely synth and very unique in that it sort of captures the mood of both something like an EMS VCS3 and also the Oberheim Xpander. In all my decades working with synthesizers, I haven’t quiet come across anything as distinct and unique as this synthesizer. Keep your eyes on Future Retro; they’re one of my favourite companies from the 90s and I’m very grateful I got a chance to work with the. #inhalt #synthpop #ambient #drone #sounddesign #synth #analogsynth #modular #keyboard"

Friday, May 19, 2023

Synclavier PSMT FM and Sampling Sequence Demo INHALT

video upload by INHALTVIDEO

"Here's a quick sequence done entirely on the Synclavier PSMT. Drums are a couple of factory samples coming from the PSV sample cards and the bass and lead are FM patches. Recorded straight from the Synclavier tower via an AMS Neve 8424 console at Infinite Power Studios."

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Synclavier PSMT FM Synthesizer Free Play INHALT

video upload by INHALTVIDEO

"The beautiful and vintage Synclavier PSMT. Here is a demo recorded straight from the Synclavier of some of the FM sounds that are possible via its digital synthesizer. Recorded at my studio in Los Angeles (Infinite Power Studios)."

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Akai MPC X SE Sequencing CV Gate Roland System 100m and OB Rising Drums NO TALKING

video upload by INHALTVIDEO

"A big congrats to Akai on the launch of the new MPX SE. As a long time X user I was thrilled to join the team on this one. Here is a quick clip of the SE sequencing a Roland System 100m and playing the drums with my OB Rising Expansion drum samples. The new guy is mega tight and even punchier than the regular X. Also the timing of the cv gate outputs is even faster and tighter than before. What a treat. Big ups to my guys Daniel Gill and Andy Mac over at Akai."

You can find additional demos and details on the new Akai MPC X SE here.

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Roland System 100m synth sequenced by Synclavier PSMT

video upload by INHALTVIDEO

"Roland System 100m being sequenced by the Synclavier PSMT tower with drums coming from the Synclavier sampler … selling the 100m so hmu if interested."

Monday, February 27, 2023

Sequential Prophet 5 + 10 INHALT Factory Continuum Patches Demo

video upload by INHALTVIDEO

"Instant download of these patches here:
2023 marks the 10 year anniversary of my sound design employment with Sequential. To commemorate this occasion I created a very special library for my favorite analog synth-the Prophet 5. Of all the Sequential synthesizers I've worked on, I feel like the factory patches I made for the Rev4 are most exhibitive of the INHALT sound (particularly patch 1 of the factory bank).

Following in the footsteps of the factory patches I made that ship with the Rev4, I decided to develop this continuation add-on library: "Factory Continuum". What's presented is a full group of 40 patches in the definitive INHALT style of usability and elegance. Basses that sit seamlessly against a kick drum, deep pads and strings, a plethora of classic and cinematic suspense patches and even some drums for good measure. They all have that special sound that only the Prophet 5 (and 10) is capable of delivering and many take advantage of the added velocity and aftertouch controls for ultimate playability.

This patch library overwrites group 5 of the preset banks so if you have patches saved there, make sure to back them up before sending this library to your synth. All of the patches are compatible with both the Prophet 5 and 10 Rev4. This is an instant download."

Friday, February 17, 2023

Synclavier Regen INHALT Factory Patches Demo

video upload by INHALTVIDEO

"As a young guy I used to marvel at records that featured the Synclavier. It was the ultimate ephemeral instrument; both a source of confusion as to what it exactly was and a source of endless inspiration via the records that occupied my fascination. It also cost $500,000 US dollars in the mid 80s if you got a fully specced one.

Fast forward to 2023 and at the heart of my Los Angeles studio (Infinite Power Studios) is a fully loaded Synclavier PSMT tower. Both a workhorse sequencer, astounding sampler and superbly organic FM synth, it is my purest joy to work on it daily. Few instruments have moved me the way that the Synclavier has. To my ears, there's something complete and done about what it sounds and moves like.

