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Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Soniccouture Releases AC-DR: Acoustic Drum Machine For Kontakt Player NKS

video uploads by Soniccouture

Soniccouture AC-DR: Acoustic Drum Machine
AC DR: Acoustic Drum Machine Product Tour w/ James Thompson
AC-DR: Acoustic Drum Machine | Kit Preview

via Soniccouture

"€149 | $149

Intro Offer: 30% OFF Until December 29th 2023

Soniccouture wanted to make an old school-style drum machine.

But they wanted to do it with 21st century sampling techniques: round-robin samples, multi-channel sounds, generative sequencers.

Years in the making - the idea started life as a kind of reverse follow-up to Soniccouture’s Electro-Acoustic: 'let's make acoustic drums sound electronic'. But, it took them quite lot of experimentation and head-scratching to figure out exactly what that might look - and sound - like.

Now it’s ready - check it out!"

You can find additional details in a two part article on Soniccouture' website here and here.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Soniccouture Black Friday Sale & Hazel Mills: Harvest Shadows | Attic2 Sound Pack

video upload by Soniccouture

"Hazel Mills plays through Harvest Shadows - 128 sound design patches for Soniccouture's The Attic2 soft synth collection.

Sound Packs are only available to existing users of the full The Attic 2 product."


"Soniccouture Black Friday 50% Off All Products:

Sale runs from 13th - 19th November.

Featuring Classic instruments such as Pan Drums, Geosonics, Electro-Acoustic, Guzheng, Canterbury Suitcase and many more.

Stand-out Deal: Sun Drums + Moonkits Bundle for just €139 | $139"

Monday, October 23, 2023

Soniccouture Releases: Waterphone for NKS & Kontakt Player

video upload by Soniccouture

Until 10th November you can get 30% off Waterphone. Discount marked on website.

Soniccouture Waterphone: Product Tour

video upload by Soniccouture

"James Thompson gives a fairly brief tour of Soniccouture's Waterphone library - featuring two separate Kontakt instruments, Waterphone Unwrapped & Waterphone phrases."

via Soniccouture

Inc. Waterphone Unwrapped | Waterphone Phrases €129 | $129

The Waterphone is an endlessly enduring instrument with a limitless capacity for otherworldly effects. But can it play a tune you can whistle?

Well now it can, thanks to Soniccouture's unique new collection of two new instruments.

Waterphone Unwrapped: Featuring a chromatically tuned and playable set of tines - a sampling feat never achieved before. Tines are played with bows and mallets.

Waterphone Phrases: A huge set of 366 performances, each of which can be mapped, reversed and played chromatically at the click of a button using Soniccouture’s unique FOCUS mode.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Autumn Pictures/ Осенние Картинки. Analog Synths and a Psaltery

video upload by KPProd Music

"Аналоговые синтезаторы Том 1501, Эстрадин Солярис, Behringer Crave
Крыловидные гусли Мозер
SonicCouture The Conservatoire Collection ( Hurdy-gurdy)"


"Analog Synthesizers Volume 1501, Estradin Solaris, Behringer Crave Moser winged gusli
SonicCouture The Conservatoire Collection (Hurdy-gurdy)"

Monday, March 07, 2022

Soniccouture Introduces 10GB CLAVICHORD KING OF SWEDEN MODEL Instrument for Kontakt

This might be the most detailed Clavichord instrument ever.

Via Soniccouture where you'll find audio demos.

Kontakt Player NKS Sampled Instrument €129 | $129

Zuckermann 'King of Sweden' Clavichord Single String and Double String Options 17-20 velocity layers Bebung adjustment

2 microphone pairs
10 GB library

Kontakt Player 6 + NKS Compatible

The Clavichord is a European stringed keyboard instrument that was largely used from the end of the fourteenth century through the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical eras. Historically it was used as a practice instrument or as an aid to composition, not being loud enough for public performances. The Soniccouture Clavichord features dual mic channels, contact mics, up to 20 dynamic layers, as well as authentic features such as single or double string notes, and Bebung (key pressure vibrato) adjustment.


Until April 1st you can get 30% off Clavichord at the Soniccouture Website. No code required, price is marked.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Soniccouture Releases Threnody: Avant-Garde Strings

videos by Soniccouture

"A preview of Soniccouture's Avant-Garde String Instrument - Threnody.
Featuring a 60 piece orchestra with 26 different multi-sampled articulations, it focuses on extended techniques used in sci-fi and horror movie soundtracks."

Threnody Strings: Preview
Threnody Strings: Cantus In Memoriam
Threnody Strings: Product Tour

Kontakt Player NKS Sampled Instrument €249 | $299

60 Piece Orchestra
26 Articulations
3 Mic Channels

Kontakt Player 6 + NKS Compatible
For our first string library, we thought we’d aim for something a little different from the many string libraries already on the market. The focus in THRENODY is on avant-garde string articulations, such as those you hear in late 20th century orchestral music or science fiction film soundtracks. Although we did a few standard articulations as well, this library is full of col legno clattering, clusters, various ‘clouds’ of activity, glissandi, etc.

