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Monday, April 17, 2017

This Is Not Rocket Science Eurorack Coming to SUPERBOOTH17

via @rocket_not

Two racks coming to SUPERBOOTH17 from This Is Not Rocket Science.

The following is some info on their BigFish modular system followed by a couple of videos and some details on their individual modules. Note this is the first This Is Not Rocket Science post on the site! We have a new maker in town. :)


BigFish is our full fledged synth.

This beeper started out life as Goldfish; a plug-in on the PocketPC for the Griff sequencer, and a buzzmachine in 2002. It has grown up since. Swimming out of software and into its’ own enclosure for the first time as a self-contained synthesizer – coming out to play at the Landjuweel festival in 2015. Continuing on its’ journey it has now been netted by the modular system.

Many beep, beepy beep beep with buttons that click and indicators that blink and flash to anyones’ heart content.

Has its’ own certain sound that we have grown to love and we think you will too. Net this fish, good for your health.


TINRS Prototype Eurorack Modules

Published on Oct 20, 2016

"TINRS Tuesday & Goldfish happily bleeping along!"

Trying out the x0x-heart with the Tuesday procedural sequencer

Published on Feb 6, 2017

*can't stop playing around*

Tuesday - Procedural Sequencer

"Carpe Tuesday!

X/Y/! your way around each melody. Find your tune and hang on.

Control the tempo by external clock subdivision or controlling your master tempo from 20 to 240 bpm.
Press the buttons to select options for Algorithms, Ticks, Beats and Scale.
Tuesday comes with Algorithms such as TriTrance, Stomper and Wobble."

Edgecutter beta - Visual envelope


Edgecutter is a highly expressive envelope generator that wants you to see how it feels on the inside.

Edgecutter comes with a bunch of LEDs that show you its progress through all the envelope stages. While you are knobbing the curvature control with your finger tips. It will show you exactly what you are doing.

This is the cutting edge of the envelope – and dont you know it."

Wobbler beta - Low frequency fascinator


Wobbler is an LFO that will move you. It wobbles your signals, twangs and randomizes.

The Wobbler runs two LFOs in sync, while giving you control over a modulatable phase shift.

Wobbler can bring your drum sounds to live using phased pluck-signals, or deepen your confusion with synced noise-generators.


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