Enter the Regen. I was invited to contribute patches to the latest venture that Cameron Jones and other former NED/Synclavier developers have created. It is an immense honor for me to be involved with such individuals who have shaped and shifted music so deeply, that I am still beside myself that it actually happened. Here is a long audio demo of some of the patches I have contributed to the new Synclavier Regen factory timbre library.

As always, no additional fx processing was used. This is pure Regen piping out of its dual XLR balanced outputs straight into Pro Tools HD."

Thursday, August 11, 2022

INHALT Oberheim OB-X8 Stereo Bank Custom Double Patches Demo

video upload by INHALTVIDEO

"All patches used in video available here:

This is an audio demo of a custom sound bank of 64 patches (32 single and 32 double) for the Oberheim OB-X8 Synthesizer programmed by professional sound designer Matia Simovich / INHALT (Sequential, Elektron, Roland, Novation, Akai Pro ...).

Matia was one of the sound designers on the shipping factory banks for the Oberheim OB-X8 (patch 1 "It's an Oberheim" and many others in the X8 factory bank) and this library continues in that well established INHALT sound.

Each patch is presented in two formats: double and single. The main emphasis of this bank is the double patch version which is a true stereo version (4 voices on the Left, 4 voices on the Right per key) which features a super wide, naturally chorused massive stereo field version of the single patch. Should you not want the stereo version, each patch also has a corresponding single patch version (full 8 voices).

The sysex file is split into two separate files (one for the double bank and one for the single bank) and BOTH must be loaded for this library to work. Single patches write into the OB-Sx bank and Double patches write into the entirety of the Double Bank.

Instant download at:"

Tuesday, May 10, 2022


video upload by Oberheim Official

"For the first time in over 40 years, a legendary analog synth sound returns.

The OB-X8 combines the three different voice architectures of the classic OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8 synths into a single incredible instrument. The individual filter types and other unique characteristics of each model have been faithfully reproduced, along with an uncompromising 100% analog signal path, giving you the most authentic and satisfying OB experience possible.

Oberheim is BACK!"

Oberheim OB-X8 INHALT Sound Design Demo No Talking

video upload by INHALTVIDEO

"My history with Oberheim runs deep. Probably the most important synthesizer for me was the Oberheim OB-8. I connected deeply with its melancholic and midnight music sounding tone which matched very well what I was doing with INHALT at the time. But never to be beguiled by softer emotions, the flick of the unison switch instantly took the OB-8 into an aggressive "body" music. It was the perfect writing tool due to the even tone across all octaves and the fact that its intrinsic musicality was unavoidable. Around the time I got the OB-8 I also got a vintage 2 Voice (thanks for restoring that one Chok) and both were heavily used on many records that I made. Those were my MVP's for many years.

When I received the call from my colleagues at Sequential that not only was a new Oberheim in the works, but that it was to be THE Oberheim, I couldn't wait for the beta testing and sound design to start. And when the prepro unit arrived, I knew that the newly reborn and official Oberheim company, in tandem with the team at Sequential, created something incredible. Something so comprehensive, deep, detailed, featured and yet immediate and simple, with no possibility of making a bad sound. Every sound I made sounded exactly as it should, and they ALL embodied that unmistakable Oberheim sound. That magic that is often imitated but never accomplished. Until now.

I'm not going to get into specs, those have been already covered everywhere, but I will say this: as someone that has used all of the "big" Oberheims, and that has made many records in commercial studios with the OB-8 and a vintage 2 Voice, I can definitively say that this Oberheim does all of those sounds and more. Its charisma changes from filter to filter and it seamlessly traverses from X, Xa to 8 with the Page 2 voice offset and vintage knob, but it ALWAYS sounds like the genuine Oberheim that it is. This incredible team, that I've had the pleasure of working with, has created something that might possibly be the ultimate polyphonic analog synthesizer. And I can't wait to use it on the many upcoming projects at Infinite Power Studios.

This is a recording I made of many of the patches I created for Oberheim and the shipping factory library that will come with the synth.