THRENODY features a massive string section of 60 musicians (16-14-12-10-8). We used over 30 microphones in the hall, and these have been mixed down to three stereo channels: the main tree, the spot mics, and the ambience mics.

THRENODY features 26 different articulations sampled across the entire orchestral range, which can be layered with an XY controller to create entirely new orchestral shapes and movements.

Until June 4th you can get 20% off Threnody at the Soniccouture Website. No code required, price is marked.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Soniccouture Releases Hammersmith Free: Free Piano Library

via Soniccouture

Hammersmith Free

• 4.8GB free piano for Kontakt Player
• Free Download
• 2.8 GB Library
• 21 Velocity layers
• Schoeps MK4 Mic Pair
• Kontakt Player NKS Compatible

"The Hammersmith Model D Grand has featured in countless productions & won many fans since its release. Now Soniccouture gives everyone the chance to experience the same performance thrill with Hammersmith Free.

To download, simply create an account on and the download will be in my products."

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Soniccouture ALL SAINTS ORGAN Now Available

Demos previously posted here.

Soniccouture's ALL SAINTS ORGAN is now available here

Kontakt Player NKS Instrument €129 | $129

Soniccouture have released a sampled instrument of the 1906 Harrison & Harrison organ of All Saints Church in Tooting, considered to be one of the most magnificent organs in the Uk.

• 25 Stops, every note sampled
• True Impulse Church Reverb
• Microtuning Module
• Registration presets by Howard Goodall & David Kelly
• Sound design Presets by Ian Boddy

Until 28th June you can get All Saints Organ for $90 | $90"

Available here

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Soniccouture All Saints Organ

Published on May 28, 2020 Soniccouture

"An overview at All Saints Organ, the new pipe organ instrument from Soniccouture."

Soniccouture All Saints Organ: Walkthrough

Published on May 28, 2020 Soniccouture

Friday, April 17, 2020

Soniccouture All Saints Choir: Cluster

Published on Apr 17, 2020 Soniccouture

"A short overview of the Cluster module in the All Saints Choir instrument by Soniccouture."

Soniccouture All Saints Choir: Walkthrough

Published on Apr 17, 2020 Soniccouture

"James Thompson from Soniccouture gives a guided tour of their All Saints Choir sampled instrument.

2.15 - Mic setup
2.40 - The Choir Sections
3.30 - Legato Modes
6.11 - Effects Page
7.30 - Section demos
9.16 - Cluster function"

"All Saints Church, Tooting - a rich, clear acoustic that has graced recordings by Decca, Sony, and Deutsche Grammophon.

In collaboration with The New London Chamber Choir, Soniccouture presents their most ambitious sampling project yet.

Featuring traditional SATB choir sections recorded seperately, and true Polyphonic Legato, All Saints Choir perfectly recreates the initimate yet expansive sound of a full chamber choir.


The main control panel. Choose choir and assign legato by section - control dymanics and vowel shape with real-time controllers. Four mic arrays allow to you mix your sound with precision."

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Soniccouture: All Saints Choir Preview

Published on Apr 7, 2020 Soniccouture

"An overview of All Saints Choir by Soniccouture, a sampled choir instrument."

Friday, March 27, 2020

Soniccouture Particle Velocity | Preset Tour

Published on Mar 27, 2020 Soniccouture

"A Haunted Spaces sound pack featuring 128 snapshot presets by Ian Boddy, EXM, Richard Veenstra & James Thompson.

Particle Velocity explores nano-worlds and quantum spaces, with micro-rhythms, internal impacts and chaotic noise-bursts.

Only available to users of Soniccouture Haunted Spaces:"

Friday, January 03, 2020

Additional Details on Soniccouture's Blanks Drum Machine & 30% Off Sale

See this post for the videos.

Some additional details, screenshots, and sale code below.

Soniccouture Blanks: Drag and Drop Drum Sampler.

A Kontakt Library With No Samples.

Drum Sampler €69 | $79

• Drag and Drop User Samples
• Drill Generator
• 3 Unique Beat Sequencers
• Kontakt Player NKS Compatible.

Soniccouture have taken the innovative step of releasing a full Kontakt Player library which contains no samples. Blanks is a drum sampler which takes advantage of Kontakt 6.2’s ability to load user samples via the the front panel of an instrument.
Blanks combines SC’s acclaimed drum sequencers from Box Of Tricks, Konkrete, Electro- Acoustic and Moonkits, and adds the Drill Generator, a module for creating fast rolling percussion effects.

