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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Vintage Jen SX1000 synthesizer clean up and demo

video by Ian Dixon

"After cleaning up old computers I thought I would get my old synthesizer out of the loft and give it a bit of love. The Jen SX1000 is an Italian monosyth manufactured around 1978 which I paid £40 sometime in the late 80s just before analogue became in vouge again. It has a single oscillator, no memories and no midi but is sounds great and the simple layout makes it easy to understand and a great way of leaning subtractive synthesis.
I had not used the synth for some time and while it worked, the controls (potentiometer) crackled when turning them and some controls like the LFO speed didn’t work at all. So armed with a can of Servisol Super 10 contact cleaner I cleaned the potentiometers which after a bit of persistence cleaned nicely.

The controls are nice and clean and there is no noise or crackles when turning them, the LFO works correctly and everything on the synth is working well. I still have a broken top C key which is missing a spring which I am still trying to track down but after a good clean the machine looks and sounds great.
In this video go through the restoration process and then give a quick demo of the sound of the Jen SX1000."

Monday, December 18, 2023

What is a Yamaha TX7 and why you should buy one over a DX7

video upload by Ian Dixon

Spotted this one in the previous listing and decided to post it separately. The video is from Mar 16 this year.

"If you are looking for classic 80s vintage synth sounds, then you are instantly going to think of the Yamaha DX7. It's one of the most iconic and influential synths of all time and used on countless eighties hits. Think A-ha, Kenny Loggins, Phil Collins and Brian Eno. However, before you hit ebay or Reverb searching for the DX7 you should consider its little brother: the TX7.

UPDATE: The demo song is now availbe on Spotify

The TX7 is a desktop module version of the DX7. It has the same sound engine as its big brother, with 6 operator / 32 algorithm FM and 12bit Digital to Analog converters.

In this video I look at what the TX7 can do, how you can edit sounds on a TX7 and why should look at a TX7 over a DX7.

00:00 Intro
01:27 What is the difference between the TX7 and DX7
02:44 Sound Demos
05:26 Editing sounds on a TX7
07:31 Conclusion
08:57 Demo song"

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Unleashing the Forgotten Gem: Akai AX73 Sounds Pack for Korg Modwave

video upload by Ian Dixon

"Dive into the world of analog warmth with our latest sound pack for the Korg Modwave, featuring samples from the often-overlooked Akai AX73 synthesizer! With over 50 performances meticulously crafted from original AX73 multi-samples, this collection offers a diverse range of sounds, from deep basses to warm string textures and resonant filter sweeps.

๐Ÿ”— Download Link:

๐Ÿ› ️ How to Install:
1️⃣ Download the zip file
2️⃣ Unzip it
3️⃣ Import the bundle file into your Modwave, Modwave Rack, Modwave mkII, or Modwave Native
4️⃣ For existing sample banks, import the multi-samples from the "ID-AX73_V1/Multisamples" folder using the Korg Sample Editor
5️⃣ If you don't have a sample bank yet, open the 'Akai AX73 V1.korgbank' in the Korg Sample Editor and transfer it to your Modwave"

Monday, December 18, 2023

Exploring the Korg Polysix: Vintage Synth Magic

video upload by Ian Dixon

"The Korg Polysix, a 6-voice poly synth launched in 1981 for £899 / $1095, aimed to deliver an affordable polyphonic analog synthesizer experience. Featuring the DDM2044 4-pole VCF, also found in the Mono/Poly and Trident, its filter was used in notable synths like the PPG Wave 2.2/2.3, Emu Emulator, and early Fairlight models. With a single oscillator per voice, offering Saw, Pulse, Pulse Width, and a sub-oscillator, the Polysix's sonic palette is rich.

Noteworthy are the single ADSR envelope for the filter and amplifier, and the VCA's gate mode. Modulation features for the VCO, VCF, and VCA, along with a delightful delay on the MG (Korg's LFO), contribute to its unique sound. The Ensemble and Chorus effects add movement, creating a timeless sonic experience. While pre-MIDI, it boasts CV/Gate and an arpeggiator. Save your patches via the cassette interface with 32 memory slots.

If you're eyeing a Polysix, beware of potential circuit damage from leaked batteries. Experience it virtually through the Korg Collection.