Please note, the OB-X8 in the video is a prototype unit and I recorded this with a beta firmware. As such, while the synth was largely done there were some changes both to the panel and to the OS that are in the final shipping version (obviously). The OB-X8 was recorded straight into Pro Tools HD and no post processing or fx were added. What you're hearing is the raw synth."

The Sound of the Oberheim OB-X8 - Julian "J3PO" Pollack [custom knobs on this one]

video upload by J3PO

"Oberheim has released a new synthesizer--the first in many decades--the OB-X8. It is a faithful recreation of all three of the classic OB-series synthesizers in one: the OB-X, the OB-Xa, and OB-8. It is an incredible synth.

In this video, you will hear a bunch of presets I created for the OB-X8. Some of my sounds will be included factory with the OB-X8 while most of these presets will appear in a presets pack I will release soon (check for the release of my official sound bank). This particular unit is an early prototype with non-production knobs. The final production units will look slightly different.

It is important to note that the OB-X8, like the original OB's from back in the day, does NOT contain any onboard effects. In this video, I used some external reverbs and delays to give certain presets the ambience and resonance they deserve. Light compression and limiting was applied for the purpose of uploading to YouTube and balancing the sounds."

Update: Oberheim OB-X8 Preset Demos

video upload by james terris

"I'm always reluctant to post something in prototype form. When I had this unit it was sonically pretty close. Obvious at a glance are the knobs and 3D printed bender box levers. The synth itself sounds great and such a dream to play with a nice modern key bed."

And the press release:

Oberheim Returns to Operations and Releases Its First New Synth in 35 Years

San Francisco, CA – May 9, 2022 – In a momentous industry development, Oberheim Electronics, one of the most venerated names in synthesizer design, has announced its return to operation to meet the rising global demand for its instruments.

Today, the company is launching its first new product, the OB-X8: an eight-voice polyphonic analog synth that combines all of the key features of the legendary OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8 products from the 1980s – including all the original presets that gave them their signature sounds.

“I wanted to come back strong with a new design that brings together the sounds of the greatest instruments from across the OB range, together with the distinctive sound and styling of those synths,” said Tom Oberheim. “But we took it even further. You can now combine the various OB voice architectures in ways that produce unique and interesting new sounds and capabilities.”

Originally founded by Tom Oberheim in 1969, Oberheim Electronics created ground-breaking products that fueled the electronic music revolution throughout the 1970’s and early 1980’s. After ceasing operations in 1985, these instruments attained near-mythical status, with highly prized vintage models selling for many times their original price on the secondhand market.

Since that time, Tom Oberheim had created a handful of limited-production instruments and co-designs with various partners under other names. But in a recent significant development, he regained control of the Oberheim trademarks and IP, and now, in partnership with Focusrite PLC, has decided to once again introduce new products under the Oberheim brand name for first time in more than 35 years.

“I’ve always had a very optimistic outlook on our industry and the future in general. I felt that one day, when the time was right, Oberheim would return. A big part of this was the fact that so many musicians have contacted me over the years to ask how to get hold of an original Oberheim. So when I finally reacquired the Oberheim name, it was clear that the time was finally here,” said Oberheim.

The catalog of artists associated with the original products is long, and includes innovators like Prince, Van Halen, and Herbie Hancock. For many, it was much more than just an instrument. A handful of A-list artists such as Trent Reznor, creative force behind Nine Inch Nails, and Golden Globe, Academy Award, and Primetime Emmy-winning composer got pre-release previews. “When I was shown the new OB-X8, I was immediately impressed with the forensic level of detail that went into its design and the respect for its lineage,” remarked Trent. I will be making room in my studio for one and I’m excited more people will be able to experience this classic instrument.”

Creating a new company out of thin air was no small feat. “I’m excited to work with my old friend and audio industry innovator Marcus Ryle, along with some other members of the original Oberheim team again,” said Tom. “And thanks to an exclusive partnership with Focusrite group company Sequential LLC, we have the ability to design, manufacture, distribute, and support new instruments on a global scale.”

