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Monday, January 17, 2022

KIJIMI Demo #1 [DIY, Firmware 1.3.6, Rev. 2 Voices]

video upload by Sonic Sand Castles

"Some presets are mine, others are factory (with tweaks).

0:00-0:05 [SSC] Init patch
0:06-1:45 [SSC] Mirage
1:46-1:51 [SSC] Thomas
1:52-2:42 [SSC] Warm Glow
2:43-3:42 [SSC] Grainy
3:43-4:06 [SSC] Heat
4:07-4:43 [SSC] Swirly Bass
4:44-5:12 [SSC] Night Ride
5:13-5:43 [SSC] Sitar
5:44-6:40 [SSC] PolyAT Drone
6:41-7:14 [SSC] Swell Farewell
7:15-8:04 [SSC] Alloy
8:05-8:29 [Factory: MJ] 1
8:30-8:58 [Factory: MJ] 66
8:59-10:04 [Factory: MJ] 67
10:05-10:34 [Factory: MJ] 84
10:35-10:59 [Factory: RD] 8
11:00-11:22 [Factory: RD] 11"

ARP STRING ENSEMBLE - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale

video upload by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

Dave Smith Instruments DSI Mopho X4 Analog Poly Synthesizer SN 01855

via this auction

"Dave Smith / Sequential 4-voice Mopho keyboard synth for sale. The Mopho X-4 is like a wilder Prophet 08 with its dual sub-oscillators and feedback. Polychain Tetra or Mopho modules for additional polyphony, if you like. Also make a very nice MIDI controller interface."

Clavia Nord Modular Keyboard SN 99040861

via this auction

Doepfer Dark Energy II Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Box SN 171251

via this auction

Blue Roland SH-01A Boutique Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Roland GAIA SH-01 Keyboard Synthesizer SN ZZ54181

via this auction

Minimal glitch electro on Elektron Model:Cycles

video upload by Michal Patulski

"incredible machine, ladies and gents"

Restoring a Moog Minimoog: Cleaning the keyboard base and bellcrank assembly

Part 4 added here

New Modular Production | January | Studio Eurorack Broadcast with MATTHS

video upload by MATTHS

"Quick update on the new track in progress!

Working on this months release. #MATTHS continues his epic schedule of releasing one track every month, carrying on from 2021 on his epic #eurorack #modular setup and other studio toys. Here he works on the first release due for release Jan 2022 showing us how he puts it all together.

All tracks are available to buy/stream at"

FM40P mkIII by NYZ

"Originally released January 17, 2022 available as limited physical edition CDr & name your price abridged digital on Psøma Psi Phi =>

Unabridged digital only edition.

'In a third volume of his ongoing FM40P series of recordings, Dave Burraston continues to explore a myriad of tangents and timbres within the Yamaha V50, TX81Z and FB-01 machines - all of them uniquely apart from one another, their commonality being their identities as four-operator digital FM synthesizers. FM synthesis is well known for both its ability to convey otherwise impossible sounds and its general unapproachability as pure programming and sound design. Through this lens of context, Burraston's ability to direct these machines towards unforeseen and inexplicable pathways says much about the rarity of recordings like these. On a deeper level, Burraston is perhaps always testing, measuring, adjusting and analyzing, interacting with synthesis and its many vessels. Acting with the interests of both musician and scientist, NYZ brings us always to fresh perspectives and sonic locations that feel as if they are entirely new, often alien, but never predictable or repetitive. It's a lot to consider, as music and also as concept, but at the end of the day, you can always count on NYZ recordings for their utterly uncompromising sense of displacement and dizzying enchantment.'

released January 17, 2022

Generated during various sessions on 1-3 Jan 2021, 24 Feb 2021 and Oct 2013 at Noyzelab. Yamaha V50, Yamaha TX81Z, Yamaha FB-01 and MANIAC [custom sysex code for fractional note tuning/timings]. Mixed early Jan 2022 at Noyzelab in the hazement annex. Text and cover design by ABM&D. This is Psoma Psi Phi number NYZ-XVII. David Burraston and the Noyzelab logo appear courtesy of Noyzelab."