Until 17th January 2020 you can get 30% off Blanks.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Soniccouture Blanks: Drum Machine

Soniccouture Blanks: Drills Demo Published on Dec 20, 2019 Soniccouture

"A quick beat written using the Drills module in Soniccouture's Blanks drum sampler.
This allows you to roll and drill different elements of your beat at quickly changing rates, with pitch dives and granular scanning through the sample. Drills can be triggered from your MIDI controller, DAW, or the Beat Tools sequencers."

Soniccouture Blanks: Drum Machine Walkthrough

Published on Dec 20, 2019 Soniccouture

"A tour of Soniccouture's Blanks Drum Sampler, a drag and drop Kontakt instrument that allows you to shape and sequence your own samples and create your own kits using Soniccouture's acclaimed drum tools"

Friday, November 22, 2019

Soniccouture Haunted Spaces Drag+Drop User Samples

Published on Nov 22, 2019 Soniccouture

"A short tutorial showing the new drag and drop feature in Haunted Spaces. Users can add their own samples to all four corners of HS's vector cube."

Update: pic & press release:

Soniccouture Updates Haunted Spaces with User Samples Function


Kontakt 6.2 allows the user to drag samples onto the front panel of an instrument, and have them auto-map and integrate into it.

This is something we’ve been waiting for a while, and we have lots of ideas for it. First is a simple drag and drop update for Haunted Spaces:

• 4 User wave Slots – accessible via the browser window

• Multi-sample support: pitch detect + auto-map.

• Presets can be saved and recalled

Haunted Spaces Version 1.2 is a free update for all Haunted Spaces users. To update, login to Native Access.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Soniccouture Moonkits: Modern Brush Drums for Kontakt Player

Published on Oct 26, 2019 Soniccouture

Soniccouture Releases Moonkits: Modern Brush Drums for Kontakt Player

Virtual Drum Instrument €149 | $149

• Up to 116 Velocity Layers With Anti-Repeat & randomise function
• Brushes, Rods, Mallets, Stick articulations
• Real Brush Sweep Performance Loops
• 3 Beat Tools Pattern Sequencers
• 12GB Library | Kontakt Player 6 + NKS Compatible

A journey to the softer side of the drum-kit. Recorded at Konk Studios, London, Moonkits is a quirky collection of kits played with brushes, rods, mallets and occasionally, sticks.

Featuring real brush sweep performances that integrate with the preset grooves in the three custom Beat Tools, it’s a very expressive, organic sounding instrument.

To show off what Moonkits can do, Soniccouture have made a set of 20 loops, exported directly from the Kontakt instrument, showcasing the patterns and sounds it generates. The free loops can be downloaded direct from or Native

Until 15th Nov 2019 you can get 30% off Moonkits. Price as marked on website.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Exploring the Sounds of Soniccouture | Native Instruments

Published on Oct 28, 2019 Native Instruments

"Get a flavor of Soniccouture’s unique instruments. Product specialist Reuben Cornell takes you through some of his favorite presets for each instrument – and shares some tips on how to use them in your productions.

Find out more about the Soniccouture limited time offer here:"

Monday, June 17, 2019

Soniccouture The Attic 2

Published on Jun 7, 2019 Soniccouture

Available at Soniccouture

"An incredible collection of 18 virtual instruments modelled on rare, quirky vintage synths. This video shows a small selection of the 450+ presets.

Featuring EMS Synthi, Crumar DP-80, Arp Omni2, Moog Minitmoog, Korg Minikorg 700s, Solina String Ensemble, Cheetah MS800, Jennings Univox, Roland RS202, Hammond Solovox, Roland SH2000, Farfisa VIP345, Korg LP10, Philips Philicorda, Suzuki Omnichord, Siel Orechestra 2, Godwin String Concert, Logan Vocalist"

Screens captured for the archives.

Friday, June 07, 2019

Soniccouture The Attic 2: Preset Overview

Published on Jun 7, 2019 Soniccouture

"An incredible collection of 18 virtual instruments modelled on rare, quirky vintage synths. This video shows a small selection of the 450+ presets.

Featuring EMS Synthi, Crumar DP-80, Arp Omni2, Moog Minitmoog, Korg Minikorg 700s, Solina String Ensemble, Cheetah MS800, Jennings Univox, Roland RS202, Hammond Solovox, Roland SH2000, Farfisa VIP345, Korg LP10, Philips Philicorda, Suzuki Omnichord, Siel Orechestra 2, Godwin String Concert, Logan Vocalist"

Friday, February 22, 2019

Soniccouture Ondes: Thomas Bloch Performance

Published on Feb 22, 2019 Soniccouture

"Thomas Bloch improvising at Fisher Lane studios, during the Ondes sampling session."

Soniccouture Ondes: Creating A Performance

Published on Feb 22, 2019 Soniccouture

"An overview of the MIDI controller techniques used in creating an expressive and fluid Ondes Martenot performance. Also includes ROLI Seaboard demonstration."

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