For Marcus Ryle, one of the inventors behind the ADAT, the QuadraSynth, and Line 6 guitar amps and effects, this represents closure of sorts: “Synths were my first love and the reason I entered this industry. Tom hired me when I was 19, and I feel lucky to have been a part of the Oberheim design team during its glory days. Now, a whole new chapter in the story of analog synthesizer-based music is about to get written.” Dave Smith, founder of Sequential and himself a legendary figure in synth history, also collaborated with Marcus (an Oberheim team member from the 1980s) and Tom to create the new product. “We’ve already developed other interesting design ideas with Tom for follow-up products that will allow us to take Oberheim into the future as a synth brand,” commented Smith. “It’s a very exciting time to be a musician.”

The OB-X8 eight-voice analog synthesizer will be available at the end of June with a US MAP of $4,995.

For more details visit

About Oberheim
Oberheim is the 21st century return of the legendary company that helped fuel the electronic music revolution. Now, just as then, Oberheim is guided by the vision of engineer and inventor, Tom Oberheim. Tom’s genius for innovation introduced the world to the first commercially available poly synth and other groundbreaking electronic instruments that literally changed the sound of music. Today, Oberheim reawakens this legacy by bringing the famed Oberheim sound to a new generation of instruments and artists. The company’s passion remains unchanged by time or technology — to once again provide the world with the finest-sounding analog synthesizers ever made. Oberheim brings its products to market with the help of the Focusrite organization and renowned synth maker, Sequential."


• 8-voice, pure-analog polyphony with saw, square/pulse, triangle, and noise
• Two discrete SEM/OB-X-lineage VCOs per voice deliver classic punchy Oberheim tone
• Discrete SEM-lineage VCFs deliver authentic OB-X-style tone and presence
• Genuine Curtis filters add bold OB-Xa/OB-8 character
• Meticulously modeled envelope responses match each OB model: OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8
• The 61-key FATAR velocity- and touch-sensitive keyboard allows unparalleled expression and responsiveness
• Bi-timbral capability allows two presets simultaneously for splits and doubles
• 400-plus factory programs, including the full set of factory sounds for the OB-X, OB-SX, OB-Xa, and OB-8
• Integral, fanless, heatsink-free power supply
• Real walnut end cheeks
• High-resolution OLED display enables patch management and easy access to advanced features
• Classic Oberheim Pitch and Mod levers allow expressive note bending, vibrato, and access to arpeggiator functions

• Additional SEM filter modes add high-pass, band-pass, and notch functions to the classic OB-X filter
• Vintage knob allows variable amounts of voice-to-voice variability to emulate the behavior of vintage instruments 
• Velocity sensitivity adds expressiveness to volume and filter 
• Channel Aftertouch adds real-time performance-based modulation
• Enhanced unison allows variable voice stacking from 1-8 voices
• Variable triangle wave cross-modulation
• Over 600 user-programmable preset locations
• Programmable per-program pan allows wider stereo presence
• Variable oscillator and noise levels

• Stereo and Mono outputs
• Volume, Sustain, and Filter inputs
• Arpeggiator clock input
• MIDI In, Out, Thru
• Dimensions:
• Weight: 32.5 lbs
• Dimensions: 40.5” L x 16.67” W x 5.87” H

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Sequential Synth Tips #27 With INHALT: Prophet-5 And Prophet-10 PWM

video upload by Sequential

"As the founding member of INHALT and Infinite Power Studios, Matia Simovich’s productions and sound design have questioned the line between forward-thinking, avant pop and the depths of the underground. Never one to shy from the dark or the unorthodox, his production style is equally inclusive: hardware-centric and exudes the decadence and lushness of the past while integrating the precision and speed of today’s studio process.

This synth tips episode features Matia building a patch with PWM that changes rate as you play up and down the Prophet-10.

Follow INHALT here:

For more information on the Prophet-10:"
Additional INHALTVIDEO posts

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Norand Mono INHALT Multitrack Demo

video upload by INHALTVIDEO

"Norand is a new French synthesizer manufacturer. Mono is their debut synth that I've been commissioned to do a sound library for. In the process of doing so, I put together a demo song wherein every sound is sequenced and generated on the Mono entirely. Every single sequence and sound, including drums was made on the Mono (yes the chords too). Pretty impressive stuff for a "compact" 303 inspired synth ...