Yamaha TX-816 MONSTER DX/FM multi-module

video upload by CentralScruteniser

"I have no special permission to upload this and there is NO profit motive intended. © is probably Yamaha Corp. I offer it here for it's archival interest. It is taken from the original VHS Copy. This was indeed a monster. Eight DX7s in a Rack. Expensive then and still so now, if you can find one. They Still crop up from time to time."

Yamaha TX81Z "FM Depths" Soundset

video upload by LFOstoreLFOstore

"This soundset is what you asked mostly :)

TX81Z from Yamaha is very popular 1u rack module with all classic fm synthesis capabilities
and classic sounds!

But it can do much more & what is really missing in its internal presets are smooth and warm sounds.

We made smooth & creamy sounds for ambient & atmospheric music aswell as punchy and razor ones for dance & club music!

Buy soundset:

"FM Depths" soundset contains 32 custom presets wide by categories & range:

Silky Strings
Evolving Drones
Smooth Pads
Progressive & analog-like basses
Solo leads
Voice-like sounds
Bells, plucks - modern & classic
Moving sequences

And yes, all the demo's here ary totally dry signal from the unit, no external fx, as you always asking ;-)

Drums are add on to this pack, you will find them inside.
Instructions of "how to" are included

Made by By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation

Enjoy & may music be with you!"

E-mu Proteus/1XR Demo - ProtoLogic Presets (Bank 1)

video upload by Python Blue

"New video for the new year. This synthesizer demo covers a rarity I recently got my hands on: an E-mu Proteus 1XR expanded with the Protologic board by InVision Interactive, giving it 128 additional presets (a grand total of 512!) and additional samples that help get it close to the later General MIDI standard.

This video covers every preset from the first bank of 64 presets. If enough interest is given, I will cover the other half in a later video."

Kick drum sound design on Gotharman's LD3

video upload by Meska

"Sonic exploration around kick drum with the Gotarman's LD3
percussive oscilator is a optional LD3 ubgrade .

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly "dark and expérimental" music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with. i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

The Best Performance Mixer for Hardware and How to Use It

video upload by EZBOT

"In this video I share with you my favorite piece of hardware for live performance and how I use it.

Get my Octatrack performance template (among other rewards) by joining my Patreon:

Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:

How to build your own performance template: [below]

0:00 Introduction
01:09 The Setup
01:52 What is an Octatrack?
04:09 How I use it
05:56 The 3 Loopers and Why
13:35 Demonstrating Some FX
16:50 Tape Stop Into Modulation

Music: Store: IG:"

Octatrack Tutorial Video: Mixer, FX Box, External Remixer!
video upload by

"In this video I share how I use the Octatrack to mix and remix my other Elektron boxes live. This practice allows you to get the most out of 1 pattern and also teaches you the fundamentals of the Octatrack. You will learn how to create record trigs, one shot trigs, using the record menu, setting up THRU machines and Neighbor tracks, set up the Freeze Delay, record external gear perfectly quantized and the Octatrack 'crossfade trick' to bring it all together."

Noodlebox: new favourite sequencer

video upload by allmyfriendsaresynths

"I am a big fan of alternative ways of sequencing, especially those with grids - or with a grid style, and so when I spotted the Noodlebox at Signal I knew I had to buy it. The Noodlebox is a dedicated standalone sequencer specifically designed with Eurorack systems in mind. It has a ton of features, is nice and portable, a really interesting interface, and is probably the best value modular sequencer out there.

In this video I talk about why I bought it, give a bit of a demo of its basic operations, and highlight some of its most interesting features (as well as a couple of things to consider if you're interested in buying one)."

You can find additional Noodlebox posts here.

