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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Thief (1981) complete "Igneous" scene (music by TD)

video upload by kovalmoog

"The whole scene of Thief (1981) with TD's re-edition of 'Thru Metamorphic Rocks' theme, renamed as 'Igneous' in the OST release.
The film version is by far more extensive than Thief CD version.
Enjoy that sequence !"

TD = Tangerine Dream.

Curious what they were using back then. According to this thread, they used the following on tour during that time period:

Live in East Berlin, 31st Jan 1980

Chris Franke:
Custom modular synthesizer (comprising of about 50% Moog and 50%
Projekt Electronik):
Moog Oscx2/R.M./VCF/VCAs
Projekt Elektronik VcEnvx2 & Proj. Elek. 2VCO/W.Noise/R.M./Waves (for Drums)
Digital sequencer & trigger selector
Programmer for above (SCI model 700 programmer)
Synth sound bank (for above)
Moog 960 sequential controller x2
Projekt elektronik sequence controller x2
Moog 3-band parametric
Moog 12 stage phaser
Moog 920 programmer
Moog 16-channel vocoder
Rhythm robot sequencer
Emu Oddity voice card
12 analogue drum sounds
Drum envelope unit
Drum EPROM sampled sounds
and more...

Oberheim OB-1
Prophet 5 (rev 2)
Korg PE-2000 polyphonic Ensemble
Elka Rhapsody 610 string machine.

Edgar Froese:
custom Moog modular synthesizer (3 box units comprising Moog modules and sequencers plus sequence controllers from Projekt Electronic)
Prophet 5 rev 2
PPG Sonic Carrier 1003 programmable duophonic DCO/DCF/DCA based synthesizer
PPG Wavecomputer 360 polyphonic digital synthesizer
PPG 350 keyboard sequencer
Arp Pro-DGX monophonic preset synthesizer
Korg PE-2000 polyphonic ensemble
Roland MC-8 microcomposer
Roland VC-10 vocoder
Arp/Solina string ensemble
Mellotron mk V

Johannes Schmoelling:
- Minimoog
- Yamaha CP-80 electric grand
- Oberheim 4-voice
- Elka Rhapsody 610
- Polymoog
- Korg PS-3100
- Synthanorma sequencer


European tours (Nov-Dec 1980 & Jan-Feb 1981):

Equipment used:

Chris Franke:
Moog/PE modular tower as above
Arp Odyssey mk III
Elka Rhapsody 610
Prophet 5 rev 2

Edgar Froese:
Projekt Elektronik modular synthesizer & sequencers (used by Peter Baumann during '76 and '77)
PPG 340 A Generator Unit, PPG340 B Processor Unit, PPG380 Event Generator, PPG x 2 Terminals, PPG x 2 Computer Keyboards,
Oberheim OB-X

He may have used some more keyboards during these tours but I'm not sure which ones (possibly the Arp pro-DGX, the PPG Sonic carrier or the PPG
360 wavecomputer?)

Johannes Schmoelling:
Moog modular synthesizer (usually handled by Edgar Froese on stage)
Prophet 5 rev 2
Yamaha CP-80 electric grand


British Isles tour (Oct-Nov 1981):

Equipment used:

Chris Franke:
Moog/PE modular tower as above
Arp Odyssey mk III
Elka Rhapsody 610
Prophet 5 rev 2

Edgar Froese:
PPG 360 wavecomputer
PPG Wave 2
Arp Pro-DGX
Korg PE-2000 poly-ensemble
PPG 5-octave keyboard controller
Custom sequencer (by Helmut Groethe)

Johannes Schmoelling:
Oberheim OB-X (handled by Froese on previous tours)
Custom sequencer (like Edgar's)

Friday, February 14, 2020

Roland System-100 short demo (with two sequencers)

Published on Feb 14, 2020 kovalmoog

"Demo on a Roland System-100 with two 104 sequencers, just after finishing to service the whole system, back in 2004.
Not the best video conditions, and the audio taken from the camera's mike ... although, without a doubt, the geniuses of the video edition will loud rise up to criticize these facts, despite having been informed ;)"

Friday, April 19, 2019

New pressure sensor mounted in a Minimoog (first demo)

Published on Apr 19, 2019 kovalmoog

"This is a new pressure sensor system, installed under Minimoog's keys.
The outstanding feature of this sensor is a very smooth touch along a large physical travel (5-6mm), with a lineal and proportional modulation across this movement.

This is a work in progress since I'm adding more destination parameters to be controlled by the sensor's variation.
Until now, PWM on osc. 1 & 2, pitch on osc. 2 & 3, VCF cutoff, and hard-synced oscillators 2 & 3 can be controlled from the pressure variation.
Right now I'm adding a senoidal LFO, with its amount controlled by the pressure, applied to 3 oscillators, VCF and Final Volume.

This pressure sensor can be mounted in almost all analogue synths, even polyphonic ones. Its implementation only depends on the keyboard physical structure.

btw, this unit (S/N 6016) was signed by Bob Moog himself on june 17th, 2004, in Barcelona (Spain), during a series of visits he did in Spain, England & Japan, to promote the re-launching of Moog brand, after the Big Briar era."

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

EMS Synthi AKS demo

Published on May 2, 2017 kovalmoog

"This demo was recorded on 8-23-2015, after repairing and restoring the unit, which not belongs to me.

Being a pretty rebel synthesiser and with its own philosophy, we try to generate sound resources reasonably controlled, and not to fall in a purely random use.