And while it may appear to be inspired by the 303 it's actually an amalgamation of "things". Working on this synth, took me back the the 90s, when I read Future Music magazine. During that 303 clone craze time, the king was the Future Retro 777, and in many regards the Mono brings up a bit of a design vibe from that. While the 777 was, to my ears a cross between a Sequential Pro One and 303 there is something about it that the Mono spiritually continues. Similarly, the Mono does have all the provisions that a 303 has (especially on the sequencer front) but then it updates it with pretty much all the modern facilities an Elektron box would have.

The Mono is a kind of 21st century bridge between the best of the past and the best of the now. The sound of the actual machine is much more vintage in character than most modern synths but the way you play and manipulate and sequence that sound is firmly 21st century with the vibe and some charming idiosyncrasies of the 303 sequencer. Don't sleep on this one, it's an absolute winner.

Multi-tracked and mixed entirely on an AMS Neve 8424 console with some fx processing (light reverb and delay) from a Lexicon 480l. Filmed and produced at Infinite Power Studios, Los Angeles, CA."

Friday, January 29, 2021

Moog Subsequent 25 INHALT Artist Bank Demo


"Download this bank at:

Custom sound bank of 64 patches for the Moog Subsequent 25 analog synthesizer programmed by professional sound designer Matia Simovich / INHALT (Sequential, Elektron, Roland, Novation, Akai Pro ...).

This Artist Bank traverses 64 classic sounds intrinsic to the Moog history. Basses that reference the Moog Source and Model D, sequences and modulations that hint at Moog Modulars, and even sounds that buzz and breath like the Oberheim SEM (thanks to the 12dB filter mode).

Meticulously sound designed and programmed to exude the vintage mood and playability of analog mono synths, this library is full of patches that will give you all the core sounds you expect from the Moog name."

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Akai Introduces MPC Jupiter Rising Synth Expansion by INHALT

Published on Mar 16, 2020 INHALTVIDEO

"I'm very pleased to announce the release of Jupiter Rising, the first INHALT Sample Library exclusively for the Akai MPC and Force range. This library is available directly through Akai Professional:

When I first got the MPC X I was taken aback by the sheer sound quality of the new audio engine. The filters, in particular, sounded warm and very analog like. After putting the machine through several productions, I quickly realized that the X is essentially a modern day Fairlight. It soon became my go to production center piece and my older MPCs (3000 and the ASQ10 sequencer) were quickly sold. Yes, it's that good. After some more time of working with the machine passed, I wanted to develop a comprehensive set of synthesizer oriented patches that could be quickly recalled for fast production access but with no compromise in sound quality. One of the most useful synths in a production context, to my ears and experience, is the Jupiter 8. While not a particularly showy synth, its tone and range of sounds makes it possible to slot into any production. As such, I thought this would be a great candidate for a deep sampling.

This library is the culmination of many months of work doing exactly that. Some patches are multi-sampled classic JP8 patches, and while those sound absolutely exceptional, the real stars are the short cycle samples. I employed the power of the MPC Engine to play back a different short-cycle sample per key press, per zone, randomly. This creates the feeling of playing the real JP8 as every key press is slightly different than the previous. When combined with the vast set of filters, an incredibly convincing analog-like sound is the end result. There are many patches of various combinations of samples included to cover every possible oscillator combination like on the real synth (i.e. 1 vco saw, 2 vco saw+saw, 2 vco saw+square ...) which leads to the most convincing sample based emulation of the classic synth. These raw patches serve as a starting point for your own sound design, however there are also many characteristic INHALT patches that are ready to go for your own music making.