Boost creativity and get to know the modules on a deeper level

video upload by Omri Cohen

00:00 - Introduction
00:50 - Mixer and utilities
02:35 - Row 1
04:43 - Row 2
09:03 - Generative example
11:53 - 'Techno' example
14:55 - Berlin School example
Here is the fixed rack together with the example patches -
Here is the Befaco collection with Noise Plethora -
You have to download the file under Assets and place it in the plugins folder in your VCV user folder.

"Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -

Do you also think that reverb is life and want to share it with the world? Have a look here -
If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas document -

Moog The Source SN 1042

via this auction

"This is a Moog The Source analog synth from 1981. My research indicates this would've been the 42nd unit produced. This was inherited from a friend and I don't have a lot of backstory on its history.

This keyboard was recently serviced by a certified Moog technician and is fully functional. The blue tape and service sticker were leftover from that service and have been removed since the pictures were taken. I've left the "Put Some Bass In Your Face" sticker as its clearly been there forever, but it could easily be removed.

Model 341A
Serial: 1042"

Roland JD-800 Digital Synthesizer SN AD02711

via this auction

"Fully restored/serviced Roland JD-800 with a road case. This was not a quick once over, well over a dozen hours went into completely rebuilding this synthesizer. The future owner of this JD-800 will NEVER have to worry about the red glue issue or a ribbon cable heat seal failure again! These two issues plague nearly all JD-800s and this one was no different. So we replaced the entire key contact circuit board with a brand new replacement by SuperSynthProjects (see photo). A replacement ribbon cable connector board was also installed. The red glue was completely sealed with a thick layer of two part epoxy and the key bed feels amazing. This JD will never suffer from the dreaded red glue issue again!

***Additional service/restoration work completed:

Roland JD-08 Boutique Sonic LAB Review

video upload by sonicstate

"The JD-800 was a flagship in Roland's range - introduced in 1991 costing around $2900!
The JD-08 takes that and squishes it into the Boutique format - removing the ribbons controls to make space for the faders, buttons and knobs. With up to 128 note polyphony, four tones, per patch and two separate layers and USB audio it adds more 21st century features.

00:00 Intro
3:08 Preset selection
05:46 whats in a voice?
08:25 How is it to program? 09:30 splits and layers
12:34 no editor though
13:12 USB Audio. external clock
15:59 FX
17:33 conclusion"

This Is 52 //Subharmonicon/Mother 32/STO/Plaits/Rings/Mosaic/Mimeophon/Magneto/Stages/Chance/Maths//

video upload by Aleatoric Machine

"Eurorack modular synthesizer performance.
Variations on 3 different 4 note sequences.
Moog Subharmonicon generates the 2 primary rhythmic sequences, running through Strymon Magneto. Sub 1 of the first sequence runs through its own output, then through 2hp MMF and Make Noise Optomix for the rhythmic bass line.
Moog Mother 32 generates the descending drone sequence, which is doubled by Make Noise STO tuned up an octave, both run through Chase Bliss Mood, tuned up a fifth.
Mutable Instruments Rings follows the pitch of the descending sequence, with a bouncing ball rhythmic pattern generated by Make Noise Maths and Function, then run through Make Noise Mimeophon. The drifting harmonic tone on top (unison, +5, +12) is the result of modulating the structure of the Rings sound.
Mutable Instruments Plaits chimes the fifth at the beginning of every 8 bars, as well as being trigger by the end of rise on the Function.
Drums are coming from Mosaic Bass, Snare & Hi-Hat modules, sequenced by Intellijel Steppy 1U. Decay on Hi-Hat is a 7 step pattern generated by Mutable Instruments Stages.
The volume and filter cutoff for the drums and rhythmic bass are controlled by Make Noise Pressure Points, with decay slew controlled by a second Make Noise Maths.
Lots of modulation across different parameters is generated by Ornament & Crime and Qu-Bit Chance.
I think that's it."

Yamaha RS 7000 Groovebox #1 Style Demo "Berlin Techno I"

video upload by Kosmokatze

"Just noodling around with my old Groovebox using some Styles.
Out of the Box, no external FX used.
Is there any community or does anyone else use this thing in the studio?
Still like the uncomplicated way to get some useful results."

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