First, we try to synthesize those descending sweeps heard in the first part of "Oxygéne 2" (Jean-Michel Jarre, 1976), before the main lead part.
After that, we visited the typical sequence of "On The Run" (Pink Floyd, 1973), although from a very free approach, we didn't intend an exact recreation. Nevertheless, the 8 notes entered in the sequencer are exactly those used in the original theme (exhaustively verified).

The AKS's line output was processed thru a Strymon Timeline, using various delays with modulations applied on its feedback.
Esta demo fué registrada el 23-08-2015, tras reparar/restaurar la unidad, la cual no me pertenece.

Siendo un sintetizador tan rebelde y con una filosofía propia, intentamos generar recursos sonoros razonablemente controlados, y no recurrir a un uso puramente azaroso.

En primer término intentamos generar las clásicas ráfagas descendentes que se escuchan en la primera parte de "Oxygéne 2" (Jean-Michel Jarre, 1976), antes de la aparición del lead principal.

Luego visitamos la típica secuencia de "On The Run" (Pink Floyd, 1973), aunque desde un enfoque muy libre, no es una recreación exacta. No obstante, las 8 notas ingresadas en el sequencer son las que se usaron en el tema original (dato exhaustivamente comprobado).

La salida de audio del AKS fué procesada por un Strymon Timeline, usando diversos delays con modulaciones aplicadas sobre la realimentación.

Synthi AKS operation: Sergio Koval
Audio & video recording & post-production: Jordi Pascual"

Saturday, April 30, 2016

PPG Modular testing (Musikmesse 2012)

Published on Apr 30, 2016 kovalmoog

"El amigo Carlos Pizarro probando un arqueológico PPG Modular (propiedad de Mathias Gurk, del canal "Known As KneToNatoR") en la Musikmesse 2012 de Frankfurt. A su derecha un prehistórico PPG1020.
Estos (y muchos otros) sintetizadores formaban parte del stand de la revista germana Synthesizer Magazin.
El dueño de la panza cervecera es Sergio Koval, y el de la cámara (no mucho mas delgado) es mi gran amigo Jordi Pascual.

My friend Carlos Pizarro testing an archaeological Modular PPG (owned by Mathias Gurk, of YT channel "Known As KneToNatoR") at Musikmesse 2012, Frankfurt. On its right side, a prehistoric PPG1020.
These (among others) synthesizers were part of the "Synthesizer Magazin" stand.
The owner of the beer belly is Sergio Koval, and the camera operator (btw, not more slim) is my friend Jordi Pascual."

Monday, July 27, 2015

La Danse du Feu - Vangelis cover (played on two CS-80s)

Published on Jul 13, 2015 kovalmoog

"Original composed by Vangelis Papathanassiou at Nemo Studios (London) in 1978
for the album Odes.

This cover version was played and recorded at Synthoma Studios, Barcelona (Spain)
on June 20th of 2015 by Jordi Pascual & Sergio Koval.

2x Yamaha CS-80s (as used in the original recording)
ARP Odyssey - background sequence
ARP ProSoloist - solo
Eventide H9 - effects
Assorted percussion samples
Zoom R16 - multitrack recording"

RSF KOBOL keyboard (1978)

Published on Jul 19, 2015 kovalmoog

"RSF KOBOL Keyboard version (1978)

I made this demo video right after servicing the unit.

RSF produced less than 200 units of the keyboard version of Kobol, and God knows how much of them
are in working conditions on these years. It is a very rare and very interesting synth, with its audio path
based on SSM chips (VCO, VCF, VCA) and 16 memories.

Curiously, the digital board which interfaces the panel and allows parameters to reach the memory
"has none CPU chip", nor even an eprom with a routine. It's all C-MOS logic and a pair of 1k-bit memory chips.
We are talking of 1978 !"

Intro sequence from Spiral (Vangelis) performed on a System-100

Published on Jun 15, 2013 kovalmoog

"Secuencia inicial de 'Spiral' (Vangelis, 1977), reproducida en un Roland System-100, el mismo modelo de sintetizador usado en la grabación original.
Los datos midi son convertidos a CV-Gate por un Roland MPU-101, lo cual controla al System-100. El único proceso usado es un delay de 365 miliseg con un feedback del 40%.

Intro sequence from ''Spiral' (Vangelis, 1977), performed on a Roland System-100 as used on the original recording.
Midi notes are converted in CV-Gate info via a Roland MPU-101 which controls the System-100. The only audio process is a 365 milisec / 40% feedback delay."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

EKO ComputeRhythm drum-machine from 1972 (demo 1)

YouTube via kovalmoog. via audible.

"This is a pretty rare drum machine manufactured by EKO in 1972 in Recanati, Italy. Model ComputeRhythm, maybe one of 15-20 ever made (curiously SN #0113).
This particular one is owned by a musician living in Madrid, Luis De La Cruz, and It was repaired and slightly modified by me on the past months (
Before giving back to its owner I have the chance to made these demonstration videos to show its features and incredible programing methods.
Due to the price it was mainly used by famous electronic musicians like Jean-Michel Jarre and Manuel Göttsching (founder member of Ashra Tempel). J-M Jarre has used it extensively on his first albums: "Oxygene" and "Equinoxe".
It can be seen on his Equinoxe 5 videoclip from 1978 (at 0:36):

Please, enjoy this first demo, and sorry about the poor quality video. It was made by a webcam. However, the audio was taken directly from the mixer."


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