In short, once the library was done, I was absolutely floored by how accurate and convincing this sample library really is at getting the mood, vibe, feel, and exact sound of the JP8. I think you will find the same. I had a really fantastic time working with all at Akai Professional on this and out of the many projects I've taken on, I'm probably the most pleased with how the end result came out on this one. All of the sounds (including drums) that you hear are 100 percent the Jupiter Rising Library recorded directly from the MPC X stereo output."

"Introducing Jupiter Rising, the latest expansion instrument offering from Akai Professional. Jupiter Rising re-creates the legendary sounds of one of the world's most iconic synthesizer. The highly sought after sonic palette is now available for your MPC X, MPC Live, MPC One and Force."

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

ASM Hydrasynth INHALT Artist Bank Demo

Published on Jan 22, 2020 INHALTVIDEO

"This is a recording of sounds from an upcoming 128 patch INHALT Artist Bank for the Hydrasynth that was commissioned by ASM. It will be directly available from All sounds were recorded directly from the Hydrasynth into Pro Tools HD with no further processing. All FX were done on the Hydrasynth itself. For other full INHALT Artist Banks, please visit:"

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Sequential Debuts the Pro 3 - Multi-Filter Mono Synth

Sequential Pro 3 INHALT Sound Design Demo Published on Jan 14, 2020 INHALTVIDEO

Update: some audio demos added below.

"Some time ago, I put together a video demonstrating the remarkable ability of the AS-1 synthesizer to mimic the classic Sequential Circuits Pro One. I sent the video to my friends at Sequential and expressed a great desire for a fully fledged, keyboard version of the synth. Flash forward to the tail end of 2019, and I’m sitting in front of the Sequential Pro 3. While the inspiration might have come from some aspects of the AS-1, the Pro 3 is so far and above, it truly deserves the title of FLAGSHIP.

To me, the central point of the Pro 3 isn’t necessarily the feature set, which is VAST, but the raw sound. This synth is a production workhorse that sounds proper. It has a kind of aggression, bigness, and elegance that is typically associated with some of the finest vintage synthesizers; the low end is massive and the top end can cut through but it’s that all important midrange that is the most impressive. That midrange synthesizer bass sound, that many other synths fail at (by over compensating lows and highs) isn’t an issue here and it’s that aspect that allows the Pro 3 to link the vintage to the modern. Simply put, any working producer looking for a flagship mono that can handle the rigor of modern production and can make as many classic vintage sounds as futuristic ones should not sleep on this.

The three filters on offer here all have their unique personalities and allow you to cover a vast array of sounds. The OB6 filter in particular is a favorite and combined with the sheer physicality of the analog vco’s used here, allowed me to get into a kind of Xpander territory. The ladder filter pounds and moves like a vintage synth. And the Prophet 6/AS1 filter is exactly what you expect.

No external sequencing or multitracking was used on this recording. Everything was made 100 percent on the Pro 3. This is a recording of all of the patches I submitted to Sequential for the Pro 3’s factory bank. A big thanks to the whole Sequential family and a massive congratulations from INHALT on this stunning new synth!"

Update: audio demos by Paul Dither:

And the press release: (side note: I believe this is the first solely Sequential branded synth after rebranding from DSI)

"Sequential Debuts Pro 3, Multi-filter Mono Synth Featuring VCOs, Wavetables

San Francisco, CA—January 14, 2020—Sequential today announced the Pro 3, a new flagship mono/paraphonic synthesizer. A hybrid instrument, the Pro 3 features three classic analog filters (Prophet-6, OB-6, and ladder) and three oscillators (two VCOs and one wavetable oscillator) along with a powerful new 16-track sequencer, and the ability to connect with modular synths through its four control voltage ins/outs.

“In many ways the Pro 3 is the evolution of a concept that started with the classic Sequential Circuits Pro-One,” said Sequential founder Dave Smith: “Pack as much power as possible into a compact footprint and make it sound awesome. To do that, we built on the strengths of its modern-day counterpart, the Pro 2, and created a worthy successor to both that sets a new benchmark for raw power and versatility.”