The Polysix's influence extends to modern synths like the Korg Modwave and Wavestate, both featuring Polysix-modeled filters. The Modwave excels at creating Polysix-type sounds (grab my free Polysix collection for the Modave).

Used by Tears for Fears, Geoff Downes, Eat Static, Astral Projection, Jimi Tenor, Global Communications, Kitaro, Robert Rich, and Keith Emerson, the Polysix shines in synthwave and retro synth music.

Dive into my videos covering classic hardware synths (TX7, Korg Karma, MS2000) and explore my virtual collection, including the Wavestation and M1. Don't miss the journey into the sonic history of these iconic instruments!

00:00 Introduction
01:21 Synth Design
03:25 Starting with Init Program
04:41 Mapping controlls
04:58 VCF
06:04 Enverlopes
06:23 MG
07:40 Polysix effects
08:56 Arpediator
10:56 Extras on the VST
12:31 Issues with the orignal Polysix
13:02 Korg Polysix Plugin / Modwave
13:41 Polysix patches
14:07 Fear of Tears
14:27 Synthwave sounds
14:56 Patch demos"

Free Korg Modwave Sounds Inspired by the Iconic Polysix ๐ŸŽน✨

video upload by Ian Dixon

"๐ŸŽน Explore the Depths of Sound with My Latest Korg Modwave Collection! ๐ŸŒŒ

Dive into a sonic journey inspired by the legendary 1981 Korg Polysix with my newest collection of free sounds for the Korg Modwave! ๐Ÿš€✨ The Polysix, used by artists like Tears for Fears and Geoff Downs, was Korg's breakthrough in affordable polyphonic analog synthesis and a cornerstone for synthwave productions.

๐ŸŽถ The Korg Modwave, featuring a filter modeled after the Polysix, provides the perfect canvas for recreating those timeless sounds. Whether you're a fan of classic presets from the virtual Polysix in the Korg Collection or looking for fresh inspiration, this collection has something for you.

๐Ÿš€ Getting started is a breeze! Simply download the zip file, extract the bundle, and effortlessly import it via the Modwave Librarian app or directly into the Modwave Native.

๐Ÿ‘ Don't miss out on these incredible sounds that bring a touch of vintage charm to your musical creations. Hit that like button, share with fellow music enthusiasts, and subscribe to stay tuned for more exciting content!

๐Ÿ“ฅ Download the Sound Collection:
These patches work with the original Korg Modwave, Korg Modwave MKII and Korg Modwave Native

#KorgModwave #SynthwaveSounds #MusicProduction #SoundDesign #FreeSounds #KorgPolysix

Sunday, August 02, 2020

Apex 9


"Live recording of the modular. The challenge was to create three distinct parts to string together to make a musical journey.

The first section is centered on the Moog Subharmonicon and a few extraneous sequences controlled by a Q119 step sequencer. The 24 bars passes through 3 segments with pitch transpose and discrete pad sounds.

The second section is isolated to a Mutable Instruments Rings and Delptronics drum patch with an STG PostLawsuit LPF with an Ian Fritz DDVCO swell.

The final third segment is two STG Soundlabs voltage sequencers with four vco's sourcing pitch voltages from a David Dixon ASR and run through a digital delay.

All these parts are managed by a sequential switch ( Q962) and a Q960 step sequencer.
Other sequencers included the MI Marbles, INSTRUo harmonaig, Make Noise Pressure Points (x2), and Moon Modular 563 Trigger sequencer.

I just stood back and started the thing and then tweaked some levels. Pretty easy money for managing the robots and all..."

Friday, November 04, 2022

2022: A Fifty-Year ARP Odyssey Odyssey Synthposium

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"November 5 we'll be having our annual Synthposium! Check out to learn more. Get your tickets now!

Music by Alex Ball
Video by Mary Lock
Artwork by Sharon Wasko (with art from original ARP artist Margaret Shepherd)"


Location: Online, streaming from David Friend Recital Hall, Boston, MA

Date: November 5th, 2022 10:00am – 2:00pm (East Coast USA time)

*Please adjust your time zones accordingly*

Hosted by: The Berklee College of Music's Electronic Production and Design Department


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