Part of this sonic versatility comes from the Pro 3’s oscillators: Two voltage controlled oscillators provide traditional triangle, saw, and pulse waves with waveshaping, while a third digital wavetable oscillator provides 32 tables of 16 waves each with wave morphing. Three vintage-style filters shape the sound of these oscillators. Filter 1 is a 4-pole low-pass design based on the Prophet-6 filter. Filter 2 is a classic transistor ladder filter with optional resonance compensation to preserve its low-end punch. Filter 3 is a classic 2-pole, state-variable design based on the OB-6 filter that can be continuously varied between low-pass, notch, and high-pass operation, with an optional band-pass mode. A Drive control provides additional punch to all three filters.

The feature set of the Pro 3 is rounded out with a multimode arpeggiator, three LFOs, four loopable ADSR+delay envelopes, dual digital effects (delays, reverbs, and various time-based effects), tuned feedback, analog distortion, and extensive modulation possibilities. The LFOs, delay, and arpeggiator can be synced to either the internal clock or an external MIDI clock. A programmable position-sensitive touch slider and pitch and mod wheels provide nuanced control over live performance. The synth is also capable of 3-voice paraphonic operation. This makes it possible to play 3-note chords where the three individual oscillators share a common filter and envelopes.

The full-featured sequencer provides 16-track sequences of up to 64 steps, with ratcheting, variable gate and sequence lengths, multiple playback modes, and paraphonic operation. It also syncs to MIDI clock and external audio input, and inputs/outputs control voltages. In addition to notes, sequence tracks can control any parameter in the 32-slot, 171-destination modulation matrix.

Another key feature of the Pro 3 is its four scalable rear-panel control voltage inputs and outputs, which allow compatibility with modular synths. Control voltages are routed from within the modulation matrix and run at audio rates for extreme modulation effects. “We wanted to make the Pro 3 as flexible as possible,” said Smith. “The CVs and deep mod matrix make it a mini modular in its own right — without all the patch cables.”

Sequential is also offering the Pro 3 SE, a special edition version of the synthesizer that puts the same synthesis power into a collector-worthy design that features a tilt-up control panel and full, premium-grade walnut trim.

The Pro 3 standard edition will be available at the end of January with a US MAP of $1,599.

The Pro 3 SE will be available in February with a US MAP of $2,099."

Friday, September 28, 2018

Roland D05 / D50 INHALT Artist Bank Demo

Published on Sep 28, 2018 INHALTVIDEO

"Download the bank at:

64 patches for the Roland Boutique D-05 and vintage D-50 that traverse both classic and modern sounds not typically associated with the D-05/D-50. Meticulously sound designed and programmed to exude the clandestine and ethereal mood of L.A. Synthesis as well as a selection of drum, percussion, lead and bass sounds perfect for many styles of electronic music.

Conveniently loads into any User Bank on the Boutique D-05. Please note on a vintage D-50, this will overwrite any pre-existing User Bank patches. This is a raw demo showcasing only what's available on the D-05 / absolutely no additional post processing was used / all of the FX that you hear are directly from the built in D-05 FX engine."

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Sequential/Dave Smith Prophet X Sound Design Demo by INHALT

Published on May 2, 2018 INHALTVIDEO

"Well, there's too much possible to say about this one so I'll say this much: stereo field, stereo everything, lfo's to sample start, sample loop length ... this is a massive instrument and quiet honestly, on first glance, was quiet the grand undertaking from a sound design standpoint. Presented here are some of the patches we completed for the Factory Bank that will ship with the Prophet X synthesizer. No additional post processing, no additional fx, no external sequencing. Pure Prophet X."

Sunday, March 18, 2018

INHALT Pioneer DSI Toraiz AS 1 Artist Bank

Published on Mar 18, 2018 INHALTVIDEO

"Instant download of 99 patches and sequences here:

A demonstration of some of the 99 patches and sequences we've created for this very special INHALT Artist Sound Bank for the Dave Smith Instruments Pioneer DJ Toraiz AS-1 Analog Synth. Absolutely no additional FX were used, what you hear are the raw patches on the AS-1. The patch bank is a direct download from our Big Cartel store (link above)."

Patch n Tweak
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